Animoto Promo Code

Use the code “STUCKINCUSTOMS” to get 2 months free on the year deal with a pro account! Cool! Visit the Animoto site to get started!

See my full Animoto Review for more information!

Here is the video on the review…

If you want to see the first video I made with Animoto, I have embedded it below:

  • Richel Lavette

    Beautiful Art Photos!! You are very talented!

    I’m looking at using Animoto for my photo slideshows. Looks great!

    Thank you for sharing your artwork!


  • Trey Ratcliff

    Code is working again! Thanks!

  • Colleen

    Trey, breath-takingly gorgeous art work! Thank you for sharing!I’m looking at Animoto for my photography business, and you just sold it to me! ;) Thank you!

  • HusseinSaid

    Thanks for that great tip and advise, do you know any software that helps making the same effects or this is only the online version ?

  • animoto promo code

    Animoto is a great application I just found recently and I would really agree that it makes life easy and beautiful. Thanks for sharing

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