Eva in Holland

Here is a new picture of Eva in Amsterdam. This one came out pretty well. I also posted an older one of her and June from Kenya. Note that the blonde is not the one from Kenya.


Opposites Attractive

Mills Working Late

I grabbed this just before sunset in the Netherlands. I like the blues in the homes on the nearside.

Working Mills at Dusk

Streaming Windmills

Holland at sunset…

Streaming Windmill

Some Holland HDRs

It’s been a while since I posted some pictures of Holland, so here is a cool church and um… some cool squnched up old building.


Time Squeeze

This is Johannes

Johannes van Dam is currently living out his dream, performing famously in his role as the number one restaurant reviewer in Amsterdam. He works for the newspaper “Het Parool” and is currently spending his Sunday morning at a his local coffee shop reading his own review in the newspaper, smiling ruefully.

He is happy to talk to me and motions out at the rainy street. “This was a canal about 30 years ago,” he nods, looking over his glasses. “Then we build road because we not need that canal anymore.”

He shakes the newspaper and backhand slaps his review in a gesture of disbelief. He utters some Dutch explicative while laughing, and then stabs at his column with his finger. “This is a good review my friend!”

This is Johannes

Church on the Canal

This was taken around midnight in the middle of the red light district of Amsterdam. You can see one of those eerie pink windows off to the left. For this one, I recommend you click on this Large on Black version.
The Church over the Canal Bridge

Dutch Biker

Here is a mustard-coated Dutch Biker navigating the narrow streets of Amsterdam.

Dutch Biker

And these are some cool little houses I found all in a row in another part of the city:


Obsidian Walls

This is the interior of a cool church in Holland.

Obsidian Walls

The Olde Train Station

Here is a very unusual shot I got of the train station in Amsterdam with this cool advertisement out front. At least, I think it is an advertisement.

Multiple Horizons on the Olde Train Station

Benevius Throckmorton the Fourth

I often use an outrageous photographer persona when trying to gain access to places I am not allowed, and that persona is super-bad-British-accent Benevius Throckmorton the Fourth, the National Geographic photographer who is too aloof to carry proper documentation and too aghast to understand why anyone would ask for such a thing.

You would be amazed that this persona has worked 100% of the time, and I get to take my camera into places where photographers are not normally allowed. The best place I infiltrated was the impervious Altar of the Duomo in Milan.
Below is a famous restaurant in Amsterdam that Benevius was allowed to photograph. This first picture is taken in an underground area where they keep all sorts of mysterious wines and meads that have been fermenting since the Renaissance. The second picture has some original Rembrandt sketches right above your dinner table.
Bitter Koekies

Restaurant of Rembrandt

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