The American Bald Eagle

Some people have been asking for some shots from the 200mm, so here is one of them.  I hope you like it!  This one is lightly textured… the background as already pretty busy, so I normally don’t mess with those too much unless I want to convert one kind of business into another!

The American Bald Eagle

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HDRemembering the Alamo, with textures at dusk

I had a meeting in San Antonio where I walked from the Hilton to the AT&T building. On the way back, it was getting dark, so I spent about an hour at the Alamo and the clouds were perfect. Lucky!

This is part of a new tutorial that I planned on putting up this weekend, but I did not have any extra time this week at night to work on it! It’s coming soon though.. just need ONE hour to record the video. Is that too much to ask the Gods of Time?

HDRemembering the Alamo - Textured at Dusk

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Coy Pond

Here is a nice little pond we found down in San Antonio.

Coy Little Lily Pads

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Some Non-HDR work…

And here are a few pictures that somehow escaped my mad labyrinth of software processes known as my HDR gauntlet. The first is from Rome and the second is from San Antonio. If I had not indicated which was first and second, you would have never figured it out.


Four Plants

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Two Sculptures – Horsehead Nebula and Red Metal

Horsehead Nebula

Red Metal

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