SmugMug Portfolio Contest

Portfolio Contest – Show us all your Portfolio!

A few days ago I wrote an article entitled “How to Make an Online Photo Album” about SmugMug.

I thought this would be a fun way to drive traffic to a bunch of different photographers and artists. Also, I can use it to promote one of my friend’s workshops – his name is Vanelli. You’ll read more about him below. Share your portfolio here, and The Judge will pick one that strikes him as unique and interesting for the winner!

More Info and full Review:

If you sign up, you can use a SmugMug Coupon of “STUCKINCUSTOMS” to save 20%.

How to Enter:

  • Simply leave a comment and link to your Smugmug site below.  The Judge will visit it.
  • To win, The Judge will simply select a portfolio that strikes him as “Wonderful” in one way or another.


  • An Ultimate Version of the Stuck In Customs Textures Tutorial and’ (a $399 value)
  • and… a Smugmug sponsorship to go on a Vacation with Vanelli!  (a $595 value) –  a great new workshop offering!

Who is Eligible:

  • Anyone on Smugmug! Most people who are on this hot new service are “relatively” new anyway, so I want to open it up to anyone that is “Proud of their Smugmug site”!
  • New people just getting started on Smugmug. Don’t worry – just because you might only have a few images on there will not make you any less likely to win.

Who is The Judge?

  • Not me! I don’t like judging contests because everyone pretends to like me until The Judging, after which time 99% of people don’t like me any more.
  • So, I give this dubious honor to none other than the extremely likable Vanelli (who is hosting the workshop), who everyone seems to love for some inexplicable reason.

When does it End?

The contest ends at midnight, EST,  on March 1. So yes, you have a bit to get your Smugmug site all spiffy. Go ahead and submit it now in the comments — it won’t be Judged until the end of the contest.

What else can I do to promote my Smugmug site?

You can link here in Twitter or your blog to this contest post and tell people to “Go see entry number XX!”, and then your friends can talk you up in the comments,… get your mom, sister, and friends in on the fun.

What’s going on with the comments in this contest!

There is an open discussion below, and whenever we see a link to a Smugmug portfolio, we will consider it an entry, and it will be Judged by The Judge. Good luck!

Daily Photo – The Boat at Portofino

Ahhhh Italy! But one thing — this isn’t Italy! This is in Orlando, Florida, at the Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Studios. They have gentle boats that float in the bay. There might be a better place for photography at sunset at Universal — but I could not find it! I thought it was cute how every boat had its own name (always a girl) painted in cursive on the back. Now, I’ve never been to the real Portofino, but many of my friends have, and they thought this might have been the real place! Maybe a bit cleaner? I am not sure… Let’s all go jump on a boat and go see! :)

The Boat at Portofino

Photo Information

  • Date Taken
  • Camera
  • Camera Make
  • Exposure Time
  • Aperturef/5.6
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length21mm (21mm in 35mm)
  • Flashflash did not fire
  • Exposure Programaperture priority
  • Exposure Bias

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  • Curtis Judd

    Smugmug is incredible!

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Amazing photo Trey – the colors are so vibrant and the light and sky are awesome – love love this!

  • Squid Vicious

    what a great little contest. and I did move my portfolio because of your review and because my old place was way too expensive.

  • Alfred Pleyer

    Smugmug is great!

  • Philip Johnson

    sounds good Trey Smugmug really displays top notch views , and the digital downloads have come in handy

  • Nathan

    I have been using SmugMug for a few years now. A very nice system.


  • Nathan

    Let’s put the website there…

  • Bill Gerrard

    Cool contest and welcome to SmugMug Trey!

  • Dana Underwood

    Here’s my entry:


  • Jacques (fotofreq)

    Alright! I guess I will have to look into this smugmug thing after all. I will also have to figure out the difference between them and zenfolio, another site about which I had been meaning to learn more.

  • Aaron M
    Been a proud SmugMugger for about 2 years now. Absolutely love it. Just recently got myself a snazzy fancy sounding domain-name to go with it! Wonderful idea Trey and glad you could promote such a great company!

  • meckimac

    Just created my Smugmug Portfolio after reading you great blogpost about it. Here it is:

  • LightningPaul

    Amazing, this is soooo beautiful.

