Boat in Mumbai

Having a Driver

Having a driver is so nice! Really… it sounds so elitist and decadent to say, I am sure… but it really is wonderful.

Now, here’s the deal… I think it sounds extraordinarily extravagant, but in places like India, China, SE Asia, and hundreds of other places, it really is not. It might only cost $10-$30 a day, and these guys will follow you around all day long. It’s like a mobile base that holds all your extra camera stuff, snacks, drinks, and lots of sweet sweet air-conditioning. So, when traveling to exotic places, even though it can be expensive to get there, you can actually move around within these countries with relative ease and style.

Another $10+ per day will even get you an “umbrella assistant” that will follow you around and hold an umbrella over your head. Again, it sounds so over-the-top, but why the heck not?  If I were feeling generous, I might even pay another $10 to get an umbrella assistant for my umbrella assistant, but that would just be redonkulous.

Daily Photo – Boat in Mumbai

Mumbai and Bombay are the same place. If you say “Mumbai” quickly with a thick Indian accent, you will see what I mean, and understand it why the stiff-upper lipped British just went with “Bombay”.

One of the more interesting bits of the city lies along the waterfront. The quay is filled with hundreds of boats going each and every direction. I popped on my 70-200 after a quick visit to the car so I could find some interesting things out in the water.

HDR Photo

The Old Sikh with Suspenders

There was simply too much to shoot in the dusty streets of Mumbai! I only spent about an hour on the streets between meetings, but I found a lot of interesting things…

The Old Sikh with Suspenders


I found this old woman not too far from Dhobi Ghat, with a full load as she slowly made her way through the streets. She was kind of sassy, in an old Hindu way.


Wet Cleaning – Daily Laundry Chores in Mumbai

Thousands upon thousands of clothes get washed every day from dawn until dusk in this sea of pools, cleaning, sweat, and toil.  I had a great time walking around down inside getting some up close and personal shots, all of which I lost in a tragic memory card confusion problem on the causeway.

Wet Cleaning - Daily Laundry Chores in Mumbai

I Get the Feeling This Guy is Up To Somethin’

I spent a Saturday in the bazaars and streets of Mumbai, walking around and taking pictures. I also had my own car and driver that I hired for about $16 for the whole day. He sat in the car on the edge of this area, and I kept going back and forth to swap out lenses or change memory cards… but I found all kind of interesting things… like this guy… every shot I got of him with the 300mm was just as intriguing!

I Get the Feeling This Guy is Up To Somethin


I could give a description of this place I found in India, but I don’t think it is really needed…


This is Secret

This is Secret.

I found her walking with her hooded ilk around the back streets of Mumbai. Usually when I see a cadre of the enshrouded, they are accompanied by Muslim man that is glaring at almost everyone. This time there seemed to be no alpha around, so I asked her for her name. She looked at me and smiled (I think) and then looked furtively around to see if anyone was watching. I got the distinct impression that since I was a white oddity that actually spoke to her that she wanted to talk, but then thought better of it and made a slight bow before gliding away.
This is Secret

Kamasutra Sex Clinic and Leprosy Specialist

I arrived in Mumbai (Bombay) and had a few hours before my dinner meeting, so I headed down to the Cordoba Causeway to get some pictures. In some of the backstreets, I found this little complex of doctor offices and this odd combination of signs…
Kamasutra Sex Clinic and Leprosy Specialist

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