The Cavebirds in the Gentle Evening

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Daily Photo – The Cavebirds in the Gentle Evening

How awesome is his little gem in Iceland?

It’s a small town not too far from that big volcano called “Vik”. It is the home to many different birds, and a lot of them nest inside these tiny caves in the cliff walls. In this area just north of the town, the local residents decided to light the side of the cliff at night to give it a special feel.

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  • Jennifer Robin

    Amazing colors! I envy your ability to travel the world and photograph the places you do. Have you ever been to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State? I wonder what kind of scenes you would capture of the wild and wonderful woods here! :)

  • stacy

    mythic setting and flight of birds

  • Gyula

    Cool shot! Looks very relaxing place…

  • Henrik Sundholm

    Looks beautiful! Almost seems like toy houses.

  • Michele

    Trey – do you mean Vik?

    I have a more distant image of similar cabins which shows that their rooflines echo the shape of a background mountain!

  • Gail in Montana

    Wow, what a beautiful photo, Trey. You can actually see some of the birds on the cliffs!! How nice that the townspeople put the light out there. A very special place, glad you made a visit and shared it with us!!!!! Thanks!!!! One of my favorites!!

  • Gail in Montana

    I looked at the photo 3x size and saw the lovely blue lupines. I think the birds look like a kind of gull, but not sure. I just love this one, it has my favorite things, flowers, birds, cliffs, trees, beautiful sky, mountain in the background, and a pretty red building!!

  • casusan

    Absolutely beautiful Trey -love the lighting and the birds!

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks all!

    Michele – Vik – that is right! Let me fix that!

  • Bruce

    Great Image.
    Light the birds at night?
    Aaah, that accounts for the bad mood and the black rings under their eyes!
    Regards, Bruce.

  • Dmitrii

    are those like rental cabins, storage or what?

  • Angi English

    Outstanding Trey!

  • Daily Malaysia HDR Photo

    very nice indeed

  • Debbie Stromberg

    Coolness! I feel like I’m really there!

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