Lightroom Presets

Trey’s Lightroom Presets are Helpful and Fun!

These presets will make you happy, and you’ll feel so fun and creative while using them!

Give your Photos a Unique Look

As you can see from the sample photos below, my Lightroom Presets are quite expressive and will definitely give your photos a unique look! The Presets work on any kind of photo, from landscape to people to architecture to macro or pictures of naked horses. It’s all good to go!

Even better, theses Lightroom Presets will help YOU generate ideas for stylizing your photos in different ways. The Presets can be tweaked after applying them so you can make further adjustments. For example, if the Preset still looks a bit too dark, then you can increase the exposure slider and the rest of the preset will still have that “special look.”

How the Lightroom Presets Work

Download and Try a Few Presets for FREE!

I have a FREE “Starter Pack” of Presets for you to try out. Just pop over to the store and grab them. There’s no catch or anything… Free as the open sky! 🙂

This free package will give you a good taste of my Lightroom Presets. I picked five of my favorites from a variety of collections. This was actually a very hard task to pick five, because the presets have such a wide range of variety.

Before and After Image using one of Trey’s Lightroom Presets

Before and After Image using Trey’s Texture Tutorial 2.0


Lightroom Presets Collections

You can always go back and get the previous packs you’ve missed And don’t forget about the great packs that got the whole party started! If you are a long-time customer (thanks!) then each of those pages will list out exactly which presets are included so you can see if you already have them or not!

Sample Images from Various Collections


Quite by surprise, my Lightroom Presets have become our #1 best-selling item in the store, even outselling my Complete HDR Video Tutorial! So, starting in 2015 and beyond, we are going to try something new. We will release a fresh new pack of 10 Awesome Lightroom Presets the first day of each month!


A New Pack of Presets Each Month!

Save 50% on the FIRST Day of each month. On the FIRST day of each month will release a whole new pack of 10 Presets. For the first day only, the new pack for that month will be HALF price ($2.50 instead of the regular price of $5.00).

  • swarna shanmugalingam

    Nice Trey. Love it.

  • jake

    nice stuff ! 🙂 love the umbrella pictures.
    If you are looking free presets for lightroom checkout this list of 50:

  • Angelika Perry

    Loving the presets and I think I pretty much have all of them. Just one question…. how the heck do you come up with those funky names??? I love it… lol

  • Felix Freeride Davis

    The presets are great! Just got the beginners pack and I’m sold. ‘A Beautiful Release’ suited this shot perfectly for me. I’ll be taking advantage of the deal each month. Thanks (found the drone stuff you did on DigitalRev useful too) keep up the good work

  • jake

    great post thanks for the share
    Here are 50 free lightroom presets you can take advantage of:

  • Awesome – yeah that is one of my favorite presets for sure!

  • haha – maybe I’m not totally “with it” when I create them @angelikaperry:disqus ! 🙂

  • Love it your before and after presets are amazing
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  • Stephen Campbell

    Trey, I think you do an awesome job with presets…wondering if you have decided to stop creating your monthly bundles? I missed them in January 2016 and don’t see them this month either. Your travels may be keeping you from creating them. Love to hear from you.

  • Kyxarie Salcedo

    I purchased 2015 presets yesterday then I tried here’s the image… Amazing presets. More power Trey 🙂

  • Sweet! 🙂