Sandstorm at Burning Man“火人节”沙暴

Cameras at Burning Man

I get regular questions about how to protect your camera equipment at Burning Man.  Here are some points about that:

  • I use a backup (3rd) camera.  I mostly just pull out a micro 4/3rds camera and never change the lens.  It’s kind of a challenge, but a good challenge!
  • If you have to change lenses, well, don’t.
  • If you MUST change lenses, try to do it indoors… in a car or in an RV of some non-dirty hippy.
  • If you want to use your main camera, it’s good to weatherproof it with a baggie and tape… but the little dust will still get in.
  • Or, really, just follow my first bullet point and use a backup-backup camera and don’t worry so much! 🙂

Daily Photo – Sandstorm at Burning Man

The sandstorms come fast and furious. I was out in the middle of one as it blew across the playa. I was on my bike at the time, so it was easy to get around and find good perspectives of the temple as the sun was setting.!i=1752787905&k=9SGzgnB&lb=1&s=A



  • 准备一台备用。对我来说,就是准备第三台相机。一般我也就是搞一台Micro 4/3,而且也不换镜头。这么做其实很有挑战——不过是有益的挑战。
  • 如果你得换镜头——还是别换了。
  • 如果非换不可,最好还是在室内、车里或者是个不太邋遢的家伙的休闲车。
  • 要用主相机,最好还是装在包包里挎着——即使这样有些细沙粒还是会趁虚而入。
  • 行了,只要按照前面的去做,搞个后备箱机就好啦,不用那么担心! 🙂



Tattooed Girl with Umbrella撑伞的纹身女孩

America’s Top Model

I think I’ve seen that show above only three or four times.  It’s too frustrating… it’s frustrating because I keep trying to look at the cameras, the setup, the lighting, the backdrops, the assistants, and everything…  but they keep showing the model over and over again…

It kind of reminds me of when my dad took me to those variety shows in Vegas when I was a kid.  I kept wanting the “girl parts” to be over with so I could see more of the magic tricks…

Daily Photo – Tattooed Girl with Umbrella

One hard thing about Burning Man is not “getting used to” everything around you.  Believe it or not, after a few days, seeing interesting people wearing crazy clothes and doing wonderful things becomes quite commonplace.  It’s kind of like living inside a non-stop Cirque-de-soleil!

I was riding by on my bike and there was another photographer taking photos of this girl.  He had just finished, so I swooped in, jumped off my bike, and took a quick photo.  I felt a little bad about jumping in at the end of his photoshoot, but I figured that the Burning-Man-chill-attitude would make everything okay… and I think it did!

HDR Photo







HDR Photo

Mystery Photo – Girl at Burning Man神秘照片——“火人节”女孩


Mystery Photos

You guys and gals are always SO good at mystery photos… today I thought I would give you a real challenge.  You’ll have to put on your CSI hats for this one!

Video Recap – 80 Days, 8,000 Photos

I was reminded of this video because I’m posting another Burning Man photo…

Daily Photo – Mystery Girl at Burning Man

So, who is she?  I don’t know if this is much of a hint, but she told me she made those horns herself out of glue and bedsheets.  She said this in a dismissive manner of “of course that is what I did – I can’t believe you couldn’t figure it out on your own.”

HDR Photo








HDR Photo

Neo-Gypsy in the Desert戈壁吉普赛新新人类


Burning Man Photos

I have so many great scenes from Burning Man recently, but I have not posted many!  This is very lame of me — I will get on it.  In the meantime, check the Burning Man category here on the site to see more.

Daily Photo – Neo-Gypsy in the Desert

I was walking across the playa at Burning Man with Tom when we came across this gypsy of sorts.  She was kind of dancing through the desert eating a bag of chips.  That was surreal and everything, but then it felt even stranger when she pulled out her iPhone to make a few notes about our meeting.  She typed in so she would be sure to visit when she got back to civilization.!i=1711486005&k=NX4TQnf&lb=1&s=A 


最近有好多“火人节”靓图,但发上来的很有限。我错了——马上改正!同时,你可以点击“火人节”专题 了解更多。



White Flower in the Desert戈壁“白蕊”

Processing Out-of-Order

As many of you know, I don’t process my photos in any order. I still have photos from five years ago I’ve never processed. I do this for a lot of reasons. One reason is because I know in a few years I’ll be better than I am now, and I don’t want to “waste” all my photos with bad processing. The second reason is because I don’t like to feel the “burden” of needing to process photos right after a trip.

