Castle Morning

Here are some people that were either drunk, confused, bored, or totally into eachother in front of the castle in Naples before 7 AM in the morning.

Morning Love at the Castle

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Skull Head from Rome

This is an extremely detailed mosaic that was uncovered in Pompeii and now resides in the Museum of Archeology in Naples. I am pretty sure this is the same skull that inspired the beginning of that show Rome on HBO, which is really a good show, by the way.

Skullus Mosiacus

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The Gesu of Naples

This is when Valerio, Sergio, and I spent about an hour inside one of the most grand basilicas in Naples.

Orange Chrush

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Italian Morning

Oh this is just another shot from a morning in Italy… Life is a little different over there, you know?

Italian Morning

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Chairs on a Boat (The Italian Version of Snakes on a Plane)

This was taken at the docks of Napoli early one morning.

Chairs in Boats

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