Two Paths Through the Tangled Japanese Forest

The classic Taj Mahal photograph, Limited Edition Numbered Print now available

Every week we are releasing something new into the Print Gallery. Each on is a Limited Edition numbered print from 1 to 250, so when they are gone, they are gone. The paper prints start at a very affordable $99 and, if you want a large dramatic showpiece in your home or business, there are giant canvases available too.

We launched with only 20 prints, and this dramatic photograph taken from the Taj Mahal is the next that is available in the collection.

Farewell India - The Taj Mahal

Daily Photo – Two Paths Through the Tangled Japanese Forest

The day in Kyoto had a steady light rain. When I was going through this forest, I was able to lower the umbrella. The little droplets seemed to get caught up in the upper canopy of the trees. Big drops would plop down from time to time, but it was kind of nice, in a storybook way.

I got to this point and couldn’t decide which way to go… which way would you have gone?

Two Paths Through the Tangled Japanese Forest

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