The Mean Streets of Tokyo

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Daily Photo – The Mean Streets of Tokyo

Tokyo has amazing action all the time. There is never a good time to sleep or turn off the camera! Every minute I sleep, I feel like I am missing something!

This was taken close to midnight on another evening when I was just randomly walking around the downtown streets. It’s all a wonderland of lights, colors, people, and sounds. I’ve noticed there are many kinds of “sensory overload” – and they are all on a sliding scale from good to bad. The bad sort is the “Las Vegas” type of sensory overload. That’s the kind where you just simply need quiet in order to collect your thoughts. The kind in Tokyo is completely different. Yes, it is overloading, but it’s also stimulating in a good way… so it continues to feed you until you just absolutely crash. It’s great!

HDR Photo

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  • casusan

    Beautiful night scene in Tokyo Trey – yes, I can see lots of light and movement – lovely!

  • Ben Lee

    Growing up in HK I find places that aren’t busy and hectic kind of a let down.. haha – I think that is more me than anything else. I’ve always enjoyed places that are full of life and happenings. This photo really captures that.

    Great stuff!

  • Andy Bird

    City shots are always a winner – this is terrific!

  • Kelley Bard

    I really like how you catch the light streaming away from the buildings and light sources… it is a beautiful, exciting way to show the city lights. The movement, as well, is especially appropriate with this image. Great shot, you nailed the look and showed the excitement perfectly!

  • Henrik Sundholm

    Brilliant shot!

  • BeachsidePaul

    Nice picture Trey but we’re all waiting with baited breath (how the heck do you bait your breath anyway?) to hear about your “jump”!

  • haveacupoftea

    About interesting talks – not TED, so not posted on the dedicated page : ever heard of the RSA Animate talks?
    (RSA is the UK Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce – copy-pasted that :-)
    A different take on insightful talks : hand-drawn illustrated.
    A variety of topics is covered (social, political, motivational, etc.) that is best summarized as ‘intelligent’ I suppose.

  • Gail in Montana

    Beautiful photo of the Tokyo Cityscape!! Love all the bright colors that show up with all the lights at night. Great job, thanks for sharing!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Vicki Wilson

    I love the colors and the light trails from the cars, great photo! I spent 9 days in Japan summer of ’99 for a business trip. This image makes me feel like I was back on the sidewalk, I remember the vivid colors at night in Tokyo and Yokohama. It’s a great place to visit!

  • http:[email protected]/ Salah Maraashi

    Super sharpness and vivid colors.

  • Chad Delany

    Great image. For the longer exposure shots, do you turn on the “Long Exposure NR” to avoid hot pixels?

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks all – the jump turned out great btw !

    Chad – I usually fix those bits with masking later… I do have on NR, though.

  • Ken Toney

    Trey, this is awesome! You must stay on a plane all the time!

  • Servalpe

    So beautiful colors in this pic. Maybe you would like a colorful sunset in Marbella like that from a week ago:

  • Tim A.

    Ahhh…Shibuya’s scramble crosswalk. I can only take that level of humanity in small doses… When I first started coming here the press of humanity was overwhelming and exhilarating. Sadly…after doing these trips for so many years, now if I have to go to Shibuya it gets me tired before I even get there! But seeing your photo reminds me that I should look upwards a bit more often when I’m there. :)

  • Carroll Hanks
  • Mark Kline

    Has anyone seen these wonderful pictures taken in the early 1900’s in Russia? They appear to be some form of HDR. They’re amazing given they were taken around 100 years ago.


  • Daily Malaysia HDR Photo

    Night in tokyo is good for HDR Photography..another city that not sleep…

  • Lili

    Wonderful pic! Thanks a lot
    Shibuya’s scramble crossing is one of my favorite place in the world :)
    I miss so much Japan!!

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