Drobo Contest – Comment to win!

Win a Drobo by adding a comment below about “How I would use my Drobo!” You can add something like:

  • “I want to use it to store photos of my family! I need them backed up safely!”
  • “The Drobo is so big, I can keep all my movies and digital assets on it!”
  • “I want to store pictures of LOLCats, and I have 30 million of those stupid things.”

The Prize:

An awesome four-drive Drobo – the best kind with Firewire 800 and USB 2.0. More product info here.

Consolation Prize:

Well, you can go ahead and claim it RIGHT NOW if you wish, use the code “DROBOHDR” to get $50 off. You can buy right from the Drobo page linked here.

Contest Details

  • Starts: Now!
  • Ends: December 21st Midnight CST
  • Winner: Randomly selected from the comments using a random number generator.
  • Entries: One per person.


Thanks everyone! We had 1589 entries get in under the wire.

The winner, chosen at Random.org , was 1253, Izac.

Izac’s information has been sent to Drobo, and they will ensure he gets a shiny new Drobo!

If you lost, you can still use the code “DROBOHDR” to get $50 off! Purchase from Drobo here.

How I use my Drobo

I’ve been using my Drobo for well over a year to back up everything! If I were to lose my photos because of a hard drive crash, I’d be lost. Just lost. And not just my most important portfolio photos, but also the very important ones from my family. You can read more on my Drobo Review page.

Here are a few of the mission-critical photos that I store on the Drobo!

Winter is Coming

Alone at the Taj

An Evening Stroll Around the Cabin

The Pinewood Derby - He Cried When we Lost
Here is my son and I after the Pinewood Derby. He cried when he lost… So did I, of course… how can you not?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Juan-Pablo-Gonzlez-Ruiz/37614170 Juan Pablo González Ruiz

    I would use my drobo to be able to sleep at night without panic about my photos.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/bougher7/ tom b

    I need a Drobo to store all of the pictures I take now, so I can look back and cringe, assuming I might actually improve my photography at some point in my life.

  • casusan

    Cool contest Trey! Great pic of you and Ethan – hope the book is going great!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/jordanbstead/ Jordan

    I would use my Drobo to feel safe and secure about the place I trust my photos to remain.

  • Joe Demartino

    I would use my Drobo to back up the 18,000 images i have scattered across 3 hard drives. I really need a Drobo.

  • Itismemc

    I would use my Drobo to store my digital dobro music….

  • Facebook User

    I might use a Drobo to store my pictures but it’s also decoration object in a room no?

  • Matt

    I have 4 different hard drives right now, storing all kinds of different images and backup documents, it sounds like a Drobo would be great to organize it all in one spot!

  • Cheryl McGregor

    I would love a drobo and would use it to back up fun stuff like my photos, videos, music, and genealogy research. And the boring but important stuff like finance and other documents. :-)

  • John Metcalf

    Very cool contest. With the Drobo, I would be able to complete my trifecta of backup solutions—basic external hard drive, online backup, and Drobo. Sweet.

  • Facebook User

    I’d use it to make sure I don’t lose my photos of my daughters and wife due to a hard drive crash.

  • Mike

    I would use the drobo to replace my big, clunky PC running a RAID-1 Array as a networked backup of all my photos.

  • Facebook User

    Yes! The DROBO would be ideal for keeping my LOLCATS safe!

  • Feras Arabiat

    I would use my drobo to store all my memories on.

  • Laurent

    I would keep all my schoolwork – and my picture – safe. I never want to loose a paper after working so many hours on it.

  • http://lens.kirantarun.com Kiran

    I would store all my family and personal treasures for my future generation. Of course, safely tucked in a drobo :)

  • Dazfl

    I would use a drobo because I’m a gadget geek! :-)

  • Stephen

    I would use a Drobo to take over the World Pinky!


    ps. Keep up the great work!

  • Bill Olney

    I would use my Drobo to backup all my pictures.
    Great photos!

  • http://www.keithsmileyphoto.com/ Keith Smiley

    I want to use my drobo to back up my photos at least 32 times so I never lose my Baltimore or any other photos AGAIN!

  • http://www.socialphototalk.com Aaron Hockley

    I would use my drobo to provide yet another layer in my “can’t ever be too paranoid” backup strategy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Squid-Vicious/671714409 Squid Vicious

    I would use my drobo to have a backup for my drobo off site at my parents place. Because 1 backup isn’t enough for a life of memories and HDR’s.

  • Melvin Montevirgen

    I just want a DROBO for X’mas! – Congratulations on launching your new book!

  • Robin Lee

    Drobro resonates, liberates, and safeguards; do I have any worry?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Colby-Brown/23901455 Colby Brown

    I would use a Drobo to backup my entire photography catalog.

  • http://vicky-photoexpression.blogspot.com/ Vicky

    I want to use my Drobo for save backup of my photo and video.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hartkopf/706975105 Ryan Hartkopf

    I’d use a Drobo as a cigar humidor, or to back up design projects. Probably the latter.

  • Richard

    I am in dire need of more storage space for my digital files, more importantly a back up for my thousands of photo’s.

  • Jonathan Feldman

    I could really use it to keep all my work files and my photos safe.

  • Philip

    i would use my Drobo to backup my moms computer, my brother computer, my sister in laws computer, my girlfriends computer, and my computer. 4TB drives should due

  • http://meghanbenge.com Meghan Benge

    i need a drobo to store photos of pretty ponies.

  • http://www.ballengerphotos.com James

    I would use my drobo to streamline my workflow. I’m an upstart semi-pro photographer and I have work stored on three different drives. A drobo would make my life a lot easier.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Trevor-Driscoll/1282410018 Trevor Driscoll

    I need a Drobo to keep taking pictures :'( Im pretty much out of space and I can’t bare to get rid of any of the oldies!

  • http://elbelbelb2000.blogtog.com Eugene

    I’d use the Drobo to store more than 50,000 of my photos! I already have six external hard drives, but I do think a Drobo would help in consolidating my files into one place :)


  • http://www.web-print.ca Daniel Doan

    I would love to use Drobo to manage my family’s home computers.

  • http://liangzz.blogspot.com Chew Yu Liang

    I would use my Drobo to store all my picture!! i need it badly.. coz i like to take pictures.. and there are insufficient space in my hard disk already!!

  • Valentyn Siniak

    I lost a couple of year worth of pics when I moved… Won’t happen with my DROBO!

  • Scott

    I would use a drobo to help out my mum, lord knows she needs it.

  • RECD Designz

    I would use a Drobo as a centerpiece of conversation because it is a thing of beauty!

    Oh, and I’d also use it for pics and other stuff.

  • http://anthonydunster.com Anthony

    I would use the Drobo to consolidate the 2 TB of data that I already have scattered across 7 different hard drives.

  • http://luisgracia.com/photoblog/category/hdr/ Luis Gracia

    I would use my Drobo to display my shiny camera in a cool looking pedestal with blinking lights. Oh, and to safeguard the pictures taken with it.

  • Lauren

    I would use my Drobo to store all the photos my husband sends me while he’s deployed.

  • http://www.cloudburststudios.com Kevin Butler

    I would use the Drobo to backup my terabyte of video footage so that next time when my hard drive crashes I don’t lose anything. While I’m at it, I would also back up all my pics and music and programs. I hate having 6 external hard drives taking up my desk. The Drobo is so much better…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/R-Alex-Lewis/1163182171 R Alex Lewis

    I would use my Drobo as an in house backup to the backup drives with 70,000 + pictures & counting. It would also make great NAS for my better half who always asks “Honey where are the pictures from “x”? They’re in the Drobo dear! :-)

    Thanks for the chance Trey

  • http://www.amore-infinito.com adriana durian

    I would feed my new Drobo with all my images, videos, music and documents that I’ve amassed in the past 6 years…. and I would sleep well…

  • http://www.coreyann.com Corey Ann

    Drobo drobo drobo… I need you badly today.
    Drobo drobo drobo… if I don’t get you I will pay.
    *sung to dreidel dreidel dreidel which is stuck in my head*

  • Phil

    I’d use the drobo as expandable redundant storage to replace my aging RAID 1 array.

  • http://GeekDad.com Ken Denmead

    I’m running a moderately successful blog from home and could really use a Drobo to back-up all my podcast and video assets!

  • http://www.mdsimages.com Michael S. / MDSimages

    I would use that Drobo as a redundant backup for all of those images I have processed by using your cool tutorial :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Miguel-Torres/1144560431 Miguel Torres

    I would use it to backup all of my photography, music, and films which span across 4 hard drives!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kenneth-Lee/539472711 Kenneth Lee

    I would use Drobo cuz I can’t be bothered to build my own RAID backup system.

  • Carl

    I would use my Drobo as a time capsule – somewhere to store all my pictures, videos and writing, and 20 years in the future come back to it all again.

  • http://www.twitter.com/johnsokol John Sokol

    Oh Boy! A Drobo… I would love use to use it to back up all my photos and files….DUH! They also look cool and could improve my image AND I heard they can also supplement as an easy bake oven in a pinch!

  • Curtis

    I’d use the drobo to uh.. fund the purchase of a drobo s!

  • http://flickr.com/polsphoto Pol Santos

    I would be able to free up all the space on my laptop hard drive and put all my event photos in the drobo. And all my portraits and just be able to have peice of mind that all my files are backed up somewhere instead of always being nervous that ym hard drive will fail and I will loose all my photos.

  • http://www.alanhessphotography.com Alan Hess

    I would use it to backup my concert images which are now backed up on a drobo and I am running out of space even with 4 x2 GB drives.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/c0wgrass Mark

    Will use one drive for movies and the other three for photo storage.
    Grats on your book.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ron-Lute/1005357329 Ron Lute

    I would use the Drobo to all our image files and not lose a year’s worth of work that I lost middle of 2009. Cause it won’t happen with a Drobo.

  • http://Www.Biseltech.com Bryan Bisel

    I would use a Drobo to centralize all of my photos and replace 2 aging computers that store my photos and data across 5 drives of different sizes.

  • Russ Taylor

    I would sure find that handy for storing all my favorite movies and photographs! (Especially the raw files… Those get kinda big…)

  • http://www.stillpixels.com Kristen Ashton

    I would love to know that all my hard work is safe, that I’ll never lose any photos and everything will be there whenever I need it.

  • Ted Doherty

    I would use the drobo to not only back up my photos but help me get organized as well. Peace of mind knowing where everything is and that it’s all safe is what I’m looking for.   Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Emil

    I would use a Drobo to store thousands of my family photos that are hogging my computer. I’ve never won any online giveaways before and I hope this be the first.

  • http://www.starlightrunner.com Jeff Gomez

    My artists and writers express themselves in such beautiful ways, I actually take copies of their work and store them off-site so that I can keep them as safe as I can — like a dragon hidden in the wilds of New Jersey, the Drobo would protect this treasure trove for us all…

  • Brett Bouwer

    I would use the drobo to make a backup of my family, vacation,and college classes photos that if my current hard drive died they would be all gone, That drobo could make me a back up copy.

  • Jess

    I have tons of photos and music to backup, this would be great!

  • Joe B.

    I want to use a Drobo to store photos of my family and my music. I need them backed up safely!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sandy-Redding/598307875 Sandy Redding

    The Drobo looks so adorable. I’d put it in my pocket and take it on adventures.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hans-Mast/698198325 Hans Mast

    I have 4 TB of SATA drives in my computer that store my 25 MB apiece RAWs, my 200 MB PSDs, and my multi-gigabyte HD videos. I have such a hard time keeping backups balanced between my various SATA drives that I have hooked up to USB converters. A Drobo would vastly simplify my life as I could stick those internal/external drives into one device that creates a single volume and provides redundancy. Also, I can slow swap out my small drives for bigger ones as I continue merrily shooting.

    btw, that coupon code for Drobo’s site is case-sensitive. It doesn’t work in lower case.

  • http://jgriffinstewart.com Griffin Stewart

    I would use my Drobo to back all my photos, movies, and files. I am always running out of space and and am also always paranoid about hard drive failure so I have multiple hard drives all over the place and am never sure every file is backed up to at least two. The Drobo would ensure all files are stored and backup up safe and sound. I also Travel a lot, so the Drobo would provide a home base of files that I could borrow from when on the move.

  • http://range.wordpress.com/ range

    I’d use my Drobo to backup my photos. I have GB worth of photos on different hard drives and a Drobo looks like a great idea to backup photos.

  • Chris

    It would be so nice to be able to back up all my photos and videos!

  • http://www.awhoward.imagekind.com Andrew Howard

    I am a photography student so I would be using the Drobo to back up all my pictures for class assignments. When i graduate and get into a photo career it would grow with me and help me backup all my important work!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tim-Chen/29102029 Tim Chen

    I’ll use it as my time machine to backup everything! Redundancy on a backup! sweet!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Al-Pavangkanan/3320617 Al Pavangkanan

    I would hook up my drobo to my DVR and record lots of TV shows.

  • Facebook User

    I would use my Drobo to record all of my hamster images. I love hamsters!

  • http://alfanick.biz Amadeusz Jasak

    I would use it as my photos main drive – lots of DNGs weight lots.

  • http://www.otrasrutas.com Emily

    Wow, what a technological beauty! I would use this for my burgeoning music collection as well as to back up all of my travel photography!

  • George S

    The Drobo would be the perfect solution for a backup of my images. Thanks for this contest.

  • http://amusingfool.blogger.com/ AMusingFool

    I would force my dad to use the drobo to back up all of HIS pictures. And I’d get mine, while I was at it.

  • http://www.ajzphoto.com Aaron Zeller

    I would use my drobo as a cloud to catch me if my hot air hard drive ever stops hanging on to whatever is making it make that clicking noise…

  • Ricky

    If you saw my setup I wouldn’t have to write a comment on what I would do with a Drobo. My damn DAM is damned. Honestly my situation is so crazy I don’t even know what to do or where to start if I threw a new drive or another wire into the mix . I’m willing to give it a shot though.

    Does anyone know of any software for Mac OSX that would sync multiple folders and files over multiple drives. I’m not looking for a clone like superduper but something that when I add a file or change a file it will sync on all drives. Thanks Twitter.com/DynamicImage

  • http://www.bitchlikeageologist.com Elyse

    Hmm…how would I use a Drobo? Two words: thesis research. I’m supposed to be getting my M.S. by May, and we all know how fickle computers can be. With a Drobo, I’ll have a huge safety net that’ll keep everything I need in the right place.

    …as well as those 10,000 silly internet pictures that I CANNOT live without. ;)

  • http://photoblog.machintruc.be chris

    I would use my Drobo for backed up safely +++
    Merry christmas

  • http://ajbourg.com AJ

    I have this strange hobby of collecting funny videos off the internet and saving them to my harddrive. Usually of cats. And I could really use the extra space for my, ehm, cat video collection. ;-)

  • http://photofacade.com wil

    I would use my drobo to back-up my wife…she is always forgetting the tidbits of knowledge that I offer that are simply “GOLD”…

    Now i just need to replace the underwire in her bra with Firewire…for compatibility and we are golden…

    bring the drobo on…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erik-Ellison/500019772 Erik Ellison

    I really need a better back up solution for my family photos and videos and a Drobo would be perfect.

  • http://www.whitehotphoenix.com White Hot Phoenix

    I’ve been wishing for a Drobo for quite some time! :D

  • http://photoblog.johnharmonwright.com/pixelpost/index.php John Wright

    With a Drobo I would take more pictures since I could keep expanding it.

  • ryan

    I will use a drobo to backup my mac, store my raw photo files and to allow me to backup my 800 plus dvd collection onto my mac.

  • http://flickr.com/moog55 peter schenk

    I’d use my Drobo to consolidate over 5 computers and 12 hard drives worth of photos, digital music that i’ve purchased as well as created. Having a single safe, reliable, and expandable storage device will provide the piece of mind that I’ve been missing. I’ll also be able to donate the old laptops to local charities and free up some space in my office. Everyone wins.

  • http://photos.fklee.name Frédéric Klee


    would like to use a drobo, nice system, change disk as you like when you want. And always doing so much photos
    Thanks !


  • Jessica

    I would use it to store all of our family photos.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anna-Brzik/1570765466 Anna Brózik

    I love the idea of a contest like that, and i would really need some storage space to organize and backup my photos, because right now, t hey are scattered all over the place… :)

  • http://drumsnwhistles.com/ Karoli

    I lost 2 years and 20,000 photos earlier this year because of a failed backup drive with no redundant backup somewhere else. I need a Drobo so that never, ever happens again.

  • http://heathcarney.com Heath

    I lost 18 months worth of photos when my hard drive crashed a couple of years ago. I’m starting to run out of space to store the HDDs and DVDs that I’ve been using since. I would use a Drobo to consilidate all of those files.

  • tim

    I would use a Drobo and Backblaze together for the ultimate storage system!

  • Kutgun

    I would use it to remember stuff, like how sad it is that I’m going to be missing your talk at B&H tomorrow because I have a final…and happier memories.

  • http:[email protected] Travis MacKenzie

    I would use a Drobo to stop having to burn DVD’s of photos that I take that usually fill up my iMac’s hard drive. I seemed to have misplaced some of the DVD’s. Oops.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Horande/557606779 Daniel Horande

    I think i would use my Drobo to….mmmmm…. to….. Backup… wait, what im going to back up? ….. mmm… Maybe Pictures of course… i think i would back up all my MP3 data too, ive spent a lot of time downloading all that music!… hehe

  • Cory Mcnabb

    I would use a Drobo to store all my media, as my current external hard drive, is close to death.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alejandro-Cynowicz/1387480121 Alejandro Cynowicz

    The filename counter on my camera reset some days ago (at IMG_9999), so after more (actually already a lot more) than ten thousand pictures I don’t seem to be slowing down, all the opposite. But every picture taken is a potential headache if it ever gets lost. So a Drobo would give me the peace of mind that every picture captured is safe.


  • http://www.munnphotography.com Eric Munn

    I will backup all the photos that I can’t seem to stop photoshopping. :)

  • http://koesbong.com Koes Bong

    I would use the Drobo as a redundant backup system for my photo files.

  • Kelvin

    I’d use my Drobo for peace of mind when traveling, knowing there’s a backup of critical stuff at home when my MacBook Pro goes with me… in case it gets lost, stolen, or broke… just an overall easy feeling.

  • Philip Kuryloski

    I would use a Drobo to store and protect my photos & videos, and to backup my software projects for my startup company.

  • Sascha

    I would use the drobo to store all my critical data! Photos, documents and stuff like that! It’s a good piece of equipment I would really love to use!

  • http://www.klausphotos.com ben

    great site!

  • pradeep dasarathan

    Drobo will save me from having some many drives hanging around my environment. Great piece of hardware. Looking forward for one.

  • Mike fiechtner

    I would use the drobo to put my coffee cup on. What a great coaster. Oh and I guess I would back up my photos too.

  • costas

    dear santa,

    since i was a good boy this year, i would like to win the drobo contest from stuck in customs. not sure yet what i am going to store in it, most probably all my unimportant data.. anyway.. hope you made it this year!

    take care.

  • http://www.wichmannstories.blogspot.com Mark

    Wow, didn’t even know this existed – so thanks. External drive failure is something that I warned about often, usually with the statement “Not all of our photos are on Flickr, we need to make sure that we don’t lose all of the others.” We’ve got 3 externals now holding files, but not all duplicated for complete safety – this Drobo seems the perfect solution, something we will definitely look into…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Patrick-Ahles/610098261 Patrick Ahles

    Oh, were would I be without a Drobo? Well, I already know, since I don’t have one: I’m nowhere! Like others I just have some external drives, but syncing them is such a pain. A Drobo would surely make my life easier!

    PS: since you don’t mention anything about being a US resident and such, I guess this contest is open to all the world?

  • http://twitter.com/jhanink Joe Hanink

    well, I just quit my software engineering job and am now trying to become a wedding photographer. Man, this is not easy. I want to do work like Michael Soo and Ed Pingol. Those guys produce exquisite imagery. I will absolutely be needing drobo for the mountains of raw shots off my canon 5d mk2.

  • http://www.leirdal.net/blog Jon Leirdal

    I would use my Drobo like this. I would mount it at my little brothers place and connect to it over the internet in order to have an offsite backup of all my photos and documents.

  • Mike Diblicek

    I would place the Dobo on it’s back, take out the 4 Disc Drives, and use it as toaster.

    Green light ready for the bread
    Orange light bread toasting
    Red light bread toasted,

    Blue light flashing changr bread immediately.

    Hey lets have some fun eh!!!!!!!!


  • http://davidgp.com David GP

    I want to use my drobo to be able to just have one external Hard Drive, not a lot of small ones, that I constantly have to upgrade buying new usb/firewire hubs each few months.

  • Mike Diblicek

    I hope this is not only for Us customers


  • http://twitter.com/SnakDada SnakDada

    I would most likely use it for all my pictures, presentations of stuff I’ve made (videos, cartoons etc.)
    Have never owned something similar, but no doubt it’s handy to have.

  • http://www.twitter.com/buckleyhome11 James Buckley

    As my mum always said “ought for nought”.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/visualideas/ Henrik Sundholm

    Sweet! I would use my Drobo primarily to store my endless pile of photos that just keeps on growing. Today I only have a small harddrive, and I have to burn then on dvd:s all the time. It’s messy, expensive and inaccessible. A Drobo would sure make things easier!

  • http://www.yeahmanh.com Quoc

    I’d def use my Drobo for backing up my back up hard drive as I’ve had it crash on me a time before. =/

  • http://blog.joggink.be joggink

    I would use my drobo for storing my life. Everything I do gets digitized in some kind of way that it scares me losing all my precious photos, videos, work, etc… It would definitely come in handy. At least I could then unplug my extra HD from my time capsule that’s already crammed with data

  • http://www.useatripod.com Scott Ward

    The Drobo is so big, it will prop my big door open or allow me to reach stuuf in the high cabinet!

  • http://kevoto.com Kevin

    I would use my drobo to back up all of my photos so that I know that they will always be safe.

  • Fabian

    I would finally be able to sleep with out angst again. Furthermore I think, the drobo and me, we would be some nice buddys.

  • Hugo

    I’m so sick of hdds dying and losing data. I try to keep everything important on more than one drive, but it’s far too manual a process. I’d use the Drobo to do this work for me, like a good robot.

  • Kevin

    I am currently in negotiations with my PC to upgrade to the Sony A900, but it being a 24 megapixel camera, the hard drives are giving me flak about it. The PC is a tough cookie to negotiate with and only a Drobo will do apparently. What can I do but comply if I want to go full frame?

