The London Eye

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Daily Photo – The London Eye

I took this on the last PhotoWalk in London, so it’s about time I post it! I won’t be able to process the Austin ones for a bit… this is a busy time for me… you’ll have to forgive me!

Half of the fun of the PhotoWalk is people posting and sharing photos after the event. Even though everyone is taking photos of the same stuff, it is cool to see so many different perspectives. I’m pretty sure we all took photos of the London Eye on that evening, and this is the one that I made.

London Eye High Dynamic Range Photo

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  • Susan

    Sooo beautiful Trey – reminds me of some reason of a rainbow – super! Hope the photowalk was fun – saw you with Leo!

  • Simon Morris

    WOW, fabulous shot… the blues and purples look gorgeous, and the scene has a magical feel to it! Looking forward to news of the Austin Photowalk… I’m sure it was great fun! :-)

  • Andy Bird

    That was a great place to shoot HDR with the aquarium, the river and the London eye. The lighting from both reflecting on the river was great.

    Here’s my effort from the photowalk – not sure if it was taken on the same night as yours but it’s similar anyways…..

  • Eden Brackstone

    Love the tones… Epic shot!
    I’ve been too busy editing for other people this week, I’ve neglected to update my own stuff…
    This week I have nothing major booked, time to get cracking!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Great shot, the colors are super!
    Too bad I already signed up on flatbooks last month, now I don’t get a free eBook… :(

  • Bibek

    Thank you for the free ebooks. Enjoy reading your blog everyday.

  • Gail in Montana

    Beautiful photo, Trey. Love all the colors, the wheel, water, boats, and their reflections in the water, the lights of the city, and the sky, everything. Just gorgeous!! Watching the CBS Early show, more news coming out of Japan, so very sad. Keep praying for all the survivors!!! Thanks. Have a great Monday, everyone :-)

  • Keith Moyer

    I love the way you composed this. Very cool shot.
    If you get a chance check out my latest shots.

  • Mark Tisdale

    Excellent color and depth to this! Feels like I could step into it (and it’s London, so I’d love to!).

  • Justin

    Really bummed I missed it. I’m sure everyone had a great time. Looking forward to the images!

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thanks! It was a great photowalk and I met very nice people… the y are always fun!

  • Kiran

    Cool shot Trey! Totally miss Austin and London photowalk. Who knows, perhaps in the future? :)

  • Anish

    is that a single HDR shot?

  • jon white

    If you guys want to see more shots from the London Photowalk, please check out the flickr group we put together after the walk. You’ll see what our grandmaster Trey is talking about with all the different perspectives of our beloved London Eye!

  • Dan

    Every time I’ve been to the London Eye it’s never been lit up like that before :( Does look nice for London lol.

    So exited to see the photo-walk shots, I’m like a kid at Christmas eve! :)

    Here’s some of my shots I got from a London trip, I’d love it if y’all checked it out :D.


  • Chris Jones

    Epic shot and treatment. Great work as always!

  • Trey Ratcliff


    Anish – it was a 3-exposure shot, I believe…

  • Carl

    Great shot Trey, went to London in January but didn’t have my slr with me :(

  • Jeff Peterson

    Great photo, wish I was in Austin for the Photowalk.

  • Joel

    Great photo. Love the colors!

  • http://meh Milo

    where’s the +1 Button?, I’ve “liked” it but i’m sure my Google+ followers would be more appreciative

  • http://Browney Browney

    Beautiful! Your work is amazing… I have become one of your biggest fans

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