The Silent Bridge

Teaching Programming to my 9-year-old – any ideas?

Some of you know that my background is Computer Science  I got started programming when I was Ethan’s age with my Timex Sinclair 99. I made some awesome games for that thing back in the day… good times…

So, my question… what is the best language / tool / platform to teach a 9-year-old programming? I’m thinking about either using the Android wysiwyg tool, Python, or even a good old-fashioned BASIC emulator.

Daily Photo – The Silent Bridge

When I woke up in Nikko, snow had been falling all night. I started a long walk from the old lodge where I was staying towards the older area that has all the temples. Along the way, I passed by this old bridge with it’s ancient and lavish design. Underneath it, the crystal-clear water flowed quickly as the snowmelt was giving it a bit more action than usual. It was very peaceful and nice.

High Dynamic Range Photography

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