  • Angeline Yang

    thanks and looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  • Sathya

    Hi Trey !!!
    Great to see u on smugmug and all the smug luv !!!!
    Here is mine –

  • Håkan Dahlström
  • Rob Igo

    I LOVE Smugmug!

  • Hans-Jürgen

    just started smugging, here’s my first gallery:

  • Eugene

    The model Portofino looks very good – pretty close to the real Portofino! The only thing missing are the numerous number of boats and super expensive yachts. Here’s a long exposure of the Portofino Harbor which shows how the place looks from the top!

  • Brian Hoffsis

    I don’t mean intrude on the contest but this is on a related subject. While checking out Google Buzz the other day I also decided to try out Picasa. I was aware of it but haven’t used it since its inception. I found the program and online sharing to be a fantastic application and almost all I need as a portfolio. Of note to me is simple unlimited file size uploads, a fantastic fullscreen/slideshow mode and an awesome map view which plots directly in Google maps and exports to Google Earth (drooling)! Here is my test portfolio there.

  • Craig
  • Ketih
  • William Pruitt

    Been with SmugMug for a little over a year now and I love it!

  • Brad Styron

    Thanks Trey for all you do with helping photographers get their name out and sharing all your hard earned secrets!!


  • Matt

    Trey, thanks for putting on the contest. Question though… how does a post on Feb 17 say that this contest is for a month, but ends on March 1. Thats only 11 days!?!

  • Sam

    Many thanks, Trey, for your efforts in promoting amateur photography. From one science geek to the next, it’s appreciated.

  • Joseph O’DOnnell

    Thanks for sharing your work and experience. I find great joy in reading your posts and exploring the possibilities. Look forward to the contest.

  • Blake

    I’ve spent a lot of time tweaking and playing around with this to get it how I wanted it. I’ve only been using SmugMug for about 8 months, but I absolutely love it.

  • Chip Chapin

    I’m just getting started with SmugMug and am still in the trial period. Guess I’ll have to pay up before March 1!

    Looking forward to see how other folks have formatted their sites.

  • Martin Royds

    I’m just getting started in photography and with smugmug i’ve been taking photographs now for about 7 months and got a smugmug account after Cali Lewis recommended it, i’ve recently started a 365 project and will at some point update the banner and tweek the site to how i want it.

    Big fan of the book, it gets a lot of attention when people come around as it’s always on the coffee table.

  • Kristopher Michael

    I’ve checked out SmugMug since Trey’s initial review/suggestion of the site and I just don’t know if I can get into it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice tool and looks VERY easy to use, but why not just create some Galleries via Lightroom or Aperture and host them on your own domain? If a person is going to be building a portfolio, you’d assume they would have their own domain/hosting (atleast) as a place for their work or blog. Why not just host it there? And if you do have a domain, why not just incorporate with Flickr?
    Either way, *IF I NEEDED A PORTFOLIO HOST,* it seems SmugMug would be a great place to do so. Definitely a great recommendation though, Trey.

  • Blake

    @Kristopher Michael

    SmugMug is much more than a portfolio host. They offer printing services and handle all of the payment processing, allowing clients to purchase prints directly off of your site. They offer password protected galleries (making it perfect for photographers that need a proofs section). You also get dynamic slide shows, it will automatically create a slide show of all images in a gallery. All you need to do is add another image to the gallery to add it to the slide show. There are also a lot of other things you can do with SmugMug that makes the service way more than just a portfolio.

  • John E Adams

    I made a quick one – very nice and easy to use!

    John Adams

  • Timothy Smith
    I have been using smugmug for about two years now and love the service. Easy to use. Viewer friendly and the ability to take complete control of the site design makes it worth every penny.

  • John McCloskey
    Been a user and fan for a little over a year and a half now. Easy to share stuff both with your adoring public and with your family.

  • Kelly Densmore

    Smugmug is RAD! I recommend it to everyone. Very user friendly. The link to mine is

  • Facebook User
  • Sylvia Cole Sheets

    I love smugmug, they are so great.

