Last Day to Register for Austin Trip!

Last Day To Register!

Remember that all-expenses paid trip to Austin to go shoot an abandoned power plant with me? Entering for the prize (and registering for webinar) ends in 24 hours.

To enter, just leave a comment here. We’re up to over 250, so be sure to get your name in the hat! Don’t forget it also comes with a free new copy of Photoshop CS5.

Daily Photo – The Midnight Wonder Garden

Whenever I am in a place like this, I try to linger as late as possible so I am the last one remaining. There are occasionally other people around, but I really prefer to be by myself. I enjoy listening to music, relaxing, and walking around to find the interesting angles.

These are the lower gardens of Kiyomizu-dera in one of the older parts of Kyoto. I’ve been to this area multiple times, and I try to go at different times of the day and different seasons. I’d love to be lucky once and catch it in the snow… I suppose that would mean I need to go in the winter or something.

The Midnight Wonder Garden

Photo Information

  • Date Taken
  • Camera
  • Camera Make
  • Exposure Time
  • Aperturef/4.8
  • ISO400
  • Focal Length16mm (16mm in 35mm)
  • Flashflash did not fire
  • Exposure Programaperture priority
  • Exposure Bias

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  • Susan

    Lovely shot Trey – the trees are so graceful and the lighting is beautiful -have fun at the launch-have my fingers crossed for Monday!

  • Thelonious Gonzo

    I would like it to be noted, for the record, that I only posted once in the “Go to the abandoned building down the dark alley after sundown, and don’t let anyone know where you are going, and *wink* *wink* take pictures with Trey, and if you make it out alive you get CS5 as a reward” contest – as per the rules.
    I think it’s safe to say that NO ONE had to fight the urge to only post once as much as I did.
    This really can’t even be disputed.
    So noted.

    See round the old Webinar tomorrow night Trey. :)

  • Eden Brackstone

    That garden shot really reminds me of The Last Samurai for some reason… Perhaps its this quote: “A perfect blossom is a rare thing… You could spend a lifetime looking for one and it would not be a wasted life…” — Well, I think this is a magical, damn near perfect scene. Well done mate :)
    PS: Gonzo, I got a good laugh out of your entry… And this followup comment ;)
    I think we all have our fingers crossed to be the winner of such an amazing prize.

  • http://none Louis

    Hi all,What a beautiful place Kyoto is we were there for the blossom season.My daughter fell in love with Japan even bought one of those fancy outfits they seem to wear. I have been down loading for the last 8 hrs and still have 1hr 55mins to go in just getting my hands on lesson 2&3 The net is so slow this side and its not High /d that I’m downloading. Pics, take about 4 half days so i had to give up as it kept switching off.but still in there trying, will send some results as soon as.

  • Tyler H

    Nice shot Trey! Loving the crispness of the trees in the reflection on the water, its a really cool feature I feel a lot of photographers would overlook in a shot like this. I gotta ask though, what is making that blue light/lightsaber?

  • Simon Morris

    Impressive shot Trey – the cherry blossom looks gorgeous coupled with the evening glow, I also like the striking detail from the Temple!
    Now then, that’s one hell of a laser beam – martians from outer space maybe… or Darth Vader even! ;-)

  • Gail in Montana

    What a beautiful photo, Trey!!! I have it on my desktop now, replaced the one with the dock out into the water, wish I could remember what you called it, lol. Anyway, this one is so pretty, I had to change to it. Good luck with your webinar and the space shuttle launch. I hope it goes this time. You sure have to do a lot a bouncing around! Have a wonderful Sunday!! It’s sunny here this morning with some clouds. Suppose to be our last warmer day before the cool down. :-( Hope your weather is fantastic. :-)

  • David LaSpina / JapanDave

    Great shot, Trey. Shots from Kyoto are always great. And as to making it there when it snows… that’s always the dream here (at least in my gaijin circle), to be in Kyoto when it snows (and get a pic of a geisha or maiko crossing a bridge while carrying a traditional umbrella… it could happen). I haven’t managed it yet. And I vow to remain in Japan till I meet that goal!

  • David Saunders

    What’s the blue beam? Searchlight?

  • Thelonious Gonzo

    You know it just occurred to me . . . The teacher has left the room.
    Trey is down at Cape LiftOff rubbing elbows with Leanard Nimoy, Asimov, Lady GaGa and who knows who? There’s no way the dude is going to be cheeking in here to see what the unwashed are up to! What can we do? Anyone have any idea where he keeps the keys to the liquor cabinet?
    OH!! The Red Ferrari parked in the precariously pitched garage. Lets grab some friends from school and go downtown, jump on a float and sing Beatles tunes or something. He’ll never even notice!
    Trust me. We’re golden as long as we clean up before he gets back.

  • Michele

    I’ll come, TG, but only if I can drive. :-)

  • Susan

    Gonzo I think you deserve some kind of ‘most amazing comments award’ – always amusing and fun!

  • Mike

    super cool. I love pulling crazy colors out of night scenes like this.

  • Julie

    This is almost surreal. It’s so peaceful and beautiful. I too am curious about the light.

  • Thelonious Gonzo

    All right Michelle – You got the wheel.
    Susan – Hopeful you have an ID so we can get some Mad Dog or Boones Farm.
    I say we TP the forum and blame Eden when Trey gets back.

  • Simon Morris

    … yeah, sounds good to me Gonzo – nice one mate! :-)

  • David Saunders

    Forget it. I just want Trey’s camera gear :-)

  • Jeff Peterson

    Another simply amazing photo. Trey, you truly are an inspiration.

  • Dan

    I’m not getting involved TG ;)…

    Loving this photo though, Whats the whole blue beam about?

  • Eden Brackstone

    Gonzo, why to I get the blame? :(

  • Michael Smith

    Theres just something about night shots!

  • jadaprops

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