Mills Working Late

I grabbed this just before sunset in the Netherlands. I like the blues in the homes on the nearside.

Working Mills at Dusk

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Some Holland HDRs

It’s been a while since I posted some pictures of Holland, so here is a cool church and um… some cool squnched up old building.


Time Squeeze

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Saint Bevo

Here is Saint Bevo in Haarlem. I’m not super happy with this picture because it doesn’t look as enormous as it really is. Below, I put a picture of the inside, with which I am happy.


Golden Room

Golden Dome

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Holland Town Hall

These two were taken at the town hall in Haarlem in the Netherlands.

Town Hall


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Kinetic Energy

I found this little girl concentrating hard on a chess match. She was embroiled in a match with about 25 other people all playing against a single Dutch champion that would run from table to table and play them all simultaneously.

Kinetic Energy

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