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Fish Out the Window…

If you’ve done a lot of fishing, maybe you know this trick. If you flip the fish upside down, it goes totally inert and just kind of stares off into space. It’s such an unusual position for that creature, that it just gets wonderfully confused. Anyway, I was thinking about this the other day as I was staring out of an airplane window. This is the same feeling I have at those times…

Daily Photo – The Old Shed (and Iceland on my mind!)

For this next week, I’m going to do something a little different. I’ll keep up the tradition of a NEW photo every day. But I’ll also throw in a grouping of my favorites from that particular location. We’ve recently grown to half a million pageviews per month in the past year or so, and I know there are many newcomers who might have missed some of the most unique spots in the world. I’m happy to reshare some of these favorites while still showing the new stuff!

This first shot below is from one of the fjords in the far Northwest of Iceland. It was a long and desolate morning when I arrived here. I had been driving all night, after the 2 AM sunrise, weaving back and forth on dirt roads up and down fjords. Little farmhouses are scattered here and there — many of them abandoned. I decided to get out and stretch my legs (and my tripod legs!) to grab this one.

Iceland High Dynamic Range Photo

And now, some of my favorites from Iceland. I’ve gone there for many summers and winters. I look forward to another long, lonely, and wonderful week there this summer around the solstice.

High Dynamic Range Photo

High Dynamic Range Photo

High Dynamic Range Photo

High Dynamic Range Photo

High Dynamic Range Photo

HDR Photo

High Dynamic Range Photo

HDR Photo

HDR Photo


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  • casusan

    All of these are beautiful in their own unique way Trey….ummm….Iceland and NZ seem to be your favs with the most fantastic landscapes – but I can’t rule out Japan and in the US Montana – have you thought about living for 3 mos in each place?? Just a thought!

  • Matthew

    Excellent as usual. I love them all but I think the one of the falls is most impressive. Such a dynamic scene. Keep it up!


  • Kelley Bard

    Beautiful! I had never seen the waves crashing on the rocks photo… and your Iceland pics in general are inspiring. Looking forward to the next week of pics here :) Merry Christmas!

  • Simon Morris

    WOW, amazing photos Trey… I had best intentions commenting on each, but there are times when words are not enough to describe how good certain images are… today’s post is one of those times.
    I’ll do my best to sum the images up in one word… stunning! :-)

  • Andy Bird

    Iceland is so dramatic! I’ve got to say that before I saw your pictures from there I was pretty ignorant to what It was really like there. In my mind it was just ice and snow and I’m so glad i’ve been proven wrong. I love the one with the street lights reflecting on the frozen river – it’s given me a really festive glow! The abandoned farmhouse is something i’d like to explore too.

    Bigtime thanks to everyone who checked out my NYC pics yesterday, it means alot – I had over 1200 views which is my most daily views to date – if you missed them just click my name to go there…..cheers guys!

  • Patrick Ahles

    Great images from a beautiful country. It makes me want to go there even more…

  • Eden Brackstone

    I gotta say Trey, iceland is looking more appealing every day I visit you here, haha…
    With Christmas round the corner, I’m finding it hard to keep up with my up own updates, I don’t know how you manage!
    Speaking of which, that one of the shed has a similar feel to this one I shot last night:
    Keep up the great work!

  • Jim

    Man, I have really enjoyed you Iceland shots… Such a different terain and really amazing light and oh yes, COLD feeling. Here is my Cold feeling picture of the day a little winding road into the sky.
    Thanks Trey and Merry Christmas

  • Thomas Churchwell

    some are nice. Some are blurry

  • Drummond Wilson


    Wonderful images! Iceland is on my places to visit, just have not taken the time to go yet. Thanks for sharing.

    All the best for the holiday season.

  • Geoffrey van Vuuren

    I absolutely love these pics you’ve taken from Iceland. Every now and then i ask myself where is my inspiration and then I just remember what day it is and look forward to your next update ;-) I’ve recently done a series on Cuba…would love to know what people think

    Merry Christmas and keep up the good work

  • Ryan

    You capture Iceland so amazingly well and in doing so, make me miss it even more! I remember walking with my son to feed the swans and other birds at Tjörnin (the pond-frozen in your photo). How apropos you post these pictures on Iceland’s Þorláksmessa!

  • Mike Criss

    Beautiful photos from a small country! I lived there for 2 years as a Navy brat.

  • Michael Glover

    I like them all but my favorite is definitely the church with the light reflecting. It has a very nice tone to it. Would love to have a print of that one! Have a Merry Christmas everyone!
    P.S. Here is a link to my flickr page with some of my HDR work. Comments always appreciated. Thanks for looking.

  • George Gotografos

    … Perfect… Surreal and So … Real !!!

  • http://FranWhite Fran

    These photos are absolutely stunning!!! You are marvelous. So glad I found your site thanks to Jeff Turner

  • Keith

    I like the idea of posting multiple shots! I thought I had ventured throughout your site and seen almost everything, but there are many I haven’t. Beautiful stuff. I was going to pick a favorite here and mention it, but they really are all stunning images… Merry Christmas!

  • Chris Thibaut

    Iceland is now on my list of places I have to get to!

  • Chris

    Amazing work! After seeing your shots its on my short list… Happy Holidays Trey!

  • Digital Lady Syd

    These photos are fabulous, as usual! One of my favorite things to get me going each morning is checking what you have added to your site! No wonder your blog is so popular!

  • April

    I am beyond impressed with your work, Trey. I find it to be more captivating and less cartoonish than other HDR work that I’ve seen. And, now that I have spent a week in Michigan trying to capture the unique light and shadows of snow, I am enthralled with your iceland photos. Nicely done! Thank you so much for sharing your gift and your talents with us.

  • Dan Roads

    These look great, Very mesmerizing!. I’d love to be able to travel the world capturing all these unique places.

  • Andy Davies

    Nice, Nice, Nice. I wanted to mention that your recommendation for the Photomatix plug-in is spot on. For some time I’ve been using bracketeer as my compositor, and compared with Photomatix, it is slow and sluggish. I just downloaded the free trial and tested on some beach shots I took yesterday – handheld – and the test results were well worth the small price of the software. Thanks for a great site, and great work.


  • Dan Marschka

    Very nice, Trey. The vertical with the clouds, water and sun at left is particularly dramatic. Thanks for sharing!

  • Rod

    Trey, fantastic as always. Next time you go can I hide in your luggage please?

  • Paul Garrett

    Your photos of Iceland make me want to go there. Fantastic!

  • Rossana Ferreira

    Wow .. what an amazing collection! Great photos Trey! Merry X-Mas to you and your family!

  • David LaSpina / JapanDave

    All wonderful photos, Trey. I concure with the suggest for living in Japan for 3 months ;) I’d like to think I do the country justice with my daily photos of it, but I’d love to see what you coud do with so much time to expore and photo here.

    Anyways, looking forward to the rest of the multi-photo posts this week :)

  • Z


  • Chelsea Rising

    Incredibly inspirational! You have a new fan :)

  • Gail in Montana

    Hey, I like Susan’s Idea, Trey!!!! 3 months in Montana would be good!!! Wonderful photos of Iceland. I have to save them all in my Trey Ratcliff file. Then on to today’s post. Thanks so much for sharing, love all the Iceland photos!!!!! :-)

  • http:[email protected]/ Johann Agnarsson
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  • Ardy Lane

    So beautiful a capture on all of these!

  • Cara / All About Mexico

    I’ve been really wanting to got to Iceland.. but now that’s it! I’m sold!!!

    ps I love the mysticism that radiates from your photos. Awesome.

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