Remote Farmhouse with Waterfall

Woopra Review

I still use Woopra quite a bit to make sure the site is nice, spiffy, and fun to everyone. It’s hard for me to tell what works and what doesn’t work unless I measure. I put this new video below on the Woopra Review page. It’s free for all the basic services (which is all most people need).

Daily Photo – Remote Farmhouse with Waterfall

On one of my first nights in Iceland, I was driving along the southern coast. Pristine farms are plopped along the side of the road every few miles. As I began to approach one of the volcanic areas, the terrain changed enough so there were huge waterfalls in many of the vistas. This one was nestled deep behind the farmhouse, and it seemed like a nice little spot for a photo.

High Dynamic Range Photo

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  • Digimist

    Looks like a fantastic place to be….

  • casusan

    Beautiful and looks so quiet – bet it’s fun to listen to that waterfall at night – all of Iceland from your photos looks so peaceful!

  • Simon Morris

    Nice find Trey… the more I look at this image, particularly the farmhouse, the more I’m drawn to the waterfall in the background. It looks a difficult place to reside and make a living, and the farmhouse sure looks exposed to the elements… I wonder if they’ve got broadband internet? ;-)
    Thanks for plugging ‘Woopra’… I’ll bare this in mind when I launch my blog and portfolio :-)

  • Eden Brackstone

    Iceland yet again, it’s moving up and up my list of travel destinations! If I have a nervous breakdown in the next few months, you’ll likely find me at the opposite end of the earth seeking locations like this, haha… Cool shot, the patchy construction looks great, although I’d have been tempted to get a little closer, but I guess you would lose the waterfall.
    Speaking of iceland, a recent trip through Central Otago really reminded me of it… Albeit warmer, the landscape certainly bears resemblance:

  • Andy Bird

    I always think these places look so peaceful it’s easy to get lost in the scene and forget how chaotic the rest of the world is – great capture.

    Yesterday’s photo was excellent aswell :)

    I was sick last week but managed to get out once i felt a bit better to take some shots of a new landmark sculpture that has been recently erected in my much-maligned hometown in Scotland one of which can be seen at the link below :.-

  • Eden Brackstone

    And Simon, I agree! A good friend and I are looking into a blog setup int he coming months. Woopra looks so cool, especially if you have web traffic to show off, haha…

  • Gail in Montana

    What a beautiful photo of a deserted farm with the falls in the background. I love it, and it’s now on my desktop replacing the garden from the other day. Thanks for sharing, Trey. Hope your Sunday is a great one, rainy here. God bless all :-)

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thanks all!

    Andy -sorry you were feeling sick mate… glad it didn’t slow down the photography though!

  • Keith

    Hey Trey. Thanks for the Woopra review. I am getting it set up now. Very cool stuff.

  • Andy Bird

    Thanks Trey – to quote a certain film by the great Joss Whedon – “You can’t stop the signal!”

  • Bill Dodd

    Cool Location!

  • Dan Chui

    Awesome image! Iceland seems like a must-visit! Really interested in how land is valued around Iceland… a premium if there is a natural waterfall in your backyard??! :D

  • Steve Hunt

    I love the scenery in Iceland. The colours are so bold they almost don’t need HDR. I went there last summer and had a fantastic time and was wondering if you have been there to take photo’s during winter? I’m going there next New Years.

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