I’m constantly trying new things, but I only review stuff that I actually use. That should help keep the clutter down and keep you focused on the best stuff out there. I hope these reviews are of benefit to you in your lifelong adventure of photographic fortune and glory.


Photo Software Reviews

Five pieces of software you should have

Additional Software you may find helpful

Photo Software Coupon Codes

I also have a complete list of the best coupon codes for photo editing software.

Camera Equipment Reviews

Below is a list of cameras I recommend that should work for any skill level or budget. In addition, I have a more complete list of Camera Lens Reviews that covers all the lenses I use for my photography.

Sony NEX-3N

Good Camera: Sony NEX-3N

Priced at about $499, this Sony mirrorless camera is highly recommended if your budget is keeping you at around the $500 level.

If budget is not a concern, I suggest you jump down to the “Better” or “Best” recommendations. However, if budget is your principle concern, then no worries this Sony is the way to go! One great thing about it is that all the lenses that you get for this camera can also be used when if you decide down the road to upgrade to the Sony NEX-7 below.

Sony NEX-6

Better Camera: Sony NEX-6

Starting at around $750 which includes an 16-50mm lens.

See my full Sony NEX-7 Review (which is not that different than the NEX-6). The only significant difference is that the NEX-7 has a few more megapixels. The NEX-6, on the other hand, counteracts that with much faster autofocus for better performance in low light. I use it to take photos of everything, from kids to landscapes to architecture to objects.

Best Camera: Sony a7R

Starting at just over $2000

A full-on Sony a7R Review is here on the site that is full of a ton of sample photos. This is currently my main camera. I absolutely love it. It has all the power of the giant DSLR systems at a fraction of the price and size. It’s Full-Frame goodness combined with a small mirrorless form factor gives you everything you need. Plus, the camera smarts inside are absolutely insane. Check on the review there to see even more!

Camera Lenses

Sony a7R Lenses and Goodies

  • Sony 55mm f/1.8 Prime (Amazon | B&H Photo) – In short, a great for portraits and objects of things
  • Sony 35mm f/2.8 Prime (Amazon | B&H Photo) – In short, a great fast lens, also great for portraits and landscapes
  • Sony Alpha Adaptor (Amazon | B&H Photo) – So that you can attach the other Sony full-frame Alpha lenses to your Sony a7R
  • Novoflex Leica Adaptor (Amazon | B&H Photo) – Fantastic for attaching any lens that uses the Leica lens mount.
  • Nikon F Lens Adaptor (Amazon | B&H Photo) – To hook up your Nikon DSLR lenses
  • Canon EF Adaptor (Amazon | B&H Photo) – To hook up your Canon DSLR lenses

Sony NEX – Two Great Lenses

If you are just getting started and want recommendations on your first three lenses, here they are. Often times a camera will come with a “kit lens” that is pretty versatile and can get you a long way. The Sony NEX-7 comes with a 18-55mm lens that produces great pictures. But there are many lenses that are better for more specialized situations.

  • Sony 18-200mm (Amazon | B&H Photo) – This lens is a little big but its versatility is perfect for mid-range stuff like landscapes, birthdays, sports, etc.
  • Sony 10-18 F/4 (Amazon | B&H Photo) – A great new lens that gives you maximum wide-angle flexibility for landscapes and architecture

Nikon – First Three Lenses

Following are the first three lenses I would recommend getting if you bought a professional Nikon camera.

  • Nikon 14-24 Review – A great wide-angle lens for landscapes and architecture
  • Nikon 28-300 Review – Perfect walk-around lens mid-range stuff like landscapes, birthdays, sports, etc.
  • Nikon 50mm Review – Ideal for cute children, family and close-up objects where you like a blurry background

I only write reviews for lenses that I use and recommend.  Here is a complete list of camera lens reviews.

Tripod and Head

My best advice for tripods is to visit your local camera store and try them out!  Find one that you find easy to use…  I’ve tried many, and my recommendations are below. A tripod is composed of two parts – the Legs and the Head.  The head simply attaches to the legs, and these have universal connections.

What I carry

  • RRS Tripod (link)- And here is the tripod.
  • RRS Head (Small) (link) – This is the Really Right Stuff tripod head I use. It doesn’t have to be too big because the camera is small.
  • RRS Head (Big) (link) – This is the ballhead I used with my much bigger DSLR systems. It’s highly recommended if you use hefty DSLRs!
  • L-Plates for your camera (link) – These allow your camera to attach to the tripod head. These “L” plates are of the variety that enables you to easily adjust it from landscape to portrait orientation.

Entry Level Tripod and Head

Other Reviews

  • Aweber Review – Email software that we use for our newsletter
  • ColorMunki Review – Helps to accurately calibrate the color of your monitors
  • Hoodman Review – Compact flash cards and other photography gadgets
  • HyperMac Review – Awesome external battery for Macs
  • MagCloud Review – Easily create print and digital books
  • RackSpace Review – This website and all of our others are hosted by Rackspace
  • Syrp Genie Review – a beautiful little device for time laps photography that automatically turns, pivots, and slides while taking the photo for you
  • Woopra Review – Great website analytics tools

Any questions about the nature of these reviews? Please visit my Ethics Statement. It’s all quite simple!

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