At the Barn

I thought this picture turned out rather well…

Irish Fire at the Barn

Notre Dame from the Seine

Charles de Gaulle airport is a facility that could only have been built by the French government. I spent three hours there today going through lines, security, and more than a few bus rides. I barely made my connection. That airport is an order of magnitude worse than any other airport I have visited in my life. My bag is still lost there somewhere… I hope I get it soon because I am starting to smell rather… what’s the word… French.

On a better note, here is a view of Notre Dame.

Notre Dame from the Seine

MOO Cards

Flickr has this deal with MOO where you can get a bunch of mini-cards made. I got a bunch of these printed because every now and then while I am taking pictures people ask where they can see my stuff… so I got some of these to hand out. I think they are kinda cool.

What??  You guys have ordered your MOO Mini-Cards yet?

Gallery Photography Exposition in Austin

I’ve been invited to show my photography work here at this avant-garde gallery in Austin. I will put about 40 photographs up and the show will run from Dec 17 to Jan 28. Tina will, thankfully, be handling all the logistics of the event, but between now and then we have to choose what pictures will go up. I have put together a Gallery Set Here that I am trying to cull down to about 50 pictures or so… If you have any suggestions about what should stay or go or be added, drop me a note to let me know… I am not very objective on my own work, but I also don’t trust other people’s opinions, so I am kind of dead in the water when it comes to choosing, but I am still very open to suggestions. Thanks!

Here are a few that will go in for sure:

The sweet lady D2X in action;  Chicago, you are my first victim.


Morning Seagull over Vesuvius

Farewell Holland

This is Vespucci

This is Brenna

This is Brenna

Brenna’s dream is to live in the wiles of Australia and own her own stylist studio while running a photography gallery on the side.

Brenna is currently working as a barista in a not-well-known chain called Starbucks, saving up to go to cosmotology school. She loves animals and is lamenting that her shoes might be made of leather.

This is from my Portraits Set that you can see here.

Church on the Canal

This was taken around midnight in the middle of the red light district of Amsterdam. You can see one of those eerie pink windows off to the left. For this one, I recommend you click on this Large on Black version.
The Church over the Canal Bridge

Izzy Bunny

Here is a picture of Isabella frest out of the bath in one of those things that grandmothers always buy, one of which we have every iteration and permutation of the animal kingdom. This one is either a bunny or a sheep… I don’t really keep track of that stuff since it’s for girls to know. Ethan doesn’t know either, because he is too busy playing totally awesome videogames.
Izzy Bunny

Fairy Tale

I took this on a quiet evening outside of Haarlem in the Dutch countryside. If I had taken it faster, you could have seen a few Hobbits fiddling in the garden.

Fairy Tale

The Great Lake of Chicago

This was taken with nine exposures on a late summer evening in Chicago. The light made the lake have sort of a Caribbean blue color. It was one of my few trips there where I did not absolutely freeze to death or get shredded by ice crystals in monsoon-strength winds.
The Great Lake of Chicago

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