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I am producing so many videos — the Best place to come for the latest is the YouTube StuckInCustoms YouTube channel!

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Authors@Google Talk

Here is my first Authors@Google talk — all about HDR Photography! :)

Second Speech at Google HQ

In this second speech, I talk about “Artists and the Internet: Digitally Extending your Natural Self” — and maybe you will find it interesting, even if you are not an artist!

Trey Ratcliff’s Hangout Videos

We have a bunch of these now! All of them are available on the StuckInCustoms YouTube channel. Here is a sample of one below.

Mostly Photo – Online Sharing

This was a great episode! We talked about topics like:

  • How to share your photos online (I give some philosophical advice in addition to logistical, practical advise)
  • Pricing your images and selling prints
  • Getting inspiration from other online photographers
  • SmugMug and how I use them  (see my full SmugMug Review here)
  • Memory cards and horror stories  (I use Hoodman, which Leo thought was funny…hehe – but see my Hoodman Review here)

So, in addition to Lisa Bettany and Leo Laporte, we had on RC Concepcion, which was really cool.  He just finished a book on this very subject, so he was a fount of knowledge.  And if you guys don’t know who RC is, well then this is a great introduction to him!

Mostly Photo – Going Commando

What kind of camera to get for entry-level DSLRs, the advantages/concerns of upgrading, and other general photography talk

Mostly Photo – Mobile Photography

Discussed ways to approach and experiment using mobile photography.

Mostly Photo – HDR and Travel Photography

This is the first episode filmed in Leo’s studio. I gave a demo on HDR Photography, discussed travel photography, and talked a little about gear.

Other Artsy Videos

Informational and Fun videos

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