Trey Ratcliff’s Complete HDR Tutorial

Do you primarily use a Mac to edit your photos? If so, then check out Aurora HDR 2017! I worked with Macphun for over a year to build the ultimate HDR software! I also have video tutorial specific to Aurora HDR 2017.

What’s New in this Tutorial?

What’s new? It’s 100% new! I’ve been doing this for years and years, and I share all of my new tricks, workflow, and post-processing techniques that will give your photos a great and unique look.

Even more important — maybe this is unexpected — through this tutorial I will help you find your own style of photography.

What’s Included?

There are over 10 hours of detailed video instruction in the course. It is aimed first at beginners but there is plenty of intermediate and advanced material too. I edit a ton of photos in every possible situation: Indoor, Outdoor, Sunrise, Sunset, Mid-Day, Mixed Indoor-Outdoor, Action, Movement, People, Nature & Landscape, Architectural, Travel, and more. There are many hours of high-production quality video as you watch me set up in these conditions, and then many more hours of screen capture, as you see me edit the photos you just saw captured in the field.

Even better, you get all of my RAW files! So you can follow along, step-by-step, and see exactly how I do each and every move.

There’s also a recorded copy of a Q&A and Photo Critique session with Trey

You also get to join our private Stuck In Customs Clubhouse community, where you can share your experience or ask questions to others in the Clubhouse. It’s a great place for enthusiasts of all levels.

As usual, if you’re not mega-happy, you can have all your money back! It’s no problem. We have actual humans standing by to help you out with every little problem, big or small.

FREE 40 Minute Preview!

A sneak peek into the 10+ hours of instruction

What’s covered during the 10+ hours of instruction?

  • Thoughts on HDR and it’s role in photography
  • Setting up your Camera!
  • Basics of HDR
  • Light Levels, noticing HDR situations
  • More Lighting in HDR + Composition
  • Sunrise HDR + Noise Reduction
  • Movement + HDR
  • Composition + Shadows + Sky
  • Wide and narrow composition for landscapes
  • High Action Single RAW HDR
  • Path, Halo Prevention, Sky from multiple parts
  • Extreme HDR
  • Low Light HDR
  • Interior HDR with special texturizing tricks
  • Manual Panoramic HDR
  • Evening HDR with steadiness, reflections
  • Indoor/Outdoor HDR
  • Movement in delicate HDR situation
  • Extreme Noise Reduction in Photoshop
  • HDR Experimentation and violent recomposition

What do I need to get started?

All you really need is this video course. You can get demo versions of the software I use, so that shouldn’t be an issue. During the course I use Photomatix, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

“What surprised me the most was Trey’s teaching methodology in terms of the exploration. It’s not about do step 1, step 2, step 3 now look at the result. It was about experimentation.”

Al Tufts, San Jose, CA


Just a few of the images included in the course

A Pretty Afternoon in the Shire


And here are some of my favorite HDR images where I’ve used these techniques!

Poking The Front Of Your Face Through The Veil

The Mist From The Tree Tops Fell On Me From Above And Behind

Inception Reflection New York

Road Trip New Zealand!

A Neo-Rockwellian Christmas When dad is a photographer, then there is a major degree of pressure to deliver photos on all the requisite holidays and celebrations! So, I decided to try to re-invent the family Christmas photo with HDR. Please note that many of my inventions go down in flames, but, as Winston Churchill said, “success is the ability to go from one failure to the next with no loss of enthusiasm”.Christmas scenes have a lot of light levels. The lights on the tree, the deep greens withn the branches, a roaring fire, lights in the room, reflections off the ornaments, and the like. It’s wild! I’m pretty sure this is why people like Christmas scenes so much - a wonderful treat for the eyes that is rich in texture and rich in light. Traditionally, it’s been very difficult to capture so much richness in a single photo, saving a lucky and heroic combination of shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and lenses.The tree lights made the faces of my three stunt-children (who are also my real children) glow perfectly. No flash could have achieved this, unless you are the kind of Rambo-flash guy that would go bury one inside the tree to hit their faces from the left. But, let’s face it. That’s hard.This was a 5-exposure HDR. You will notice that I often use 5 exposures, but note I could have done it with 3 exposures at -2, 0, and +2. Some silly Nikon cameras, like the D3X I use, will not let you step by twos, so I had to take 5 at -2, -1, 0, +1, and +2. The middle exposure, from which the kid’s faces were masked in and perfectly lit, was shot at f/4 aperture, shutter speed of 1/250, 100 ISO, and at 28mm.- Trey RatcliffClick here to read the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.

