Central Park as dusk falls from the top of Rockefeller Center

It was a nice clear night, which I normally don’t like for these sorts of shots. I prefer the sky to have some clouds and a bit of drama… but the best thing about a clear night is a little 10 minute window when the sky has a nice spectrum of blues and light reds while the sun plays with the atmosphere. Big cities always start to light up right around this time, so it’s prime photo-takin’ time. I thought the deco border of the building looked pretty cool, so I was aiming to have it become the bottom grill along the border.

For those of you that have never been to New York, Central Park is that big green rectangle in the middle there. You can see a few lakes, trees, and paths scattered about.

Central Park  as dusk falls from the top of Rockefeller Center (by Stuck in Customs)

Another Smithsonian Winner, some upcoming appearances, and a new photo of Rockefeller center

Why are my blog titles getting so long? Sorry about that… I guess with one post per day, sometimes there is a lot to squeeze in!

So, a few days ago I received a letter from the Smithsonian saying that I have another one in the running for the 6th Annual Photo Contest!  Cool!  Two years ago, I had 2 winners in the 4th Annual Photo Contest , and one of those ended up hanging in the Smithsonian castle in DC.  I know a few of you out there got to see it on road trips – maybe we can make another pilgrimage this year!.  I didn’t win anything last year in the 5th annual contest…  It was a bad year for me, what can I say?

The one that is in the finalist pool this year is the Times Square one that I have placed below.  Just below that, I have placed a NEW photo of Rockefeller Center that I have been working on over the weekend.  I hope you like it.

I will be speaking in Austin, Texas next week at the Digital Photography SIG on Thursday night, Feb 26 (next week).  It’s free to come – please do – I’d be happy to meet you in person!  I’ll be talking about photography and going through a tutorial.  If you are in Central Texas, be sure to stop by — it should be a good time!

Also, over the weekend, I was interviewed at the Pro Photography Show, which is a podcast that should be made available in the next few weeks.  I will be sure to put a link to it here whenever it goes live.

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Times Square at Dusk

Another Smithsonian Winner, some upcoming appearances, and a new photo of Rockafeller center (by Stuck in Customs)

An Electric Night in Times Square

I have always thought this ABC studio with the curved marquee is the coolest building in Times Square. I am not exactly sure what is happening in that still there, but I think that girl is holding up a pregnancy test.

An Electric Night in Times Square

The Best of New York

Here are some of my favorites from New York. I have a lot more I need to process over a long weekend — I look forward to that! But in the meantime, leading up to a little announcement tomorrow night, here are some of the best from NYC! :)

Across from Ground Zero

Imploding Glass

How about a little New York City in HDR?

Grand Theft Auto – Skyview of Algonquin

It’s probably one of the coolest places in the world for photography. I could have stayed on that helicopter all day long. Now that I have all the heli-jacking techniques I learned from GTA4, I might just try it the next time!

Grand Theft Auto - Algonquin from the Air

Not Lost in New York

Here I am in the middle of Times Square in New York on a perfect night. The sky was this strange blue color of a cool dusk night and every light in the city was in full burn. Enjoy!

Not Lost in New York


This was shot just SE of ground zero in NYC.

Radio City in NYC

Here is the famous Radio City shot from New York.

Radio City in NYC

Afternoon Near Ground Zero

I shot this in New York right near the World Trade Center husk. Also, I attempted to put the point of this cube right inside the phi sweet spot for your maximum viewing pleasure!

Afternoon Near Ground Zero

A Castle in New York

Actually I think it’s just a church. But I like how it is positioned on this corner and the architecture is pretty unique for that area. I think I was around Chelsea when I shot this.

Street Castle in NY

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