The Long Road Home

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The Long Road Home

I took this on perhaps one of my best days in Iceland.

I woke up around 5 PM at Hotel Edda Laugar in Saelingsdal.  Many of you already know I was sleeping days and staying up all night to take photos.  This was my last day/night cycle in Iceland, so I wanted to make the most of it.

Anyway, after waking up, I went out to the natural hot springs for a dip.  It was a perfect little rocky spring filled with steaming-hot sulfur-smelling water.  As usual, I was totally alone and didn’t see another soul.  I stayed there, looking at the afternoon mountains for about 30 minutes until I reached a dangerous dream-state.  And then dragged myself out and walked back to the hotel.  I had one of those post-hot-tub shells of heat around me to protect from the cold.  I didn’t even feel it.

I got back inside, put on some warm clothes, and then went down to get dinner (breakfast).  Actually, I got two of them.  The second one was to-go because I would eat it around 1 or 2 AM, when there is absolutely nothing open.  Besides, I knew I would be way out in the boonies where there was not even an option for anything to be open!

Around 3 AM, I started driving back to Reykjavik.  As I was going down one of the fjords in the northwest, the sign lined up in my view, so I pulled over to take a shot to share with you.

HDR Photo

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  • Chris Pokorny


  • Henrik Sundholm

    Beautiful shot! :)

  • Filip Farag

    Amazing work Trey.

  • Nathan White

    I can feel the dwindling warmth of the sun as it sets! Reminds me of a very similar, and equally good sunset you took on a road like this, the last time you went.

  • Gail in Montana

    Very beautiful shot, Trey. Love how you captured the sunrise as it lined up with the road. Thanks for getting out of your vehicle to get this one!!!! And thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Stuck In Customs


  • Marian Bush

    Fabulous, Trey. What an experience. Great idea of yours to make the most of the midnight sun by turning the clock. Makes for less of a jet lag as well ;-)

  • Patrick

    Fantastic picture!
    But why is the original size so small?

  • Stuck In Customs


    Patrick – it’s not small ! Go to — maybe you clicked on the wrong thing?

  • Marco

    Amazing shot, really captures the cultural significance of the road.

  • Jacob Crosby

    Awesome photograph Trey!!! Perhaps you mean sun instead of sign though.. ? :)

  • Chantele

    Absolutely beautiful. Summons those feelings of the thrilling freedom of a roadtrip with the poignant knowledge that the beautiful light is fleeting and in a short time will fade to something less glorious. lol Romantic and jaded at the same time…

  • rod rodriguez

    Well it has been said numerous times in this thread but I’ll repeat it again, what a great shot. Very good composition as well, I love HDR. *THUMBS UP @Trey, give yourself a high five coz your awesome.

  • Gunnar Kopperud

    The reflection in the roadmarks … ahh … beautiful!

  • casusan

    Wow!This is a gorgeous shot Trey! Love all the colors and how the sun lines up with the road – perfect!

  • Anthony

    Great shot….sunrise shots turn out to be some of my favorite photos in HDR. Perhaps the lens flare on the left could be cut out though?

  • Adam Schmid


    Can you give any price ranges for the different DVD sets?

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks all!

    Anthony, I thought about that… but it didn’t bother me too much in this sitch.

    Adam – we are still pricing and will announce on the big day! :)

  • Jen Hannux

    The only word that describes this photo is perfect. Its exactly the type of thing I love to shoot myself.

  • Kevin Crone

    I have to say my favorite of all your shots are the road sunset ones. I love these. They are so “dynamic” if you will. I also feel that your Iceland shots are quite simply your best. I know you love Iceland, so it makes sense. You’re in a place you love, exercising your passion. There isn’t anything but greatness that can come from that! Amazing…

  • Roy

    Will you be able to ship to Mexico.

  • http://HotelSanSimeon Hotel San Simeon

    Absolutely stunning, best photo I have seen in a long, long time!

  • Adam

    I love this time of day and you have captured it perfectly!

  • Patrick

    It’s not really small. Just much smaller than what we are used to from you.
    The original version is only 1820 x 1260 pixel. That’s about 2,3 Megapixels.
    Compared to yesterdays photo which was 5802 x 3879 pixels (22,5 Megapixels)
    it sure seems to be a lot smaller.
    Or did you have to crop it that much? (Doesn’t look that way, though.)

  • Fred Beaupré

    Wow, splendid! I am wondering how you can achieve such crispness in your photos. I use a tripod, my XTi, three brackets, Photomatix, Aperture and Topaz Adjust but never are my photos that crisp. Well done Trey!

  • grover woessner

    Very much, I allways like it when the sun reaches out to the photographer as it does in this photo. Thanks for the share Trey.

  • Stuck In Customs

    Patrick – you are right! Something has happened… I don’t know what… this is a shame… I think I need to process this one again from the beginning :(

  • Tennye

    It is always a long road home or other wise when the sun is at your face. Nice shot though.

  • jesse

    Good Stuff

  • LightningPaul

    Very nice view.

  • http:[email protected] chevy

    it looks like the road to heaven.

  • RealVisionPhotos

    I am very impressed with this picture

    greetings Ben


  • john chandler

    some of your pictures are jaw dropping beautiful and i find myself stopped, and i can’t scroll to next image on the blog because my mind must bathe in the magnificent radiance of that sun. many of your pictures force me to stop and study it :)

  • pjlighthouse

    awesome photo shot! it reminds me of life journey, its a long road with the light at the end :)

  • monclernimei

    This picture is really beautiful!!!

  • monclerjjgg

    some of your pictures are jaw dropping beautiful and i find myself stopped

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