SXSW in Austin

Special Post – SXSW at night in Austin

I’ve been having a great time at SXSW. I decided to walk around one night with my camera to take a few shots of the streets at night… I know most of you are not coming down for the event, so I am doing my best to bring it to you!

This style is a little different, but I hope you like it nonetheless. For some of you, I’ll see you at the Austin American Statesman Social Media Awards ceremony tonight! I’ll be there, with camera in hand… the big question I keep wondering about… 50mm 1.4 or 85mm 1.4? 50 or 85? Hmmm…. hmmm !!! I must decide… the pressure is intense. Anyway, if you are at the event, please feel free to come up and say hello!

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  • casusan

    Cool shots! Looks fun Trey!

  • Alex Suarez

    I should have had you join us for our SXSW photowalk Friday evening. We had a lot of photographic firepower flexing its muscle. :-)

  • Duncan

    I Love it! Its the future …

  • Jon

    Trey, What’s the deal with taking pictures of strangers? Do get a “release” form for all the portraits and clearly visible faces that make their way into your shot?

  • Vicky, Greece

    Very difficult – dangerous – kind of photography… Are those “hip photos” or you are looking from the cmera?

  • Chris Betterton

    Our head office is in Austin and I’ve visited a couple of times, although never during SXSW. Would love to be there with the camera, thanks for the shots.

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks all

    Vicky – no – I was looking through the camera every few feet to get my angle right — and then I would do my best to triangulate the most interesting compostions with interesting ppl.

    Jon – No – these people are all in public – this is more photo journalism than anything…

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