Los Angeles Visit, Photowalk, Hans Zimmer, and Talks at Google and Stanford!

Los Angeles Photowalk, Sponsored by Bay Photo, evening of Jan 27!

{Thanks to all that came!!}

If you want to come, please leave a comment below… all are welcome – no charge! A big thanks to Candice Cunningham (her twitter) for organizing the event. I first met her when we and Jason St. Peter invited me to speak at the first Smugmug event in Austin.

Hans Zimmer, we Must Meet!

Has anyone read Atlas Shrugged and remember the great composer therein named Richard Halley? One of the heroes of the book mysteriously follows him around the world… I envision this dream-state with Hans Zimmer. In fact, I have a most wonderful project in mind that would be unique and right up his alley.

I saw this Hans Zimmer Video Interview about his new Sherlock Holmes soundtrack. It was very interesting to hear him talk about this stuff… I have all of his music starred and in special playlists, depending on my mood… In fact, I made a Hanz Zimmer iTunes iMix there on the right for you of some of my favorites. On occasion, I meet a fellow photographer that also loves Hans, and we have an instant connection that is difficult to describe.

Look at Zimmer’s recording studio (Thanks @Tatorandtots for the link).  Amazing.  Of course, I could take a much better photo of it… but that is neither here nor there.  My photography studio (only on paper for my upcoming home in New Zealand) will make a wonderful attempt to be a tiny bit cooler, only insofar as I want a window that looks at a beautiful landscape (which can be closed for absolute darkness whilst the post-processing is in full swing).

See my other mixes on Trey’s Music List – Coming up soon – Ambient New Age, World Music, and other unexpected things…

Speaking at Google HQ, Stanford, and errrrr – something in the “Cupertino area”

The topic is “The Unexpected Art and Science of HDR Photography”.

Although I can’t discuss the latter, I can describe the talks I have at the Google HQ and Stanford.  If you know someone at either institution, perhaps they can get you in.  These are all closed, private events, but if you have some good Silicon Valley contacts, maybe you can make it happen. The presentation will be quite different than one might expect… I think it might prompt everyone to see the world from a slightly different perspective – I think we are finally getting to a spot where art and science can come back together in a natural way.

The talk at Google will be recorded in High Def and put on YouTube (thanks @GoogleTalks!) for the you all to see after everything gets edited together. I’d like to thank Mike Wiacek @MikeWiacek, who heads the Google Photog Club and Cliff Redeker (@mcrsquared) for setting this up.  I’ll be giving a short workshop there on the Google campus that afternoon…

Daily Photo – California in the Morning

I woke up early one morning in the hotel to drive down to the seaside in San Luis Obispo to catch the sunrise.  It’s really beautiful and peaceful there.  I’m not really a morning person — this much should be known… more of a night-owl.  But, maybe if I lived in California I might actually wake up early to catch the light of these sunrises.

I know I get many requests to be my assistant — but you don’t understand how bad it would be… I’d make you do things like wake up even before me, get me coffee, warm up the car, and all other sorts of things that you’d probably resent after a while…  People seem to get over-enthusiastic about being my assistant, so I try to tell them bad things like this to dissuade them!

Los Angeles Visit, Photowalk, Hans Zimmer, and Talks at Google and Stanford!

And below is a shot from a hotel I stayed in last time I was in LA… they have this cool outside firepit. I need more firepits in my life….

A Warm Fire by the Pool at the Custom

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  • http://janinesmith.com Janine Smith

    Me, me, let me know the details!

  • http://Offsetphotography.com Dave Plueger

    I’ll definitely be at the photowalk!

  • http://achintya.smugmug.com sathya sayee

    Awesome sunrise picture. Love the feel of firepit too.

  • http://flickr.com/photos/gregoryjordan Greg Jordan

    I’ll be there. Thanks!

  • Darcy Bowen

    I’m in for the photowalk!

