In San Jose for GDC

We arrived in San Jose for the Game Developer’s Conference that is going on this week. There are interesting things that happen there, and I always get to meet some cool people with fresh perspectives. I tend to really like and appreciate the creative types, but I have little tolerance for the “tragic artist with false sense of entitlement” attitude that is fairly pervasive. The thing I hate most about the conference is all the incredibly bitter game developers that moan and groan about how horrible the industry is, yet they a) choose to stay in it b) continue to feed the system they hate. I don’t get it…

Will booked us at a place called the Dolce Hayes Mansion – here is a picture below. If you look close, you can see Will scaling a palm tree to get a coconut for our breakfast.

Dolce Hayes Mansion

Shhhh…. no one yell “INS! Drop the microwave!”

Our house has been descended upon by people of more direct Latin lineage than I, but they are doing a bang-up job of moving around rocks and dirt. We have a fairly major backyard leveling project, and, at times, I look out over our balcony and it looks like the walls of Constantinople are being rebuilt. Ethan always runs out there and yells “Hola! Como estas!!” Then he turns to me with a serious face and says, “They speak Spanish.”

I also found it interesting that they brought their own microwave that they store overnight underneath our inverted recycling bins. Every day at lunch (and they have been here over two weeks), they run an extension cord to our front door socket so they can warm up various Mexican confections.

Mexican work crew


Working on the yard

White Chocolate Peanut Butter Nutter Butter Cheescake

All my close friends know me as a dessert freak, and if I am gonna eat dessert, I only want to go full throttle. I don’t want to eat a little tart or something “light”… So the other day I went to the Cheesecake Factory for dessert, where they have over 40 cheesecakes to choose from and I chose the newest one that is not even on the menu yet – the White Chocolate Peanut Butter cheesecake with chunks of Nutter Butters inside. I give this dessert a very respectable 8.6 on my scale. It was not as good as the Adam’s Peanut Butter Fudge Ripple, which is probably one of the best 2-3 types of cheesecake there… I notice that men try to rank everything they see, and I am no different, although I do take it to a granular ranking level with desserts.

White Chocolate Peanut Butter Nutter Butter cheesecake

Hyori and the Samsung

I spend a lot of time in Korea, and this girl is all over the place. She is kind of the non-prego Britney that is wearing a ring that gives her +3 to Korean.

I’m always very interested in foreign commercials and how different cultures market products to consumers, so I spend a lot of time watching foreign TV even though I really don’t know what they are saying. Well, in this particular ad, it doesn’t really matter what she is saying… and it is a rather cool phone too.

Running in Zilker Park

I’ve taken to running in Zilker Park in the late afternoons. Zilker runs on the south side of Town Lake and it has a very nice jogging trail along the water that is filled with 50% fit people and 50% very strange people. I’ve noticed that Austin seems to attract some extremely strange people that look like they just barely can get by on a day-to-day basis, yet they find the time and resources to lounge around Zilker Park and drink bottled water.

The first picture shows the jogging trail along the water with some shirtless guys sporting non-religious tattoos. The second shows some bat droppings under a bridge. The third shows the Austin City Hall taking up an extremely valuable piece of real estate on the waterfront, which is just what I would expect from a fairly communist city. The fourth shows a fountain at the park and a building that looked really cool in the early 80’s.

Jogging trail at Zilker Park

Bat droppings

City Hall from across town lake Fountain at Zilker Park

Interesting tax diagram

I found this tax diagram on Deviantart that shows proportional spending in different areas, represented by proportionally different circle areas.


Hooked up my ipod to the xbox 360

I downloaded some app from a strange-named company Nellymoser to hook up my Ipod to the 360 so I can listen to better music while I play games. The only complaint I have is that it has to re-index my library every time I hook it up, so it can take 10-15 seconds before my playlists appear.

Given the choice, I would like a hack that lets me share my iTunes playlists straight from my computer (PC or Mac).

Ipod and the 360

Jesus in the frying pan

…and yet another important item in Monty’s bizarre reliquery. Here is a picture of Jesus burned into a frying pan that he bought off eBay for Golden Palace. This is not nearly as cool as the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich that sits nearby in a safe, but it is still a nice mix of cooking and religion.

Jesus in a frying pan

Britney Spears’ pregnancy test

My friend Monty has this in his office here in Austin. It currently sits behind me when I sit on the couch in his office and we attempt to have serious business discussions.

I believe the story on this is that someone that works at a hotel found the used and positive test in a hotel room trashcan after Britney checked out. It also has a very sketchy connection to Ottawa, as are all connections to Ottawa.

Britney Spears' Positive Home Pregnancy test

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