Taking the Yacht for a Midnight Spin

Lijiang at Night


In this course, I reveal 100% new stuff! In the first hour, you’ll know all the basics, and beyond that, you’ll learn an amazing collection of new tricks, workflow, and post-processing techniques that will give your photos a great and unique look. Excellent for any skill level, from beginner to advanced.



I demonstrate, step-by-step, how I set up my camera, compose the shot and edit it during post-processing in every possible situation: Indoor, Outdoor, Sunrise, Sunset, Mid-Day, Mixed Indoor-Outdoor, Action, Movement, People, Nature & Landscape, Architectural, Travel, and more.

Your purchase includes:

  • 10+ hours of videos
  • My RAW image files
  • Stuck in Customs Clubhouse
  • Recorded copy of Q&A and Critique session with Trey

  • oh my…. superb…

  • treyratcliff

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Ramesh

    Bought this tutorial a little while ago, and it was quite informative. It’s interesting how processes evolve over time and in fact, in most cases are simpler. It’s awesome that you are able to share these processes and workflows with us and I’m learning so much from you. Software and uses – yes, but mostly inspiration. I’ve been thinking so much about photography these days , after ignoring it for so long. Maybe some day, I’ll surprise myself and make an awesome photo with creativity that I was sure was absent from me all these years. 🙂

    Thank you Trey. This is my 3rd tutorial and things keep getting better and better. Keep up the good work.

  • Jonathan Button

    Hi Trey

    I’ve just watched your teaser video and think its an awesome job. Now I just have to buy your tutorial and find 10 hours to watch it. I do have a question from the tutorial. I noticed you exported JPEGs images from Lightroom to import into Photomatic Pro. I know you always shoot in RAW so I was wondering why you didn’t import the RAW images instead? I shoot with canon so I normally import the *.CR2 images. Which should I be using?

  • Vedant Chandra

    Hey Jonathan,

    Trey’s talked about this in the Variety Hour as well as in his workflow tutorial. His understanding of Photomatix is that if you use RAW photos with it, it converts them internally anyway. Whilst talking to the dev team he learnt that using JPEGs in Photomatix is a teeny bit better than using RAW files. I don’t know how noticeable the difference is, but the current consensus is to feed Photomatix with JPEGs.

  • Ryan Bentley

    Hi, I was wondering what the difference between this tutorial and this . If you can explain the content better or let me know. I’d like to purchase one but it’s hard to tell which one I should order. Cheers!

  • Luis

    I want to download the tutorial in a separate computer than the one I have set up for Photoshop and Photomatix so I can follow the instructions in one computer The one without Photomatix) and do the lessons with my own images in the other
    Will that work OK? Or do you have to follow the tutorial in the computer where you have all the software necessary?

    Please let me know .I want to buy the full tutorial now.

  • treyratcliff

    I’ll have Luke get in touch with you @Luis ! 🙂

  • treyratcliff

    Aha – well totally different! This is the latest and the best… most mature – get this one @disqus_6ZtJOKAmVn:disqus ! 🙂

  • kamarajmosses

    hi! welcome you

  • Hi Luis,

    Absolutely fine – the lessons are just video files, so you can play them on any machine you’d like and work from a different machine.

  • Paul Spears

    Trey, is the processing used on your son’s “first day of high school” photos included in this tutorial?

  • Tom

    Trey do you use a wide gamut monitor for your editing?

