Interview in Queenstown Part 2

Part 1 of the Interview

I posted it about a week ago or so. You can see Part 1 Here.


This is the second part of the interview I did for Digital Photo Buzz. Enjoy!

Topics discussed:

  • Favorite Tools
  • My photography schedule
  • What kind of superhero powers I want
  • Favorite places to shoot
  • And other misc topics!

Daily Photo – Flowers in the Field

New Zealand is endlessly pastoral… scenic farm after scenic farm… so relaxing! Every so often, you come to one of these fields that full of thousands of colorful flowers. They seem to go so well with that soft, cornflower blue sky at those latitudes.

The only problem is talking yourself into stopping at one farm versus another! Because, you know… as a guy, I rank everything. I can’t help it. So, I’m always comparing one little farm to the next little farm. And there is so little difference between Awesome Scene #1 vs. Awesome Scene #2, that I just get confused about which one to stop at… and then I keep diving hoping that a #3 will pop up making #1 and #2 seem like silly choices! But, of course, I always quickly realize that #1 and #2 were already perfectly amazing, so what the heck was I waiting for anyway?

High Dynamic Range Photo

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  • casusan

    Sooo beautiful! I can certainly see why you love it so much there -endless opportunities! Awesome interview too Trey!

  • http://DannyTan Xeero

    This is so beautiful Trey, I wish I have follow my friends to NZ last week ! who knows if i`m lucky then can bump up to u^^

  • Eden Brackstone

    Wicked interview mate, that was done on Steamer Wharf I notice, shot these two HDRs there over the last few days:
    Love the field also, where about’s was that? Looks like the south island, the landscape rings a bell…

  • Beta

    Such a beautiful scene!

  • Gail in Montana

    Great video, Trey. I watched the whole thing this time!!!!! Still need to go back and watch Part 1. New Zealand is indeed a beautiful country. Wish my online friend was still alive who lived in Auckland!! She was a very special lady, like your Mom ;-) . I love this photo and it will make an excellent desktop wallpaper. Great job on capturing the field of yellow flowers, trees, and clouds in the sky!! In your area, you have fields of blue flowers in the spring, right. So much beauty in this world, can’t imagine how you choose where to go. Hope you make it back to Montana and come to our beautiful valley someday. You can always bunk with us ;-) !! It’s pretty here all year round. Have a wonderful weekend where ever in this world you are. Are you ready for Christmas? Hope Santa gets you all the photography stuff you want, lol. You have a beautiful family.
    Cold in Montana, Love from the Moshiers. Eden, I look forward to seeing more of your photos on flickr!!!!! :-)

  • Gail in Montana

    P.S. I looked at the two photos of Eden’s on flickr, great job, Eden. I posted there and for once the posts both registered!!! Thanks for sharing, Trey and Eden!! <3 <3 <3

  • Gail in Montana

    OK, <3 are hearts. They work on facebook, lol.

  • Keith

    Nice shot. I really like the subtle contrast. And the video on world health you posted on Facebook was awesome.

  • Chris Thibaut

    The one place I have always wanted to visit! Great image Troy!

  • Brad

    Great shot Trey. Very realistic, definitely a place I have to visit!

  • Gr8Scot

    Great shot! Great composition!

    I have been to scenes like that and I am never sure where to focus or how high of a aperture to use. What do you usually do for focusing? DO you try to get all of the flowers in the depth of field and then not worry about the distant mountains? Usually my pictures of this type of scene fall a little short on the amount of detail that I think the flowers should have.

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks everyone

    Gr8 – For wide-angle shots like this, F5 or above should be fine… and keep everything in focus! Only if you are zooming in and have a wide aperture will you get focus problems.

  • Simon Morris

    Nice shot Trey… wonderful layers of colour with this image, especially replicating the field of yellow in the far distance.
    We certainly feel blessed with scenes like this… originally from the UK, previously lived in France and fairly well travelled, New Zealand meets all our needs… especially for bringing up our 7 year old son who has access to endless amenities, sports, attractions, etc. :-)

  • Riyazi

    The Incredibly Awesome Sandwich Man! That’s a superhero I had idolise! LOL

    Great interview – thanks!

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