  • http://witharock.com Dan P

    I would use my Drobo to back up my evil plans of world domin-

    family photos. just, family photos.. of course…

  • http://www.larseberhart.com Lars

    As I grow older, my memory fades, so I trust Drobo to keep my stuff!

  • Shane Kelly

    Well, apart from being well cool, the DROBO could replace all the skanky, bare USB drives I have tethered to my Mac, and earn me brownie points with the wife -and that has to be worth a comment!

  • http://dantarrant.co.uk Dan Tarrant

    I want to use a Drobo to store photos of my family! I need them backed up safely! The photos that is, not my family! ;-)

  • http://www.depuhl.com Pascal Depuhl

    I would use my DROBO to back-up the backup’s of my back ups.

  • http://dbau.byethost13.com davide

    I would use the DROBO to backup all the backups of backups that I have!

  • http://www.takkiwrites.com Birgit

    The DROBO would be the perfect backup solution for a professional photog. I guess I must have one.

  • http://www.kevinpepin.com Kevin Pepin

    I would use the Drobo to replace my 4 external USB My Book drives that are all almost full.

  • Floyd Butz

    I would use a drobo two-fold; store lightroom catalog, digital music collection, and important school documents. Then I would use it to also backup all of those documents so that I can remove them from the misc thumbdrives, harddrives, and other media they are currently on! I need a drobo!!

  • Gerry Mos

    I’d use my Drodo to ensure that life’s memories are not lost even when I loose mine.

  • http://www.skreid.com Stuart Reid

    I would use the DROBO just to have piece of mind that EVERYTHING is backed up.

  • http://bigornot.blogspot.com Matthieu

    I would use DROBO to store all my RAW files ! No need to delete them anymore after processing ! :)

  • Frank Coleman

    I would use this free Drobo to keep me from maxing out my credit card on equipment,,,, again.

  • Edward

    I would use my Drobo to store all the HDR pictures I have attempted!

  • http://www.brightphotos.co.uk mike bright

    I would use DROBO because its SAFE SAFE SAFE and thats what I want.

  • http://morgancopeland.com morgan copeland

    The Drobo looks awesome. It would solve my back up problem-it would give me one. I edit pictures and video. It takes up more space than I thought… I sooooo hope I get it. I am already drooling.

  • http://ulsterwalker.blogspot.com Keith

    I would use the Drobo as a place mat for putting my cups of tea on, maybe also for some file storage.
    Cheers for the comp dude!

  • Facebook User

    I would use the Drobo as a decoration device on my desktop (^_~)

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenskirch Jens Kirch

    I would use my Drobo to extend my urgently needed storage capacity … especially since buying that 5D mkII the RAW data and HD video is killing me.

  • http://www.encapsulated.org/blog/ Tom Van Herreweghe

    A Drobo would be handy for many things: storing my photos, backing up my work, store my music so it would be accessible on my home network, stream and store movies for my media center, … Lots of uses.

  • Wilson Whitaker

    I would replace my shrink with the Drobo and finally be able to sleep again at night!

  • http://www.flickr.com/cliffbaise Cliff Baise

    I would use my Drobo as a Horadric Cube. I would use it to transmute my gemstones and runes into more powerful ones.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pam-Kulp/1347690256 Pam Kulp

    Finally! A way to safely store my photos and personal data! It would be wonderful to have peace of mind knowing my photos were safe… plus it would “lighten” the load on my computer! lol

  • http://www.studiotempura.com Chris

    My time machine HDD is getting dangerously close to full… I would use my Drobo as a much needed replacement.

  • http://iloominimages.com iloomin

    I’m storing all my photo files on multiple external drives and all the work is manual. I need a safer way to store those files. I need a DROBO!

  • http://qixotic.blogspot.com Richard Haber

    I would use my Drobo as yet another heat source for my cats. Maybe I will be able to reclaim my keyboard and mouse then and get some work done

  • http://thephotogeek.com Matt

    I’d use the Drobo to safely store all those precious photos of my family. We’ve been through some tough times but I’d hate to lose our visual records of even a single moment of it.

  • Alexander Scharnweber

    I would use my Drobo as a one-stop solution for photo backup, replacing my current external drive + twin DVD storage scheme for each image. Well, perhaps I would stay with the off-site DVDs…

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/racelaphotography Angelo Racela

    I would use the Drobo to backup my photos and videos… and also to replace my growing collection of external hard drives! 5 external drives and counting!! :o)

  • http://creatingimages.tumblr.com Greg Lipari

    When I get my drobo, I can stop cooking my breakfast eggs on my laptop, and switch to the hard drive….after I back everything up. :)

  • Bob Oesterlin

    Been looking at the Drobo for a while. I’ll be able to safely backup all my sons basketball photos and all the other digital memories. And let’s not forget all the fantastic work on this site!

  • http://www.martijnsmeetsfotografie.nl Martijn Smeets

    Well… I currently have four external drives sitting on my desktop, which are used to store my own photography, the family photo collection and a collection of family video’s, as well as some music and so on. It would be nice to replace those drives with a single Drobo and use the other drives as an alternative for my current remote backups at other locations!

  • Facebook User

    I would use my Drobo as back-up for all my pictures… I’ve got several thru the year, and I am always scared of losing them :( It is simple I just need it! :)

  • Chris S

    I would use my drobo to back up my ever growing photo library to ensure it is safe and secure…

  • http://photographybyLauraLee.com Laura

    I would use the Drobo as a backup and to clean out some of the older photos on my hard drive so I can fill it up again.

  • Mike

    With a Drobo I could cut back on the multiple DL DVD backups required for peace of mind. I now have a 6 step process for assuring multiple copies of my photos. A Drobo would allow me to reduce this to one.

  • http://www.roomurdock.com Roo Murdock

    I’d use it to backup all my photos (40,000+) and my mac (time machine) and maybe I can finally reclaim some space on my hard drive. Plus I’m sure the extra heat will make the cats happy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jamie-A-MacDonald/682731292 Jamie A MacDonald

    I’d use it to reduce the number of external drives I have scattered across my workspace. I have 5 drives on my desk and it’s annoying to have to sift through 5 drives looking for something, it’s also annoying to have so many cables everywhere!

  • Cheng

    I’d use Drobo as an excuse to never delete any photo ever again due to limited space.

  • http://www.chriswasher.com Chris

    I would use a Drobo to back up all those three-exposure bracketted RAW files that have grown to almost half a terabyte in only a few years!

  • Facebook User

    I would use my Drobo to organize my life’s media and my life so if somehwere down the line it is found in a time capsule some could make sense of it……

  • Alex

    The Drobo – a movie by the famous director
    Mr. P. Suvmind – out on DVD now-
    Happy Holidays to All.

  • Joe

    I’d be able to safely back up my Aperture vault and music library.

  • http:[email protected]/collections/ James

    I would love a Drobo so I could have centralized storage for all of my pictures and music. This would replace the multiple external hard drives I have on and under my desk, and make it easier to search my photos and give me piece of mind.

  • http://www.josh-photography.com Josh

    I would use a Drobo to back up copies or my thousands of photos, RAW images and huge PSD files. And at least for a while solve my problem of always running short of space for everything. (Only for a little while because… well I’ll always be shooting photos and continuing to fill up Hard Drives :P)

  • http://www.zenfolio.com/westindiangal Jean

    I haven’t travel as extensively as you have, but I’ve been to some pretty cool places and I would use the Drobo to back up those photos plus the images that are in my future.

  • http://www.phoque.de/ Nils

    I would use a drobo to replace my old, wonky backup solution consisting of a couple of messy old external harddrives.

    Keep up the good work!

  • http://BongartPhotography.com Yisroel

    I would use my Drobo to preserve the amazing portraits my father has taken.

  • Hans

    I would like a Drobo because I want to keep my photos forever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Arnr-Bogason/587321544 Arnór Bogason

    I’m a graphic design student and I have lots of work I would back up on the drobo, along with my travel photos and various other stuff.

  • David Woolston

    I would use the DROBO to keep from loosing everything! (eh digital that is…)

  • Anthony

    I would use my Drobo to show my current motley crew of hard drives how backup really works.

  • http://robertdonovanphotgraphy.com Robert Donovan

    I would use the Drobo for storage of my massively growing photo library. As of right now I’m about to run out of room on my existing infrastructure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Luc-Gerber/1267355468 Luc Gerber

    I would use my drobo to keep the pictures of my daughters safe.

  • Dustin Roberts

    I would use the Drobo to keep my travel pictures backed up. Also, I know I’ll be taking tons of pictures when my wife and I have kids, so something like this would be great to keep those backed up as well.

  • http://www.MuellersHome.com/blog Dean Mueller

    I’d use the Drobo to store the insanely large number of RAW images I’m shooting to do HDR!

  • http://ebringues.wordpress.com Enric

    I want to use it to back up all my raw hotos.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eric-Lau/8617941 Eric Lau

    I’d use it to counter my inability to delete anything from the computer.

  • http://www.design-farm.net A.C.

    backup for all my LOlcats picture?! Want it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lech-Birek/799390222 Lech Birek

    I would use Drobo to protect my data from the coffee which I tend to spill all over my desk (I hope it’s coffee-proof ;) )

  • Ande

    I write stories, I do design and photography work, and I also research my family tree, so I would use my Drobo to keep all these things that are precious to me safe.

    Thank you for a great competition, by the way.

  • RobW

    3 external hard drives, 3 internal hard drives, and and FTP server later, I still need help backing things up! A Drobo would make things so simple!

  • Leos

    My time capsule is full. I need a Drobo to back up all my stuff, especially all those RAW files and the giant TIFFS that are generated every time I edit my photos.

  • David Latour

    I would use a Drobo to keep my pictures of my brand new and first granddaughter that will be born on Dec 17th. I would also use it to keep all of my HDR Training pics I have taken safe as well.

  • Joe

    With a new baby on the way I can see my photo library multiplying rapidly. I currently store over 700 GB of photos on a secret network volume at the place I work. It would be nice be able to bring this all home on a Drobo and have it securely stored before someone finds out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adrian-Tudor-Panescu/1653807463 Adrian Tudor Panescu

    I would use a Drobo to keep all my documents, pictures, music and other stuff safe from the many blackouts that occur in my area.

  • Chris Murray

    I need a drobo to back up all the family and disney pics.

  • http://www.digitizedchaos.com rian

    well, to store all my media of course, all 1TB+ of them.. ^.^

  • http://www.claybolt.com/ Clay Bolt

    …because why stand for triplicate image back-ups when you can have…ummm…quadruplicate? Plus it looks really high-tech…Oh Drobo, I shall call you KITT!

  • http://joshchampagne.com/blog Josh

    I would use the drobo to keep my terabytes of data spread across way too many drives all in one spot.

  • http://www.places2explore.wordpress.com Talke Photography

    Drobo Arigato Mr. Ratcliffo! For my pics! Have fun in NYC!

  • John

    Puck after puck after puck photos and players on Drobo

  • http://wasatchreflections.com darrin

    After my computer crashed I became a real fan of backup. This would just give me one more tool to protect my photos.

  • http:[email protected]/ bsimak

    So if I see a frowny face on my Mac I can still smile because I won’t loose my junk. I’d have a belt and suspenders! :)

  • Marc

    like the internet, drobo is for pr0n.

  • http://fotografzahl.wordpress.com Timo

    I would use a drobo to automate and streamline the backup of my photos.

  • Joel Motylinski

    My current back up strategy for my images is flaky at best. I would use a Drobo to back up all my pictures and videos.

  • http://flickr.com/scottcoulter Scott Coulter

    Love to be able to get all my pics collected and organized in one place (currently spread over laptop, nearly-full USB drive, and an assortment of CDs and DVDs).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Timothy-Smith/1004816036 Timothy Smith

    I would use a drobo as a much needed replacement to my raid backup drives. Great contest Trey, look forward to receiving my copy of the book.

  • Victor Winklaar

    Drobo is peace of mind. Knowing that my data will always be protected, sure lets me sleep better at night.

  • Mike H

    I would take a picture of my Drobo and then store it on my new piece of hardware.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/wcamlin Wayne

    Wow, you certainly know how to generate comments on your blog. I’ve been wanting to get a Drobo for quite come time. I would use my Drobo as the ultimate backup solution and peace of mind for storing all my Lightroom catalogs. There is nothing else out there like it.

  • Eric Goodnough

    After losing a desktop this year (RIP), I would use drobo to back up my pretty new iMac and all the photos and video that will soon inhabit it!

  • Justin Preikschas

    I would use it to back up my tens of thousands of photos.

  • Kevin

    I would use my Drobo to back up my images! I currently have them on an external and luckily got them there a week before my backup hard drive failed! A Drobo would definitely keep my pictures secure. Once they are gone, they can’t be replaced as we all know too well!

  • Gimpat

    I would use my Drobo to finally have room to put more stuff and be free of back up issues.

  • Jennifer Moore

    I would use my drobo to back up my own files and not have to share with my husband, the space hog. :)

  • Justin Smith

    I would use the Drobo to back up family pictures. We lost a month of photo when my son was born and my wife still blames me to this day.

  • http://forgeover.com Tucker Bradord

    Oh Drobo, how I yearn for thee. You could solve my eternal storage growth need, over night. I would bequeath to thee my mp3s, videos, and photos and oh how you would grow and flourish in my care.

  • http://www.obrienstudios.com Pat OBrien

    I would be devestated if I lost my photos. I would use the Drobo to backup everything, from photos of my family, friends and some clients, to even my financial data. Going green has it’s price, and it’s price is hard drive space (which is cheaper than global warming)! :)

  • http://lifeemergent.com Jeff Slater

    Backing up photos and storing family videos. Important stuff!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Dale/1267934520 Robert Dale

    I would use a Drobo so I can keep all of my original RAW files and not need to convert to JPEG

  • Kevin Foster

    I would use the Drobo to replace my aging backup system.

  • http://www.gregpremru.com Greg Premru

    My life is digital. I must keep it SAFE on a Drobo!

  • Facebook User

    I would use a Drobo to back up and store all of my photos and videos. My hard drive is down to 3 Gig remaining, so it is time to unload the images and videos from the last 3 months!

  • William Littleton

    I would use the drobo to consolidate all my backups and trash all these old unreliable external drives laying around.

  • http://www.AndrewVPhotography.com Andrew

    I would use a Drobo to not have to deal with another hard drive crash that loses all of my stuff.

  • Jon Thompson

    I would use it to store my time machine backups, allowing me to keep years of history (paranoid? no, not me! Why are you looking at me that way!)

  • michelle

    I’d use a Drobo to back up my precious photos and digital creations. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • http://clarkgriffithsphotography.com Clark Griffiths

    My Macbook currently has 1.5 gb of hard disk space. Winning this drobo would allow me to have a state of the art backup system as well as free up much needed hard disk space on my computer.

  • Robert Swafford

    I would use a Drobo to backup all three computers in my house, most importantly all of the photos and video of my 2 year old son.

  • Lowell Franga

    I would use my Drobo to store all my cherished RAW files of the photos I have been taking in various locations of the world while working for the U.S. Army. I really need a Drobo! Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  • Travis

    I need a Drobo! I am still trying to recover from a hard drive crash 5 months ago, where I have lost over half of my artistic photo’s. Still trying to recover some of the other important information that was on that drive as well. BACKUP YOUR STUFF EVERYONE! IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!

  • http://www.rebekahwright.com Rebekah Wright

    I would use a Drobo to keep all my backups together instead of on 3 different hard drives and tons of DVDs!

  • http://www.carlvanrooy.com Carl

    I’ve had drives crash and I’ve had spyware that has caused me to have to reinstall windows. So I would use Drobo so I will never have to go through that dreadful mess again.

  • Ryan Locke

    I’m bouncing between the US and Mexico all the time taking photos–I’d use the Drobo to no longer worry about which external hard drive has which photos.

  • http://flickr.com/photos/akanksh sathya sayee

    I would use it to store all my HD videos and tons of photos of the past 8 years.

  • Isaac Hattem

    The Drobo would be the perfect device to replace the 7 Zip drives I currently use to back up my photos.

  • Kathy Odam

    After my external hard drive dropped last year and is now unreadable (unless I spend thousands to get it read) I have no record of my family photos when my daughter was a baby! This would be a wonderful way to consolidate everything we have from that point and on!

  • prosem

    I would love a Drobo to backup my work!

  • http://www.ralree.info Erik

    I’d use my drobo to store photos, and also my wikipedia mirror and hours of security camera footage. Oh, and all of Doctor Who, because that takes serious space.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Josh-Baker/1638735634 Josh Baker

    Better than J-e-l-l-o, it’s D-R-O-B-O.

    and now a haiku

    lost picture, precious
    memory. Photo more than
    Gold. Whisper, “Drobo”

  • http://www.focusedonlight.com Stephen

    Photos are priceless and you can never be over paranoid about the lose of them. Backup, Backup, Backup.

  • Ashlye

    I would love a Drobo to back-up all of the work I’ve been doing and not worry about my external hard drive crashing! I would LOVE a Drobo!!! :)

  • Matt Roe

    I need a Drobo to back up all my music and photos that are currently so dangerously stored.

  • Bob Taylor

    I need the Drobo as a life support system. If I lost the family photo’s from my Mac my wife would kill me!

  • Brian


  • http://photographybycraig.com CraigC

    I would love to sit this Drobo right next to the one I already have. These things are the greatest. I sleep great at night.

  • Pete

    Wow!! If nothing else, at least this entry has garnered you a TON of comments! :-)
    If I had a DROBO I’d probably set up/turn on Time Machine on my iMac, and store redundant backups of several thousand slide scan files I’ve been working on for during the past year. It’d be nice to have one, but right now my money needs to go into getting rid of student loans…
    Another thing that’d be nice to have is your new book, Trey, but I don’t have money even for it right now *sigh*. Maybe I’ll just have to spend an hour or two with it in Barnes & Noble some afternoon…

  • http://www.mattgrahamblog.com Matt

    I want a DROBO to help me get some sleep after hearing my friend’s pictures were lost the other day by a hard drive crash.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Zachary-Long/5132619 Zachary Long

    I need a Drobo to backup all of these DSLR photos! I bought a 500 gb external drive maybe a year ago as my “backup solution” but little did I know that getting into photography would mean 4-8 gb of RAW files every shoot! Add to that trying HDR which means in addition to the RAW files now I have a huge 100+ MB photoshop file to save as well. Help me!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Uchytil/501351240 Richard Uchytil

    I’d use a Drobo to backup all of my important stuff. Not just photos and video, but documents, mp3’s, anything I have digitally that I couldn’t afford to lose, which is a lot of stuff!

    BTW, awesome photo of you and your son! My son is in 2nd grade and in his 2nd year of Cub Scouts, I’m his den leader. I can relate to them not being happy when they don’t win. In my den I’m trying hard to emphasize fun not winning, the fun of building the car, showing it to friends, racing, and if you don’t win, learning from the experience so next year you can do better. It’s not easy but now and then it works. :)

  • http://bigjohnsonphoto.blogspot.com/ Doug Johnson

    Running out of space fast and need help!

  • Tom

    I do not own a computer, so my photos are currently spread across my work computer and work laptop, therefore winning a Drobo would allow me to quit my job and let me pursue my real dream of global domination. It all begins with the Drobo…

  • http://www.konfral.com/ Konfral

    I would use my Drobo as a backup storage for all my photos.

  • Carl Olson

    I would use a Drobo to store all my Aperture libraries, video clips, and other sparkly bits.

  • Paul A.

    My wife will kill me if we lose four years of memories of kids and travel !

  • http://www.wendypiersall.com Wendy Piersall

    I seem to go through computers like I do pencils. I have four old hard drives sitting around in external hard drive cases. I’d *love* a Drobo to consolidate it all and never worry about losing my data ever again!! :)

  • http://www.mercyshots.com PJ

    I would use my newfound Drobo as a theft deterrent for people who might steal my other Drobo. Drobos have a +5 attack bonus against thieves.

  • http://www.scottygraham.blogspot.com Scotty Graham

    For starters, I could use a Drobo to save all your comments you get when you run contests…priceless.

  • http://www.travisphotos.com Travis

    Mmm. a +5 Drobo versus Thievery. Who wouldn’t want that?

  • http://www.ZevEisenberg.com Zev Eisenberg

    I’d use a drobo to end my current backup strategy: one big drive for backup. When it gets full, promote it to online storage and get a bigger drive for backup. Seems kind of wasteful Drobo would definitely fix it!

    Oh, and with 34,000 photos before I’m even out of college, I’m going to need it!

  • http://lloydeldredge.com Lloyd

    I need a reliable system for storing and backing up my images. I’m too haphazard now, and ripe for disaster.

  • http://inatetucker.com Skinny Zhinni

    I will use it to backup my screenshots of my NBA Jam buzzer-beater shot. (And my photography library.)

  • http://www.thatedeguy.com thatedeguy

    I already have an offsite online backup, but it is limited in size. I’d love to have something local to back all my photos and such off to.

  • http://www.g3d.net Joel Gray

    I would use a Drobo at a friends house so that I could back up my files locally (from my Drobo) to his Drobo. Off-site storage makes so much sense, and who wouldn’t like to share a Drobo anyway?

  • Dana

    Place to store old family photos I’ve scanned in and the 26 slide carousels full of old slides that I’m scanning in as well. I LOVE photos and need somewhere to keep all the memories.

  • http://jprice.org Jason

    We’re about to get a Video camera for Christmas… the storage needs will grow exponentially, since my daughter is the cutest thing on earth, and will need lots of documentary evidence to back up that claim.


  • TJ Brinkman

    Oh Drobo, how I need thee. I would use my Drobo to consolidate all of my pictures, video, college papers, life lists, and important documents to ensure they are never lost. Drobo, please pick me!

  • http://www.creativebloke.com Mike Griggs

    I would use a drobo as a small tiny bread bin

  • http://www.freestonespirit.ca Mark Coffey

    I would use a drobo to look cool. Well, it can at least incease my coolness factor.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/gm_pentaxfan/ Glen

    I would use it to backup and archive all my HDR images that I have become addicted to creating.

  • http://themacattack.com Steve Stanger

    I would you the Drobo to consolidate my ever growing collection of digital media. More and more photos, movies, and music

  • http://wannabephotographer.wordpress.com Aaron Mast

    Backup. That’s what I’d use a Drobo for. We have four computers in our house, and only one has a good backup solution. I would figure out a good way so that all four computer could back-up to it.

    I also take lots of pictures, and am starting to get into DSLR video, so having a big storage device like the Drobo would be great.

  • Steve Belcher

    Drobo can replace my three USB 1 TB drives! I’m asking for trouble right now, save me Drobo!

