Landing in the Air & Space Museum

Daily Photo – Landing in the Air & Space Museum

I love this place! This was about the only place I was allowed to use my tripod (on the outside), so I spent a bit of time hunting about for best ways to capture the amazing building.

I sent the Air and Space Museum a tweet to ask if I could use my tripod.  They responded and sent me to a FAQ.  I didn’t even have to go to the FAQ to know what it should say.  I think, frankly, it would have just been easier if they had tweeted back a “no”.

So, as you can see in the collection below, I did the best I could with a few handheld HDRs.

There are a few handheld tricks I employ:

  • Lock your elbows inward, on top of your abdomen.
  • Hold your breath like a sniper
  • Increase your ISO so it takes the multiple exposures as fast as possible
  • Pray


The Inner Sanctum of the Cavernous Museum

The following photos were all previously published here on the site, but I thought it might be fun to put them all here in the same post.




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My Best Tweet Ever

Some of you follow me on Twitter to get regular useful and useless updates throughout the day. Sometimes I check back to see which tweets get “ReTweeted” the most. By far, the best tweet ever was:

@TreyRatcliff This guy traveled the world in the early 1900s & captured it all in COLOR

If you follow me, I promise never to tell you when I am standing in line at a coffee shop. I try to do 33% inspirational tweets about interesting art and cultural finds, 33% connecting people with others, and 33% links to my own personal latest works. The last 1% is “Wildcard” (said in the Charlie voice from It’s Always Sunny).

Daily Photo – Aerophilia

Is aerophilia a word? Probably not. People that are really into planes probably have a very specific word for this, and the “wrong” word probably really irritates them… so I apologize in advance.

This wondrous place is the new Air and Space Museum in DC. I thought I knew a lot about planes until I got here. I would recognize this and that, but the whole gestalt of the place was completely overwhelming. Overwhelming in an awesome way, of course.

I only took the Nikon D3S in here (see my Nikon D3S Review) because they would not allow tripods. The D3S is so much better at quick shots with low noise. All of my HDRs in here were handheld, so I had to be sure that I took the photos quickly and with very little noise.


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Meet me at OpenCamp!

The Powers That Be talked me into speaking at, which is Aug 27-29 in Dallas. Who is OpenCamp for? As the website says, “Webmasters and web developers, bloggers, podcasters, social media enthusiasts and anyone interested in web content creation!” This is put together by the same people who did WordCamp Dallas and DrupalCamp Dallas. This should be one of the biggest events for bloggers this year – so I hope you can come out!

Cali Lewis, one of the organizers, recently mentioned OpenCamp in her recent Geekbrief video. You can get a full list of the speakers on the OpenCamp Page… along with me will be Chris Pirillo, John P, and many others.  I’ve heard Leo Laporte may even join the festivities… that would be a lot of fun to hang out with him again!

Right after OpenCamp, I’ll be heading out to Burning Man in the middle of the Black Rock Desert. That will be a wild time!

Exclusive! Video to be released on Abduzeedo!

The crew over at grabbed the Exclusive of my new video release on Friday. It’s a bit different than anything I have ever done… I hope you like it. I’ll link over there on Friday so you can be among the first to see it.

New Prints Available

If you go over to the Prints area of the site, you can get links to all the latest prints to be released. I only release about 1% or 2% of the works as Limited Edition Numbered Prints. One of them is featured today over in a new video over at That print should come available soon.

Daily Photo – Univac

I’m such a nerd and I love this computer.

My background is computer science and math, so I’ve always been into computers. This UNIVAC was just hitting its stride around the time I was born, and Moore’s Law was kind enough to keep the doublings at a manageable rate so it wasn’t a whole lot faster when I got my own first computer! I think I started with the Timex Sinclair 99 before getting into the C-64, then a whole host of Amigas before getting into the world of PCs (see these old vintage ads of computer stuff I tweeted about yesterday). Anyway, I’ll try not to geek out too much here!

This photo was taken at the new Air and Space Museum in DC. There is an area in the back with all the rockets that also had the computers that were used alongside them at mission control. So, if you have any geek in you at all, I really recommend it.


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The Lincoln Memorial

David DuChemin’s eBooks

Who is David DuChemin? He’s a great photographer, a fantastic writer, an insightful teacher, and a fun guy. What else could you ask for?

I have been exploring and reading some of David’s new eBooks. David has published two “traditional” books through Peachpit (also my publisher), and now he is putting a lot of energy into eBooks. These are very reasonably priced (around $5), so I suggest you check them out.

After reading several of David’s eBooks, I can see how much time and thought he has put into them. The books are not huge, nor are they little pamphlets. They are just about right… there is no doubt that you feel like you got more than your money’s worth. To see more, visit Tell me what you think!

Daily Photo – The Lincoln Memorial

DC is certainly one of those no-tripod areas, especially when very close to some of the key installations. And, some of those Federal guards are not the ones who are up for a good argument. I wonder sometimes if they do a little face-recognition on me and get a general sense of my Libertarianism. That surely would not help me win any arguments…

So I had to take this one handheld. It was dark inside and the time was way past sunset. Since the only ambient light was manmade, I had to wedge myself into a corner to keep the camera as still as possible for the exposures. Of course, quick shutter speeds are a must, so I cranked up the ISO a bit to keep things snappy.


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The Endless Rows of Arlington Cemetery

Thanks John P!

John P from One Man’s Blog recommended that I go try to get some proper shots of Arlington Cemetery… so, you have him to thank for these photos. Thank him by visiting his blog… he’s got a whole potpourri of goodies on there; I’m sure you’ll find something you like!

OpenCamp Dallas

Speaking of John P – he’s putting together a mega-blogging conference in Dallas called Open Camp. I recommend it! Whether you have a small blog or a big blog… for fun or for money… I think you will learn a lot, meet interesting people, and have a good time!

I’ve gotten some questions – wondering if I am going too. I do not know yet! My schedule is up in the air… But I do have it penciled in and would like to make it happen.

Daily Photo – The Endless Rows of Arlington Cemetery

Not too far from the capitol in DC is the sprawling expanse of Arlington Cemetery. It is a very somber place… It was just my son and I, walking around for quite a while together. I think it all made an impression on him.

We stayed so long into the evening — we were the last ones there! Except for the security guards, who walked with us as we were leaving, since they locked up behind us. It was nice, however — they took their time and let me set up for a few final shots with the tripod as the light was falling behind the storm clouds.

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