  • casusan

    Beautiful Trey….I am in for the fudge!

  • http://allnarfedup.com Bryan Villarin

    You’re misleading! That’s in Orange County, south of Laguna Beach. Boo.

    I kid, of course. It’s just 60 miles too far for me – and on a workday, too.

    Have a great time, Trey!

  • Stefan G

    I’m in for the photo walk!

  • Jon

    “and errrrr – something in the “Cupertino area”… a wee, sneaky booking signing per chance?

  • Facebook User

    Sounds great!

  • Dave

    I’m in!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Neka-Rae-Shamberger-Nguyen/1353441271 Neka Rae Shamberger-Nguyen

    oh my goodness I am sooooo there, yay finally I am down in SD but that is not too far, YIPEE!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Karen-ReVelle/662561554 Karen ReVelle

    Ooooh, that’s a work day but my company is pretty flexible. I work in irvine & SC Pier is approx 20 -25 minutes south of there… such a fab place for shoots (done a couple there myself!)! I’ll see if they’ll let me leave early & come n’ meet up! **crossing fingers!!** Thanks Trey!

  • http://britintheusa.com Martin Fincham

    Trey, i am soooo there. Thanks for the offer.

  • http://tagchips.com/skunkworks.html DARYL BUTCHER

    Venue: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tagchips/4154930404/
    Swallows Inn, San Juan Capistrano. In the direction you are traveling … but too small for the crowd. 200 yards from AMTRAK. Just too busy.

  • Facebook User

    Is that thing in Cupertino have anything to do with the big Apple event coming up this week? Let me guess, your developing a Stuck in Customs app for the new Apple Tablet and your going up on stage with Steve Jobs to show it off. Come on, fess up!

  • http://www.twitter.com/CandiCunningham Candice Cunningham

    Yep they are right it is the OC :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Neira-A-Cernuda/1352853980 Neira A. Cernuda

    Hi, I really wish I could go to the photowalk, only it’s a few thousands of miles away from here. Have you ever thought of coming to Spain? I’m sure you would love it!
    I love Zimmer too, and you could indeed take a better pic of his amazing studio. One of my favorite scores that is not in your playlist is Angels & Demons, have you listened to that one? Bye!

  • Gail

    Can’t connect to facebook on firefox, oh well. Think I’ll try removing IE and redownload it to see if that works. Anyway, back to the photos!! I love the sunset photo, just breath-taking view!! And that hotel you stayed in looks really neat. Thanks for sharing, Trey. Have a wonderful weekend, all.

  • Facebook User

    Did your reference to the studio on paper mean you are relocating to New Zealand?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gail-Moshier/513775196 Gail Moshier

    Yay!!! I think I’m back on IE7 after removing IE8 and it’s working!!! Whew.

  • http://mandjadventures.blogspot.com Michele

    You’ll definitely need a firepit in New Zealand!

  • http://www.scvphotocenter.com Mel Carll

    I will be there and looking forward to it. Thank you Candice for making this possible.

  • http://wasatchreflections.com Darrin

    This great shot, our last snow storm, and now seeing this photo, I want to go to the beach.

  • scott w

    Avila Beach, shot from the top of the bridge! Wish I’d known you were in town, maybe your assistant would have grumbled about waking up for sunrise, but I would have happily driven out to Avila to shoot with you.

  • ztakc

    Awesome. I’m in.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/michaeltuuk/4264793282/ Michael Tuuk

    That beach shot is great!

  • http://luisalonso.tumblr.com Luis Alonso

    I will be there too!
    This is awesome. I heard your interview on TWIP. Really cool.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Schaffer/759164719 Mark Schaffer

    New home in New Zealand… hmmm… you leaving Austin?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Trey-Ratcliff/502475833 Trey Ratcliff

    Very cool – see a lot of you there!

    I know a lot of you LA people are all “That’s not LA! That’s San Clemente!” But, to a Texas boy, I circle that whole area up into LA… but I do know the locals don’t like that!

