The Rainy Forest in Hakone

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Daily Photo – The Rainy Forest in Hakone

Hakone is a wonderful and remote part of Japan. The bullet train only took me so far before I switched to a smaller series of trains to get me out to this spot. It is nationally known as a place for rest and spiritual relaxation. I was already on vacation, so I decided to double down and take a vacation from the vacation and super-relax. I spent the day out exploring places like this before retiring in the evening with the most intense hotbaths of my life.

A Rainy Day in Hakone

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  • Trey, with New Year’s Eve closing up with fireworks and all that, how would you recommend taking HDR pictures of fireworks? One single, long exposure, or several long exposures in bracketing?

  • Ali

    I recently ran into your site…I had no idea such a fantastical world of photography even existed. Nevertheless, I have begun my very own HDR endeavors after seeing your work. Thanks for the inspiration!

    On a note pertaining to the photograph; Japan is an extremely wondrous place and your photograph does a superb job exhibiting that beauty. It reminds me very much of the Pagoda forests in China (another amazing place). Thanks for sharing!

  • Japan is a wonderful place – I never made it to Hakone during my time there though 🙁 The forest looks home to all sorts of ghost sand spirits, very eerie feel to it!!

  • casusan

    Beautiful forest – that path does look tranquil!

  • I love the forest. The hot bath sounds great right about now.

  • What a cool spot.

  • It leads you on a walk back into the mists of time.

  • amazing and rly nice hDr (:

  • Thanks!

  • When will you come to Japan again?
    I’m in Osaka. Maybe I can give you a guide around kansai when you come visit next time.
    By the way, nice photo. Don’t feel like HDR processed photo at all

  • Thanks – I don’t know when I will be in Japan again – soon I hope! 🙂

  • Very pleasing HDR image. Nice job once again

  • That mist is quite amazing!

  • Great thinking! That really beakrs the mold!

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