  • Mike

    I would use Drobo to store a live image of my system… for instant recovery in case of HD failure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eduardo-R-Maciel/650083928 Eduardo R. Maciel

    The most important “asset” for me are my family pictures: my kids, parents, friends. And I need a trusted and reliable storage for it.

  • http://www.heymovehse.com/ Heymo

    I would use a Drobo to backup my pictures: Oodles of Gigabytes of RAW files.

  • Rachelle

    I would use Drobo to consolidate and back up all my pictures that are scattered across multiple hard drives and for the videos I’ve made and music and for all my critical files…it would be great!

  • jona

    The Drobo is so big, I could store all my images, movies and music on it! :)
    want to win ;)

  • http://www.morseimaging.com Alex

    I would use my drobo to brag and show off to my friends… and keep copious amounts of photos of course.

  • ed

    Today so many of our memories and important images, movies and words are digital. I would use the drobo to keep those safe and protected for the future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tommy-McConlogue/1309481749 Tommy McConlogue

    would use my drobo for time machine backups of the 7 macs in my house, a media file repository and a location for aperture vaults

  • http://sonitus.se Jonas Käck

    I would use it to backup my ever growing back catalog of projects! Photos, designs and documents.

  • http://www.jamesbrandon.cc James Brandon

    I would not use it back up stolen photos from you and use them for articles in the Huffington Post. Just so you know Trey, I sent a nasty email to them saying they are scum bags for deleting your comments and stealing your photos. Wankers…

  • Facebook User

    I would use the Drobo to keep the photos my son and I take safe and secure.

  • Kristen

    Thousands of RAW images take up a lot of room — so I’d use it to back those puppies up!!!

  • Jamie Starkel

    If I had a Drobo I would feel much better about my photos of my kids being safe from my poor aging computer.

  • John McIntosh

    My drobo would let me sleep at night!

  • http://www.niels-henriksen.blogspot.com/ My Camera World

    I would ue the drobo to back up all my vast collection of images.

    Niels Henriksen

  • http://fyrefly.smugmug.com Beci

    I would use my Drobo to consolidate ALL of my thousdands of pix into one place and create the most massive slideshow with all of my best & worst work! ;) And to Time Machine my brand new Mac which I adore.

  • Tyler

    Drobo is a go-bo. Yes, I am dumb.

  • Alex Jagendorf

    I would use the Drobo to back up my family’s 70 GB and Growing collection of family photographs and movies!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brandon-Titus/1511100442 Brandon Titus

    To store all of my photos, of course! It’d augment my current 2TB setup. (Which isn’t enough, trust me!)

  • http://www.triguinness.com Ryan C

    Drobo would allow me to switch from doing a audio podcast to a video podcast. It would allow my wife to back up the thousand of picture she takes of our 6mths year old. It would allow me to backup video production files from a stupid independent film I did in grad school and finally, Drobo can beat up all my storage device hacks that are being held together with bubblegum and scotch tape and establish itself as the new sheriff in town…. maybe some day.

  • http://www.thecookingdish.com Chris Mower

    I would use it to back up my insanely large photo and music libraries. I’d also use it to back up all my computers. Awesome contest! Thanks!

  • Michael

    Great giveaway! If I had a Drobo, I’d use it as an awesome back-up solution.

  • http://www.McGintyPhoto.com Kevin

    I would love a Drobo because my dog Seamus ate my external hard drive, and I don’t think he could get his mouth around the Drobo…

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/ihz/ ihz

    If I were to have a Drobo, I would use it to store my memories, every single piece of them =p

  • http://tmbigriggphotography.com TM Bigrigg

    “I want to use it to store photos of my family, friends, pets, just photos in general. I need them backed up safely!”

  • Facebook User

    I’d finally be able to consolidate my photo, music, and video libraries onto a single external!!! I’d also be able to tell lightroom it is actually allowed to make a backup for once.

  • http://www.zemaitaitis.lt Saulius

    I’d use a Drobo to backup all my family’s computers (we have 5 in total). Currently we have practically no backups so thousands of photos, music and other data sits there unprotected.

  • Jonathan N

    I’d of course use my Drobo to free up my increasingly-packed hard drive on my school computer!

  • dbrinda

    I move all my images onto the Drobo so I don’t have manually backup my images to a separate drive.

  • Michael

    I would use it for decoration… it’s got pretty lights!

  • http://photos.hofker.org Jordan

    For the backup I know I need to be doing, but don’t. :-(

  • Scott

    Would prevent me from losing the 200gb of data I just lost…

  • Noah

    Hi Trey, I would use the Drobo as a backup for all my important stuff. Pictures, music and other personal files. I already have a couple backup schemes but this would round it off nicely.

  • Allen R

    I have tons and tons of RAW photos of my kids that I need a good safe place to store. My wife will kill me if they’re ever lost!

  • DavidC

    wishin I could backup my data

  • http://www.batgeek.com batgeek

    I will use my Drobo for my Aperture and iTunes libraries. Single point of redundant storage.

  • http://www.scvphotocenter.com Mel Carll

    I would use my Drobo to start the new year doing proper backups. Having just opened our own studio this year, every piece of equipment is special and having a great backup system would be sweet, since our HDR shots take up so much space….

  • matt

    I would use it for all of my movies and design work and of course to store all of my devious plans for world domination.

  • http://markfeliciano.com/blog Mark Feliciano

    I need a drobo to cover my assets!

  • jason

    Help! my hard drives are getting full! I would use the drobo to store some more photos, and to avoid having to go through everything and erase…

  • Facebook User

    I could def use that drobo. i already have over 20,000 photos after just one year of shooting. I have all my stuff on 1 hardrive (1tb) still have plenty room but just the thought of that hd crashing would kill me.

  • Chris

    I would use my Drobo to store my data instead of burning CD’s/DVD’s that ultimately destroy the environment we all love to photograph. It would in essence be a small way to make my business greener.

  • Steve Grissom

    Drobo + my data = peace of mind

  • Logan M

    I would use my Drobo to truly back up my files. I have most of my images backed up to an external drive, but technically, a good chunk of my newest work is on it’s own as my computer’s hard drive is plump full.

  • Matt

    I just need a place to unload a ton of data. Photos, videos, misc files. Finally I could get my hard drives in order (even though more space may mean more chaos).

  • Charlie E

    I have drooled over the Drobo since it first came out with its smart management features and hot-swappable-awesomeness. Like so many others, I would use it to keep my family’s growing amount of data backed up and safe from the evils of the world (i.e. frantically flying five-year-old fingers: yes, I let them play in terminal. Is that bad?).
    Cheers, Trey!

  • http://www.elusiveimage.net Jim Caldwell

    How I would use my Drobo? One can never have enough reliable backups! Will help me sleep better at night.

  • Facebook User

    i would buy 8 more and play tic-tac-toe aganst the vast amount of CD-Roms i have accumulated over the years!! I’m sure the Drobo would always win!

    Paul Moore

  • Lincoln Graham

    Nice device for keeping both the memories and the photos safe and sound.

  • http://www.jbodystudios.com Jonathan

    I’d use my Drobo to store the thousands of pictures I have of my gorgeous wife! Priceless moments should be trusted to Drobo!

  • http://www.pjzstudios.com Peter James Zielinski

    500GB would obviously go into securely storing my blood and sweat that go into my professional workflow.

    The other *499GB would be dedicated to my tears…the tears of pain and suffering that came from losing the last 2 years of having shot Broadway, live theatre, celebrities, curtain calls, parties, press lines, premieres, headshots, etc that were on an external hard drive that bit the big one the night before (!) transferring them to a new one.

    *1GB of tears would be set aside exclusively for the great shot (with eye contact) that I had of Steven Spielberg and Billy Crystal together after they had seen West Side Story on Broadway.

  • http://egearingphoto.blogspot.com Evan Gearing

    Taking HDR photos – esp with raw shots – takes up LOTS of space and having a drobo would help ease my space issues tremendously. Thanks for the contest Trey!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Apollo-Lemmon/522815172 Apollo Lemmon

    I’m building an e-memory and having a Drobo would give me an extra layer of security for all of my digital memories.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Wilson/730559509 Dave Wilson

    I would use a Drobo to replace the 3 individual drives I currently use to back up my image library.

  • http://jeffcooney.com Jeff Cooney

    Now that Trey hooked me on photography, I’m in need of a simple backup device like the Drobo. I’ve got too many hard drives that I try to keep current with new photos.

  • http://jemcam.blogspot.com Jesse May

    My daughter is planning on attend photo school and it would be great for her to store and process ALL the photos she takes!

  • anita

    I would use Drobo to safely store the hours (…and hours, …and hours) of video my husband loves to shoot of our children.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/jab3 Duluk

    I would use a Drobo to easily store all the pics and video I take (some of family, some of other stuff). Easily because of the Drobo’s ability to use different size partitions to create the array (well I think it can do that :)). Also the ease of swapping out failed drives.

  • paul

    I would use a Drobo to store all my video projects.

  • Kevin Nicholes

    I would use Drobo to store pictures and lock in my own pinewood derby memories!

    Nice car. The wins come with experience, trust me! Tricks of the trade shine out!

  • http://www.410media.com David Baker

    I would use my Drobo so that I would not have to continually do the hard drive shuffle that I must resort to now and to ease my mind that I know everything is safely backed up.

  • Glyn

    How could you trust your snippets of life to anything else? Dobro is simply the best!

  • http://flickr.com/photos/ZLamperti Zim

    I would use a Drobo mainly to store all my raw material (photos and video). Digital cameras are hungry beasts!

  • Sam S

    I would use Drobo to store my ever growing photo collection but also use it as an opportunity to clean out my computer/backup drives!

  • Sam C

    I would use my Drobo to save me from the piles of burned archive DVDs full of photos, videos & other data that threaten to bury me whenever i sit at my desk!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/priyesh_photography/ Priyesh P

    I would use my Drobo to help sooth my hard drive’s cough. It’s always making weird sounds? Maybe that’s some sort of sign…

  • Tommy Campbell

    I would like a Drobo to backup all the digital photos I’ve taken since 1989. Especially the ones with my daughter in them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-J-Menard/593262101 Michael J Menard

    I’d move all my movies and music onto it and make room for photos on my existing drive :-)

  • Genevieve

    I would use a Drobo to feel secure about images stored on hard drives again. I’ve had two crash in the past, both had to go to data retrieval people to get the pics back. Only lost one month’s worth of photos in the second crash, tho. After that, I backed my photos up offsite/online. Yay, Drobo!

  • http://www.clearingthevision.com David Moore

    Now I’ve got nearly 300GB of photos in my library, I need a Drobo to come to my rescue, so I can sleep at night.

  • http://www.edipphotography.com Ed I

    I would use my Drobo to store everything under the sun especially pictures of all the birthday presents I’m probably not going to get on the 12/21. That’s right, 12/21 is my birhtday…so, wha’ya say?! Drobo for my birthday!!

  • http://mlr.smugmug.com Martin Royds

    I would use my Drobo to save my digital life

  • Bryan Hernandez

    I would use the drobo to back up my macbook and the rest for family storage..

  • Mark

    I would use Drobo to keep my sanity.

  • Steve Schuenke

    I would use my Drobo to organize my photo collection. Congrats on the new book.

  • Steve Robillard

    I would use it t store my music, photos and customer files all told this is more than 120 gb. I would sleep easier at night with a drobo.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Mach/719188997 Rick Mach

    Wow, a neat product with the mix and match and easy to use RAID. I would use this to replace my current single external backup drive that will be getting cramped shortly.

  • David Dalke

    Oh, a Drobo would be sweet to save and keep my photos secure. Then, I could fixate on finding the proper cloud backup solution….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vince-Penman/613528401 Vince Penman

    I would use Drobo to stay the hand of bitter hard-drive rejection.

    I have lost 7 of the 15 hard drives I have owned in the past 6 years. Five years ago I lost a hard drive with a years worth of photos, and then the backup drive went out while trying to recover the images. All lost. Unrecoverable. 500 gigabytes. I thought I learned a lesson. That is until I lost a hard drive last month with 8 months of photos on it. One terabyte. I thought it was being backed up with Time Machine, but I was poorly mistaken. For some reason is had been added to the do not backup section of Time Machine.

    Now I have three hard drives sitting in storage waiting for a sliver of hope for their recovery. Call it hard drive cryogenics. Except it isn’t cool for me. Because I have been burned my hard drive failure.


    I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription… is Drobo.

  • http://braddenny.zenfolio.com Brad

    I would use my drobo to safe gaurd the few images i have left from other failed backups, and also for my future images.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Olin-Burrow/671061755 Olin Burrow

    Forget seduction. I will impress my girlfriend with BeyondRAID Technology, Mixed Drive Capacity Utilization, Storage Virtualization, and Thin Provisioning. Nothing gets her turned on more than sexy tech talk! Or maybe I’m just a geek and haven’t yet figured out woman?

  • http://www.Holmstp.com Trevor

    I would use the Drobo to back up all my college work / graphic design work I have done and will do over the years to create a job placing portfolio when I graduate!

  • Fetcho

    Drobo’s are dreamy! :) One of these could sure come in handy!

  • http://rsathyan.wordpress.com Sathya

    I want a drobo to kickstart my backup strategy. Help me take of the guilt of having close to 1 TB of Photos and not a good back up plan in place !

  • http://jdlejeune.com JD

    I’d love to have a Drobo so I could save all of Trey’s photos and submit them to various online newspapers without credit ;-)

  • http://www.memoryloot.com Johnny

    I would use a drobo to backup my current NAS server. You can’t be too safe when it comes to your private digital data.

  • Matt

    I would use my Drobo to backup every photo from Stuck In Customs ever made.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Derek-E-Helt/674446075 Derek E. Helt

    I’d use a Drobo to backup all my pictures of family. Christmas is almost here and I plan on shooting many memories.

  • Bob Lockey

    I would use a drobo as my ultimate solution for backing up all our family memories — photos and videos (as well as all sorts of other stuff). With baby #2 on the way, it would be great to have that peace of mind.

  • Katie

    I would use my Drobo to backup the 50 bajillion photos of my son – and all the HDR photos that I’m trying to learn to do! Trey makes it looks SO easy – but I’m just not there yet! :)

  • Techvudu

    I would use this fine storage device to extend the capabilities of my existing home media storage and services. I have so many mix and match sata drives that I could use to create some solid reliable storage. Count me in. Thanks.

  • Dave Polen

    I would use the Drobo to hide al of my dirty pics from my wife!! Lol, just kidding.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Benjamin-Thompson/1079232372 Benjamin Thompson

    I would use a Drobo to backup my music, movies, games, and photos!

  • http://www.michaellewisglover.com Michael Glover

    I would use the Drobo to safely and securely back up the 1000’s of pictures that could never be recovered if my main hard drive crashed.

  • http://www.my-photo-blog.com Ron Niebrugge

    I would use it to back up my photos.

  • http://scerakorphotography.blogspot.com Cameron Arsenault

    As with everyone here, a Drobo would be essential to backing up the myriad of pictures we all have lying around. But for myself, a self-proclaimed digital pack-rat, I would be able to amalgamate all my music, pictures, video, ebooks, thesis files, programs, and anything else without every having to throw it away again!

  • http://twitter.com/andreasmischke Andy

    I would first transfer my TimeMachine Backup to a RAID on two of the HDDs and use the remaining two to backup the backup.

  • Dan V

    I’d be able to store all my music, movies, and photos on it, as well as my friends’! It would be a dream come true. I’d be happier to own it than I was when my oldest kid was born.

  • http://www.jeffeastphotography.com Jeff East

    I would love the new Drobo! I have wanted one since I first heard about them last year, as a wedding photographer, I need a way to make worry free backups of all those priceless moments that my clients trust me with!!

  • M.Storm

    I would use the Drobo to save my life.

  • Sam Patel

    I would use my Drobo for a multitude of things including and not limited to a beverage coaster, foot stool, a night light, immunity against viruses, and the number one use would be for storing irreplaceable digital media including documents, pictures and software….

    Yes, I know that was probably a run-on sentence but it gets the point across..

    -sam patel

  • http://edsonandre.com Edson

    That DROBO would be the greatest Christmas gift ever. I won’t have to worry about backup solution anymore if I win it.

  • Facebook User

    ould be nice to have him in my room, and use for him will be backup of all my movie , cause i freek for movie 8)

  • Robyn Simpson

    I would use a Drobo as the Ultimate Christmas Gift for my husband!

    He is just now getting into Photography and has been drooling over a Drobo for months! We could use it to store our pictures, family videos and music collection that we have now and have plenty of room for my husband to add to it as he develops his new hobby.

  • Philip

    Well, I would use my Drobo to not only back up all my family photos and videos, but also to back up my favorite Stuck in Customs images. After all, they are what got me interested in photography to begin with.


  • http://www.domyphotossuck.blogspot.com Trish

    The DROBO would ensure the safety of the beginning of the most important photos of my life – our wedding and Greece honeymoon next April! No way am I chancing anything with those photos, and the DROBO is the best piece of mind you can have IMO.

  • Dowy

    I would use the Drobo for all media and arcive storage for my busness.

  • Greg F

    I’ll use the Drobo in addition to my online backup solution. The raw file size on the Canon 7D is enormous and takes too long to upload to be the primary solution but the remote file access makes it worth it.

  • edleir

    My DROBO would want to stay next to me 24/24, like a nice purring cat, since I’d feed him with high protein pixels and deluxe colourfull HDR pictures :)

  • http://aegallerie.com Ed

    A Drobo would take the human out of my flawed backup system and entrust it to a Robot with replicated storage. Nice.

  • Curt

    My Drobo would double as a foot rest under my desk, right next to the subwoofer that currently serves the same purpose…

  • Michael Kaufman

    I would use it to feed my obsessive-compulsive photo-backup sickness.

  • http://www.skinnystartup.com Alex

    My Drobo would serve as a central backup location to all of my computers–and then I’d feed my paranoia by back those files up in the cloud

  • Wayne

    Would definitely keep the photos and other media protected. Oh, and nice video of Yellowstone you did awhile back!

  • Brandyn

    I would use my Drobo to store all my RAW files that are oh so vulnerable sitting on a single external hard drive right now… Lets hope I win it before that drive fails!

  • George

    I have the following dilemma: I use Time Machine (on Mac), and I cannot make up my mind if I should use a Drobo for my data or for my backup. In reality, I would need two, but one will do.

  • Pedro

    I would use the Drobo for my pictures and my video files.

  • Michael

    I would love to use this for photo storage, video backup – just about everything! I love getting free audio books from librivox – this would be perfect for archiving my collection of them.

  • Jakob

    I would use a Drobo to impress on my father who at the moment have enough old hard drives to fill a small cupboard.

  • BeccaD

    A Drobo would be a much better solution to my image storage problems!

  • http://carlmckinney.com/blog Carl McKinney

    I would use my Drobo to confuse and distract my fiance with, yet another, tech device she would be enamored with. Lol, seriously, photography has given me wonderful memories and having a Drobo would ensure all those wonderful memories are never forgotten.

  • Jason Buckner

    I’ve been looking for a decent backup solution and I’ve been eyeing the Drobo for some time. Right now I’m doing network backups that take forever with my large photo library. Here’s hoping for the Drobo!

  • Julian

    You can never have enough backups of your data, and Drobo would certainly help with that

  • http://blog.godshell.com Jason

    Oh wow.. I would love to get a drobo. I have so much to back up between my wife and I. From photos to documents, source code to savegames. DVD backups can only go so far!

  • http://www.dojoklo.com Doug

    I would use my Drobo to store the 10,000 images I took in just 2 weeks in Guatemala with my new 7D. Boy, are those RAW files large!

  • Ernie Sears

    I would use a Drobo to get my images and video files organized and protected. Thanks!

  • Chris Stenway

    I would use a Drobo to back up all my pictures, as i’ve already lost a huge amount of pictures when my hard drive died on me. It hurts.

  • http://www.jude25.net Mark

    I would store my 20,000+ digital photos, family “checkbook” finances, and 20+ years of Bible studies. Woo hoo!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Darsey-Wilkinson-Araneda/747814504 Darsey Wilkinson Araneda

    Hi Trey! It was great meeting you today at B&H! Great job and Fantastic Book! I would love a high tech Drobo machine too, to help me organize my life! Thanks!

  • Josh Bozarth

    I need the drobo-nator

  • http://www.trolocsis.com Ryan

    I would use my Drobo to backup my digital home movies and pictures.

  • http://twitter.com/racheletab Rachele Smith

    I would use a Drobo to store the photos I’m using to make a giant poster of the world.

  • http://simontphotos.com/ Simon

    If I had a Drobo I’d use it to replace the collection of external disks, all full, I currently use. When I access my lightroom library there’s a drain on the local power network sufficient enough to dim the lights for four blocks around.

  • Richard Senar

    I would use it to store my new baby girl’s videos… having never done video before, i never realized how much disk space HD video takes up ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steven-Shoeman/1404435477 Steven Shoeman

    with a drobo i would finally be able to stop storing my raws on floppy disks!

  • Scott

    I would use a Drobo so I won’t have to delete a picture every time I take picture. :)

  • http://www.mlchapman.com MLC

    I’ve wanted a Drobo for some time now. Mostly because I’m scared of hurricanes, lightning strikes, and general clumsiness.

  • Thorsten Vieth

    I would have to use a Drobo before my current external drives are constantly too small and too few to handle the load of pictures I load onto them.

  • Matt Richardson

    I would use this Drobo to backup all my Wife’s wedding jobs and all my Harley HDR’s and Lighthouse Photo’s. Thanks Trey!

  • Andrew

    Too many photos – not enough disk space. RAW captures add up quickly…

  • ChrisL

    I would use my Drobo to store all of my precious files!

  • http://spacebeast.com/blog Barry F

    I would use a Drobo to relieve the symptoms of data loss paranoia. Yay Drobo!

  • Greg Carrier

    I’d use the Drobo to store all the photos I’d be inspired to take after reading your book, which I hope to get soon! :D

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/samgasser/ Sam Gasser

    I would use it for family pictures, and videos. Maybe as a Itunes server as well.

  • Robert Moore

    I would use it like it’s meant to be used, for backing up data. Perhaps it will cut down on the extra hard drives I have laying around the house and the external HDD enclosures that take up too much room!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matthias-Weigel/100000038234235 Matthias Weigel

    The first backups of my images I did on CDs (1999). Later I changed to DVDs (2003) and since 2006 I backup on external USB HDDs. It’s always the same: You start with a small number of CDs/DVDs/HDDs and by the time you collect more and more of them. As it’s time to take the next step in 2010, I would start with my first Drobo now. Maybe in 2014 I would have a collection of several Drobos that I exchange to the next generation of mass-storage devices.

