Graveyard at Night

There was no artificial coloring added to this… the green is from the reflected green grass in the long exposure.

Deep in the Graveyard

The Grant Well

Here is the old shack that is outside the Grant Well, the first oil well in the US.

Office of the Grant Well

Telltale Heart

Here is a dreary and scary old shed I found in a rainstorm in Pennsylvania. There may have been a few dead bodies inside, but I didn’t check.

Telltale Heart

Lake Erie

Here is Lake Erie in HDR:

Lake Erie in the Morning

This is Edell

This is Edell

Edell’s dream is to have a large and peaceful family.

Edell is currently doing chores in a field with her little brother and little sister. She is the oldest and the only one that smiles when I ask if I can help carry the wood back to their home.

(this is taken from a series of portraits in THIS set in my portfolio).

The Barn in the Storm

I found this place down a remote country road in Pennsylvania. I managed to get a shot just before the rain hit. You can see the setting sun behind the pine tree on the left.

The Barn in the Storm

Decrepit Shed

Here is an old shed I found by the roadside during a rainstorm in Pennsylvania, actually shot just after the post below this one.

Decrepit in the Rain

Amish Farm in Pennsylvania

This was taken in the middle of a little Amish community I found in northern Pennsylvania. This was taken in the evening just before a rain shower hit, so I got some nice sunset mixed with light rain clouds.

Amish Home in Pennsylvania Countryside

Eerie Erie Cemetary

This is from the old Erie cemetary about midnight. I was out there listening to my iPod walking around a cemetary that I might have been trespassing on. The gate opened with an awful creeking sound, ten times worse than in horror movies.


First Oil Well in the US

While getting lost in Pennsylvania, I happened upon the first oil well ever built in the United States. It was dark and cloudy, so I had to get out the equipment for a shot, of course. I’m a slave to this stupid camera, I tell you.

This was drilled in 1859 and was 69 feet deep. It’s called the Drake Oil Well.

The First Oil Well in the US

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