Skull Head from Rome

This is an extremely detailed mosaic that was uncovered in Pompeii and now resides in the Museum of Archeology in Naples. I am pretty sure this is the same skull that inspired the beginning of that show Rome on HBO, which is really a good show, by the way.

Skullus Mosiacus

The Gesu of Naples

This is when Valerio, Sergio, and I spent about an hour inside one of the most grand basilicas in Naples.

Orange Chrush

Vesuvius from the Sky

Here is one of my favorite pictures I took in Italy of Mount Vesuvius from an airplane, taken as I was leaving Naples.

Mount Vesuvius from the Sky

Italian Morning

Oh this is just another shot from a morning in Italy… Life is a little different over there, you know?

Italian Morning

Chairs on a Boat (The Italian Version of Snakes on a Plane)

This was taken at the docks of Napoli early one morning.

Chairs in Boats

Inside and Outside the Duomo

Here is a collage I put together the other night about midnight when I could not sleep. This is an alternating series from the roof and the inside of the Duomo in Milan.

Heaven and Hell

Dirty Train in Milan

As the title does not coyly suggest:

Dirty Bullet

Morning Rainstorm over Vesuvius and Pompeii

On the morning I left Naples, I went to the top of my hotel to eat breakfast on the roof, and I saw these incoming clouds and a rain over Vesuvius. So, naturally, I had to grab my ever-present camera.

Morning Rainstorm Over Vesuvius and Pompeii

The Pantheon by Night

This is the Pantheon in Rome. I took this the same night as the taxi strike, when I had to pay a guy on a motorcycle to take me back to my hotel. He ended up refusing payment, but it was a cool ride anyway. It was nerve-wracking with my camera and MacBook Pro in my backpack as we ripped through the streets.

Pantheon by Night

Sunrise at the Docks of Naples

Here is one of the best pictures I took in Naples. This was taken about 6 AM near the ballistrade to the Castle d’Ovo, overlooking the docks and Mount Vesuvius in the background, along the Amalfi Coast.

Sunrise in the Naples Docks

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