The Hare in Harajuku

Japanese People

Aren’t Japanese people pretty awesome? I mean, this is sort of a sweeping thing to say, I know… but, really… whenever I talk to people from various countries, most everyone finds the Japanese to be wonderful and quirky. There’s never one single thing that people mention… but there is something about it all that is quite nice.

You probably think I’m crazy now.

Daily Photo – The Hare in Harajuku

Every time I go to Tokyo, I try to spend some time in Harajuku. It’s one of the wildest and most unique places in an already unique city. It’s the sort of place where you take a people-shooting lens because of all the various types of people you see walking through the streets. And even more unique than the people are some of the shots and the decor, as you can see here…

HDR Photo

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  • Susan

    Super capture Trey! Fun being able to live through your travels!!

  • http://none casper

    we all love japan as well there is always something to shoot around the next corner
    like the pic

  • Andy Bird

    Hehehe Harajuku is mad – I like it!

  • Jimi Jones

    Nice capture. I love seeing other cultures and how they live.
    I see the “lottery” games have invaded that society as well. :-)

  • Sailor

    Looking at the picture I feel like I am in Wonder Land…like Alice :)

  • Simon Morris

    Cool shot Trey – Harajuku seems like heaps of fun!
    I’d say Japanese people must be the most courteous, polite and well-mannered society on the planet. You’ve only got to see how they reacted to the devastating and tragic tsunami that swept across their country. All the footage I saw had them queueing in an orderly fashion, with little sign of despair or panic… incredible, quite amazing!

  • Derek

    Very interesting…I think that would creep me out to be honest lol..the composition is pretty sweet as well. I agree with Simon, they seem extremely polite and very nice. I saw a story of a Japanese man who flew over here to America to help out after the tornado that ripped thru Missouri. He stayed in a hotel and biked 2 miles everyday to help clean up because he said he wanted to repay us because as a country we helped them out a lot when the tsunami hit…what an awesome guy!!!

  • Peggy

    I agree the Japanese are an awesome ,strong people. I greatly respect them!

  • Daryl Clark

    Great photo. I have to say, Japan has it going. Where else can you appear in public as a comic book, video game or fantasy character and it be perfectly normal? Well, at least accepted.

  • Alastair

    I have been to Tokyo many times and it is always a funky treat. There is a park there near one of the high end shopping districts where every weekend people show up dressed in bizarre costumes – anime, little boo peep, rabbits, frogs etc and it is every week. Trey if you get a chance look it up it is really trippy

  • Marke

    Yes! Japan is truly an awesome place. You really captured Harajuku with this one. You should visit Japan again during the next Tokyo Marathon. You’ll be able to get photos of costumed characters competing and running along with the rest of the pack. ;-P

  • p.m.w


  • Sharon DeHayes

    One of my favorites of all the photographs you post! My best memory of visiting Japan is all the school children – everywhere we went, they stared in awe at my husband, many of them coming up and touching him to see if he was real. I guess they didn’t see too many 6’5″ giants.

  • Giulia

    I loved Harajuku too and came up with some funny pics of teenager in weirdest outfits. But I never saw anything like this! Great… a bit creepy. Definitely interesting…

  • Trey Ratcliff

    hehe thanks – yes it is a little creepy!

  • Michael Shea

    Crazy Harajuku photo Trey! :)

    @Jimi Jones – That “Lotteria” sign in the background is not for lotto games, its a fast food hamburger place! We thought the same thing too when we were recently in Japan, until we went inside one!

    I’ve added got a few of my HDR’s up from my recent trip to Japan on flickr:

  • Kevin Chambers

    Harajuku and Shibuya are the best for people shots in Tokyo. For scenery try Yanaka Cemetery near Nippori Station.

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