The Making Of… 80 Days – 8,000 Photos

The Original Video of 80 Days | 8,000 Photos

As promised, I have posted the new tutorial and “making of” this video today. First, I’ll show the video in case you have not seen it…

The Making Of

And here is the video where I explain how it is done. I hope you give this a try on your next series of photos!

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  • Susan

    This was one of my fav videos you’ve done – the theme and the music seemed to fit together perfectly – nice now to have a ‘how to’ video!! Have fun at the launch Fri!

  • Dan Roads

    Cool Trey……I’m going to have to try this :) Thanks.

    Seeing as you haven’t done an image yet, I’ll plug a few in for everyone too see :P hehe

    check out my latest shots here:

    Thanks !


  • Carl

    The 80 Days 80 Photos video is excellent. The “making of” video which offers a small glimpse into your process is certainly very educational although I feel an 18 minute video to essentially say you interspersed some of your favourite stills with the movie clips is a tad too long. Having said that, I watched it all and it kept my attention :)

    One question. The (excellent) music is copyright. What are the rules of using such pieces in photo/video compositions like this?

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to provide this great resources to the photography community.

  • Alistair McNaughton

    I enjoyed the video – man that was some trip. Just one question – What resolution did you export the files out of Lightroom at? 72dpi?

  • Patrick Ahles

    Trey, thanks for the “Making of”. Must have been a hell of a job!

  • Keith Moyer

    Thanks for sharing! After seeing the video when you originally posted it I had to make one myself. It turned out pretty cool and was a great way to share a ton of photos from a Vegas trip. My friends really enjoyed it. Thanks!

  • Alan Kesselhaut

    Trey: Nice mention of you iphone app in todays NY times. Check it out.

  • Chris Sproul

    Nice Trey, is this done with the free version of Quicktime 7 or the paid for version?

  • Bill Dodd

    Cool tutorial.
    BTW: I love when you say “c’mon lightroom, sometimes it slows down for no reason.” Dude. 120k in one catalog is a good reason ;)

    Great tutorial and I loved the mashup vid, really creative!

  • Jeff C

    Very interesting. Did you plan to make this movie before you went on the trip and thus you specifically took those photo sequences (i.e., going down the escalator or around the mailbox) or do you normally take sequences of photos like that?

  • Breanna

    Thanks for the tip about Quicktime Player 7. I’ve been looking for a quick way to make a video of an image sequence.
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Kelley Bard

    Thanks! Haven’t seen this yet but I know when you originally debuted the video there were lots of questions on how you had done it. Nice to have the answers!

  • Ben

    Awesome! Thanks Trey!

    This really opened my eyes to what I can do with ALL THOSE EXTRA photos I have during trips, events, and parties!

    I love it!!

    Thank You for sharing!!


  • Steve

    Very cool Trey, still trying to get my head around the 40,000 unprocessed pix !! never mind the 120,000 in Lightroom, WOW.. I gotta way to go yet… Great idea though for showing pix after a holiday or trip, will give it a go, thanx for all tips and advice.. Keep up the good work.. Cheers.

  • Simon Morris

    Great video Trey, always wondered how you did this – looks straight forward so will give it a go! In fact I’d planned on doing a city shoot in nearby Christchurch, but what with the recent earthquake and destruction, that idea has been kicked into touch! I’ve a mate in Wellington so reckon a lads ‘long weekend’ is called for… with a spot of sightseeing of course! ;-)
    Couldn’t help but notice that intriguing folder ‘Unprocessed – Sensational Photo Projects’ that totals 1171 images… just drip feed them through yeah, or else you’ll have us all overdosing on eye candy :-)

  • http:[email protected]/ George Green

    I loved that video. What a great way to share all those photos, many of which would be throwaways. Since going digital I always have way more photos than I could possibly use. In the old film days we had to be more selective (or run out of film just when a good view would show up)

  • Trey Ratcliff

    sorry swamped with shuttle launch but will answer questions soon

  • Bill Dodd

    Great tutorial, Trey.

    Man, now I know what to do with these 4,000 Disney photos where I only used like 200 for a photo book. ;)

    For those trying to install on Snow Leopard, just so you know.. Pop in your Snow Leopard Disk, go to Optional Installs.. Quicktime 7 is an option and will install through the optional install process to your Utilities folder. And yup, open image sequence is a feature of the Pro version.

    BTW:, this was one the “You mike like..” suggestions on youtube… I mention it because I think the transitions were a great idea.. an inspired compliment to what Trey did here..

    You still going to melt the D70 Trey? Be sure to pay it proper tribute!

  • Duncan

    Hi Trey, thanks for doing the tutorial. I really loved your original film. So much so that when I recently went to Thailand I tried out your technique ( )

    Taking so many photos annoyed my friends but I loved the result.

    I think I stuck to 10 frames per second in quicktime. I dont have imovie so I found it interesting to see how you can change the frame rate for different sections of the movie – I need to buy a mac!

    Look forward to seeing your next one!


  • Rossana Ferreira

    Thanks for sharing Trey, great how-to you have here.
    A few years ago I used to make DVD movies of all my trips. It was hard and I quit.
    Thanks to you I’m thinking of coming back to the movie world ;)

  • Steve

    What a great idea, simple and effective, using imovie instead of FCP works well.

  • Mark C Brown

    Really, really disappointed as I just can’t seem to get any response from [email protected] in regards to my membership. unanswered emails, I know your busy Trey, but you werent too busy to take my money. Once a hero but no more. I’d think 10 email request to reset my password would be enough to catch someones attention but, guess I’m wrong. [email protected]

  • Eric

    I figured it all out except for one thing. If i have some portrait photos mixed in with a majority of landscape shots, is there a way that to keep its proportions without it skewering and stretching the image for its final output of the video??

  • glauber

    nice video man, i will try this with my photos from my last trip to europe. Just one question, how you manage to process the vertical shots?

  • JR Johnson

    I have this same question.  Anyone have a good answer for this? I’m trying to do this with 4300 photos… going through and trying to crop them all to the same dimensions is a bear of a project.

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