Daily Photo – White Flower in Desert

This is from Burning Man two years ago.

I can’t even remember why I set up in this area to take a shot. I was sort of drawn to it. It was so interesting to me. In some ways, it matters why the flowers are there and it doesn’t matter why they are there. And you can say the same thing about every little part of this photo. To me, this is all very nice and I can’t quite put my finger on it.!i=1648572493&k=njhrzwd&lb=1&s=A 






The Temple Burn and Trey’s Hangout #18火烧殿宇+视频访谈第18弹


Trey’s Hangout #18

This was a fun one! People involved were Tom Anderson (formerly MySpace), Bradley Horowitz (Google), Gordon Laing (, Tarah Gaa, and Lily L. We talk about our upcoming Yosemite PhotoWalk, equipment, and more.

Painting Video

I am releasing too many videos lately, yes? I won’t burden the front page with this… but if you want to watch me paint a little of this during a hangout and see more details, visit the “Temple Burn Painting” page.

Daily Photo – The Temple Burn

I had a photo of the “before” that I took of the temple at Burning Man.  I used that as a reference and then started to paint it as it was ensnared in flame… At the bottom is a video from a hangout while I was working on it…
The Temple Burn I had a photo of the “before” that I took of the temple at Burning Man.  I used that as a reference and then started to paint it as it was ensnared in flame… At the bottom is a video from a hangout while I was working on it…- Trey RatcliffClick here to read the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.

Below here are a few details from bits here and there.



本期精彩继续!嘉宾包括前MySpace的Tom Anderson 、Google的Bradley Horowitz 、CameraLabs.com的 Gordon Laing 、Tarah Gaa还有Lily L。大家聊了即将到来的约瑟米蒂国家公园摄影行,还有摄影装备等话题。


最近放的视频有点多,有木有?我不想让主页负担太重,但如果想看我在节目中的绘图细节,请关注 “火烧殿宇”页面。


The Temple Burn I had a photo of the “before” that I took of the temple at Burning Man.  I used that as a reference and then started to paint it as it was ensnared in flame… At the bottom is a video from a hangout while I was working on it…- Trey RatcliffClick here to read the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.


Mystery Photo神秘之作

Daily Photo – Mystery Photo

Okay, this time I’ll give you guys a nearly impossible mystery. Who is this girl?

Here’s a bit of context. So, I stayed at Camp Walter at Burning Man with a nice group of people. One night, we all lit torches and went out with about 50 people as an Angry Mob. We walked up and down the streets and were angry about things. It was ridiculous and fun. This girl joined us, but she was not part of Camp Walter. She rode a bike and waved the torch in the air. I grabbed then when she sped by me.!i=1624802006&k=sDNdmhG&lb=1&s=A

Lisa 的冒险之旅

最近跟好友Lisa Bettany聊过,她正在为 FlatBooks.com撰写全新e书,还干了一件非常赞的事!很快,她就要开始一次为期数月的全球摄影之旅。太期待了,关注关注!




Peter Hudson CharonPeter Hudson的渡神

See you live on TWIT Photo today!

Tune in Live at 1:30 PM PT at Live.Twit.TV.

Your most challenging shot of 2011?

Post a link below to one of your most challenging shots… and feel free to talk about it too if you wish!

Daily Photo: Peter Hudson Charon

This was one of my most difficult photos of 2011.

This amazing sculpture from Burning Man is the brilliant work of Peter Hudson. You may remember this scene from your mythology, where Charon rows the dead across the river Styx.

