10 Amazing, Incredible, and Remarkable Adjectives

10 Amazing, Incredible, and Remarkable Adjectives

1. Amazing

2. Incredible

3. Remarkable

[Insert Annoying Ad here.]

4. Mind-Blowing

5.  Obamariffic

6.  Redonkulous

7.  Jaw Shattering

8.  H1n1ilicious

9.  Pants-Smelling

10.  Adjectival

Daily Photo – My Adventure Buddy in Argentina

I’m relatively picky when it comes to travel partners.  #1 rule:  Don’t annoy me.  Is that too much to ask?

So, I choose my travel partners with care… and I did not make any mistakes with my Russian friends in Argentina.  They were perfectly affable and enjoyable travel-buddies.  There when you needed them and gone when you didn’t…  it’s hard to explain, but maybe some of you know what I mean.

Below is Vulva, a wonderful guy with a gentle spirit.  He’s tall, somewhat severe-looking, and has a booming Russian voice, but he has a tiny Buddha inside of him… a really great guy.  One morning, we woke up and went out to shoot in fresh snow.  I grabbed this one of him in the woods before taking a little hike to the glacier below.

The Textures Tutorial video, which is always a popular thing, shows how I edited the second photo below… I recorded a screencast and talked through my steps in its creation.



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  • Damen Stephens

    OK – so I know this is incredibly immature of me, but did anyone else titter a little at the mention of a gentle “Vulva” ?? :)

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/mrandybird/ Andy Bird

    Wow what amazing scenery – that’s something we have PLENTY of here in Scotland which makes up for our lack of cool motorbikes! Reflections work so well in this type of photography…..

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/visualideas/ Henrik Sundholm

    Great list, Trey. How very Aspergian of you! ;-)

  • http://www.nekphotography,blogspot.com Jen Hannux

    What the heck is number 8 on the list….? haha.

    And of course, your photo is amazing. Looks like a painting. I always hear that about my own work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gail-Stayton-Moshier/513775196 Gail Stayton Moshier

    OK, where did that come from, Trey. Did someone annoy you??? Not to sure about Obamarific, but will keep my comments to myself, lol. I’ve seen both of these photos before, I think. Not sure if that is the same one of Vulva or not. I’m used to his name, so it doesn’t bother me, ;-) . Great photos anyway!! Hope the rest of your time in Iceland is good and you don’t have any annoying hosts!

  • http://www.stuckincustoms.com Stuck In Customs

    hehe thanks all… Gail – the reference is because everyone on the internet makes a top 10 list, and they use an adjective to describe the list – like “Top 10 Incredible Underwater Photos”.

    Damen – yes – hehe – but it is pronounced with a “W” sound, like Chekov saying “Nuclear Wessel”.

  • casusan

    Wonderful shots Trey – liked you adjectives too!

  • http://JapanDave.com David LaSpina / JapanDave

    top 7 best, most awesome, coolest, magical ways to open your mail!

    Yes…Right. I’m glad I’m not the only one annoyed by the top X (insert adjective) lists.

    At any rate, very nice photo. I have played with textures many times, even gotten some compliments for my texture HDRs on my blog, but I am never happy with how it turns out. I just can’t figure them out. One of these days when I have more cash, I’m gonna have to invest in your textures tutorial. I would love to use them as well as you do.

  • http://www.stewartbaird.com Stewart Baird

    I love the subtle use of textures on this one. I bought your video on textures; at first glance you might think its kind of expensive but then I figured… I’m getting the “jewels”. :-) Certainly worth the $$ to my mind!

  • http://robinswoods.blogspot.com/ Jennifer Robin

    Can’t quite say why, but your picture of your adventure buddy Vulva in the snow has to be one of my all time favorites on your site. He has a very engaging presence.

  • http://www.vakadesign.wordpress.com Katie

    Hehe. You said vulva. Damen, a gentle vulva with a “tiny Buddha inside!” That’s not something you see everyday.

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