My D3X on eBay!

I put my Nikon D3X on eBay — so go bid away! :) I’ll even sign it if you like… just let me know :)

Topax Adjust Review Update

I’ve gone through and made a few updates to my Topaz Adjust Review. I also added a few more photos there as well… I used Topaz Adjust on this photo here to the right to help further define the American Airlines jet.

The List of Places to Visit

People often ask me where else is on my list.  It makes me think of my list, which is long and serpentine, mind you.  When I first started ticking places off my list, I thought the the list might exhaust itself at some point… maybe I have to slow down as I approach the end-of-the-list.  But now I know the list will never end.  The more places I go, the more “side quests” I hear about… little places here and there with question-marks floating overhead… waiting for me to go accept the quest.

Daily Photo – LOVE

Here’s another wonderful morning (or night?) scene from Burning Man.  I should remember if this is morning or night!  Hmmm…  Let’s see… the sun is over there…  and… well I think it is in that position in the morning.  But then again, I’m awake… and I didn’t make it through many mornings there.  I remember Cliff banging on the door of my RV vaguely one morning, but I slept right through that sunrise, like many others…  And maybe this is one of those.  Or maybe it’s sunset.  Oh I don’t know…  anyway, it’s kind of awesome, either way.

The sun was behind and the shadows ran away.  The spiritless shadows ran and ran, for no reason other than as a balance to the light the warmed and held and like a thousand warm raindrops to an upturned chin that walks with spine bowed and shameless and proud and daring, a sculpture of fearlessness.  It is daunting.  The shadow runs like a haplass child away, away, away.   The light doesn't chase it just grows and warms lands upon some.  The shadow runs from those who have the right-shaped heart.  The yang to the yin drift anew like the rain falls away to another place, not to matter any more.  All that is remembered and felt again and again and again is the way the rain presses slowly into the skin, as the morning dew alights upon the edge of a petal, as the taste of honeysuckle drifts away from your lips.

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