  • Katie Harbath

    Just got started on Smug Mug too. Here’s my portfolio:

  • clay
  • Jules

    I’ve been with smugmug for a couple of years, but was excited to see your post on it the other day, as I’m trying to get up the nerve to get my work out there more. Here’s my link:


  • BeachsidePaul

    Little problem with the math here … posted contest today Feb 17, contest ends March 1, length of contest 14 days not one month LOL … But I do like most of what SmugMug has to offer. Paul

  • richard

    hey paul,must be the difference between our math and TEXAS math,,, :)

    my link

  • rb stevens
  • Facebook User

    Haven’t checked out smugmug yet, but just had to tell you about this photo of the day….I have NEVER EVER before used someone else’s photograph as my computer wallpaper, but there is something about this shot that I just so LOVE…..(maybe it’s the pink tones!)….Would love to know when you will be offering this one for sale…….I might almost say this is my absolute fave, of all your beautiful stuff!!! Just love it!!!

  • Joel Jenkins
  • David Terry

    Portfolio visible on the main page slide show.

    I’ve been a smugmugger for 5 years. What I like about it is that it lets me concentrate on photography without having to spend so much time maintaining a web site. Not only do the good folks at smugmug keep adding new features, but their help desk support is phenomenally fast and their customer support is praiseworthy.

    I may not have the fanciest or most customized smugmug site around. But I like that it lets my customers find what they are looking for. If you’re interested in checking out a wedding or two, check these out:

  • todd atteberry

    I did my site before I started offering customization. Does that mean I’m a ringer?

  • Taylor Mahaffey

    Concert Photography and More

  • Bob Gannon

    I’ll soon start publishing some HDR photos.

  • Dale

    Hey Trey,
    Yet another great idea, I have been with the Smug gang a few years now and they have been so helpful and real pro’s ,

    Here is my HDR gallery with them

    And here are all my galleries with them…

    Good luck in New Zealand have fun with the family….

  • Jacob Lucas
  • John

    Hey Guys! Just set up a new Smugmug prtfolio – hope you like:

  • Steven Gray
  • Bobby Haller

    Any way in the world my favorite photographer can critique the few photos I have left over from a HDD crash? I would LOVE to know what you think of them, and what can be improved.. there’s only a couple, please?

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks all!

    I am glad we have so many posts…. Ignore that thing I had about the “month” — that was a typo. The ending date is still the ending date.

    I hope you all have time to go click on the links here. Half the visitors to SIC are photographers – the other half are just photography “fans” — so I hope they can use this too as a way to find new artists out there!

  • Joe Ercoli

    Thanks for the link, Trey! Here’s mine:

    Main Site:



  • Craig
  • jacy joypals

    Beautiful as always Trey! An encouragement to “do” the “World” this summer.

  • Matt North

    I’ll have to check this out…I really wish SmugMug would change the photo on the opening ‘Pro’ tab. At first viewing I couldn’t figure out why they had a photo of a Vulcan on there. Can’t look at that that photo without thinking her ears taper off into points.

  • Mark Thirlwall
  • Orlando Wedding Photographer

    After reading your blog, I thought your articles is great! I liked your articles and Photographs. Your blog is very useful to me. Here you are provideing such a greatful information.

    Thanks for sharing…….

  • bernard

    wow so styly , i am french and leraning HDR on .. verry interrsting cours there i would like to know in how long you got up to that point
    enjoyed it :)

  • rob

    Awesome work Trey.

    Here is my portfolio:

  • Steve Perry

    So where are the people in this image? Either a really slow evening, or a heck of a lot of selective masking! Great work Trey!

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  • Chris

    My Smug Mug site is:



  • David Rogers

    Very intruiging HDRs, Trey. Very nice!


  • Colleen Easley

    I’ve been using Smugmug for several years to post photos of my tours in Alaska. I also have my 365photo project there.

  • Chuck Sowers

    Smugmug is fantastic! Just started last fall.

  • Facebook User
  • Sam McMillan

    Really love your HDR photos. I have just begun to experiment with same and haven’t yet started during layers in photoshop. Really liked all the links for software you provide. The Photomatix Pro works really great. I have also setup a link to a blog just beginning a a link to a fan page. We’ll see what happens as time and energy are expended.

  • Nikhil

    Hi Trey, Thanks for the great HDR tutes on your site. I have a few HDRs of Big Sur, Yosemite and Death Valley on my site t

  • Duncan
  • Andre Spatz

    Smugmug is just great !!! have a look @ my galleries started 3 months ago on smugmug.

    Hidden in some of my galleries are some HDR processed photos …try to guess which ones!!!