  • http://tumbleweedglass.com Steve Wright

    Now I use 4 different drives to store and back up images and data. I back up C & D to G and G to I. Sometimes there is a thumb drive involved. A Drobo would clear this mess up.

  • http://www.ohiohikerphotography.com Chris B

    A Drobo would make a great Christmas addition to the new PC I am planning. Thanks Trey and Drobo!

  • Sarah Kannenberg

    A Drobo would make a great way for me to store all of my client files on a seperate drive from my personal work. Currently I have both split between two external harddrives.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Arash-Amirnezami/600574008 Arash Amirnezami

    I would use my drobo to condense the tower of external hard drives I have for my movies, music, and backups of my college work.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/michaeltuuk Michael Tuuk

    I’d use it for the hundreds of Gbs of pictures I’m currently backing up manually…

  • Carl Anderson

    I want a DROBO just cause I’m a gadget geek. But not having to worry about loosing my images would be pretty cool as well. Now I just need to get off of Santa’s, (Trey’s) naughty list. A DROBO is much better than a lump of coal.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mai-Soriano/804521247 Mai Soriano

    I will use my Drobo to back up all my pictures, grpahics I build, and music.

  • http://www.vansportraits.com Jerry Van

    I use two Drobo’s to cover my assets. I take one home and leave the other to work here at the office. I use allway sync to keep them up to date, great cheap program. these are great to have. I can always find a use for an other:).

  • http://www.jordanpowers.com Jordan Powers

    Wow – lot’s of competition. I want a Drobo to store my photos obviously – but I want to WIN one so that I can say that, well, that I won it.

  • Alan Richards

    A Drobo I need
    So the next P-C I build
    Doesn’t wipe my pics

    (a haiku)

    Oops. Always double, triple, and quadruple check your backups before reformatting any disks.

  • http://hiramtom.blogspot.com Tom @ Ohio Nature

    My son is just too cute to not have his images stored on a Drobo. Better mine than someone else’s!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeff-Belcher/794080108 Jeff Belcher

    As an aspiring photographer, I’d use my Drobo to back up EVERYTHING so I can shoot without concern and go back later to review everything

  • Stacey

    I’d love to have a Drobo so I don’t have to worry about losing my precious photos! :)

  • Jorge Pôças

    I would use my Drobo to back up all my happyness, as much come from the photos I take. Thanks

  • michael sperber

    I would use my Drobo to store my photos and videos of family and friends… and to store files and photos from my non-profit.

  • http://www.floridaphotomatt.com/ Matt Paulson

    I would love a Drobo to back up my daily pics of my 19 month old daughter.

  • http://www.chuckrobinson.smugmug.com Chuck

    I would use my Drobo just because it has a cool name…Drobo

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/pixelmixture Pixelmixture

    I’d love to have a drobo to gain the high availability of my datas …. being able to work in case of disk failure which is not the case right now

  • Cameron Beard

    I would use my Drobo as a cool looking hammer to beat on things with whenever I got bored. I would also use it as a grill scraper for my Big Green Egg…hmm…you think it would melt??

    I kid of course.

    I would actually use it to make double and triple backups of my 50,000 plus photos, and my 74 days worth of music. Yes, it would help me sleep a little better too!

  • http://codsteeth.com Philip P.

    I would love a drobo, to keep all my photos safe. I have sadly experienced a hard drive failure, and lost about six months worth of photos – including irreplaceable photos of me and my girlfriend’s trip. I never want to have that happen again!

  • Mark H

    I would use my drobo all the time, and feed it pictures, music, and anything else important until it couldn’t eat anymore!

  • http://www.exposinglight.com WesG

    I would store all of my RAW files which are taking up so much space on my hard drive(s) that my computer is extremely slow!

  • http://www.alwaysaclickaway.zenfolio.com Brett Cox

    I would use the drobo to store all the images I collect from Trey Ratcliff’s stuck in customs flickr site that I use for inspiration, studying, learning, and aspiring to come close to replicating.

  • http://www.bradleytechnology.com Brad Thompson

    I would love to backup all my family photos and data. Love it!

  • http://www.tenuousthread.com Aleksei Saunders

    I would use the drobo to finally backup all the files I have at home, DNGs, tiffs and even the Jpegs my wife shoots.

  • http://www.melovecows.blogspot.com Gretchen Taylor

    Ooh! I would LOVE to win the drobo. Not only would my husband love it because he’s totally excited about anything having to do with computers or technology, but i could use it to back up our wedding pictures and the pictures of our honeymoon that we’ll be taking when we go this summer!!!

  • http://www.garyreimerphotography.com Gary

    I would use the Drobo to free my mind.

  • http://twitter.com/rereality Sunil Pithwa

    I lost most of my family pictures in a fire, now I’m compiling as many as I can through scanning and storing. Drobo would keep them safe and secure.

  • http://thedailyportsmouth.com Phil Cohen

    I would use my drobo to store my ridiculous amount of photos as I continue to strive towards producing better images!

  • Darrell

    I would use my drobo to back up all my data–I have learned the hard way, unfortunately, how important it is to have a backup! Especially things like photographs and digital media (like all my itunes purchases!). Great site, keep up the great work!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michal-Dybowski/614302017 Michal Dybowski

    The main reason why I’m making a comment is that you have changed my way of seeing the photography…. As well with your CASIO slow – motion movies, then HDR… All I wish to say is thank you very much!!! I know now how much I have to learn and I think that this is the biggest step I ever took with my photography.


  • http://flickr.com/photos/barl0w Scott

    I would use a Drobo to backup all of my important family and play photos! Please pick me!

  • http://www.amandakern.com Amanda Kern

    I’ve been looking into a drobo for a while – I am definitely in need of a good back up solution like this!

  • http://flickr.com/photos/erebuspics Frank

    I’d use the Drobo to back up all my digital assets. We (wife and I) have been 100% digital for 12 years now and have WAY too many pics to ever risk losing them (and they take WAY too many CDs/DVDs to make a full backup)

  • Mitchell

    i could use a drobo on my world trip coming up in januari :P

  • http://ibemike.blogspot.com Mike

    I already back up to the cloud, but I really want a local solution as well. I just rent space/time on the cloud. The Drobo would be mine, Mine, MINE! (* muahahahaha *) (* cough, clears through *)

    Yes, I think I would use it quite effectively.


    Thanks for the context, Trey.

  • http://bjorncochetphoto.com bjorn

    I need a drobo so i can get some sleep at night and don’t have to worry about loosing all my photos !!!

    seriously, its keeping me awake!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gary-Arndt/13916416 Gary Arndt

    I have three years of photos from 60 countries that I currently have mirrored on some external hard drives. A Drobo would be a perfect solution to my storage problems and ensure I don’t lose the photos I”ve spent the last 3 years of my life collecting.

  • http://www.nickalpin.com Nick Alpin

    I’d use a Drobo to store high-res scans of old family photos and shots recently taken on film cameras :) Oh, and to create global harmony and end wars.

  • http://www.jagphotog.com Jose Gutierrez

    I am by no means a “professional” photographer. I really got into photography when my daughter Marilyn was born earlier this year. I am in the military and both my wife and I are many miles away from home. Photos of my daughter that I post online have really brought our families closer together. We can talk about how quickly she is growing and share moments in time. While to feeling of isolation is shared by many, only a military family realized how much they give up of themselves so that others may have more than us. As you can imagine, the paycheck of any enlisted member of the Armed Forces is minimal. That being said, I cannot afford an awesome way to backup my images yet I cannot afford to lose the thousands of photos I have taken of my family and our journeys. I am in a dilemma with an easy answer. Unfortunately that answer continues to be that I pray my computer never crashes. A Drobo would give me one less thing to worry about in my already complicated life.

  • http://www.eleazarparadise.com Eleazar Paradise

    I really need that Drobo to use as a paper weight! It’s very windy over here. Just kidding. I need it for a footstool. ;)

  • http://www.timothyjphoto.com Tim Marman

    I would love a Drobo. I know a few people who have one and love it. I’d love to use it to back up my wedding photography. Thanks Trey and Drobo!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Beem/1182106007 William Beem

    I could use that Drobo to save my pictures of Vegas models AND provide a pedestal for a rubber duck or two.

  • Ross Leathley

    I would use the Drobo to keep those HDR shots that really look terrible at first sight but later reveal something I did not see in my “perfect” image…

  • http://blog.sektormedia.org Aaron

    I need a Drobo to backup my photo library as well as my music library that I listen to while editing photos! Let me know when I can drive over and pick it up!

  • http://blog.selectsystems.ca Paul

    I would give it to my better half as a Christmas gift..like the Mac I gave her last year, and the camera the year before.

    Compouding interest(s) is expensive!

  • http://www.washingtonmama.blogspot.com Kristin

    I would use it to back up our photos and videos of the kids. I would be devastated if I lost those. As it is, I keep meaning to back up to CDs or DVDs. It would be so much easier with a Drobo.

  • Rick

    I’d mount that Drobo on top of a Droboshare and connect it up to my network in order to spread joy and happiness (and my 25,000) digital pictures to every screen in my home!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeff-Sampson/147500662 Jeff Sampson

    I need a drobo to grow my little photography business, simple as that

  • ijefff

    I need a Drobo to store all of my Raw photo files that are scattered across different external hard drives. Thanks :-)

  • http://bobgannon.com Bob Gannon

    I would use my Drobo to store photos and since I’m starting to make HDR images I need more disk space for all those bracketed photos.

  • http://farmfresh.typepad.com KellyW

    Protect my a** is what I’d do. Doesn’t everyone have a million pictures of their sons playing baseball, and wouldn’t everyone be devastated to lose said pictures?

  • http://kimba.artist-at-large.com kimba

    I would store not only all of my travel photographs, but also my fine art photography and a life’s worth of data. I’d be able to get rid of the external drives, the back up cd/s, the dvds – all neat and tidy like. Wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Kenny

    I would Drool over my Drobo, all day and night.

  • Lynette

    I’d use the Drobo to keep track of all the files my family thinks I know where they are.

  • Danielle

    I’d give the Drobo to my dad because he has a crazy amount of files he uses in creating HDR images.

  • kim

    my computer is slowly aging and i need a safe place to store all of my travel photos!

  • http://tstoney-nostoneunturned.blogspot.com/ Tom Stonehocker

    I’ve been taking photos since 1974 mostly film. I’ve been working on making them digital that takes a lot of room. Not to mention that once I’ve captured them it would be nice not to have to do it again.

  • Doug Jackson

    Because you can never be too rich, too thin or have too much backup capacity.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chua-Ang-Lim/1060460719 Chua Ang Lim

    The Drobo is so big and tough and takes care of me so well, I’l proclaim my friendship and call it my Don, my Godfather!

  • http://davidcbakerphoto.com David

    Hey Trey! I am a huge fan of your work. Your images are so very striking and unique. I dabble on Photomatix myself, but my skills aren’t up to par with yours just yet! Anyway, I would use a Drobo to stuff it full of the best images I can take, and to store the rest of the meaningless crap that ends up on my memory cards after I go out shooting! I just need to become a better editor, but procrastination gets the better of me and with a Drobo I would finally not have to deal with that character flaw!

  • Porter Fuqua

    The Drobo would store my digital photo library and workflow. It would be a nice off site backup of my father’s architectural firm’s digital assets.

  • Toshio

    Could definitely use a Drobo to store photos!

  • http://www.patrickmeredith.com Patrick

    Apart from all of the LOLCats that I have saved, I would use the Drobo to back up all of the images that I take from all the sporting events that I cover on a near daily basis. Shooting professional and college sports, I shoot hundreds and sometimes thousands of images ranging from the hot dog vendors to some of the most well known athletes in the country. I currently use 8 external hard drives (and Photoshelter) to back up my images, but having one drive to keep an eye on would be great. In the off chance I win this thing, I’ll be donating my drives to other photographers. Best -PM

  • David

    I need a Drobo backup because my wife will divorce me if I lose all of her pictures. :-)

  • Jaime

    I would use it to archive the videos of my family shot with my Canon D7

  • Stephen

    I would attach it to an old computer and use it as a network share for the rest of my computers.

  • http:[email protected]/ Michael Kottman

    I’d use it to back up my school work, or all of the pictures I take while I should be doing that work.

  • jeff muldoon

    i’d use my drobo to help keep a backup of all my photos and videos.

  • Heath

    I’d use it to back up my internal data drive….lot’s of data to safe gaurd!A backup for the backup :)

  • Facebook User

    I would use my Drobo to keep my stuff safe from harm.

  • http:[email protected]/collections/72157622325868098/ Josh Adelman

    Im feeling pretty good about being the 491st comment.

    As Harry Bosco says…My whole body is an engine. This is a fireplug.

  • Marp

    I’d use it to back up all my thousands of pictures as well as studio projects.

  • Jesus Inclan

    I would use my Drobo for good not evil. Good meaning I would finally backup my Data.

  • http://lightroomsecrets.com Gene McCullagh

    I’d use a Drobo for good…never for evil! ;-)

  • http://www.bradhinesley.com Brad Hinesley

    I would use a DROBO to share/store/backup our family photos & share my family’s music files with each other.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Hailes/705472035 Paul Hailes

    I would use my Drobo to store my growing number of pictures

  • http://www.in2thewoods.net Thom

    To backup my family pictures and movies. Nothing else is that important :-) Thx for the contest.

  • Marcello Sarmento

    I would use my drobo (because it can be huge) to backup the whole world and restore it after a major disaster in 2012 or another kernel panic

  • http://www.scotcharlestaylor.com Scot

    I would use Drobo because my time capsule is full.

  • Phil

    I bought a Canon 7D that shoots 1080p video, now my vids average a 1GB each. I need a Drobo to save it all and keep it safe!!!

  • http://www.tuana.se Tuana

    I would use Drobo for backup my work.

  • http://www.ChobeSafari.com Buddy Eleazer

    I have a huge collection of music and photos. I would use my Drobo to better organize this mess of files

  • rahul

    I desperately need a Drobo to store all my bracketed photos for HDR generation and also my massive sized RAW Images.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lee-Fly/681261913 Lee Fly

    To store photographs and just have fun saying “I have a Drobo”.

  • http://www.photo-chimp.com Eric W

    I would store even more photographs and crud on my Drobo. Because I already have one and it’s pretty sweet!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peter-Zonneveld/1218542773 Peter Zonneveld

    It’s a digital world…What better than a Drobo to store all of lifes digital collection

  • Chris

    I would love to use a Drobo to backup my HDR pictures!!!

  • http://www.scottkretschmann.com Scott Kretschmann

    I would use my drobo to protect myself from the disaster I had last month when my photo drive crashed……

  • Todd Awbrey

    I would use it to backup all of my photos.

  • http://magneticlobster.com Magnetic Lobster

    I would use it to store enormous quantities of ones and zeros. Especially zeros.

  • Facebook User

    I would use it to replace my cat. Does that count? I think it should.

  • http://alteredlens.redbubble.com/ Jason Smith

    I would use Mr Drobo to store all my photos, music, movies and everything else. I don’t feel safe storing 20,000+ photos on my computer HDs.

  • http://Www.gregoree.com Gregory george

    Drobos flippin rule. I need one to backup my family photos and videos

  • blacksheepfoto

    I would use my Drobo to finally ward off the evil sock gnomes who live in my laundry and leave me with unmatching pairs of foot attire. It does that, right?

  • http://sandypokorny.com Sandy Pokorny

    Would use a new Drobo to backup my many TB’s of photos, so I could sleep at night after shutting down the computer and not wake up in a cold sweat – for fear that the computer would not boot up successfully the next day.

  • Jason

    I would use my new Drobo to rule the world!

  • http://gabeusry.com Gabe

    Drobo’s are awesome… I just wish I had one. :)

  • Tom Taylor

    I would impress all of my Japanese friends with the Drobo!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/wakingtheshadows/ Ben

    I would use my drobo to re-invent the wheel so I can run myself over :-)

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/prajitr Prajit Ravindran

    I will use to store my pics and lock my data loss worries forever.

  • Danielle Koontz

    I just got a Nikon D5000 and really need a Drobo to back up these HUGE files!!! Help me Drobo-wan-kenobi, you’re my only hope!

  • http://www.photoshop2.blogspot.com rob blanchard

    I would use the drobo to store all my self portraits so i am constantly reminded that i have to exercise more, and more.

  • Rachel

    I would use a Drobo as a better backup system for all my design projects – I’ve been wanting a Drobo for a long time but have yet to be able to spend the money to get one!

  • Dave

    I would use my drobo to defend capitalism and defeat socialism

  • Matt Harrison

    I would use the Drobo to back-up the back-ups of my back-ups. Too many memories. Drobo is too cool.

  • http://www.thrutheblue.com Gregory Heath

    I would use a Drobo to store the enormous list of contests I never win!

  • ChoGaijin

    I would use it to keep me company on those cold winter nights.

  • http://curtisjuddphotography.com Curtis Judd

    I would use a new Drobo to backup my NEFs because my wife is worried that I’m filling up the hard drives too quickly.

  • Matthew Phang

    I would like to use it together with Apple’s Time Machine for the ultimate back-up!

  • http://BrianBraun.net Brian Braun

    Very Cool Contest! I’ve been shooting and scanning a lot of my families old family photographs and documents….all the way back from the civil war era. I have them on separate small hd’s but that still make’s me nervous. I would LOVE to use and rely on the drobo to literally keep my Family’s History Safe.

    Plus my Birthday is seriously the 23rd of Dec. Very nice gift! haha

    Really enjoy your work Trey. Happy Holidays everybody

  • nfoust

    I would use this drobo to back up all my photos. Being a photography major at Art Institute of Pittsburgh I need to back up all my portfolio work.

  • DavidWheelerPhD

    I have all these 1.5 TB drives sitting on my desk. The Drobo would be a great place to store them! ;)

  • http://www.robknightphotography.com Rob Knight

    I would use the Drobo to consolidate ten years of digital photo backups from several firewire drives.

  • Nick

    I would back up the several thousand photos I have managed to keep for the past five years, going back into high school. I tell myself every day to find an efficient way to back them up, and a Drobo seems to be the answer!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kathy-Murray/1506257635 Kathy Murray

    Love me some Drobo!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kathy-Murray/1506257635 Kathy Murray

    I would love a Drobo to store all my photography! I just started last year and I’m drowning and lost in hard drives and organization! Would love to use it for storage, backup and archiving. DROBO!

  • Rob

    I have about 4 bazillion family slides from the 60’s that would love a new home…. The more I scan the more drives I have to buy :-)

  • http://damienfranco.com Damien Franco

    Well, December 20th IS my birthday, so…

    I would use my Drobo to feel Drooby. And to back up my photos. ALL of them. No really.

  • Facebook User

    Ohhhh, I would love to have a drobo. As w/most people, I’d use it to back-up my photos… and since I’d have the space, it would encourage me to take more photos and further hone my craft =).

    External storage is expensive and I just sort of continue to hope that my computer WON’T crash and the additional storage won’t be necessary.

    I have a collection of possibly thousands of business cards that I would like to start getting scanned and stored digitally. I’m also set to inherit my grandpa’s stamp collection and I am just a sucker for keeping digital records for things – a drobo could be used for so much more than backing up photos =).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brandon-Watts/503526157 Brandon Watts

    This will definitely help me out when it comes to seperating my Photography files from the rest that is on my HD.

  • http://www.caseykent.weebly.com Casey Kent

    I sooooooo need a drobo! I am a broke graduate architecture student with TB’s of data and no where to put it. With a drobo I’d be able to set up a nice redundant backup system as well as a home server that could expand with my files over the coming years. Capable of a 16TB partition! Now thats looking into the future!!!

  • Mike Sattler

    I would use my drobo as a snuggle buddy… unless my girlfriend was around

  • Frank

    I m sure I would use the drobo in at least one of the previous 542 ways listed here.

  • http://funkkit.com Omer Faragi

    I would use my Drobo in order to save me time and energy. This way all the things I love and appreciate in life will be safe.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/wakingtheshadows/ Ben Greaves

    I would use my Drobo to reinvent the wheel and run myself over :-)

  • Martijn

    I would use my Drobo to actually backup my photo’s, since i’m currently using my my backup disk as an extra, since my computer has run out of space. If any of both crashed, I would loose half of my files :-(…

    Writing this down sounds like a real request to Murphy though…

  • http://www.menfin.net Aurelien

    My drobo ? I would see it between 2 slices of french bread, covered by french camembert. They I would took a pic of it and turn it into a HDR photo. Maybe that could be published here ;-)

  • Alexandre Chabot

    I would use my drobo to store my life on it. Nothing less. Just in case.

  • Facebook User

    Finally eliminate the need for the multiple Raid 1 USB drives sitting on the shelf above my computer desk.

  • http://www.ilorentz.org/~gio Giovanni Lanzani

    I would use the drobo to put the pictures of my just born daughter. She’s just three months, but she’s my first one, and I can’t help releasing the shutter every time I see her..be it film or digital.

    Thanks Trey!

  • marieboyer

    I would use a Drobo to backup my music, video, photos, and everything else I can fit.

  • http://weathershenkerphotography.com Julia Weatherby

    I would use the drobo to allow my husband to spend more time at home with me instead of at the store getting me another hard drive!

  • http://www.vimeo.com/aditya Aditya Kolli

    I would use the Drobo to back up my photos. Hmm… simple enuf rite?? But the story behind my pix is huge… 6-7 yrs back i had a 1.3M Camera Phone, on avg I snapped over 45 pix a week… then i got a 6M point n shoot, studies had limited my pix to jus over 30 a week… then i got my first DSLR, i shot arnd 25 pix a week… now i bought a 7D, U can guess the numbers now… I NEED THE DROBO!!

  • Traian Pop

    I would use the Drobo to store my hard-disks…

  • http://www.grangerphotography.com Brad Granger

    I would use the Drobo to have a reliable backup of all my pictures and documents.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Melancon/500148076 Adam Melancon

    I would use this drobo to give to my brother who just graduated film school so that he would have a secure place to keep his future projects. I love my drobo!

  • http://Www.twitter.com/chrismillward Christopher Millward

    I would use my Drobo for world peace, rescuing babies from great peril, and storing all the digital assets /code that I’ve created over the years.

  • Xenocide

    A drobo would help make sure I never again loose files to a hard drive crash.

  • Facebook User

    I would use it to back up everything on my computers! Duh… Store pretty much anything & everything that I could possibly think of of on this bad boy of storage!

  • Pete

    I’d store my music and 22,000+ digital photos.

  • Scott Robertson

    I would use it to backup the two drives on my computer

  • eneekoe

    I’d replace my old NAS, I’d use it to store my photos, and backup my PCs.

