Dutch Windmills from Across the Lake

Some people in Flickr did not like this one… but I do. I think it is nice and sort of a mix between a photograph and a painting.

Dutch Windmills Across the Lake

This is Andrew

Andrew’s dream is to communicate his vision of balance and harmony to the world.

Andrew is currently keynoting at the Reason Conference in Amsterdam. He paces back and forth in front of the podium as he speaks. His voice has a soothing tone and an engaging gait. He speaks as if channeling.

(This is Andrew Sullivan from The Daily Dish )

This is Andrew

Thanks for the all the Interestingness

Thanks to all my photography friends that have taken the time to comment and favorite some of my pictures in Flickr. It’s always interesting to see what people like the most.

This first one is the #1 most interesting picture for “Chicago”, “HDR”, and a special contest called “NikonStunningGallery”.

The sweet lady D2X is mine;  Chicago, you are my first victim.

This next one below is the number one most interesting picture for “fireworks” and all the Fourth of July tags:

Fourth on Lake Austin

This next one is the most popular picture for “Austin”, “Texas”, and “Cave”.

The Grotto

And this final one is the number one picture for “Hezbollah”, a picture in itself which has caused a lot of controversy.

This is Ahmed

Morning Sun on Naples

Very early in the morning I got lucky and caught the sun before it rose above that heavy cloud layer. For only a few minutes, it brightly illuminated all of Naples across the bay. The rest of the time I was there, this area was fairly hazy and poorly lit. For this one, I recommend you click here to see the “Large on Black” version.

Morning Sunlight Across Naples Coast

The Southpark Guys in Amsterdam

Here are a few more shots for my Portraits Series. These were taken during the Reason event in Amsterdam last week, when Trey Parker and Matt Stone were giving a keynote speech. They were a riot, as usual. These guys are my comedic heroes just barely ahead of Bob Saget. A selection of pictures below are from the press conference that was held the next day when a bunch of non-Reason related “journalists” came in to interview Matt and Trey. It was unfortunate that the quality of questions was so dismal. I was sitting there with a bunch of really cutting questions that they would have appreicated more than, “Why did you move your animation team to Korea?” That question was, like the others, based on the reporter not really knowing his countries or his cartoons.
This is Trey

This is Trey.

Trey’s dream is be a movie producer and sit in a trailer with Matt while complaining about the first class service on their last flight.

Trey is currently emotionally drained by half-wit reporters that are asking him inane and poorly-researched questions.

This is Matt

This is Matt.

Matt’s dream is to someday marry Andrew Sullivan and raise a brood of Scientologists.

Matt is currently in Amsterdam at the Reason conference. He has just finished describing how Michael Moore grossly misrepresnted him in Bowling for Columbine. His tone is of slight disgust but not malice.

(btw Matt, I have the “other” pictures ready too… And don’t forget to call your fellow Libertarian to make you a “movie-game-that-doesn’t-suck”)

Druggie Cafe

Well in Amsterdam it is hard to tell the difference between who is high and who is not high, since everyone is pretty laid back anyway. As you can see in this canal-side cafe, everyone is pretty relaxed. This was taken with the new camera, and if you have the bandwidth, there is nice detail on the HUGE version.
Canal Lunch by the Pot Shops

Ancient Roman Golden Arches

This was taken around midnight in the Ancient Roman Forum. These are the natural colors that came about from the exposure length and from the HDR effect.

Archway to Rome

Tall and Skinny

Here is an HDR of the one of the thousands of quaint scenes around Amsterdam.

Tall and Skinny

Windmill at Dusk

This was taken just after the sunset of the previous picture on the lake.

The Windmills of Holland at Dusk

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