Waterfalls at Midnight

A Normal Day in Trey Ratcliff’s Life

Well I don’t know if it was a normal day or not, but I met several people from international press agencies while I was in Beijing. On this day, I had a bunch of very nice people follow me around… I don’t know if I was all that entertaining or not! But, anyway, this nice German reporter named Philipp Neumann wrote an article called “A Normal Day in Trey Ratcliff’s Life” that you might like. A few of the images that I took while in Tiananmen Square I included in the most recent newsletter (it’s free). Did you see them?

Daily Photo – Waterfalls at Midnight

I had done a little research about the southern part of Iceland before my trip, but I left enough gaps to be surprised.

On this particular night, it was about 65 degrees (18 C), so it was just a tad perfect. The air was wet with moisture from an evening rainstorm, and it was held aloft by the strange weather patterns. When I first saw this waterfall, it was around midnight. By the time I got into this position, it was about 1 AM or so.

Once again, I had not seen another human for hours. It was so eerie walking around these amazing places alone. Typically, with something so grandiose, you sort of expect a bunch of tourists to be lurking about. So, alone, it all feels a bit post-apocalyptic. But thanks to a ton of video games, I’m well versed with how to survive in these situations.

HDR Photo

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