  • http://www.fandlphotography.com Cindy

    I would use the Drobo to archive my weddings and family portraits. Also, the funny photos that i take of my nephews and nieces and all the travels.

  • http://www.66square.com paedric o’sullivan

    my photo libarary is getting a little out of control. I would use the Drobo to help me sleep at night – I wouldnt worry about losing years of pixs…

  • Ameer B.

    I would use my drobo to back up all my photos, even though I probably should have deleted 90% of them already anyway.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • http://www.maijaphotography.com Maija Norwood

    I’d like to use the Drobo to keep additional back-ups of all my wedding and portrait work!

  • Dewayne Pizzolato

    Good Morning Trey,
    A Drobo would save me a fortune on sessions with a shrink from the constant nightmares of hard drives all around me crashing simultaneously destroying the multitudes of hours of work and heartfelt inspiration in the blink of an eye….plus I think with all the worries gone it may help my snoring which in turn benefits my marriage.

    God Bless,

  • Max

    I would use my Drobo so I can tell my friends I have one and they don’t.

  • http://www.leftyrodriguez.com Lefty Rodriguez

    I’ve got several hundred gigabytes to back up and am tired of buying Seagate drives that die after a few months. Drobo to the rescue?

  • http://www.ryfoto.com ryan young

    I’d use it to rest my head on late at night when exhausted from using much more primitive, more time consuming form of back up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Simon-Leech/850945367 Simon Leech

    I would use my Drobo to replace all my individual USB back up disks. Oh, and cos it’ll look cool in my studio :)

  • http://www.steven.at Steven

    I’d love a drobo to back up my growing photo collection. I only started taking pictures this year but its already hit the 10 000 and growing.

  • http://www.markkuheikkila.com Markku Heikkilä

    I would use Drobo to back up my +18 000 photo collection with out worries about crashing hard drive.

  • Facebook User

    I’d finally be able to use a Drobo to act as my main Aperture library. I have the original, but it’s too slow for that so I hung it on my network and it’s a great NAS!

  • http://www.trevorconnellphotography.com Trevor Connell

    My archiving system is not what it should be. A drobo would be a perfect fit to help manage my photos from both my business and of my family.

  • Dianne Taylor-Misztela

    I will use my drobo to back all my own and clients photos! Great!

  • http://robinstarfish.blogspot.com/ robinstarfish

    My 30k RAW files need a beautiful new home. Drool…

  • http://drfu.com Rob FU

    I will use the Drobo to store all things photo, all things music, and if I can figure out a way to put my clothes in there, I will. I will name my Drobo Lenny or Gene, whichever best fits when I look at it. Rock it, Drobo!

  • http://c-bStudios.com Casey

    I would use my Drobo so I can finally move all my seasons on Entourage off my laptop and use my computer for photo things. I just can’t bare to part with them yet.

  • http://www.schleppy.net Sean

    I would love to have a Drobo!

  • Ken

    I would use a Drobo to back up all the images in my digital forensics lab. I work for a small police agency with an even smaller budget for such things, so the Drobo would be a real Godsend for me.

  • Marc

    I would use the drobo to store all my music, pictures, and also backups of my laptop. Would be great addition to the home network!!!

  • http://h0bbel.p0ggel.org Christian Mohn

    65k photos on various HDDs need a new home. Drobo will make them, and me, very happy. :)

  • http://www.jalanimorgan.com jalani

    i would use my drobo to have double redundancy for my photos!

  • http://www.schleppy.net Sean

    PS I would use it to backup my music and photo collection.

    It would also help me read directions :D

  • http://www.elementalweddings.co.uk Christina Golian

    I would use my Drobo to reclaim shelf space from our growing harddrive collection.

  • Tim Yuen

    I would use the Drobo to safely and easily protect my family pictures. Thank you!

  • http://pikeapps.com/ Adrian Pike

    I’d love a drobo, everybody needs more storage space!

  • http://www.akphotograph.com Mike Criss

    I take about 25,000 images a year with my 5D mark II, I would use my Drobo to backup these huge files.

  • http://www.shaunmenary.com Shaun Menary

    I’d use my Drobo to fight crime! And also to protect all my data.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Gray/713825280 Daniel Gray

    Been needing a RAID NAS for a while now. I really dig the HDR photos.

  • Tim

    I would use my drobo to replace my faulty external :x!

  • Joshua Holland

    Storage for all my media (music, movies, tv shows, photos etc).

  • Mike Utech

    I would like to use a Drobo to keep working/modifiable versions of the multimedia content I create so I can share it with other nonprofit organizations who can then update with their logo or info but not have to recreate the entire work.

  • http://www.davidmacvicar.com David

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY need a Drobo to do some redundant backups of my client files. So far I have been burning backup discs for each wedding and shoot which are a massive Pain In The Rear End. Getting a Drobo would help me save time, save the environment and help me back up my collection of ripped Keyboard Cat videos.

  • Josh

    I would use my drobo to store electronic copies of my receipts.

  • http://www.illusivedreams.org Jason Peckovitch

    Wow, almost 600 comments. This is one popular contest! Good luck everyone and I love the photos Ive seen so far in your port!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alan-Matson/503440890 Alan Matson

    I would use a Drobo to replace my ever aging P4 server with 80GB hard drives on which I keep all of my memories of my family and my kids since the hard copy ones were destroyed in a flood.

  • Mike C

    I want it to store all my photos, videos, music… basically anything I never want to lose!

  • http://twitter.com/whilethis Brandon

    I will use my Drobo to help start a backup solution for my home.

  • http://www.evelynlaws.com/blog EVELYN

    I just LOST so many of my photographs, not only work for clients but of my precious children!! My son (5 years old with autism) accidentally knocked my external off the table…….and I’ve been in tears for days. DROBO was the first thing I thought of after it happened and so wish now I had made the investmest a couple of weeks ago. Sad and embarrassing mistake!

  • Chris

    I’d use them for Time Machine backups and backups of our cooking photos!

  • http://www.atholm.com Anders Tankred Holm

    I would use the Drobo to back up all my stuff, pictures, videos, documents etc.

  • http://johnnyheavens.com Johnny Heavens

    Love the drobo. I’d use it as a safe place to keep all my iTunes media and family photos that I share on the AppleTV. Can’t imagine loosing it all!

  • Timothy Theobald

    I would use it to back up my wife’s aging PowerBook.
    She uses it for everything and takes it everywhere, I don’t think she backs it up unless I remind her.

  • jorn moraal

    I’d use the Drobo to store all my favorite TV shows (dexter, madmen etc) for frequent repeatings and save this amazing legacy for mankind!

  • http://dustinwilson.com Dustin Wilson

    I’d like to use a Drobo to backup my irreplaceable artwork.

  • http://www.garyschapman.com gary s chapman

    I would use the Drobo to safely store a version off-site…ahhh peace of mind.


  • http://twitter.com/raymondroman Ray Roman

    I would use my Drobo to store all my edited videos! And thats just the start of what I would use it for!

  • http://www.tygertown.us Tyghe

    I would use my drobo to keep all of my files safe

  • Flo

    I would use my Drobo to store my digital pictures, music and videos.

  • http://www.adamfarnsworth.com Adam Farnsworth

    I’m a freelance graphic designer and I would use the Drobo for a backup system for my business and personal files. Thanks!

  • Pezhore

    I’d use a Drobo as external storage for my media center… It seems I can never find enough space to keep the lastest itunes vid downloads.

  • james digiorgio

    I’d rather have a Drobo than an oboe. Dammit Jim! I’m a photographer not a woodwind musician!

  • John

    I’m a 23year old student, living at home with no girlfriend… let’s be honest, I would store my porn, perhaps back up some schoolwork if I had some space left ;-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frederik-Heyninck/538901364 Frederik Heyninck

    My external HD just died.

  • Christian

    I would use my Drobo to backup my life… 18 years worth of work, photos, music, research, business plans and random ideas. Almost lost everything once when my laptop was stolen, so learned the hard way.

  • @vRobM

    I’d use the Drobo to help a non-profit manage it’s video collection. They have great presentations, but have a hard time sharing all the good video that gets recorded.

  • http://joshuakendall.com/ Josh Kendall

    I would use a Drobo to backup all of my data so I don’t have to worry about losing it and to consolidate my current backup setup of 3 external drives (each of a different size) into one box that won’t take up as much space on my desk.

  • Mel Grubb

    I would use the Drobo to store backups of home videos and pictures.

  • Aimee

    I could really use a DROBO so I can stop stealing all of my husband’s spare external HDs! And then, I would use it to store my photos. All of them. There are lots.

  • Amy

    I would give it to my Pastor who could really need it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jean-Daniel-Tanguay/744315291 Jean-Daniel Tanguay

    I would save the world using the Drobo! And also maybe store a few pictures… then save the world again!

  • http://blog.seandyroff.com Sean Dyroff

    I would use a Drobo to backup my digital photographs, both my personal fine art work and my fine art reproductions of book arts and printmaking works .

  • http://visualfxtuts.com Topher Welsh

    I would definately use my Drobo to store all my video files… being a motion designer and video editor, it is essential to have a ton of space and have it be secure…

  • http://resify.com John Williams

    I’d use a drobo to finally collect all the data I have on different hard drives into one secure location. And also, I would use it to feed the homeless and cure shingles in old people.

  • http://www.matthewmiddleton.ca Matt

    I need a solid way to back up my wife’s photos & videos – she’s an avid amateur photographer/videographer, and I dabble a little too.

  • Jesse

    I would use my Drobo to have a safe place to store edited videos :)

  • Ryan

    I would use it to store all my data so that I don’t keep losing it every 2 years when a harddrive crashes.

  • Mark

    I would use a drobo to store all of the pictures of my daughter, that my wife has taken and all of the video we have gotten of her the past year.

  • mundens

    I would use a Drobo to replace the multiple smaller, non-RAID, drives daisy-chained around my workspace.

  • Isis Nocturne

    I would use a Drobo to back up EVERYTHING on my computer. I had a hard drive die on me once, and I lost some amazing programs I still haven’t been able to find again.

  • Shad Pulley

    I’d use my drobo to store family photos, MP3, and movies!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tim-Canny/1382660545 Tim Canny

    Video files and as a little friend at my desk. First I’d put googly eyes on it though. And maybe make it a little tiara.

  • http://djwikiben.wordpress.com Ben

    I tried to set up a RAID this year. After much frustration, reformatting, and wasted hours, I finally gave up and went back to nightly backups.

    I’d like to use a Drobo to back up my family’s pictures and videos, as well as the 90GB music library that I use for my radio show.

    For what it’s worth, my friend Max said that I should have just gotten a Drobo in the first place.

  • Facebook User

    I’d use a Drobo to consolidate my storage. Currently, I have several hard drives of varying size, which makes it difficult to organize all my data in a logical manner, and impossible to provide hardware backup. Drobo’s strength is the ability to provide something like RAID with varying disk sizes. 500GB is a lot of data to lose, and I’ve lost it before. Don’t want to do it again, but I can’t afford to pair every disk I have.

  • http://www.thedeskpotatoes.com Mike Fielden

    I want to use it to back up my abnormally large quantity of toenail trimming pictures and videos.

  • Jeff Schoby

    I’d use a drobo to store all my video and pictures on. Would be nice to have enough storage space in one spot that I wouldn’t have to worry about losing to a drive failure.

  • http://www.schussman.com/ alan

    I would use my Drobo to backup my photos and video in a more reliable way than my current hodgepodge system.

  • Jacko

    Why do a need a Drobo ??. This will be a very long answer :

    – Backup for Photo’s
    – Backup for Video’s
    – Backup for Music
    … Just a safe heaven for all the is important to me.

  • http://warren.mesozen.com Warren

    I would give a drobo to my friend who’s shooting my wedding for free, and is trying to get a backup solution for his new photo studio.

  • Andrew

    I would use a Drobo to back up my photos, documents and financial records, as well as my music and video libraries.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Henman/819815499 Paul Henman

    I’d use a Drobo to backup my photos – right now they’re spread over 3 hard drives.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/nieton21 Nick Nieto

    Pretty Sweet – I would use it as my first line of backup in my Digital Asset Management. I would use it to handle all my media – Photography, Videos, and Music. Not to mention as an additional backup of my documents. Thats pretty awesome of you to give one away.

  • http://cameroncallahan.net Cameron

    I’d use a drobo to keep all of my old time radio shows and podcasts and music on. I like to keep tons of those and play them randomly. Makes a far better radio station than actual radio stations.

  • Chris

    I need a Drobo something fierce! I’m done with lugging around 5 different HD to save my files. I’m in the navy and always out to sea trading files with friends.. Wow a Drobo would be a God Send! Thanks so much for making something like this!

  • Daniel

    I want a Drobo to store the photos for the photography business I’m trying to start. Losing client files is unacceptable!

  • josh diamond

    i would use mine to backup all my wedding pics which were shot digitally and also the thousands of pics i have of my 14 month old daughter. it would kill me to lose any of those pics. its her whole life.

  • http://bloguedegeek.net Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé

    I would use the O’ Mighty Drobo to host my 50GB of pictures and a few dozen GB of family videos. I might even hide the Drobo in a fireproof case so my data would be redundantly safe and the Drobo itself would also be safe!

  • Kenny De Pauw

    I would use my Drobo to backup everything from school

  • http://thgcreative.com tgraw

    I would pit the Drobo agains my Roomba to see which is the better robot.

  • Matthew Josey

    I would use the Drobo to store family photos and other family media. I’d also want to connect it to the network via the drobo share.

  • deb eschweiler

    With multiple computers between two offices, we have a very complex backup workflow. Drobo would help to streamline the process and that would hopefully lend itself to far fewer moments of frustration!

  • http://justinl.com Justin Lancaster

    I would use my Drobo to get all kinds of robo on my photos.

    …And backup copies of all my amazing raps.

  • Kelly

    Wow I would love to be able to backup and use my Drobo as my home media storage server! This is one of the best products of the year! Thanks DataRobo

  • http://t-rave.com T-Rave

    I would use the drobo to store all my video projects and feel easy about it not dying.

  • http://www.bipmistry.com Bip Mistry

    I would use my Drobo to store all my digital images safely in case I forget who I am… I can depend on my Drobo!

  • http://www.skyasylum.com Eric Givens

    I would use the Drobo to store media files for my small video production company.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joshua-Pritt/1724933372 Joshua Pritt

    I would use the drobo to back up all of my files – bills, paperwork, work documents, source code, and all of my family photos, videos, and documents. Not to mention all of my music and recorded TV. This would be used in conjunction with an offsite backup like mozy of course!

  • Al Graham

    So I can stop using all these DVDs to back up my work. I know I need one, I just don’t get enough work around here to afford a real system like a Drobo. Well, not if I also want to eat.

  • Laura

    I want a central place to store files for my family, so we can all access!

  • Will B.

    I’d love to use this to replace my current tiny HD for my Time Machine backup with a ginormous storage drive for all of my data.

  • Rob Laurnoff

    Cool Contest! I would use the drobo to consolidate my pictures which are spread across 2 machines.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jonathan-Ruzek/901475327 Jonathan Ruzek

    I would use my Drobo to store all my movies and music, as well as all of my photos!

  • John

    I can haz?

  • Chris

    Drobo is a must for all my files! i’m so sick of losing data over drives crashing! Drobo is needed

  • http://www.reichphotos.com Nathan Reich

    I would use my new Drobo as a BIG important part of my new photography business that I am working on starting.
    It would be a welcome and greatly appreciated tool to make sure my clients photos are as safe as they can be.


  • http://rizcrescini.com/blog Riz

    I would use a Drobo to store client files. Right now, all my files are stored on 3 external hard drives.

  • http://j.mp/DIODE Scott

    If I won a Drobo, I would put it to good use as a backup “array” for my desktop and laptop. Perhaps by stationing it out in an undisclosed location for remote storage and end-of-the-world-proof-ness for all of my data.

  • Jarrod

    I would use my Drobo to hold all of my Virtual Machines.

  • http://www.thisislifephotography.com Steve Patsy

    I’d use the Drobo to backup files for our business and personal photos. Common Mr. johnny 5.

  • Kelly

    Can i haz a little love from Drobo? Need to backup over 2TB of family pics and home movies.

  • Dan

    I would use a Drobo to backup all my media: photos, audio, movies, code, and my writings. It would give me the piece of mind that I have a safe and accessible place for all my digital assets.

  • http://www.gamutworks.net Derrick Bradley

    I’d use it to replace my 750G Lacie desktop external hard drive. The drive is a little over two years old and has bit the dust. I’d replace it with another Lacie disk if Drobo wasn’t so great.

    I’d use the Drobo for my work in Final Cut Pro, backing up my photos, and all of my school work.

    Also, I’m a student who can’t afford a Drobo. So winning this contest would be awesome :)

  • http://www.gabrielryan.net gabriel.ryan.

    i always loved those futuristic movies & shows of robots, when i was a kid, so now that i have a son of my own i might use my Drobo…

    to teach my son how to travel thru time, like Flight of the Navigator…

    or, to drive me around south orange county fighting crime, like Knight Rider…

    or, to be a sister to my new son, like vicki in Small Wonder.

    there are so many possibilities, and i would be THRILLED to own my very own robot… though i have high expectations ;)

  • Patrick

    I’d use a Drobo to back up my video production work.

  • Jay Leishman

    I would be able to store more of my wife’s precious pics and videos of our family.Drool!

  • http://www.bas3.nl Bas Gijselhart

    I want a Drobo because I’ve heard Frederick Van ranting and raving about it week after week on TWiP. I would use it to back up my stuff safely and easily. Normally I do the backing up manually, which costs me lots of time I could better spend on shooting!

  • http://chrisleung.ca Chris Leung

    I would use the drobo to back up all my work as a photographer and videographer. Hundreds of thousands of photos and so much video.

  • Thompson Coles

    I Would love a drobo, besides saving everything. It would start my robot army. With a robot brain to save everything how could i not succeed.

  • http://www.sevendead.com buzzregog

    I would love to have a drobo to store all my photography and 3d assets. Ok music too…

  • http://twitter.com/wdonohue William Donohue

    I maintain a network w/2 Mac minis as TVs, and personal Macs for three adults. I need a Drobo as a central archive of all the digital media we’re amassing, so we don’t have to search every machine when we want a file.

  • Karl

    It would be perfect to store copies of my music, photos, and financial data.

  • http://badkarmaink.com deadpat

    I’d totally use it to back up everything. Us evil geniuses need as much storage as possible. Cyborg-zombie designs take up a lot of space. Bwahahhahha!!!

  • Dave Pyke

    I would use my Drobo to backup the thousands of photos from my family and travel over the past 20 years.

  • http://www.bushwilliams.com Bush Williams

    I would use a Drobo for the ultimate Mac Mini home theater. Redundant storage for a massive digital media collection.

  • http://synthetictone-media.com Dean Neitman

    After loosing a bunch of photos to a single Seagate 1TB after only 7 months old while trying to save cash, it made me realize that I need a better solution for backing up my images. Still hoping I can recover some shots but wouldn’t have been issue if I had been using a Drobo.

  • Jon

    I would use my drobo to consolidate my haphazard storage scheme and protect all my photos and videos

  • James

    I’d use the Drobo as a 8Tb mini-monster for mission critical backup of 4k .r3d footage. I’ll make sure the robot is fed with only the choicest cuts.

  • 8bytes

    I need drobo to have back ups of my 300 GB porn collection. A mans porn is a mans hopes and dreams!

  • Ray

    Right now I have 4 external drives hooked up to my iMac. This is a much better way to manage external storage and provides an excellent upgrade path.

  • Stephan

    I’d use the Drobo to back up the files (photos, videos, etc) on the family iMac.

  • http://coe.murraystate.edu Eric Rich

    I use my drobo to save all my home movies of my two boys.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eric-Carr/807813848 Eric Carr

    A Drobo would be a GREAT way to save all of my photos and other media.

  • http://www.the-eddings.com Chad Eddings

    Since the model you are giving away does not have network connectivity, I would use the Drobo to complement my Ubuntu server.

    Fish On!
    Chad Eddings

  • http://www.nickaleck.smugmug.com nick

    drobo would be the answer to my prayers about an easier media storage solution! i have multiple Aperture photo libraries, RAW files and iMovie/iDVD projects that are currently spread out across a small collection of external hard drives that i take back and forth from home to work.

  • http://www.thestudiohb.com hannah

    I’m a professional photographer and have been looking for a sleek RAID system to back up my work. The drobo seems like a dream come true!

  • http://twitter/com/LowFatCheeze Dakota

    need one of these cuz my /b/ folder is getting too big

  • Jason Strong

    I need one of these so bad. It would be sweet to win one.

  • http://twitter/com/LowFatCheeze Dakota


  • http://twitter/com/LowFatCheeze Dakota


  • Lee

    I would use one to keep the pictures of my twin boys safe and organized.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dan-Wiegel/701035566 Dan Wiegel

    The Drobo would help me cause I am sick of going threw all my Hardrives to find the one I need. It would save me time and a headache ..

  • Joshua Yang

    I would use this to back up family photos, videos, and the like.

  • http://www.flickr.com/therohlfsens Bo Rohlfsen

    I would like to win a Drobo – I would use the Drobo to back up the pictures of my family that we’ve accumulated through years of travel. Couple that with the new HD video that we’re shooting, and we need more storage space to keep things backed up properly.

  • http://www.jamescheng.net James Cheng

    I would use the Drobo for evil! erm… I mean to back up a couple of hundred gigs of raws…

  • Chris

    I’d use it to back up my photography so that I don’t have to worry about clients suing me over lost data. *thumbs up*

  • http://mattshumate.com Matt s.

    LooKa like my odds here are about as good as playing the lottery, but I’d rather have the Drobo to store all of my client’s irreplaceable wedding memories.

  • Greg Walrath

    I would love to have a Drobo. Like you, I would also back up my old photos and videos of my son in the Pinewood Derby.

  • Gabriel D

    I would use it to free my computer from the metric ton of music I have on it. And take advantage of the new storage to rip the other metric ton of music I have on obsolete See…..Dees????

  • Jerry Leveillee

    I would use Drobo to back up our family photos, MP3’s, video from TiVo, etc. We have several PC’s that could also back-up data to a big fat Drobo.

  • http:[email protected] Tim

    I’d use one to back up all my old photos and code!

  • Eric

    I would use it to store all of our video editing projects, no more swapping external drives.

  • Edi

    I would use a Drobo to back up my movies, music, images, games, and other very important files. I have SO much data to store; I could really use this!

  • Ben

    I would use it to safely store all my photos, which are getting really large especially as I start shooting in RAW!