    Mark -maybe maybe – thinkin’ about it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brendan-Dekora/1216081288 Brendan Dekora

    That’s a bit far for me, being up in the Topanga/Malibu area, but I’m definitely gonna make it down!

  • http:[email protected]/ Ken Liu

    i live not too far from the custom hotel. it’s a very nice trendy place. would have LOVED to join your walk in san clemente but alas work interferes. i’ll see you next time, trey!

  • Victor Ramos

    I’ll be there, with camera in hand.

  • Charlie Stinchcomb

    Thanks for the invite, I will see you there!

  • Facebook User

    Wednesday in San Clemente-sounds good. Hope the rains have passed through by then.

  • http://www.typicalshutterbug.com Victor Cajiao

    Trey, If it’s not poring that day, 60 miles or not I’m going.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Essel/593267074 Mark Essel

    Passing the photowalk info along to my friend @aakin in Las Vegas, maybe he can make the journey to join in the fun :).

  • Jack Rice

    Sure the photowalk’ll be great fun for all those who go.

    But yes, Hans Zimmer is very good, some great tracks. Though do find quite a lot of it sounds the same, found some medley mixes of his stuff, but you don’t know when it’s a different track because of how similar they are :P great studio though, can imagine it being captured brilliantly in HDR though.

    Nice sunrise shot, and the flame pit is cool too, looks warm.

  • Jim

    HDR Workshop Tampa – Water fountain with FIRE in it…. well almost. You have the golden glow down pat. Great job.


  • my.

    Hi Trey! First heard about you through Scott Bourne. Couldn’t make it out to your workshop in Florida. So I’m excited that you’ll be out here. See you at the photo walk!

  • Rick

    I’m in… making the trek from Phoenix

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/avcellshots/sets/72157622918118004/ Charlie Essers

    Arg! I would love to come, but live in the High Desert… that would be a 270 mile RT. Please come back soon, Trey, and do another one!

  • http://focus.tracinglight.com/ Daniel Peckham

    Very cool! I live in the area, and hope to make it to the photowalk as long as my schedule permits. Will try hard to make it. @danielpeckham

  • http://www.stuckincustoms.com Stuck In Customs

    Thanks all – see you soon! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/LaWatha-Wisehart/764812052 LaWatha Wisehart

    Yes, please, I’d love to attend! I live in WA State, but I’m going on a little 3 day cruise arriving back in Long Beach on the 15th- should be able to stall a bit in the LA area and attend the walk. How exciting!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/LaWatha-Wisehart/764812052 LaWatha Wisehart

    Oh rats- the FB page says “the 17th” and I assumed it was Feb 17th. I now see it’s actually Jan 27… right? Darn it! I’m in Pensacola, FL on a road trip. Rats, I guess I can’t make it afterall. : (

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gary-Mumaw/1024626377 Gary Mumaw

    The 27th might be nice. A storm is coming through but should be gone by the 27th. Nice clean air. Love Zimmer, my top score of his is from Malick’s “The Thin Red Line.”

  • kathy

    i’m hoping to be there – just hoping it doesn’t rain. but then again, the reflections would be cool. :)

  • Liza Raymond

    Oh goody goody a field trip…great reason to ditch work early…shhhh!

  • Sherman Lee

    Yes, please, I’d love to attend!

  • http://www.carpediemphotography.net Dave Nesthus

    I’m gonna really try to be there!

  • mickael

    very nice, i like that way of changing the photo without making it too much fake, i am actually learning on HDR on http://www.photoserge.com it’s a french cite very interesting ! hope you continue this great work !

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  • Hector

    That is an awesome sunset, wish I could go someday to a photowalk with you, there is a lot to learn.

    Kind regards

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  • Jim D.

    Looks like a crowd–maybe we should meet at Anaheim Stadium…See you at the pier on the 27th!

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