The Abandoned Farmhouse

The Genuine Fractals Review

Here is a review that I haven’t mentioned in a while. It’s a handy piece of software for cleverly making photos bigger without losing resolution. See more in the Genuine Fractals Review.

Daily Photo – The Abandoned Farmhouse

This place was another one of those New Zealand fence-hoppers.

I’m never 100% sure that jumping over fences is a great move. But if the place looks abandoned, I just go for it. I don’t mean any harm…. I’m just going to take photos. So far, this has never caused me an issue (except for when I forget to check to see if the fence is electrified).

I don’t do a lot of these urbex shots, but I certainly do enjoy them. Did you know there are several forums out there that have listings of abandoned buildings around the world? They list out old abandoned hospitals, theme parks, hotels, and more creepy places like you see in zombie movies. It’s all great for photography, of course, and I think a few of my London contacts may be hooking me up with some abandoned spots around their neck of the woods.

HDR Photo

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  • casusan

    What a wreck – of course you make it look good and interesting! – bet you could use that tub tonight!

  • Henrik Sundholm

    Nice! I wish we had more of these abandoned sites in Sweden.

  • Andy Bird

    I love these type of photos – all the places like this over here seem to be getting torn down before I can get to them. This is the closest i’ve managed to get to an abandoned place so far – this place was pretty scary :-

  • John Doe

    Does anyone know of the website where you can find the old abandoned buildings in the States?

  • Ian Brodie

    I didn’t know you sneaked around to my house when you were here! **big grin**. Wonderful image – love it!

  • Jen Hannux

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who sneaks around old abandoned houses and finds them utterly photogenic inside and out :)

    NEK Photography Blog

  • Mark

    These photos are GREAT, i would love to see the raw image as well to compare, the editing skills involved are out of this world.

  • Jacques

    Holy barndoors, Trey! This is fantabulous, especially since I am a huge URBEX fan. Look forward to seeing what you might find in the UK.

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks all…

    John – there is an urbex forum out there where ppl list all that stuff – every city around the world in fact!

  • Archre

    Looks like taken from the game ‘Fallout 3′ – great

  • Chad Delany

    Love this picture. I need to go out and find some abandoned buildings. (I’m also always amazed at how well Genuine Fractals works.)

  • Chad Delany

    (Random Question – How do you get your photo to show up as the avatar? It used to work when you had the Facebook link but no longer. Just curious.)

  • Stuck In Customs

    THx all :)

    Chad – well – I think you can be logged in via FB – but we may change out the whole comment system here soon ! :)

  • Birgit

    That’s a great HDR shot !

  • Servalpe

    Superb details. I love this pictures of abandoned sites. Please, can anyone share this websites to look for theses sites ? I let you here 2 links of an abandoned boat. One for the interior and the other one for the outside under a stormy sky with transient light.

  • Servalpe

    Superb details. I love these pictures of abandoned sites. Please, can anyone share websites to look for theses sites ? I let you here 2 links of an abandoned boat. One for the interior and the other one for the outside under a stormy sky with transient light.

  • Jenny

    Wow. Incredible photo. Makes me want to get better at photography and try HDR.

  • Robert Diaz
  • Alistair M

    Nice image but it doesn’t look grungy enough! Can’t smell the dust.

  • Brentbat

    Hey Trey

    If you make it to Sydney, I’ve got a couple of very cool abandoned places for you to check out.


  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks all.

    Brentbat – Sydney is on the list – actually a big Aussie road trip is in the works ! :)

    Robert – I’ll hook you up mate ! :)

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  • Stewart Baird

    Now I wished you geo-tagged it so I can find this place when we’re down there in a few weeks,. Plus my kids would love playing there :-) The most important question is how do you deal with the riot that occurs when you stop the car every 10 mins for a photo? My kids get mad at me – Dad, we’re never going to get there!

  • Destiny

    effects seem to make the photo rather interesting.

  • Gail in Montana

    Great photo, Trey!!!! Love this one. Sill cruising, but near the end. We are docked at Ranier, Oregon. Hubby has gone on a trip to Astoria and Fort Clapsit(spelling?) and I stayed behind. I’ve seen the fort and been through Astoria, but he is taking lots of photos of the historic part of Astoria for me. So I’m having a peaceful day on the ship.
    Thanks for sharing another great photo!!!! Have a wonderful weekend where ever you may be!!

  • Harmon Jones

    looking out of the window is even moren prettier! great shot.

  • stanley

    Very Nice!

  • Joanna Casey

    Wonderful shot, and the editing makes it even better. There’s a good community on LiveJournal devoted to abandoned buildings where people post their photos from all round the world.

  • Sledgy

    Sydney definately has AMPLE abandonments that lend very well to hdr shooting.
    In fact im shooting in them nearly every weekend these days.
    Im pretty positive I already know exactly where Brent is talking about.
    Dunlop Slaz brentbat??

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