  • R.Harmsen

    I would use it to store a backup of my research data and thesis drafts.

  • Joe

    I would use the Drobo to store my video editing footage for my church.

  • Jono

    I’d love a Drobo to keep those important family photos and home movies safe! :)

  • David McColgan

    I would use a drobo to stop feeling like a digital hobo.

  • http://ksilebo.com Russ Gonsalves

    I’d use it for a backup target for my laptops and desktops at home.

  • Steve

    I need to work something out where I don’t get the “recording halted” error message because I’ve run out of storage space.

  • Arron King

    I would use a Drobo to consolidate the multiple disk pools I have on my network into a single, safe, and manageable source.

    A drobo would also allow me to setup iscsi so I can build a VMware environment @ home.

  • Richard

    I would use a Drobo to change my life

  • http://weblogs.asp.net/jaredroberts Jared Roberts

    I would use my drobo to replace my 100 GB external drive so I can store the thousands of pictures and hundreds of hours of video my wife and I take of our two boys (5 years old and 5 months old). I need this, I will mow your lawn for the 2010 year.

  • Adam

    I would use a Drobo to remedy my wife’s bad data backup practices.

  • http://www.alchemic.com/ dtj

    A Drobo would give a measure of safety in the backing up of my family pictures and other digital assets.

  • Brant

    I need a Drobo to backup my 300 GB music and photo collection. All of that won’t fit on my MBP, so I have a lot of this on a Time Capsule. Unfortunately, I have had my Time Capsule a while, and it is suppose to die this month or next according to the average life of them. I need a Drobo bad.

  • http://www.garrettelias.com Garrett

    I would use a Drobo because they are drooby.

  • http://www.slephoto.com SLE Photography

    I’m working to build & develop a photo & video business and DESPERATELY need more storage to keep going. Saw this on the Drobo Twitter feed. :-)

  • http://www.bjornnelissen.nl Bjorn Nelissen

    If I would have a Drobo I would use it as a backup for my finished projects. Burning DVD’s bores me to death!

  • Spiney

    I’d use my Drobo to back up my other Drobo!

  • Christi Milligan

    I would love a Drobo! Backing up needs to be painless and I love Drobo’s way of going about this very important task.

  • http://www.reflectedpixdl.com Jon Adams

    I would use my Drobo as a data storage robot, always keeping my images safe.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Owen/709602058 Frank Owen

    I would use a Drobo (R) to store my DVD collection as well as backups from my PC.

  • http://www.andrefiedler.de André Fiedler

    I really need a drobo to back up all my dng´s. I´m a hobby fotographer with three external usb drives. It´s terrible to get all my photos stored save. greetings andré

  • cta

    The Drobo would effectively eliminate my nervousness about not having a Drobo for my archive.

  • Will Ford

    I need a Drobo to store all my media! I am having serious storage concerns!

  • http://willj.net/ Will Jessop

    I would make a copy of the entiiiiiiiiiire Internet.

  • http://throughwaters.blogspot.com Brian Russell

    I’m just getting started as a freelance producer of videos and I’ve just filled up my last external drive. I’d like a Drobo as a long-term solution but can’t afford one yet!

  • http://www.iamphotog.com Arpit

    It’d be nice to get a Drobo so I don’t have to get externals… SATA rules!

  • rachel

    having a drobo would make all my dreams about what happens when you dont have a drobo stop, so i can sleep safely.

  • Morgan

    I would use my Drobo to back up the videos and images I create. My two external hard drives can barely handle them now

  • http://staticpulse.com/ Nano

    I would definitely use my Drobo to back up my backups. Bad things happen!

  • Ian Ilsley

    I would use my Drobo to reduce my carbon footprint and save the planet .

  • Alastair

    Tuck it away in the closet that houses the home networking equipment so it can happily hum away as data gets automatically backed up to it from the home file server + MMPC in the living room.

  • Wayne

    I would use my Drobo to replace my ancient external drive.

  • DeathfireD

    I’d use the Drobo to pick up chicks. I hear that if you’re holding a Drobo while wearing a 3 wolf moon shirt, lady’s dig it.

  • Brendon Rich

    I would take my drobo out for a romantic evening of fine Dining, a movie and perhaps dancing. I’ll talk & make jokes while drobo listens intently. I’ll smile to myself as I gaze at the L.E.D lights glowing green reassuringly and at the candle light flickering in the reflection of Drobos glossy enclosure. We’ll pose for photos at the little ice-cream stand on main street (you know the one) before finally making our way home where I’ll backup the photo’s of our evening on 4TB of redundant storage. It will be heaven.

  • Jason Toman

    I will use my Drobo to store all of my personal and business data so I do not have to drop $2000 a second time to recover another hard drive!

  • http://shawnrgrimes.com Shawn Grimes

    For me a Drobo would be ideal for backing up my wife’s PTA documents and all of our photos we take on a daily basis of our three children. I have been burned in the past with data loss and I am in great need of a backup solution. Would just love to have this for sure!


    I want a drobo so I can free up precious space on my hard drive! It just fills up ever so quickly

  • http://www.ichibod.com Ryan Jones

    I want to backup of my media and projects!

  • http://www.jaddie.com/ Jaddie dodd

    Awesome blog design! Drobo or bust!

  • http://www.jaredharbour.com Jared Harbour

    I would use the Drobo to store my massive iTunes library. so far i’ve compiled about 100 GB of music, over 300 full length motion pictures, and about 500 GB of TV shows… it’s a little intense :)

  • Ian Ragsdale

    Best backup solution I’ve ever used – I commissioned 2 of them at my last job and they rocked.

  • Ray S.

    Years of photos, all my family’s music, movies for ipods, I just need more space!

  • Jared C

    “I want to store and backup pictures of my lame GF’s Cats, and all of my other digital media.”

  • http://www.jeffkarney.com Jeff K

    I want a drobo to archive all my source code revisions!

  • Dan Councill

    I would store all my family photos and videos on it.

  • Sulli

    pick me, pick me

  • http://www.tonywhite.com Tony W

    I’ve been considering one of these for ages… Hope I win!

  • Ralf

    I would store my 253 movies and 739 TV-Show episodes on it and still have lots of room to continue!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brian-Evans/9012197 Brian Evans

    I would use my Drobo to back up my growing amateur photography library, as well as all the family snapshots, as well as my growing home video library, as well as….

  • Benjamin Z

    I would use my drobo to be sure that my datas are safe

  • Matt Z.

    I would use a drobo to store my whole life on it!

  • http://www.perryazevedo.com Perry Azevedo

    The Drobo is the iPhone of the NAS market! Some have even gone so far as trying to date or marry their Drobo. While I might not go that far, if I were to get one, I might just have to change the bumper sticker on my car to “Drobo Saves!”

  • http://www.flickr.com/jlivepb Julie Livengood

    I would use my Drobo with my dad so we can store both our family memories, his beach photography, and my sports photography!

  • http://mistressofnone.blogspot.com cabesh

    I’d use it for movies to that my kids will stop scratching the DVDs.

  • http://www.twitter.com/britontour BritOnTour

    I’m a proud father of a 2 year old son and a brand new HD camcorder. Thats going to make for Gigs of precious video footage I would not like to lose to a HD failure. Trey & Drobo, help me out!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeremy-Hammond/1240984001 Jeremy Hammond

    I would use the Drobo to store the 20,000 photos that we have of our son. I am using 3 different drives right now. It would be awesome to have all the photos in one place!!

  • Erik

    I use this to backup my wife’s hard drive every time I had to reinstall Windows on her computer

  • http://jonhume.co.uk Jon Hume

    I would use a Drobo for toring all the media for the Mac Mini media server I am putting together!

  • Chris DeLuca

    We bought a digital SLR 2 years ago when a friend of mine got married and I was invited to be the Best man. The cruise was awesome and since then my wife has taken totally to digital photography. I have burned all of our pictures off on DVD but my goodness that is alot of DVD’s I would use the DROBO for the pictures as well as our other important computer data. I would still Take DVD’s to the Safety deposit box but this way my local stuff would be backed up.

  • Chris Lang

    I currently have a beat-up and broken down PC that has my photography backed up with RAID. But I’m thinking about upgrading to an iMac and need an enclosure for my hard drives that works with the iMac. The Drobo would totally help and make my holiday, my year, my… that’s all I got.

  • http://www.notgraham.co.uk Graeme

    I’d use the drobo to store my thousands of photos as I know they’d be safe on such a device.

  • http://www.tssphotography.com/emack Edward Mack

    Once I moved all my family photos (digital versions back to 1995), then my business photos. Once that’s done, I’m going to upload my mind and store it there.

  • http://fotoblog.pnjwood.com Paul

    I want one! I’d store my thousands and thousands of photos on it.

  • http://www.xtvl.tv Israel Vela

    I’d use our Drobo Pro to keep the TimeMachines of about 20 Macs we have in our company. We would start them up sequentially at night on a schedule with Energy Saver and then fire up the TimeMachine backup scheduled with TimeMachine Editor. We’d then shut the machines down with the same Energy Saver Schedule we started them up in the first place. Of course, as the Drobo would be connected to a Mac mini on the LAN, we’d first have to enable TimeMachine to work with unsopported volumes with Secrets Preference Pane. I think it would work great!

  • Beej

    I have a Drobo. I use it to keep backups of media and my other information. I’d like to win this one so I can give it as a gift to someone I know who would love using it for the same thing.

  • http://www.camerani.com Priya Karthik

    I would love to use a Drobo to all the new raw images I am starting to accumulate with the purchase of my new Canon T1i DSLR. It would absolutely be a wonderful gift this Christmas.

  • Bounthavy

    I would love this Drobo, not only would it be a place to store my thousands of RAW files. But also my music and video files. This would be my repository for all media, then I could connect to the media with my Dlink DSM-320 and stream it to the TV.

  • http://urbanapps.com Matt

    I would use it to store all my porn movies.

  • badbob001

    I would use it to store all my family home videos. It’s at least 200GB (putting off recompressing from MJPEG to H264 until I can figure out the best quality settings.).

  • http://vimeo.com/nicjustice nic

    I don’t know what I would do with a drobo but as a video editor It think I might find a use haha

  • Thomas

    I would use the Drobo to keep all my photo library files safe :)

  • Ken

    Drobo would help me so much with storing all my photos to make a time lapse!

  • Jason

    I would use the Drobo to actually start backing up my data. Currently have no backups of anything. Yea I know that is a bad thing.

  • http://www.mdturnerphotography.com Mike Turner

    I’ve been looking at a Drobo to centralize our backups, but I usually end up up buying more ‘regular’ external drives because its cheaper at the time…

  • Zyxian

    I’d stop buying seperate hard drives for each of the computers in the house. Having a central spot would make shaing a whole lot easier.

  • Facebook User

    I would use the Drobo to store my RAW files, the backups. Can i haz one please ? :)

  • Ryan Derry

    I’d use my Drobo to make sure I never lose years’ worth of photos in a hard drive failure again.. Blargh.

  • http://www.inlumino.com Craig Whisenhunt

    I would use my Drobo for all my photos, Lightroom catalog and important media/document backups. Thanks, Trey!

  • Daniele Arduini

    At Home I’ll use the Drobo to keep all my data: photos, video and documents.
    At Work I’ll get a Drobo Pro/Elite to connect a couple of VMWare ESX servers.

  • jbeck

    I’ll use the Drobo to backup all my files, from photos to music, and all those “important” work files too!

  • nomaded

    I would use the Drobo to store all the digital photos and scans I’ve made over the past several years.

  • Daniel Sabourin

    Drobo is an awesome product.

  • Barney Walsh

    I would use the Drobo to consolidate all the crazy flash drives I have stored photos on over the years. And as a platform for Mr. Potato Head to keep an eye on things with.

  • http://www.josephhoetzl.com Joseph Hoetzl

    I’d like to have a drobo so I don’t have to “reject” any photos of my family. None of them are “rejects” :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Koontz/500028843 Chris Koontz

    Drobo would provide us a place to time machine all our laptops, and wonderful repository for all of our photos.

  • http://leenarts.net Jeroen Leenarts

    I would use a Drobo to store my time machine on it as well as all my assets.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Farrukh-Saeed/694441850 Farrukh Saeed

    I will use this Drobo for my projects backup. You know i was planning to buy one but if i can get it for free it will be just great. I have more than 2 terabytes of data on different HardDisks which i need to compile to one hard disk, i believe that can be consumed by this monster pretty easily

  • http://Www.cvp1.com Ken Burg

    I would use my Drobo to backup my years of wedding photographs. Me and my clients will sleep better. Does it vome prefilled? ;)

  • Wolodymyr Protsaylo

    I want to use it to store photos of my family! I need them backed up safely!

  • http://somersettechsolutions.co.uk Anthony

    i have had too many problems with running out of backup space… i would use my drobo to backup my PC (2TB of data) and my MacBook Pro (250GB) my data is too valuable to me too many small (they were big at the time!) external hard drives knocking about in too many locations getting lost from time to time or damaged, i already lost one backup hard drive already this year :( lucky i didnt need to restore from it

  • http://www.benjaminschmanke.com Benjamin

    I would use Drobo to backup all my years & years of photo and video work. (Plus 9 seasons of Seinfeld. Best. Show. Ever.) Thanks!

  • http://www.catescott.com/blog Cate

    I would use it as a night light for my office. Possibly to back up photos as well.

  • Bryan J

    I would use a Drobo to backup my digital photo collection. I have wanted a Drobo since they came out but can’t swing the purchase $. Limping along with some external FW drives hoping I don’t have a disaster…

  • http://www.chrishiggins.com Chris Higgins

    I use my Drobo to store movies. And I’d like another Drobo to backup my first Drobo, just in case. :)

  • http://www.chadbruels.com Chad Bruels

    I would connect a Drobo to my Mac Mini media center and store movies, TV shows and music on it.

  • Pat Ward

    I would give it to a photographer friend for Christmas!

  • dennis

    I would use a Drobo to store all the Keyboard Cat videos

  • http://www.calrklaraphotography.com Clark Lara

    I would use the Drobo to store photos of my 15 cats and 9 dogs!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tim-Chen/3203874 Tim Chen

    I would finally back up my files!

  • http://www.lifeofdb.ca Dylan Blanchard

    Oh my goodness! I want a drobo so I can revolutionize my life.. Sharing photos with clients, and some wicked backup “ain’t bad”.
    Oh, what a life it could be.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ron-Olszewski/520713042 Ron Olszewski

    Great to see you doing this, Trey, was surprised to see your name pop up on the Drobo twitter feed. :) Been following you for quite some time now.

    My primary goal with my photography has been to document my kid’s lives as they grow – all else is secondary. So, with that in mind…

    I’d use my Drobo to keep the photographic history of my family safe. You can never have enough backup – NEVER.

  • http://www.vtphototours.com/ Steve Mermelstein

    One can never have too many Drobos. Another would really make like easier and I’d feel more secure.

  • http://www.urbanenotcosmopolitan.com Chris Weigert

    I’d use a Drobo to back up the master footage for my aunt’s crafting DVDs that I’m mastering.

  • Jack Zietman

    I would use my Drobo to never again suffer the pain of total hard drive failure…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Franco-Vallejos/507567829 Franco Vallejos

    I lost the last 10 months of my photos because my main drive and backup drive failed at the same time. drobo would help solve that problem.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brian-Gotfredson/1578710159 Brian Gotfredson

    I would use a Drobo to store my friends and family’s backups on. We use a cool free p2p backup program called CrashPlan. Also, I would store my photo & music collection on it.

  • http://www.madebymn.com/ Matthew Lloyd

    I would use my Drobo to store my master plan to thwart the evil subterranean badger people.

    It is a rather large plan you see. It involves many monkeys and they all have to be trained meticulously to dance in an amusing fashion. This shall serve as a distraction as I carry out phase 2, but if I told you that I’d have to kill you. Or possibly get one of my many monkey man servants to do it for me. Either way my maniacal musical monkey man servant database has become far too massive for me to store on my mountain of floppy disks. It fell down the other day and crushed Jo Jo’s leg. He wasn’t happy. So please donate a Drobo to my cause. Do it for Jo Jo, do it for his leg! But most of all do it to stop those evil badger people.

    Matt the Monkey man.

  • http://jasoncollinphotography.com Jason Collin Photography

    I would use the Drobo to build and expand my fledgling photography business on here in sunny Florida. Since you will be coming to Tampa next year, I could just pick it up from you as I live in neighboring Saint Petersburg!

  • aj

    i would use the drobo as a gift for my wife who has a new photography business and needs one! :D

  • http://www.behindblueeyesphotography.com Melinda Kurth

    Would use the Drobo to sleep much better at night knowing all my files are safe and sound during those spring thunder/lightning storms.

  • Karen Pochodowicz

    I need drobo to store all my pics, music, and to back up my BF website.

  • Sean Switzer

    I would use a drobo to add an extra layer of protection to my photos and music.

  • Chris Kozik

    Currently using four hard drives, would love a drobo to clean up the clutter and simplify everything.

  • Gabe

    I would use a drobo with the new home server I bought for my wife to give me for Christmas, ha ha. Looking to merge my music/picture/video libraries in one safely redundant place.

  • Bob

    Would love a drobo as I have had two drive crashes in the past month! Thanks!

  • Brijinder

    I would use a my drobo to backup all my photos and give me a little more piece of mind.

  • http://korwelphotography.com Iza

    I could use a Drobo to store all my photographs, and my husband movies. All of those files and computer backups are on 3 separate drives.

  • http://www.mymindriot.com PJ Dexheimer

    I would use Drobo…really…I would…nothing would make me feel better than knowing that Drobo is now in my life!

  • http://escapesphoto.com David Vernon

    I would love a drobo as it’s the only way to get cool green and blue LED lights on a rad black case on my desktop. How cool does that think look? And I could back things up – which I love to do.

  • Aaron

    A Drobo would allow me to sleep at night knowing all my photos have quadruple redundancy. And I love my sleep.

  • Matt Parker

    I would use a drobo to secure my photo backups from a hard drive failure.

  • http://munsie.tumblr.com Dennis

    Wow — lots of comments here :) I would use a Drobo to backup the multitude of Macs that I have in my house. We’re up to 8 now, and we have photos, documents, music files, videos and more scattered across all of them.

  • http://www.flickr.com/richietown Richie

    I would love a Drobo to help streamline my system of backing up my photos which have now tripled in file size with my new Canon 7D.

  • http://www.spencero.com Spencer O’hara

    I will use it to back up all my Documentary projects!!!

  • Eric Yount

    I would back up everything in my house and maybe all my neighbor’s houses too!

  • http://Dhsimages.com Douglas

    I would use it to save my marriage, I’ve already lost 2 pics of my son, any more and I’m dead, Love the website and thanks.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/jonathangao/ Jonathan Gao

    As a high school journalist and aspiring photo journalist, having a Drobo would be an amazing asset in putting all my stories and shots together (as well as music).
    Currently I have the inconvenience of saving the majority of my photos at school due to the lack of hard drive space and experiences of losing work on deadline. Backup a student plox =)

  • Phil K

    I need to backup my growing collection of photos so I can sleep at night.

  • http://www.chrisphoto.ca CJ Martin

    I am overdue for a hard drive failure – the Drobo would beat the gremlin back!

  • http://nathanleebush.com Nathan

    I would use my Drobo to backup my substantial photo database. I can’t sleep with this mybook always threatening to collapse on me!

  • http://www.photosbydeon.net DeonG

    Memories last a lifetime. Photos help us share those lifetime memories with others, unless they are lost. I have so many that need a safer home. Thanks Drobo for saving our memories.

  • http://www.jjrobinson.com jj

    Keeping the photos and the videos safe. You can never ever have too many backups.

  • Bmw2002monkey

    I would use a Drobo to ensure a reliable backup
    of scanned family photos lost during hurricane Wilma. It would keep memories
    of loved ones (both alive and passed on) available hopefully for my children and theirs.

  • Mike VanKirk

    I would treat a Drobo like a friend….and hug it everyday :)

  • Stephen H

    I would use the drobo to back up all my architectural studio work and photographs that are important to me and my work.

  • http://www.tonivaughan.com Toni Vaughan

    I would use the drobo to back up my life- photos (art and personal) videos, random powerpoints I’ve created and tons of documents.

  • ScottMGS

    I would use a Drobo to teach my family to BACK UP THEIR own FILES! :-)

  • Eric

    Love your photos :)

  • Don Jacob

    I would use my drobo to store all of my valuable and wonderful photos and videos and keep them from harm.

  • Eric

    I would re-backup everything…hourly :P

  • Pavel Gerega

    I would use a Drobo to back up all my pictures and videos on one hard drive instead of several

  • Martin

    Just just bought my first dslr, a D90, I would store all those beautiful new pix and transfer all my older digital videos and pix off DVDs without worry.

  • jms1

    I would use a Drobo to store my media library, as well as back up my desktop and laptop machines.

  • Facebook User

    I would use a Drobo for storing all my digital peanuts that i eat while listening to the music that’s on it.

  • http://tyoungblood.tumblr.com Taylor

    I would use a Drobo to ensure my thousands of images are stored safely. It would make me sleep much better at night

  • http://americanvirus.com/ AMERICANVIRUS

    I would use my Drobo to bring about World Peace!

  • Michal

    I would use Drobo to store my media library and also for Time Machine backup.

  • http://www.retouch.cz Retouch.cz

    Backup, backup, backup! I would use Drobo to save all my work to be safe.

  • http://a.trendyname.org/ Chris

    I’d use the Drobo for some raw file backups. Damn sizes >(

  • Facebook User

    I’d use a Drobo to back up all my photos, so I’d feel confident that they are safe, especially so I can delete some photos to make room for new ones. HD hardly has any space left!

  • Brandon

    I’d use Drobo to store all my video files so I can have a true library!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Janet-Janet/570781956 Janet Janet

    I’d use Drobo to store my image, video, and music files. Having them safely backed up would allow me to sleep soundly at night.

  • http://www.elenahernandez.com Elena Hernandez

    i would have peace of mind with a Drobo and have the knowledge that all my precious clients work as well as my ART would be safe.
    Thanks for the gift of a DROBO.

  • http://www.hampudiaphotography.com Huguette Ampudia

    I would use my DROBO to start 2010 with a blast and don’t have to worry about all my photos all the time; to have a real good backup of all my work would mean a better year, just because I would have some peace of mind!!!!! … ;P XOOOX I want a DROBO!!!

  • http://blog.domisljije.si Peter Prevec

    I would really need that Drobo to do another backup of my most important stuff. Thanks!

  • Rich Finucane

    Many of my photos only exist on my hard drive with NO backup! Drobo would help me actually start to do what I should be doing anyway, protecting my data.

