The Greatness of Yelp

Yelp has really changed the way I go about finding places to eat! I was in the middle of New York and had a craving for some Mediterranean food. A quick trip to Yelp helped me find this place, get ratings and reviews, and then figure out how to get here. It could not have been easier, or a better recommendation!

I also recommend getting the iPhone/Android/iPad version of Yelp… it can come in handy when trying to find some new haunts!

Daily Photo – ilili

I was here alone. You can see my laptop there on the table… I like to take a long time to eat while editing photos and listening to music with my earphones on. Every other patron looks at me kind of like a freak. That’s quite okay!

Luckily, while I was waiting for the food, they let me run around the restaurant with my tripod. This is yet another thing that makes people look at me strangely. They can’t imagine why anyone would bring such a monster setup to do such a thing. Most people assume that the restaurant pays me to do it, but the staff knows that is not the case. At one point, the manager came over to talk to me — not to get mad… just to chat about art and food and life and these sorts of things. And then I ate some amazing food! I had some sort of Lebanese marinated lamb on saffron rice. I need more saffron in my life…

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  • Chris Pokorny

    Great squared lines and textures! I see not the rule of thirds but the golden ratio! Appreciate your vision – you make these restaurant shots look so easy.

  • GW (Bill) Dauphinais


    Is it possible to get the “info” for a each of the day’s photos (e.g lens aperture, focal length, etc.)


    I’m learning from you everyday (and definitely helping your sponsors!)

    Bill D

  • Gail Stayton Moshier

    Looks like a pleasant place to have your dinner and work on your photos, Trey!!! Nice capture of that restaurant!!!!

  • Z.T.
  • casusan

    What a lovely warm and inviting place! Super shot of it Trey!

  • Eugene

    Lovely. Funny that you mention saffron, it is indeed wonderful.

    Were you not afraid of leaving your laptop exposed like that? What if some thief grabbed it and ran away whilst you were composing the HDR?

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks all

    Bill – you can find the EXIF info if you click through — should be there in the SmugMug version — you can pull it up?

    Eugene – hehe… no not really – it was a nice restaurant and I had my eye on it.

    ZT – I’ve heard that… but I just go in and read reviews — I feel like I can tell a real review from a fake one.

  • Daily HDR Photography

    perspective, texture, color, lighting, composition and well process in HDR photography? what you can say about that – marvelous. That is what the photo is all about.

  • Chip Chapin

    Besides being a lovely composition, I enjoy the little color pop of your laptop screen. It’s a fun element, almost whimsical, but it also adds an important visual anchor to the scene that I didn’t even recognize at first.

    I also respect the way you dealt with the problem of all the people in the scene, so often problematic with HDR.

  • Chelfoto

    I love the lighting and ambiance of this photo. We all need more saffron in our life!

  • M

    Great Photo
    Can you give us tips on how to get permission to take these photos?
    Also i was wondering if you could tell me where i should spend 7 days in Califonia, I need to be based around San Fran and wa sthinking 4 days there and 3 days at vegas. I would want to take lots of photos and will be fully equipped with gear. You took some amazing photos in nervada, can you tell us any good spots to shoot or point us to anyone who may give us a private tour?
    Your Friend Maurice
    Great book btw

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks for the note :) Well – I don’t get permission, usually – I just go shoot! :)

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