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An Unexpected Camera

I love trying out new kinds of cameras! I was afraid to use my main Nikon equipment at Burning Man because of the bitter conditions, but I did end up using a special camera for most of the shots! A guy from Olympus sent me a PEN E-EPL1 and I ended up running that thing into the ground! I used it to take 95% of my Burning Man shots, including the first one below. It takes RAW photos, and I was able to convert these in HDR with no problem… anyway, I thought you would find that was interesting.

Daily Photo(s) – Almost Burning Man Time

I’m getting ready for another big year at Burning Man.  Thank you for all the camp invitations – I am still deciding!

I put captions below each photo to give you a bit of context…  enjoy!

On one of my first mornings, I walked away from my camp towards the middle of the playa. This gypsy was dancing around in the sun and having fun… I smiled and squatted down low to grab a photo.


Coming Soon...

Center camp is a mecca for all kinds of artistic activities. Artists set up canvases, jugglers toss knives, and dancers gyrate around the court. It’s really a feast for the eyes… and there was never a dull moment for my camera!


Nobody is really shy there, and that’s nice. Or, maybe if people are shy, they get over it pretty quick. After a few days, everyone is very relaxed and everything seems okay and natural.


Coming Soon...

Huge and fanciful cars trek back and forth across the playa. They always draw a crowd, and they add to the other-worldly nature of the scene…


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  • Susan

    All of these are awesome Trey – which camera are you going to use this year? If I was a few years younger (like 30 years younger!) I’d go too!

  • David Hendershot

    Another example that you don”t need a top of the line camera to take great photos. How about having a photo walk at Burning Man?

  • George

    Yeh, Susan, I love to do that too – but I’d need to be about 50 years younger. Trey, you could take great shots with any camera, even my first camera, a Kodak box Brownie. As they say the camera doesn’t take pictures, the photographer does.

  • George

    I do love the new electronic cameras and Photoshop though. Got me out of that smelly darkroom.

  • Ed

    haha dubscouts troop 808. That’s awesome. And not to take anything away from trey, but you don’t need to be a good photographer or have a nice camera when your subject is so *ahem* …photogenic?

  • Keith Moyer

    Looks like a very interesting place. Cool shots!

  • Daryl Clark

    Great Photos Trey. Will the Red Epic make an appearance at Burning Man?

  • Simon Morris

    Burning Man looks and sounds fab Trey – would love to experience it all… photo #3 gets my vote – cheeky! :-)

  • Kris Koeller

    Something I’ve always wanted to see, but never quite got up the courage (and now the $) to check out. Looking forward to the pics!

  • Justin

    Awesome Trey! I really looking forward to another BM adventure (that doesn’t sound right)…boy, after the second to last picture, I’m hitting up Craig’s list for a ticket!

  • diego

    Screw it, I’m bringing my Nikon DSLR. My d700 is weather sealed and I’ll be putting some saran wrap and gaffers tape to help minimize the dust drama.

  • Vicki Wilson

    How fun to go to Burning Man, I do want to go there some year. I saw on their site, the tickets are sold out for this year. I will look forward to seeing your pictures when you go out there! What camera will you be taking this time?

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thanks everyone :)

    VIcki – yes you really gotta plan ahead for this thing… !


    the painting, the biker chick Oyoyoy!
    i wish i was there;D
    but…this is not America..shalalalalaaa….

  • Fred Beaupré

    Hi Trey. Burning man looks “AMAZING” hope I get the chance to get there one day! Thanks for your great pics! Take a look at my new smugmug site if you like at and leave a comment ;)

    Love your great work, you are truly an inspiration!

  • Anonymous

    Interesting; for something that has the ethos of “gifting” and zero commercialization, they must do mighty well. 50,000 people at $360 a pop is a cool 18 million dollars. All you get for that are toilets. You have to bring everything else, including the entertainment.

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  • Matthew Allen

    I keep coming across your pictures in a creative commons search in Flickr – and I’m loving them! I’m totally using one of these from Burning Man for a blog post – and it isn’t relative to what I am writing at all! Doesn’t matter. You do great work and your blog is pretty sweet too!

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