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New Video

While I was on the North Island of New Zealand, I was invited by the very kind Ian Brodie (links to his photography website) to visit Hobbiton! He is also an avid HDR Photographer, and extended a wonderful invitation to my family and I to visit The Shire. It’s located on a farm nearby the town of Matamata.

Ian works with Hobbiton Tours, which you should also look up if you want to have a visit yourself!

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  • Jason Smith

    Nice vid Trey, thanks for sharing. Love the random 3’s company song at the end!

  • Aaron Priest

    Very, very cool! How neat to visit there and you got a great shot too.

  • Stewart Baird

    What time of the day did you take this? On the video looks like its pretty bright. I’m interested on whether an HDR can work outside of the “golden hour”… I would assume there wouldn’t be the tonal range in the middle of the day. Whatever – its a great shot!

  • Daniel Haslwanter

    Really nice work again! It would be very interesting to see how you exactly edited the hdr image after the tonemapping in photoshop!

  • Manda

    Awesome work, HDR makes every detail shows

  • Scott Webb

    Really really really nice. No wind?

    Looking at the shot I imagine the HDR and adding a few raw layers. Curious on the amount of time you needed on editing it up?? It looks amazing and if you only needed a few mins, i’d really need to hear more. Maybe I’m not thinking simply enough

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks! No wind this day… it was lucky!

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