  • http://www.oliverwilke.com Oliver Wilke

    After my girlfriend, a professional photographer, lost a big chunk of her digital history due to a head crash and my aperture-library that is stored on a portable drive seems to be corrupted, I really do think that it’s about time for a professional backup/storage solution. And additionally a Drobo would hold all our media files like movies, tv shows and mp3s … yes, we do not only take a lot of pictures, we’re tv nerds, too!

  • http://sharonlinnefaulk.com Sharon

    I’d use a drobo to consolidate my hard drive mess and add another hour to work since I won’t have to manually back up said mess.

  • http://www.jeremiahclark.com Jeremiah Clark

    I’m an artist and student, and the majority of what I do goes through my computer. A lot of my art starts out physical media, but very little of it ends up that way. Additionally, I’ve recently invested in a DSLR. I run out of disk space constantly, and I just don’t trust myself to keep backup media safe and orderly. With a Drobo, I could stop worrying about losing everything, and I could expand as needed into the foreseeable future.

  • http://www.jakke16.be Jan Garrevoet

    Recently I lost all my pictures I shot during the last 2 years. Although I work with a RAID system and another seperate backup I lost them and couldn’t recover them. I’ve read that the DROBO can offer you much safer storage then any other system available. I really don’t want to lose my pictures again….

  • Alfredo

    Making my daily backup keeps me so busy that I don’t have the time to write on how I’d use a drobo. Hopefully the random number generator will appreciate that. ;)

  • Alex K

    I would use a Drobo to back up my aging hard drives so that I don’t suffer massive data loss from having a massive crash like I did 3 years ago, again…

  • Steven

    I would use a Drobo to replace my previous external hard drive, which recently died and took 700GB of my stuff with it.

  • Jack M

    It would be nice to have a drobo.

  • Patrick Duany

    I would use it to store all my photo on

  • Chris

    I would use my Drobo to store all my photos and digital media, and so I can stop buying external drive after external drive. They take up a lot of room

  • http://blog.boora.ca Raj Boora

    I want to use my drobo to safely store the photo and video of my daughter… and the rest of my family – and to clean the drive clutter on my desk to make my wife happier as well.

  • Rob

    I have been using my Drobo for almost a year now as my main storage. It replaced a huge server that used scsi drives sucking down a huge amount of power. It has worked great to backup my digital media from both my pcs and macs as well as to serve as a central holding point for all my software installers to make wiping and rebuilding a machine much easier.

    I just picked up my second one with the intent to use it as an offsite mirror of my primary one.

    I would love to get another one for my media center as with having just added HD tuners to it I am eating through storage space really fast and the 1 tb internal drive just doesn’t go nearly as far with HD content as it did with SD.

  • http://rolograaf.nl/com Lawrence Rolograaf

    Yeah 1 on 882 chance!

    I am intersted in a Drobo so I can get rid of my DVD-back-ups, some of them are getting so old, that they become unreadable!

    Fingers crossed greetings from
    Lawrence Rolograaf

  • http://michaelsch.net Michael Schuermann

    I’d use it for: full iTunes Library that syncs to AppleTV; Photo backup; Time Machine backups of all my Macs; who knows what else, but I’d use it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Hilton-Simonson/646995317 Daniel Hilton Simonson

    I nearly lost all of my digital photos when my hard drive crashed a few years ago (luckily an IT guy at my work recovered everything for me) and I’ve been terrified of it happening again so a Drobo would help me relax a little as I could put ALL of my photos and music and other important stuff on it!

  • Tom

    Thats cool@!!

  • Ursula O’Hara

    Need to back up all my family photos and freelance projects. Would be awesome to have everything safe. Lost some stuff last year and have been coveting a Drobo ever since. New reader from Scott Kelby’s blog, love your site! :)

  • Jesse

    I use a Drobo at work – 3 drives have failed so far, and I’ve lost NOTHING!!! A Drobo of my own would be Sa-weet !!!

  • Rod Cole

    As a cinematographer, filmmaker, and professional photographer, I must have consistently reliable and rapid access to my files. Editing video demands a high data transfer rate, and Drobo is the only affordable solution that provides such capability. While I already back up to a secure server on the cloud, uploading large files takes a very long time, and recovery is only slightly faster. This method is acceptable only as a last resort due to the inconvenience it causes.

    My new Drobo would mitigate the above and also eliminate the hard drive shuffle that I use in my current workflow which makes keeping track of which project is on which hard disk into a nightmare. The biggest plus for me is that a four bay Drobo is currently scalable on the fly to 8 TB which will store an incredible amount of data.

  • http://www.emilykuphoto.com Emily

    Ooh I need something to back up my photos!

  • Marck

    I would use the Drobo to backup my precious music and photo collection.

  • Matt

    The Drobo is the perfect solution for me to keep my valuable digital photo library safe and accessable. I need one!

  • http://web.me.com/vandenwauver Mark Vandenwauver

    My Drobo is filling up so quickly I need a second one but I’m afraid my wife would kill me if she noticed that I actually bought one so please Trey give me one. :-)

  • http://joefleming.net Joe Fleming

    I keep fumbling with my Linux RAID server. The hardware is dated and not too stable. That machine has ALL of my backups on it; pictures, videos, websites, documents, music and even DVD backups… everything! I’d use the Drobo to replace that server, using less power and wasting less time!!

  • Carlos

    I’d use my Drobo to finally stop worring about my most loved remembrances and get a sleep.

  • http://emceephoto.smugmug.com Mark

    I desperately need a Drobo to prop up the left side of our breakfast table. (I might store some photos on it too)

  • Grace Rodich

    I would use my Drobo to back up all of the DVD’s of photos I have that are labeled “Grace’s Photos.” I’d get organized.

  • Michael

    Living in Southern California and being evacuated twice in four years due to fires I’ve been nervous about losing stuff I can’t replace; family, photos, old guitars, and my cat. I’ve been looking at the drobo for the past year as a solution to store all my files on as a local backup for my wife and I and it would be super easy to grab in an emergency, it’s out of my price range so I’m still just using internal drives. I would love a drobo.

  • http://annoyinglyboring.com PG

    as I have proven to be absolutely incapable of deleting my duds, I would use the Drobo to store all my photos, good – bad and in-between!

  • Kenyon

    I would use the little black box to store hours of HD video of my son’s basketball games, as well as oodles of family pictures.

  • Gimmelsmom

    I would use it to store the FIVE hours of video and 200+ pictures I’ve taken at primary school holiday concerts already this year!

  • Scott W

    Hey Trey, keep up the good work! I would love a Drobo because my hardware RAID controller is not incrementally upgradeable like the Drobo, and it’s SUCH a headache to make the array larger, Drobo would be a breeze!

  • Steven

    Drobo’s FTW! I would use my Drobo to back up all my images. It would be so nice and easy to just pop in a HDD fill it up and *bada bing bada boom* replace it with a new one! A brilliant concept!

  • Richard A. Heckler

    I would let the drives in the drobo begin to talk with each other. Truly, they are not sharing my photos, but secret mystical information concerning how to help humans wake up. By alchemical formulae, the combination of drives of various sizes and speed, oriented towards true nautical south by southwest, would yield, in approximately a year and a half….information and guidance critical for the survival of our species and the world. And, it would hold my photos!

    Happy Holidays to all!

  • Tim

    to store photos and music!

  • Yannick

    I would definetely use a Drobo to backup my backup of pictures! I already lost 2 HDD :S

  • Cosmin Banciu

    Drobo FTW! Would love to be able to store all the video’s/photos on this and not have to worry about scheduling nightly backups.

  • http://www.brianherman.com Brian Herman

    I’ve already got 75,000+ reasons that this would be a great place to SAFELY store photos :)
    Love the blog, love the pics!

  • Son Bui

    I have a large collection of family (mostly kids) picture/videos that is growing every day, and I worry about loosing everyday. Portable drive here, portable drive there…I need to sleep at night…HELP!

  • indigomay

    i’m a big movie fan. have lots of them and need a good store like Drobo. Definitely, i would use my Drobo to store movies.

  • Michael

    I would use my Drobo as a paper weight.

  • Carmen

    I keep running out of hard drive space for my illustrator and photoshop files. i’ve always been looking at all the drobo ads and wishing I had one. Not in my budget though.

  • http://www.studiopp..nl Peter

    I will use the drobo as backup for all my (HDR)pictures. The drobo is a cost-effective solution for a data redundancy and easy to use with all kind of harddrives.

  • http://www.markwestonphotography.com Mark Weston

    I would use the Drobo to clean up my current storage (multiple external drives) solution.

  • http://www.tuttleimages.com Frank T

    I would use the DROBO to back up my current DROBO – Redundant Redundancy!

  • http://atomicego.com/kevin Kevin

    I would use it to back up photos and personal information.

  • Hector Castillo

    I will use the DROBO not only as a means for backup but to have sufficient space in order to shoot at 21Mp instead of 10 Mp

  • Allison Mill

    I would give the drobo to my sister who is a professional photographer. She just said they other day that she needed one and I had no idea what it was so this contest is perfect! Thanks!

  • Danelle Hevron

    I would use my Drobo to backup everything instead of crossing my fingers everytime I boot up the Dell and the other excuse I have for an external harddrive.

  • Lane Bailey

    I’d use my Drobo to hold down loose papers on my desktop (I’m just being honest), and lift my coffee cup up to an easier level to grasp. Oh yeah…I’d also back up my growing inventory of HDR images! Thank you!

  • Mason Henry

    I would use my Drobo to keep my important and valuable photos safe!

  • Tom Gall

    Definitely need it’s 4 drive – raid – goodness to be a good safe home for all my digital mac bits.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/j0hng4lt Chris

    I will put a harddrive in the top and bottom slots and use the middle to warm up my bagels

  • http://www.redfruit.co.uk Paul Hunnisett

    I’d use a Drobo for storing music both original and bought.

  • ElaineM925

    I would use the Drobo to store all my vacation pictures, sensitive documents and things of such nature! What a great Christmas gift to me this would be!

  • Kristopher Lundborg

    I would use my Drobo to store all my photos and videos on there, to be sure they would be safe. I really need something like this. I’m going to school soon for photography, and it’d be so nice to have this.

  • http://markdorison.com Mark Dorison

    I would use my Drobo to have completely expandable and safe storage for all my media!

  • http://theperschbachers.blogspot.com George Perschbacher

    I would use a Drobo to back up all our family photos, videos and blog.

  • Nick Olson

    I would use my drobo to start building an interconnected network of computers based. I originally finished it on August 29th 1997. I don’t want to bore you with the details, but I keep hitting setbacks and stuff keeps getting blown up and destroyed. One day I’ll finish though.

  • http://www.canelson.com.ar canelson

    I would use a Drobo to back up all my digital life.

  • Gimmellsdad

    Sometimes ya gotta back up the back up!

  • http://akiba-station.com Darold Higa

    I would use my Drobo to solve my home network cross-platform media problems and throw away an octopus stack of firewire and USB external drives.

  • http://calebpike.com Caleb PIke

    I would like to use a drobo to manage all of my videos, so that I can go back and see the stories of mine and others lives and know they are safe on a drobo.

  • Nick Schwab

    I would use a Drobo as a media center storage server.

  • http://fromhindsight.com Brendan M

    I would use my drobo to backup my 2tb of tv, movies, family films, website/design projects, and as a beacon of hope in the technological world. It would be mounted in a glass case and hung from the ceiling so that all can see and inquire as to what glories device is worth so much trouble. I would also send pictures to all of my facebook/twitter friends showing them said drobo.

  • http://www.timlloydphoto.com Tim Lloyd

    Oh man, i got my last computer stolen a few weeks ago and now have my replacement. I’d use my Drobo to back up all my images, all my videos, my music my documents, my emails……my life.

  • Benjamin Kenneally

    I would use a Drobo to store a backup of all my schoolwork. And the 9000 cocktail recipes I seem to have acquired. And 500 lolcat pictures to amuse my daughter. And all my Pentesting notes. And my wife’s emails. And my music collection. And my ancient, original Geocities site, from 1995. And my contact list. My PGP keys. Anything and everything digital. Cuz that’s what Drobo is for.

  • http://www.dovharrington.com Dov Harrington

    I will use it with a Droboshare to store digital copies of all DVDs and images to stream/view throughout the house.

  • Chris

    Would use it to backup my other drobo ;) Redundancy!

  • http://petecase.com Peter Case

    That is one sexy looking device and would to store my photos, videos, and music on it.

  • http://www.creativedeviancephotography.com Kelly Densmore

    I want to use it to store photos so many photos!!! I’m always afraid I’ll lose something priceless. Would love to be able to back it up safely!

  • Kristine

    I’d use my Drobo to store my mom’s pictures, since she’s a little computer illiterate, I need to help her keep track of all the family copies.
    Also, with a little bit of extra space, I may use it to develop my CV for grad school :)

  • Gordon Smith

    I need a Drobo to backup my MP3s and the TONS of pictures from my various mission trips.

  • Jen Gall

    I would give it to my husband because he wants one. : )

  • http://skfox.com Shaun

    I’ve been wanting a Drobo for awhile now to keep 10 years of pictures safe. Especially the ones of my kids first in life. They are just too expensive though.

  • Facebook User

    I would like to use drobo to backup all my photos! :)

  • Jonathan Danforth

    What an opportunity!

  • Hamish

    I would back up all my precious photos and actually organized them. Currently they are on multiple drives and impossible to locate. This would be great for me to start selling prints.

  • http://www.anthonyskelton.com Anthony Skelton

    My main photo drive has about 50mb free so I would love a super nifty device to expand my storage and protect all my files with awesome robots.

  • http://motorzen.com Chip

    With all the extra space, I’d store all the episodes of Top Gear!

  • Hannes

    I would use the drobo to start collecting porn :P

  • http://www.rpatrickimages.com Ryan

    I would use DROBO to back up all of the photos that I’ve already had to recover once from hard drive failure.

  • http://www.peterthomsen.com Peter Thomsen

    World Domination.

  • Daniel

    soooo need a drobo!

  • Alex Taylor

    This seems like a no-brainer to hook up to a MacMini media server. Crossing my fingers.

  • http://tonotdo.com Toon Claes

    I would give the Drobo away as a present for my girlfriend…

  • Facebook User

    I woud use my Drobo to archive my growing HDR photo collection and start an HDR photo/travel blog with witty commentary and useful tutorials. Maybe later even write a book about it. Wow, that’s such a great idea. I’m surprised no one’s thought of it yet. Now, if I can only come up with a catchy domain name. Hmmm…..

  • Elliot

    I would use Drobo to backup and manage countless Pro Tools sessions that I’ve created over the years as a recording songwriter and musician.

  • http://ashleightaylorblog.com Ashleigh

    ahhhhh i’d love to win one! i have over 20,000 images currently backed up on 2 external hard drives but a drobo would make me sleep easier at night! oh i hope i win as that would be the BEST XMAS GIFT EVER!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Benoit-Lavigne/755223857 Benoit Lavigne

    I would use my Drobo to store all the blasted photography podcast I listen to. Oh, and photos too!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/johnymutton John Maffei

    I would use the DROBO for more storage for my photos. I am running out of room on my current NAS.

  • sheepy

    I would use the DROBO to store all the crap I should have backed up a long time ago.

  • Jon-Paul

    I’d store the pictures I take on vacation every year. With my new DSLR I need more space….

  • Tom

    I would use the DROBO to store all my digital photos. I’ve got many gigabytes of them, and more being added all the time!

  • http://udrs.lv Aldis Udris

    Im running out of my external HDDs space. and a DROBO wold be a nice addition for my photo backup plan.

  • Dave Navarro

    I would use a drobo for backing up my video projects.

  • Nicole NeSmith

    I would use a drobo to make my husband happy.

  • John

    I would use it to consolidate and back up 6 drives and 9 years worth of photos.

  • Marcus Baney

    i would use this drobo so i can sleep well at night knowing that i look really cool for having such a cool thing. and i would probably back some stuff up also.

  • Mike

    I was use it for backups and storage expansion

  • http://www.twitter.com/socialshark Nathan

    I would use a drobo to stand on, so that I could reach the smoke detectors when they need new batteries. Then have my wife video record the whole event and store it on my drobo. :)

  • Jon

    I would immediately resell my drobo on eBay or Craigslist :)

  • Bob

    I would backup all my travel movies from India and China!! Not to mention rsync my Linux home directory!

  • Ryan

    I’d use my Drobo to backup all my data, and to keep my office door open!

  • Shauna

    I so need this…after 15 years with an SLR I finally like how my pictures look, and now I am running out of secure storage space for them! I have enough DVD+R’s to re-shingle every house in the neighborhood…

  • Facebook User

    I would use my Drobo for media storage, particularly photos and videos of my family.

  • David

    I’d use it to make my home theater PC even better, imagine all the TV I could record.

  • Diane Bassette

    I would use this to store all my pics of my family! My kids are super picture takers and my daughter wishes to be a photographer some day.

  • http://www.offsetphotography.com Dave Plueger

    I need it so I can shoot more HDR! They will take up at least 3 times the space and my hard drive cant take it anymore.

  • http://www.andrewdoran.com Andrew

    Are you kidding, since I’ve started shooting HDR, I need 5 times as much storage space. My hard drive space is filling up faster that a beer belly at tailgate party. A Drobo with 4 TB of HD, mmmmmmm yeah!

  • Alistair McNaughton

    I need a foolproof solution on keepion gall the family photos safe for the future.

  • Andrea Tel

    I burned two hard drives and could save my photos thanks to a miracle!
    I’ll really appreciate this, so I won’t have to be feared every time I would switch on my external HD…

  • Facebook User

    I’d use it to add more storage capacity to my HTPC. More hard drives=better.

  • http://www.edbroberg.com Ed Broberg

    I would use the Drobo the same way Jay Maisel and Joe McNally uses theirs. For photography media storage. David Schloss has raved since it first came out. The company calls it “the heart of your data storage solution.” Once I win one it will become “the brain stem of LLC’s data storage!”

    I think the real question is what would I do for Data Robotics, Inc. if I were to win! I would use social media as well as my mouth to tell everyone I could about the advantages and benefits to using their products for data storage. Trust me, Data Robotics, Inc. would most differently get a return on their investment. The founder Geoff Barrall has hit the ball out of the park so far with their current products. He has stepped a side to let Tom Buiocchi take the helm as the new president and chief executive officer to take their products to the next level. I am excited to see what user friendly tool they come up with next.

  • Colton

    I would use my Drobo to store my HD videos! I need a lot of room for them!

  • Facebook User

    id use it to stream more movies for my grandpa and i to watch together

  • Bryan Espinoza

    I’d use my drobo to back up all of my media (photos, HD video, slides to digital) and to also back up software projects and documentation. Woot!

  • Russ

    I will use my new Drobo to store my life’s most important events. And all my other junk!

  • Jay

    I would use the Drobo to sleep well at night knowing my backups are safe.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carla-Lee/1172186275 Carla Lee

    I do digital scrapbooking and between the supplies and finished pages, I need a lot of storage. There’s also all of the precious pictures and stuff for work. To never have to worry about storage space or reliability would be a blessing!

  • Alex

    I’d use my Drobo to free my data from the RAID 1 I have on my desktop.

  • Scott G

    I just started a small business this past year and would love a Drobo to help us keep going and to have as part of the business continuity plan. Thanks for the contest and Merry Christmas!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Martin-Moecklinghoff/1680651827 Martin Moecklinghoff

    Cool idea! I would like to store my photos which are currently on one external drive. We had some tefts in our house last month and they haven’t “yet” stolen the harddrive ;). Feliz Navidad!

  • Peter

    I would use the Drobo just so I could use the word Drobo in a sentence.

  • http://BCAPhotos.com Brian

    I would use the Drobo to store my 100,000 photos that I am about to have recovered from my corrupt 500gb hard drive. Its only going to cost $700-$2700 to recover them. I really need this Drobo!

  • tom

    i want to use a drobo to store backups of my art to make sure that i can have full-rez copies without worry!

  • Rick Stuve

    I would use a drobo to keep all my photo’s, movies, and personal digital life safe and happy.

  • David Rogers

    I AM the Drobolator

  • Sam Peterson

    I totally need more Drobo-age. Help save the bits!

  • Jude Ogzewalla

    I need a Drobo because my current back up system is a frankenstein mess. Make my life simpler, please!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lacey-Klare-Buchorn/780692999 Lacey Klare Buchorn

    I want a Drobo so I can stop driving my husband crazy, whining about wanting one:). Oh, and so I can back up all my photographs, so my clients continue to like me!

  • Ron Green

    Store all my media.

  • Nick Moore

    I would use my Drobo to store all of my images as I continue through photography school.

  • http://www.mikeouren.com Mike Ouren

    I’m feelin Drooby…

  • Paul Judkins

    I would like to own a DROBO because I’m

    D esparate to
    R eally
    O rganise
    B illions
    O f

    P ictures currently
    R andomly
    O rdered

    Happy holidays to all!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Brock/785570166 Daniel Brock

    I would store all of my RAW files on the Drobo to keep them safe!

  • Jeff Webb

    I would sure it to keep me safe.

  • http://rtylermalone.com Tyler Malone

    I loved Pinewood derbies when I was a kid! My photos are the most valuable thing I own and will probably ever own in many senses. Drobo technology would just make me feel that more at ease.

  • http://www.turtlebuggraphics.com Gabrielle

    I need a Drobo to back up all of my images that I have so painstakingly slaved over to create and make just perfect! After spending all my money on lenses and other equipment to make such images, my bank account is crying from being squeezed to the limit!

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL…and may Santa bring you more camera goodies to play with in 2010!!

    PS…Pinewood Derby’s….my son did cry. I have a great photo of him with puffy red eyes proudly holding is car. He is now working on his Eagle and asked if I would not put that photo in the scrapbook to be displayed at his banquet….sorry kid, it’s getting blown up! LOL

  • Adrian Pons

    First, a Drobo would give me amazing geek cred!! It would help me store all my media stuff. And i could rub it in the face of my friends who want one. HAHAHAHA!!!

  • http://www.HenryStradford.com HenryStradford

    ?“I want to use it to store photos of my family! I need them backed up safely!” Really!

  • Mike Claudio

    I need a drobo to store my media and music and photos of my family and my work. DROBO is the best.

  • Facebook User

    To consolidate four external drives and backups

  • http://www.benostrander.com Ben Ostrander

    The Drobo is hands-down the best backup device there is. And this is hands-down the best place to learn HDR photography. Thanks for keeping things interesting here!

  • Nate

    To back up and consolidate between two computers and three transfers.

