Photo Mystery – The Martian Chronicles

Your Favorite Sci-Fi book?

What’s your favorite sci-fi book?  I know we have a lot of well-read people around here, so I wondered about your suggestions!  I have some of my favorite books listed here on the “What I Like” page.

Daily Photo (Photo Mystery) – The Martian Chronicles

I am proud that one of my books is a signed copy of Ray Bradbury’s book.  I don’t think it’s my favorite book, but it’s got that nice patina of awesomeness that comes with early-age science-fiction.  Part of my problem, frankly, is that I can’t get some of those wonky images out of my head that were implanted by a low-quality movie version I saw on TV as a kid.

So…  today’s photo mystery… exactly where was this taken?  Let’s have some Google Earth links !!  Hehe…  it will be interesting to see how close (exactly) people get.

HDR Photo

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