SYRP Genie Coupon Code

Coupon Code for the Genie from SYRP

Go to the Genie SYRP Shop – use a coupon code to save money in two ways. It’s your choice. You can either get a $110 ballhead for free or save $70 off the purchase of a Genie with that coupon code! Once you get to final checkout, if the ballhead is in your cart, that will be free when you enter the code. Or you’ll get $70 off the cost of the Genie if you just want that! :)

Here they are:
STUCKINCUSTOMS110 – Free ballhead
STUCKINCUSTOMS70 – $70 off the Genie

Time Lapse Photography Syrp Genie Review

I also have a full review over at the Time Lapse Photography Syrp Genie Review page here on the site.

Time Lapse Example

Here is a video that I made where I use the Genie from SYRP in a few scenes… It’s called 30 Days and 30 Nights in Queenstown.

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