This is Trenitalia in the Milan Train Station. I’ve taken this train all over Italy and it is really the best way to see the country. I highly recommend it over flying…

Naples Cafe in the Evening

When I was in Italy I passed this cool outdoor cafe so I decided to grab a shot. The light was very good with the setting sun plus the warm oranges of the lights around the cafe itself.

Naples Cafe in the Evening

The Convent Garden

I found this nun watering the garden not too far from the Vatican in Rome.

The Convent Gardens

Storm Approaching Pompeii

This was taken on a rather hot summer day as a huge cloud was about to overtake the Roman ruins of Pompeii.

Storm Approaching Pompeii

Castle Black

Here is a cool castle from Naples where they still carry on city court activity.

Castle Black

Corner of the Duomo

It was hard not to take a good HDR picture inside of the Duomo. I can’t really take credit for it…

Stained Corner

The Old Fishing Shed

Here is an old fishing shed I found on the beach of Naples very early in the morning.

Napoli Fishing Shed

Six Candles and a Halo

Here is yet another amazing sculpture in a church in Italy. The second picture links to the set on Flickr of all my Italian churches.

Six Candles and a Halo

The Churches of Italy

Hearts of Naples

This is some strange modern art, which I normally despise because of the people that sit there and talk for 30 minutes about its existential meaning. However, I still thought this one was kind of neat.
Four Red Hearts of Naples


Here is an old Roman ruin in Pompeii. That area behind the amphitheatre is where the gladiators would live and train.
Amphitheatre in Pompeii

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