Red Temple Under in the Moon Forest

New Weekly Print Now Available

There is a new Limited Edition Numbered Print available. As always, prices start at $99 for the smaller paper numbered print and then go up if you want a giant canvas on your wall at home. We just got done showing a bunch of these amazing canvases at the book party in Chicago – they always look so impressive in person!

The print today is a summer reflection of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming across a high-running stream. While I was shooting this, a buffalo snuck up on me from behind. Those things are so big and quiet, it is a little unnerving! There is more info about the process on the Prints page as well.

The Grand Tetons

Daily Photo – Red Temple in the Moon Forest

Most people don’t know this, but I wrote a novel about 15 years ago. The reason no one knows about it is because it was so awful that no one would publish it. I printed out the first few chapters of the book, sent them to countless publishers, and then received countless rejections. I should have saved of them. It was quite depressing at the time, and it only took me 14 years to get over it.

Anyway, I bring this up because part of the story was based in Kyoto, Japan, where this temple is located. I had never been there before, but this is exactly how I always pictured it: peaceful, still, natural, ancient, with the soft sounds of the woods echoing around the old wood. It’s a wonderful place. I’ve done my best to capture the feeling of the place. I only hope I’ve come close to succeeding.

Red Temple in the Moon Forest

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  • Patrick Ahles

    The wet pavement really adds to the picture. Great shot, Trey!

  • Gail Moshier

    Both photos are superb. If I were rich and had more wall space, I would love the photo you have for sale. We have been past the Tetons many times. Beautiful area!!! And the Red Temple is a beautiful photo, love all the colors. A agree with Patrick, the wet pavement reflecting all the color is great!!! Great job, once again, thanks for sharing!!!!

  • Deyson

    Try to republish the your novel in e-book form, you never know.

    Great picture, It is beautiful and yes you capture its calm.

    Thank you

  • http:[email protected]/ bsimak
  • Darrin

    Great pictures. I love the reflection on the river.

  • Morten Kristoffersen

    Hi, Trey :)
    Thank´s a lot for sharing these wonderful pictures. With great interest I’v been reading your reviews of camera equipment. In near future I go for Nikon D700 and two of your recommended lenses. I also need an computer (Mac) for processing pictures. Any recommendation? Which spec? What about iMac 27″?
    Best regards Morten K

  • casusan

    Beautiful Trey – just how I pictured it too!

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks everyone –

    Morten – that 27″ is a sweet machine – I highly recommend it – think about how often you will use it – it’s a great purchase!

  • Morten Kristoffersen

    Thanks again, Trey!
    I´m set in fire by seeing your HDR pictures! Now I just go for both the Nikon and Mac 27″. I really appreciate your tips very much and are longing as a little boy to process my first HDR pictures :) I guess we will speak more, Trey!!

  • MiddleAgedWomanBlogging

    Do you need an assistant? I’ll pack my bag and be ready tomorrow. I just want to visit these amazing places and learn to see them through your eyes!

  • Brian

    Excellent temple shot, Trey! I’d love to adopt Japan as my home-away-from-home. I spent many years there in the military and have a plethora of images. Sadly, I haven’t been there since 2001 or so…well before the advent of accessible digital HDR capabilities. Your image inspires me to conspire a return trip soon!

  • Mikhail

    Great pictures and great website. It might be Fushimi Inari Taisha.

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