The Bathroom Selfie for Charity

Anything for Patrick and Worldbuilders!

There is less than a day left to raise money at, and we all just passed $600,000! Great! :)

I told Patrick Rothfuss (as many of you know, he is one of my favorite authors who wrote “The Name of the Wind”) that I would do a stretch goal of an “ill-advised bathroom selfie” — which I just delivered on. You can see the redonkulous “making-of” video below and the final shot below that. I think I have both traumatised my son and that fake sheep.

Here is an update with more info on Pat’s Blog!

When Trey told us he’d take a selfie for his stretch goal, we thought it was a brilliant idea. After all, he’s a world-famous photographer. Seven million people follow him on Google+ to look at his pictures.

Then we saw what he did, and it was so much better than what we’d imagined.

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