The Impossible Mountains

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Daily Photo – The Impossible Mountains

I spent a wonderful day and night on a farm in the far north of Iceland with fellow photographers Helga Kvam and Völundur Jónsson. We went out to do some shooting together, and then they made me a fantastic meal… I took a bunch of photos of that event that I will post at a later time.

Völundur and I were discussing one particular mountain that was extremely difficult to photograph. I can’t pronounce the name since I can’t speak dolphin, but it’s about two hours outside of Akureyri. The mountain is very spiky and narrow, and it’s embedded in a very rough patch of peaks.

So I did my best to capture it in context. There are great super-hairy horses everywhere, and four of them were playing on one side of the river. I set up… and waited….waited….waited…. for them to get in the right spot and then finally took a photo.

This shot was taken around midnight. Incredible light for that time, eh?


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  • Mirko Vukasovic Morrison

    Loved it!! It’s from a single RAW, isn’t it?

    I imagine that horses and well… animals mainly, must be in an altered state of mind! Watch out Trey… those animals are going loco!


  • David LaSpina / JapanDave

    Fantastic! Wow.. this is one of your best. The level of detail and clarity here is wonderful — I feel like I can just reach out and touch that grass. Add the horses and the water.. instant fav!

  • Alberto Oliver

    This is definetively a superb work Trey. I mean it looks fantastic yet having that touch of “realism” that make your pics so different from other HDR maonstream works. Iceland is indeed a land of Sagas, legends, midnight sun and lot more. And you are certainly showing it all in a wonderfuo way with your camera. Regards

  • Charles de Courval

    wonderful!! can’t wait to get there

  • Jason Cook

    Awesome shot Trey. What did you do to pass the time until the Horses were in the right place? :-)

  • Stewart Baird

    The river is amazing, so green. Looks like so many opps for photos in Iceland. I grew-up reading the sagas, I can imagine this scene hasn’t changed in a 1000 years!

  • Thomas Churchwell

    Excellent and the water is sharp for something that is moving. How many exposures?

  • Kim Gibson

    Wow! Fabulous photo! In fact your whole blog is fabulous… but this picture really is awesome. And yes, I have read the Eddas for years, this is a perfect setting, at least for some. Combine the high latitude with the rawness of the rift geomorphology, it is magnificent.

  • Gail Stayton Moshier

    Beautiful photo, Trey!!! One of my favorites!!!! Glad you have some friends there in Iceland and are enjoying your stay!! Amazing how light it is at midnight, but that is true in Alaska, too. Lands of the midnight sun. Be safe.

  • Rob Hanson

    Trey, now that is truly magnificent. I do believe this is one of my favorites out of all you’ve taken.

  • Mike & Luci

    This is truely an amazing pic!

  • casusan

    Awesome shot Trey – just beautiful! Your patience was rewarded!

  • Nora

    I love your photos and if not for them I would not be as inspired as I am today with honing my “artistic” skills, but that one horse at the end looks like a humpless camel doesn’t he? ;) Don’t mind me, just rambling. Keep the pretty photos coming Trey!!!

  • http://www.nekphotography, Jen Hannux

    The wait was worth it! What a great photo! That is sometimes the thing I have the hardest time with when it comes to photography… patience.

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks very much… I was lucky to be alone in this case… could just take my time and wait… I don’t like the thought of someone waiting on me!

  • Lydd

    You are such an inspiration. I look at this photo and it literally just takes my breath away!

  • Sander van Hulsenbeek

    Wonderful! Great light!

  • Renee Domenici

    beautiful photo, I would have waited for the horses too, they add so much to the picture

  • Dave Clark

    Great picture, great light! Wonderful picture.

  • Barbara

    This is amazing! Your work is so inspiring.

  • Bruce Molzen
  • Migration Mark

    Insane shot! Just looks like the ultimate place to be riding one of those horses.

  • Justin Lancaster

    Wow, this is awesome. I have been following Helga Kvam for quite some time and I am extremely envious that you got to meet/hang out with her. I hope that I can one day see/photo half the things you have posted here.

  • Justin Lancaster

    Wow, this is awesome. I have been following Helga Kvam for quite some time and I am extremely envious that you got to meet/hang out with her. I hope that I can one day see/photo half the things you have posted here.

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  • Michael Hatten

    I love this shot! and good luck on – that – Dolphin speak thing.. :)

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  • anna

    Did you know that the high peak (tower)on the mountain on this picture, is actually the idea of the form of the BIG church “Hallgrímskirkja” in Reykjavík! The author Hallgrimur Pétursson is born under that mountain and the chirch in Reykjavík is build to honor his memory ;)

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