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Thanks for watching all of my crazy videos! We recently crossed 4 million views on the Stuck in Customs YouTube channel! I find the YouTube site to be a little confusing so I created this page to showcase my favorites and some other videos from around the net.

My Favorite Videos

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My Tips & Tricks

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My Favorite Artsy Videos

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Interviews with Me (Trey)

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My Speeches & Talks

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Bonus Videos

Selection of Media Interviews

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  • Catherine Glazebrook


    My friend Jon Butt gave me your details. Stunning work – truly aspirational! Are you ever in the UK?

    Best wishes


  • Noah

    Hi Trey, I just signed up for the newsletter and wanted to check out the 45min vid you have on HDR. It says newsletter #3. How can I watch that one?


  • Stuck In Customs

    Aha – the welcome email should have links to the first three newsletters, no?

  • pheroze keeka

    i can’t access any of your newsletters. i’ve registered twice. pheroze. keeka

  • Bob Wilber


    I can only imagine how busy you must be, swamped with enthusiatic fans. But you photography has touched my in a very profound way and today I have decided to dedicate the rest of my active life (I figure about 20 years, as I am 58 and don’t feel that I can count on being active after age 80) to working my business and traveling the world shooting HDR photography.

    I am purchasing the DX3 and the 14-24mm, the 50 f/1.4 and the 200mm Micro, but that’s all I can afford right now. (I have an old Sony R1 that can shoot in RAW and a Sony H1 that will have to fill in for the rest).

    What I want to know is if I could have the privilage of calling you on the telephone and talking to you? Again, I know that you are very busy and if you can’t I understand, but you don’t know how profoundly you have touched my life. I am buying a huge world map now to start plotting the 16 major trips that will fill the last 20 years of my life.

    Whatever you decide, thank you for your site and your heart.


  • Stuck In Customs


    Thanks for the note! Glad to hear you are getting into it big time… hope you have a really good time – I am sure you will. I am just TOO swamped I’m afraid… just countless countless unread emails, plus getting this book out and a few other projects that are just breaking my back right now – sorry mate — but I will be with you in your world adventures in spirit! :)

  • Paul

    Have spent several hours reading and watching your material. Have been experimenting with HDR but without any knowledge until I found your site. Thanks for the extremely informative posts, I am now on my way to hopefully understanding this technique better and being able to hopefully produce some good results.

    I am fortunate to travel the world with my work so will now be taking my camera equipment with me and exploring photo opportunities using the HDR technique.

    Thanks (London England)

  • Stuck In Customs

    Great – glad they are helpful – I have several more videos in the pipeline that should be helpful too!

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  • Brad

    Trey, New HDR shooter. excited about it. Rekindled my passion for photography. taking a westcoast photo trip in next 2 months to practice my newfound craft. Thanks for the info. Oh btw purchased your book and absolutely love it. Keep the videos coming.

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  • Tom

    I’m sold and I am sending others here as well, thanks for the info already putting it to work.

    Love your style and the HDR photos are great as well as your tips and reviews.

    Thank you for your time and effort.

  • Martin

    Hey Trey, I loved your “Dramatic Reading…”. Very amusing. I immediately started thinking about these guys’ critics and surprisingly found myself realizing, that I also didn’t get a profound tutorial and exhausting information about how to do HDR images and get sweet results, but hey… there is no general universal recipe on how to make a cool picture with HDR. There is no point’n’click manual on artistic photography. I stumbled upon your work just a few days ago and I like it very very much. Since I also have a geeky (sorry) background, I suddenly found myself studying this field a little closer. Even now trying out some stuff and hopefully got myself back into photography after a long time. Tanks for your work and your excellently written comments and little stories about your shots. I mean, how bad can it be?… this guy is a Firefly fan, right?
    Cheers, Martin

  • Stuck In Customs

    Tom – Thanks – sure – send them along

    Martin – Hehe thanks… Yes, I do love sweet Firefly! :) Now, I think you will see that I lay all the steps out in a simple way. I explain exactly what I do with the tutorial… I can’t guarantee results, but you will see the shape of what I do — Photomatix, then special cleanup in Photoshop. — this is the recipe! :)

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  • Gary Kirkpatrick

    A few months back you made reference to an article you wrote on advice on setting up an online gallery for sales. You mentioned Bay Photo. I lost the computer with the links on it. I have been looking for the info since I lost my job as a Commercial Photographer. Would it be possible to send me the link to that article? It would be much appreciated.


    Love you work.

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks all!

    I don’t know where that article is.. I actually thing SmugMug does a really good job – you seen my smugmug review?

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  • Amanda

    (on the mostly photo thing)

    I’ve seen SquareSpace and it’s ok, a lot of the themes seem nearly or completely identical to Tumblr themes, but I honestly have a huge preference for, sort of because it reminds me of Sarah’s blog from the movie I Am Number 4 haha

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  • Jaket Kulit

    thanks for image and video,,,niche bog….

    jaket kulit jaket kulit garut

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  • T_rell

    Stuck in Customs – I have a question for you. Trey has so many amazing tutorials on this site, but I’m having trouble finding one on his process he uses backing up and saving all those wonderful videos he makes for this community. Does Trey have any tuts covering this? I recently got a GoPro and quickly have found myself with all these videos I want to preserve. I’m just looking for some best practices/tips or some pointers. :) Thanks,

  • treyratcliff

    I don’t actually have a video tutorial on how I edit videos — I feel like I am still learning myself! But maybe I will do that – thanks!

  • T_rell

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Trey! I look forward to any content you release. – Thank You and Take Care!

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  • dennyg

    On the sight HDRSPOTTING there are images by Wilson Hurst (Latentsifier) that he uses what looks like camera shake or panning as his raw images. Take a look at Particle Terrain as an example. Maybe you could make a video of this technic or describe how it’s done.

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  • Jon White

    Looks like the Kyoto Cherry Blossoms link is not going to the correct video. Just thought I’d let you guys know. Any chance of a Philadelphia photo walk in the future?

  • treyratcliff

    oops ! here’s the link:

    And yes, a Philly announcement very soon @John White! :)

  • Chuewee

    Very interesting after watching your videos. Thank you

    Get Adobe Photoshop CC

  • Mary Branch


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