Chinese Pirates

Video Help in Austin

I need your help! We have a cool kinda-secret project going on here in Austin. I want someone local that can come get some of our meetings on video. If you have skills and experience with 1) recording high-quality video 2) editing 3) story-telling with video, then contact with your info. Thanks!

Daily Photo – Chinese Pirates

One evening, my boat driver was speeding down the Li River as dusk was approaching. Every bend held new secrets as we wound our way further from civilization. I had a bag full of snacks to my left side and my DSLR to my right. Sitting out on the front of the boat, I had a full view of everything that was coming at me, so it was pretty amazing.

Just before we got to the turn-around spot, we came across this old ship. Part of me wanted to go inside to explore a little bit… the other part of me was a bit freaked out. Since I was new to this part of the ‘verse, I thought there could be Reavers inside.

HDR Photo

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