The sculpture requires at least six spectators to pull a series of ropes in a certain manner. Once the wheel starts spinning fast enough, strobes start flashing, animating the skeletons. Each of them was animated by a Pixar artist and there was a magical effect. Capturing the motion and the strobe all at once was extremely difficult. I thought about it for four days before finally taking the shot. I’m sure my Burning-Man-Buds Tom Anderson and Cliff Baise tired of me speculating about the shot!!i=1624804179&k=wPr7JVc&lb=1&s=A

TWIT Photo 今晚见!

下午1:30 (太平洋时间) Live.Twit.TV不见不散!



每日一瞥—— Peter Hudson的渡神


此乃“火人节”上的一座令人称奇的雕塑,出自Peter Hudson之手。你也许会由此联想到神话故事,冥府渡神Charon将逝者一批批渡过冥河。

此作至少需要六名观众以特定方式签拉绳索才能得以运转。轮子达到一定转速,灯便会开始闪光,一具具骷髅也会动起来。每一具小骷髅的动作都经过皮克斯大师的精心设计,效果奇幻异常。要同时捕捉到闪光与动作可并非易事。我琢磨了整整四天才敢动手拍照。我敢肯定我的“火人节”哥们儿Tom Anderson还有Cliff Baise肯定被我没完没了的推测与计划搞得不耐烦了。

HDR-Kurs auf DeutschHDR德语版教程出炉啦!

HDR-Kurs auf Deutsch!

Yes, and now in German too! 🙂 Chinese is next… should just be a few days away… Below are various international translations so far:

Live on The Grid today – 4 PM ET

Join me live today (Wednesday) on The Grid at 4 PM ET (1 PM PT). I’ll be on with Scott Kelby, RC Concepcion, and Matt Kloskowski.

New iPad App – Stuck On Earth

It’s officially out! You will LOVE it. Come grab it at this iTunes Link. See this new video below for a quick look at all the features.

Daily Photo – Sinking into the Future-Desert

Here is one of my favorite new photos from Burning Man. I took a photo of this full statue last year, and it was one of my favorites. This year, only the torso remained, and it looked like it sank into the desert a bit. People climbed all over it, day and night.

She was broken by time and the winds beat her into the dirt below.  She sank into it without control.  A gentle grace hungered in the vibrations that pulsed out from her previous life.  Some people saw this and they came to bask, to climb, to commune, to sit, to laugh, to cry, to hold hands, to find a hand to hold, to stroll, to watch the moon, to add to the vibrations, to clambor, to hold, to rest, to meditate, to feel something new as she sank ever deeper into the earth, leaving rhythms of new life behind.


是的!现在德语版也有了! 🙂 中文版也将于近期推出。以下是目前各语种版本链接:

脱口秀访谈The Grid 今日上演——就在东部时间下午四点

跟我一起加入周三现场的The Grid 吧,就在东部时间下午四点(太平洋时间下午一点).Scott Kelby、 RC Concepcion、还有Matt Kloskowski都将出场。



Dragon in the Fire火中龙

Categories Reminder

Yes yes I know regulars know this trick on the site… but since new people visit all the time (Hi! Welcome!), sometimes I like to throw in these little reminders.

You can click on the Burning Man category to see more photos of this type. I tag every post, and you can see those categories at the bottom of each post.

Daily Photo – Dragon in the Fire

I don’t use my “big” camera too much out in the desert because of the sandstorms… So I’ve been using this little Olympus PEN camera from time to time, and I like the results. Of course, I do a bit more post-processing and this sort of thing… but I’m happy with the results generally from this new line of cameras.

At Burning Man, there are hundreds of unique vehicles that roll around the desert during all times of the day and night. It’s a feast for the eyes and the camera! 🙂!i=1575726139&k=Tdt4b9g&lb=1&s=A



点击火人节 专栏可以看到更多相关图片。我给每张图片都做了标签,它们所属的专栏也可以在图片下面看到。


大漠里风沙多,所以我不敢用我的“大家伙”,一直辛苦的都是这台小的Olympus PEN ,成果也很令人满意。当然,很多效果是后期处理的,但是原片也很不错,所以我对这款新品很是喜欢。

在“火人节”有上百辆造型各异的汽车每天在大漠里四处游行,这是一场视觉盛宴,不但可以大饱眼福,还可以收入相机当中! 🙂

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