The Wall Across a Continent

The Great Wall sprawls on and on… still the most impressive thing I have ever seen built by man. Four horses can go side by side while walking along the walls. I thought of all the European castles I have built where I would be standing on a wall and thinking, at the time, wow, this is really a big and impressive castle. But then one day you make it to the Great Wall and you think back… wow, I was really kinda out of the loop on this whole magnitude issue.
The Wall Across a Continent

Summer Sky in Shanghai

Shot from the Bund…

Summer Sky in Shanghai

The Infinite City at Sunrise

A crystal clear day in Shanghai… I had to whip out the camera for the occasion!

The Infinite City at Sunrise

The Streets of Shanghai

Every night around dusk the lights come on all over Shanghai as the new Chinese carry around their Prada purses, their D&G belts, and check their stocks on their mobiles.
The Streets of Shanghai

The Kwik-E-Mart in the Backstreets of Beijing

I went ahead and bought a cardboard sheet of dried fish even though I was not hungry. It was sort of like getting one of those tiny fried apple pies from 7-11, only completely opposite.
The Kwik-E-Mart in the backstreets of Beijing

The Tapas Bar at the IFC

Here is a shot of a cool tapas bar on top of the IFC in Hong Kong.
The Bar at the IFC

The Blue of Lamma Island

Lamma Island is one of the many tiny islands surrounding Hong Kong. It has some great fish restaurants… needless to say.
The Blue of Lamma Island

Crystal Puzzle in Hong Kong

This was found on top of a building in central Hong Kong…
The Crystal Complex

Night in Hong Kong

This is close to midnight from the harbor in Hong Kong with a full moon rising.
Nights in Hong Kong

The Christian Church in Beijing

I shot this just after dusk…
Beijing Christian Church

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