  • ロウレイロ アマンダ

    Such a shame I person I know was using these photos to self-promote himself…
    Your photos are beautiful, original, unique! I wonder how Brazil (my country) would look like through your lens 🙂

  • Robin

    Trey I am interested in signing up for your tutorial. I have a SONY NEX 3N and I use Lightroom currently because although I have Photoshop I am trying to master one program at a time. I do garden/landscape photography. Will this camera be suitable and will this program work for what I have. I have a 55-210, a Macro lens 3.5 and the lens that came with the camera 16-50.

  • Jeremy Lee

    Hi Trey, I’ve just been watching Part 12 of the tutorial, inside the Hobbit hole. Did you combine the Lightroom layer with the hidden Photomatix layer? I assume that’s a mistake, haha. The final photo still looks great regardless! 🙂

  • Kimberly Gruber

    Hi, I am interested in taking your class. I have a couple of questions however; I have a Nikon D600 with a 24-70mm f2.8 and a 16-35 f/4-this is all. Will this equipment do the job? Also, how long is this class accessible? (4 kiddos that I homeschool ;)) Thanks, Kimberly

  • james

    I purchased your Complete HDR Tutorial series. In the photos you provide the last 8 photos (68 to 75) only open up in Corel Photo Paint – Is there a lesson in Corel Photo Paint in the series? Thanks

  • Eduardo

    I bought your HDR tutorial DVD set a few years ago. How different is this new tutorial? Should I buy this new one?

  • Yes I think so — you’ll love this one… it’s actually completely new!

  • Rick Diffley

    Howdy Trey…
    I’m very interested in your full HDR tutorial for so time. However, what has been holding back is this. Post processing that may be very specific in the tutorial. I stopped using PS years ago and don’t have LR. I shoot RAW, have PSE, NX2, Variety of Nik software, and Photomatix.
    Question: Would I be missing out of a big and important part of your tutorial based on the above?
    Thanks for your time.
    Rick Diffley in Spokane
    An “Arcanum” applicant

  • Hey @rickdiffley:disqus I think you can get a lot out of it with just the Photomatix piece of the puzzle! 🙂

  • Rick Diffley


    Another question popped into my head about the full tutorial course. Do you include any instructions around Black & White HDR? Honestly, what do I know, maybe there’s very little use for B&W HDR? If there is, any good resource for this?

    Enjoyed watching the Critiquepocalypse! With retirement fast approaching, June 30, I’ll finally be able to say “Yes” to an invitation from Mark Hilliard.

  • Rick Diffley

    With the new release of Photomatix version 5 are you planning an update to your full HDR tutorial, or an addition?

  • Is there any way to bypass the dial setting on the Canon T4i to be able to select Aperture Priority on the inner menu? I’ve been looking in the menu and can’t find it 🙁 I’m going to the Faroe Islands (midway between Iceland & Norway) for a short business trip and want to do HDR photog any free moment possible! I wish I would have known more before purchasing the Rebel. If you know any way I can bypass this automatic setting for HDR, PLEASE share :)) Thanks!

  • I am not sure — although I bet you can adjust the exposure compensation yourself and just take 3 photos instead.

  • Jeremiah Pua (潘金順)

    Hi there, sorry to have to ask this, but is there any chance that you’ll be having a discount on this sometime in the future? As a student, $100 just seems a little steep for me right now. Thanks!

  • Craig McFarlin

    With software, what is the lowest money to get started?

  • I think less than $100 should get ya goin! 🙂

  • merridy

    Are these videos streamed or downloaded. I have slow internet nd minimal data. If they are a download, what is the file size?

  • JoJo CoCo

    Since LR6 come with HDR merged, do I still need Photomaxi? Can i still able to achieve the same result without Photoshop?

  • Brandon Sherman

    If you are a student that takes a photography class, photomatix will give you a code for 75% off!

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  • Katti

    Is there a similar extended tutorial on Aurora HDR?

  • Stu – SIC

    Hi Katti, the Aurora Tutorial can be found here:

    It isn’t as long as the above tutorial as it focuses only on one app rather than a whole workflow but you should finish it able to create some awesome stuff. 🙂