Bangkok Alive

This was taken a bit after the coup, so I was not able to capture the Molotov cocktails or anything dynamic like that.

Bangkok Alive

Pictures from the city and the coast of Malaysia in HDR

The first is a city shot at sunset just after a storm. The second is from the island archipelago of Langkawi.

Evening Falls In Malaysia

A Pool for Reflection

The Afghan

This picture came out rather sharp and interesting. I don’t know much about these dogs, but I think they are interesting in their looks and demeanor.


Stained Glass

Here is a church that was near the hotel I stayed in Amsterdam. They were having some sort of fashion show inside, of all things, but the stained glass was more interesting.

Bloody Stained Glass

A Morning Row

This is a sport I never got into, mostly because it seems to involve oversized equipment and I don’t know where I would keep a boat like that in my house. It would be the sort of thing that gets lodged in a stairwell for several years.

Morning Row

Kuala Lumpur from the Air in HDR

I think the city has a very unique skyline with green the mountains of Malaysia in the background. This was shot on one of the few sunny days there when the wind changed from the Indonesian firestorms.

Kuala Lumpur from the Air

Dying Young in the Chinese Cemetery

Here are a collection of photographs I have collected from Chinese cemeteries.

Dying Young

Arms of Hell

Trees of the Dead

Red Alone

Mound of Death

Dying Alone

The Junkyard at Midnight

Golden trash…

The Junkyard at Midnight

Lord Murugan

I got in trouble from a Flickr fan for saying that he sounded like one of the bad wizards from Harry Potter, but here he is, standing 140 feet tall in the jungles of Malaysia.

Lord Murugan

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