  • Andrew Offield

    Hey Everyone, here’s mine:

    Thanks, Trey, for helping me open my eyes a little wider…

  • Bruce

    I am a real “newbie” but having a blast.

  • Bruce

    Sorry – let’s try this again:

  • Tommy Farnsworth

    Glad to see more excitement about Smugmug. It really is the best I’ve found, and I have spent a lot of time looking.

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks everyone for all the submissions!

    I saw a tweet from Vanelli that he is going to have trouble picking one that jumps out at him!

  • Barbara Youngleson

    Thanks Trey, for this great networking idea! is my new Smugmug site.

  • Hunter Luisi

    You’ll find mine here:


  • Chuck

    I like smugmug a lot

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  • Bo47

    Here´s my SmugMug site

  • Kamyar Broumand

    Great site. SmugMug is highly recommended!


  • Andrew Kearney

    Up until recently I was always a point and shoot kind of guy. That has all changed thanks to the insiration of sites like these.

  • Joe Tringali

    I love Smugmug any you can make it your own with a domain name from Go Daddy!


  • Chris B

    Smugmug allows you to customize your site to your liking. They also have great support!

  • Tareq Alhamrani

    I don’t have a smugmug portfolio, what should i do? I can’t pay for it right now, why using only Smugmug?

  • Chip Chapin

    Well since the contest started I’ve been busy getting

    set up on SmugMug and Blogger. Whew! Still lots more to do but the pieces are coming together. Thanks for organizing the contest, Trey, it was a good motivator.

  • Ron Reed

    Great web site and HDR. I love Topaz.


  • Ron Reed
  • Justice

    I am new here, but I’ve been following StuckInCustoms since I missed the Stanford photo walk (I was already creating HDRs using the tutorial in ‘A World In HDR’). Trey says there that you have to do 50 – 100 HDRs to start to get the hang of it, and I am feeling myself start to get the hang of it! Particularly pictures 16-23 in my ‘San Jose At Sunset’ gallery.

    Thanks for looking!

  • Lara Poirrier
  • Paul Colton

    Here’s a few photos I’ve put up on my Smugmug site, I’ve just started there. thank Trey.

  • Danny Garcia

    Minus well give this a try even though I just started as a pro member with SmugMug…

  • Brian Magee Love the SmugMug


    Thanks for turning me on to HDR! Most of the images in my portfolio are the result of stumbling onto Stuck In Customs one day.

  • Justice

    I have very much enjoyed seeing all your galleries, guys and gals.

    Thanks so much for sharing them!

  • Vanelli


    First off, thank you for offering the Smugmug contest. It motivated people to show their work and share their talent.

    Choosing the winner wasn’t an easy assignment. I took into consideration that some, like Todd Atteberry designs affordable killer Smugmug sites for a living! Yes Todd you are considered a “ringer”. Bryant and Blake from Photo 54, great stuff, but yeah you’re a ringer too. I love how your web site flows and your photography skills are incredible. If your teaching skills are half as good as your photography talent, your classes must be packed!

    RB Stevens, great job with the infant portfolio.

    David Terry, loved how you captured the mother and daughter ballerinas,

    Overall I was excited to see each and every Smugmug site.

    The chosen site caught my eye with a unique layout design and diverse photography. With that being said, Huter Luisi , congratulations!


  • Blake


    Thanks for the honorable mention, and thanks for the compliments on the site and photography. Since posting here, we have actually been contacted about developing SmugMug sites. We’ll see where it goes.

    Hunter, Congratulations! Have fun with your Vacation with Vanalli. I’m a bit envious. :)

    Everyone else, thanks for sharing your sites. I spent hours looking through all of your inspiring portfolios.

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks everyone – and thanks Vanelli!

    A big congrats to Hunter !!

  • Kayne Parrish

    Trey and Vanelli,
    I know its a little late for the contest but I just wanted to put my site on the list if anyone would be willing to take a gander at it. Thanks a lot and appreciate all the help from both Vanelli and Trey Ratcliff.

    Kayne Parrish
    Parrish Photography

  • Chuck
  • George Johnston

    for your SmugMug portfolio contest, my site is:

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  • Piper Robbins

    Thanks so much for taking a look.

  • Judy Horton

    Thanks for setting this contest up.

  • Peter Tsai

    I’m a little late to the party, but this is a great idea. If anyone wants to take a look, here’s a link to my SmugMug account:

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