  • Scott

    The photos of my two boys are priceless; the Drobo would help keep these memories safe!

  • http://pcloeb.wordpress.com Phil

    I’m very backup oriented so having a Drobo will add another line of backup for my short films and all of my photography as I stumble through the learning process.

  • Facebook User

    I would use the Drobo as another back up for my growing photo portfolio and family pics, and also as a archive storage for the video and film projects I work on as a student in cinema.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Patrick-J-Clarke/548559011 Patrick J. Clarke

    I will try only to use Drobo for good, not evil.

  • http://www.DustinFinn.com Dustin Finn

    I would use my drobo to consolidate my data in a central spot in the house… it would also free up other devices for off site storage!

  • Lance Sanchez

    I would use my drobo to store my Photos and Video. and maybe start working on that mythical “backup”

  • Danilo Ascione

    I would use my drobo to backup, mirror, re-backup and re-mirror my precious photos!

  • Barbara Garcia

    I would use my drop to store my movie collection and my enormous digital family album.

  • Tony

    I would use my drobo to store all the memories of my family and friends..oh and of course all of my music!

  • http://www.phydeaux-deauxmayne.net Colin Wright

    I would use my Drobo to reclaim time in my day and sleep in my night by not having to maintain so many single disk backup copies of my (large — to me, anyway) photo archive and (growing) scan archive of old family photos and documents.

  • Woody

    I would use the drobo to protect all the pictures of my awesome family.

  • Perry Bigley

    I would use the Drobo to both store and protect the massive amount of digital video that my family currently stores on external drives. If the drives die, the video is lost, so I would love to have this as a backup solution!

  • http://www.lindsaygross.com Brandon Gross

    I would use my Drobo to protect all my photos with its wicked data protecting kung-fu.

  • http://sarflin.blogspot.com robert babiak

    I would use it to back up my Network Attached Storage:)

  • Paulo Mendes

    My Dropo for backups I will use. Never lose data I will.

  • Stuart Novick

    Hopefully I can get rid of my unreliable, short lived Western Digital My Books and use a system that I know is scalable, dependable and will protect my home network files. Go Drobo.

  • Brian R

    I would the Drobo for a storage of my TV shows to watch over Boxee

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/nygypsy/ Shaunna H

    I’d use the Drobo to back that thang up!

    “That thang” being my photo and music collection, of course!

  • http://joetombarellomedia.ning.com/ Joe Tombarello

    I would use the all powerful Drobo for Video asset backup!

  • alistair mitchell

    i would use it for what it is perfectly designed to do – provide amazing, safe and flexible back up to my fledgling photography and DSLR video career

  • Stig Lykke Iversen

    I will be very happy to get a Drobo.

  • Darrell

    I would use the Drobo to back up the 1,000+ and growing collection of photos of my 5 month old daughter

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Holmes/596294786 Andrew Holmes

    I would like a Drobo so it can prove its worth to me :P Also because i have run out of places to store movies :(

  • Jeremy

    I would use my Drobo to raise my monitor to a more ergonomic height :-)

  • http://www.birdwalking.ca/pblog/ Robert

    I’d use the Drobo to to back up everything on my computer. Right now, I have hundreds of DVD back-ups and they’re a pain in the butt.

  • Matt Fiedler

    i think i would use my drobo to back up the thousands of songs i have my computer. also, as a music producer, i have zillions of tracks/takes that i cannot afford to lose!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Parrish/615781081 Jason Parrish

    Having DROBO as a backup solution would be perfect!

  • Tim C.

    I would use my Drobo to backup my families photo’s – over a decade worth of memories. It would also free up space to let my wife do more image editing on her computer.

  • http://www.benhenschel.com Ben Henschel

    I am hopefully studying abroad in Ireland next year and I would love a Drobo to store all of the photos I’m gonna take.

  • http://synesthesiaphotography.com Doug Springer

    I would use my Drobo to back up the 4 drives I have now, full of irreplaceable… stuff. And things.

  • http://www.photographyblogger.net Nate Kay

    Using Drobo to backup all my photos would be great.

  • http://www.awjphotos.com/ Andrew Jones

    I would use a Drobo to keep my photos safe and Happy.

  • http://karenmaze.com/blog Karen Maze

    I would use my Drobo to lower my left shoulder. The right one has gotten so slanted from carrying my computer everywhere, just in case something happens! OR it would be the perfect extra layer of security that I’m currently missing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marianne-Wedell-Wedellsborg/1315316915 Marianne Wedell-Wedellsborg

    I’ve had this wonderful backup unit in my sights for a long time but cannot afford it. I would love to be able to back up my photos so I won’t lose another batch to a computer melt-down. By the way, Trey, those shots rock – especially the first one ;-).

  • http://photobucket.com/FeverPhotos Tom LeFevre

    I use of a new Drobo would make me sleep better at night.

  • http://www.cdricephotography.com/ Charles Dee Rice Photography

    I’d use the Drobo as a dark, sleek, high-tech visual representation of “black box” storage. I mean, it’s a black box, isn’t it? Pretty-much fits the bill, visually and functionally. I need another disk array in my office to balance out the group of NAS boxes I have sitting there (constantly requiring expansion and upgrades as my data storage needs continue to outpace my capacity).
    Oh, and the whole data backup feature is handy, too. Data goes in, and will never be lost — it’s like the roach motel of storage devices. ;)

  • http://www.hdrtimelapse.com Jay Burlage

    I’ll take another one… ;-)

  • http://www.jonandkatephoto.com Jon

    I’d use a Drobo for a redundant onsite backup of family photos and home-movies.

  • http://nealjacob.com Neal Jacob

    I want a Drobo because “Drobo” is just fun to say! :)

  • William Gordon

    Thanks for the comp Trey. I would use the drobo at the end of a wireless link in the shed to store backups of all the data on my Linux PC – including the thousands of photos I’m planning to take on the EOS I’m currently saving for.

  • Ben Wardrop

    I would like a DROBO to store all of my film scans.

  • http://twitter.com/bucketheadphoto Dwayne Bradley

    I would use the Drobo to trash the crappy dual-drive, mirrored software RAID setup that I currently have.

  • Scott

    A Drobo would be a dream. I could finally get rid of all the CD/DVDs that are stacking up everywhere…Maybe turn them into some sort of a modern art project. Not to mention the three other external HDs I’ve got to backup the two computers…

    And, the best thing about the drobo…it’s a great heigth for a footrest when I’m sitting at the desk!! :)

  • Stephen Rang

    Seeing as I already lost ALL of my photos to a hard drive crash (trust me, I cried for a while), I would use the Drobo to back up all the photos I’ve taken since then, and am continuing to take, so that I don’t have to cry again.

    Don’t make me cry

  • MG

    im dying for a drobo!
    i run a small art gallery and have a large collection of all our artists work. im scared to loose them!!

  • http://www.matt-holliday.net Matt Holliday

    I would use drobo to finally have a back up system I can be proud of! You can never have too much back up I say after two hard drive failures this year…

  • GeneT

    I’d use it to store all those images in one place.

  • julian

    would be so useful to go with my laptop !

  • http://www.exposedbythelight.wordpress.org Jacques (fotofreq on Twitter and flickr)

    I REALLY need a Drobo because my young Drobo keeps asking for a baby brother! She says she is so alone sitting on my glass Ikea desk, with only the Mac to keep her company. She loves the Mac, but wants a baby Drobo so she can hum with him at night while I’m not there working on all the pictures she likes to eat!

  • http://twitter.com/lolo2774 lolo2774

    I want a Drobo because I have to confess I didn’t know what was a Drobo until I read your tweet! No I don’t live on Saturn, well not really!! I don’t want to die stupid & my photos surely would adore the Drobo.

  • Calum Niblock

    Is it open to Australian residents? If so, count me in!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Morton/701917503 David Morton

    I’d use it to back up my brain after the ineviateble Xmas reboot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jimmy-Denham/1337575626 Jimmy Denham

    My photo collection of my son would rest nicely on a Drobo

  • alberto

    “The Drobo is so BIG, I can keep ( i must ) all my ideas and dreams on it!”

  • http://www.guyephoto.com guy

    I’d use my Drobo to save the planet, of course.
    It will replace so many wired devices used for storage here, the carbon emission reduction would be noted on a national level…

  • Danny Fyffe

    Knowing that I have ZERO chance of winning, I’ll still say I’d LOVE to have a Drobo to back up my Jpg plus Raw files. I just started shooting in March and I have learned that those Raw files are HUGE and I need something HUGE to put them on! It sounds like Drobo would do that well for me. Even though I won’t win as I am number 1,070 to post, I still enjoy your HDR talent and wish I had 10% of what you have Trey!

  • Mark King

    I’d use my Drobo to make sure I don’t lose my photos of my daughter and wife due to a hard drive crash.

  • http://chrissp.com Christoph Spiegl

    I was already looking at the Drobo for backing up all my stuff (photographs and project works).

    Nice site! Great work (just ordered your book). Keep up the awesome work.

  • John G

    Losing data is no fun! Been there, done that! I’m looking for a backup solution, Drobo could be it.

  • Cleave

    I would use my Drobo to simply my photo backup strategy and eliminate multiple external drives.

  • William Stewart

    I’d use the Drobo to to back up everything on my multiple computers on our network. Right now, I have hundreds of DVD back-ups and they’re a pain in the butt.

  • Jeremy Simpson

    Trey, I really need a Drobo. My current photo collection is slowly taking up all my current hard drive space. My wife can no longer store add-ons for her Sims. Please save her Sims and help me to safely store my photos!

  • http://www.syncphoto.com William

    As an aspiring photographer a drobo would help ensure that I never have to call a client and say ” I just lost your images.” This tool provides piece of mind along with an easy to use interface that everyone can benefit from.

  • http://www.nemusphotography.com Nicky L.

    I just recently had a very scary hard drive crash, with a Drobo, I’d never have to worry!

  • http://www.nicoleraestudio.com nikki

    I would give it to my best friend since I already have one.

  • Chad England

    I would use mine for school. And when i am a teacher i would use it for my classroom.

  • http://www.blazingb.com Bill Pennington

    I need somewhere to safely store all my photos and video besides all these floppy disk!

  • http://www.blaryphotography.com Gary Norbraten

    I would use my Drobo as a step stool so I can reach my photo albums!

  • http://www.AricBecker.com Aric Becker

    I would use my Drobo to store all my images. It would free up space on my laptop and make my workflow with Aperture more efficient.

  • Facebook User

    I would use my drobo to store all my photos and then I would sleep at night knowing that they were safe!

  • http://www.casagli.com Alessandro Casagli

    Well I’d really need a drobo. Now I can’t afford any decent backup solution, so that would be appreciated..

  • http://zapplegate.blogspot.com Zapplegate

    I would use a Drobo to back up all of my photos & videos to give me more space! My camera’s memory card is 8 GB and my computer has only 11GB left! Yikes! I can’t afford a drive large enough to back up all of my photos.

    Along with my photos, I am constantly shooting videos for personal projects and school. After finishing one project, I have to go back and delete all of my footage so that I can start another project. It’s a nightmare.

    With my photo habits, I should have my computer filled in about a week which is no good, especially since it’s the holidays! I have a few projects coming up that are going to eat away at my hard drive like getting a picture with Santa.

    I desperately need a Drobo! It won’t be long until my computer will be rendered useless :(

    Have a happy holidays everyone!

  • http://www.tshane.com T Shane

    It’s time to back it up!

  • Kevin Kreighbaum

    Safely back up my images that have quietly amassed to a huge number!

  • Facebook User

    I would use it to consolidate my 5 hard drives. Will you come organize my stuff for me, pleeeeease?

  • http://qerat.com Tareq Alrashid

    I would love to have a Drobo so I can feel safe and well over our 1st born daughter’s photographs, and everything else I made over the years! Thank you.

  • http://libertynetworkDesign.com Chuck


  • http://stuartnafey.smugmug.com Stuart Nafey

    I just think it would look cool on my desk and maybe keep my coffee warm. Does it have a cup holder?

  • http://flickr.com/__max Max C

    I would use my Drobo to keep my photos safe from the terrors of the world.

  • Tosh

    I would use Drobo to store my HD footage and feel secure.

  • http://toomuchglass.net Mark Garbowski

    I need a new Drobo because I literally just installed one this morning, and it will inevitably get filled up all too soon.

  • http://www.gailwernerphoto.com Gail

    I just learned about the Drobo system at a workshop and I’m DYING to have one!! This thing would be AWESOME!

  • http://www.finchpuppy.com Heather

    A Drobo on my desk would be socool.

  • http://flickr.com/diseasecowboy simon

    i would feed my drobo everyday with yummy photos

  • Daniel

    I need a Drobo because I am currently using 6 old external hard drives that are at capacity, and I’m constantly having to manage my laptop drive which has around 1GB of space left…

  • Facebook User

    I need a Drobo for the EXACT same reason you do. I am also a photographer and I do a lot of HDR and event work. I shoot with a 5D MkII, so 21.1 megapixels add up pretty quick. Here’s my site: http://www.brianespinosa.net

  • Matthew

    I have a lot of video to store, which takes up a ridiculous amount of room. A Drobo would be a whole lot nicer than the multiple drives I have kicking around now.

  • Alex K

    I would like a DROBO, so that I could have an organization system that would actually work, rather than different ones as I get different hard drives. Currently I have different organization systems for photos, general data, class data, seismic data, and random stuff, and then there is usually a different organization system that is from a previous hard drive or computer due to size constraints.

  • Carolyn Barnett

    I would love to be able to store all my pictures and my songs that i write and the recipes by the millions.That is what i would use the Drobo for.Thank you for the chance to win.

  • http://www.mallchin.com mallchin

    How I would use my Drobo!
    My friend introduced me to Drobos. I would use my Drobo to store my photographic images and backup my Mac :) Thank you for an awesome competition!

  • Christie

    Oh, how I would love to have a Drobo! I’ve been taking pictures since I was 9 years old (thanks to Gramma and Papa, who provided me with my first camera, and paid to have all the film developed from day one ’til the day Gramma died). Since I just hit my half-century mark, and have every single image I’ve ever photographed saved to about a million CDs, USBs, Sandisks and other media (let me tell you–scanning a bezillion old film images gets tiring after awhile :-), it would be nice to have everything held safely in one place, especially now that I use a DSLR–they make for some big files. I want a Drobo! Wish me luck :-).

  • Brandon Tan

    I would use my Drobo to cure myself of hard disk failure anxiety syndrome!

  • http://www.joshandemily.com Joshua

    I need it to handle my 7 hard drives that hold HD home movies and photos…

  • http://hyperfocal.smugmug.com Joel Even

    I would use my drobo to store my 500 gig photo library

  • Shawn Miller

    The Drobo is so big……That’s what she said!

  • Jill Baxter

    A Drobo sounds like a Godsend, especially for those moments you described as “Here is my son and I after the Pinewood Derby. He cried when he lost… So did I, of course… how can you not?” You are a great dad, and the Drobo will assist your children in looking back at those special moments in their lives. Jill Baxter

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  • http://www.imsticking.com Ray Scott

    I’d use it to backup my precious life!

  • Facebook User

    A drobo would let me protect memories for my children. I lost all of the photographic records of my childhood except a few. I want to make sure that every moment of their lives are protected and given to them when they are older and can appreciate the joy they have brought into my life. Drobo would definitely move me closer to protecting reaching that goal. (4 years now and already over 16K of those monsters) :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/MacSmiley MacSmiley

    My internal hard drive is 100% full at this moment. PLEASE HELP!!

  • Jeremiah Bonjean

    I would use my Drobo to back up my files so I don’t have to live in fear anymore.

  • Tol Ware

    I would use my drobo to keep me warm.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/nhuisman Nathan Huisman

    I would use this to actually have a backup of my photos and documents. Currently I have nothing and would be S.O.L. (Sh*t Outta Luck) if something crashed.

  • wyoben

    I would use my DROBO to back up all my digital files.

  • http://zadell.com Zachary

    I would use it back up all my photos and as a means for portable storage.

  • http://www.kibakiba.com Jessica

    Wow, gorgeous photos. I am obsessed with back-up.

  • http://wideangle.ca Anne [wideangle.ca]

    Wow – that’s a lot of comments already! Would love to replace my NAS box with a Drobo!

  • http://www.tcmcgphotography.com TC

    I would stop using the “please please please please please don’t let anything happen to my data” security strategy.

  • Larry Arrington

    The Cloud: Lots of space but really slow uploads.
    CDs and DVDs: Limited storage and no time to create them.
    Drobos: Priceless.

  • lynne skilken

    after three major crashes and several failed hard drives, I now have around 30 external drives I can’t find anything, keep tripping over the cords and wires and have a total disastrous mess on my hands. A drobo would restore sanity and order….

  • Howard Hoffman

    I have never backed-up any of my photographs. They are scattered on 3 computers. I also have thousand or photos from national parks and are not backed up either.

  • http://www.northcuttphotography.com Jason Northcutt

    How would I use my DROBO…well over a year ago we were broken into and almost lost everything…I would use my DROBO to back up my system and store off site for safe keeping..my family photos, my military records, and military videos would be safe.

  • Jonathan Kolinski

    I’d use it to make sure that I’m prepared if my internal fails (again).

  • Steven Ledwith

    I would use the DROBO to replace my old Buffalo NAS

  • Ron McDonald

    I’d use the Drobo to better organize my increasing photo collection and for backup.

  • http://www.mygymstarphotos.com Lance Ladewig

    I would use my Drobo to save years worth of cheerleading events and also family memories without having to worry about them disappearing.

  • Facebook User

    Should I win the Drobo I could get rid of the crappy external drive that I have now for my iMac and fill the Drobo with 4 1TB drives and ensure that all my music, videos, and most importantly photos are all backed up properly!! Thanks for offering this contest Trey!

  • http://jacks-fun-place.com Jack Beasley

    I woud use the Drobo to of course store all my photos. I am getting old now and sometimes have a hard time remembering where all those photos are. Drobo would help by putting them in one spot. Youth is so great.

  • Facebook User

    I have a nifty router with a USB 2.0 slot for network backup, but no hard drive attached!! A Drobo would, of course, fill the hole in my router’s heart better than any single hard drive ever could. What would I back up? Everything.

  • Ken Barnett

    I need to safely back up my photos locally for easy access!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Botsford-II/1154164059 George Botsford II

    I am in my infancy in Digital Photography. Malcolm Gladwell’s 10000 hour rule states and I paraphrase it takes 10000 hours of doing something to be an expert. That is a lot of pictures to store I may need 2 drobos for that.

  • Monica

    How I would use my Drobo to safely store every drop of sweat, brain farts, and of course photos I’ve taken. Aside from that, the Drobo would be a used as a footstool when my kid sister isn’t around

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lawrence-Atienza/1591743526 Lawrence Atienza

    I will definitely need a drobo for 2010.. it’s going to be a good year!!

  • http://www.byrnitch.blogspot.com/ Byrn Kong

    I have just recently join the world of photography and will definitely need a secure storage device to store all the colors I’ve captured. Thx Santa in advance ^^

  • JP Bransfield

    I could finally have peace of mind knowing all my photos are on a Drobo. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks.

  • adam

    I would use the Drobo to store the thousands of pictures I have, as well as to get rid of my unreliable external hard drive.

  • Paul Colton

    I will use the Drobo to store the thousands of stills I need to create just a few seconds of time lapse animations!

  • http://www.cindyutterback.com Cindy Utterback

    Preparing to launch my photography bussiness ‘full-time’ on a very limited budget, I would use the Drobo to back up my computer as well as both family and customer photos.

  • http://www.chromiumphotography.com Dan

    I was asked this week to photograph the eye of an insect and a panorama for planetarium dome. I work for a non-profit children’s museum and I have a wide range of photos that need to be backed up. Add my triple exposures for HDR and the cache file for this webpage and a DROBO would be perfection!

  • Milton Anglin

    I would use the Drobo to back up my old photographs of my grandparents, great grandparents and great, great grandparents. Then maybe I wouldn’t be up at 3:30 AM checking on my computer.

  • Peter Scrimshaw

    I would love a Drobo to store photos and important files, etc, but mqinly because it looks so very cool!!!

  • Charlotte

    I would use the Drobo to stand on to reach the top shelf where Mummy keeps all the cookies :-)) Then when I am all growed up I’d use it to keep all my pretty pictures in like my Daddy does.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/shexbeer/ Roman

    Drobo was that dream come true for my iMac which is the disposition of beauty and tasteful design but must now look a mess on the desk in the form of 4 external hard drives (2 connected to an iMac and another 2 which lie on the shelf next to)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Bakehouse/505208328 Adam Bakehouse

    I’ve had my DSLR 8 months and have taken more than 40Gb of photos I want to keep.
    I’d use the Drobo to make sure I keep them all! Oh and I’m sure it’d make a cool paperweight too!

  • Facebook User

    I could backup my life on Drobo….from all the hard drives in all the computers I’ve ever owned. I have a plethora of photos I don’t ever want to lose.

  • Scott Serio

    I would use it to avoid the disaster that has befallen me three times already – losing wonderful photos I have taken. Hopefully having a real backup system, instead the haphazard system I currently have can keep me from telling my wife, again, “Its OK, I know it was her birthday, but I can draw you a picture of what it looked like.” Not good. Please help!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jamee-Cocke/1464349262 Jamee Cocke

    I would use the Drobo to backup the insane amount of pictures I have been taking with my new 7D.

  • http:[email protected]/ Boris

    I am totaly in love with my little baby boy Maks, and HDR virus infected me almost a year ago. My photos are now measured not more in a terms of megapixels, but in range of Gigabytes, so, to help my family, Drobo would solve my problems with sleepless nights. :)

  • Bryan Hollar

    O, woe is me! My computer died, taking with it photographic memories of my lovely Australian vacation. This, in turn, sparked my wife’s furious wrath, leading her to suggest a return trip so we could recapture the magic through the lens. Gee, losing photos is more expensive than I thought. Help!

  • Hugo

    aaaaah, i need a drobi in my life so i can take photos with abandon and not worry about running out of back-up space!

  • Hugo

    “drobi” hahaha! a bit too excited there… i need a drobo in my life, not a drobi. (“drobi” sounds like a kirf version of a drobo!)

  • kiwi

    this drobo thing has so much space inside im fearful to have it in my house, what if it consumes me and everything around me, id be living in a drobo world.

  • Danielle

    I’d use a drobo to store and (quickly) retrieve the photos I’ve been taking since I fell in love with my first camera.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Wes-Browning/1366712874 Wes Browning

    I would use my Drobo to backup my backups since there all over the place. It would be the one place to go for safety for my home office computer, office computer (over VPN), and my partners computer (VPN thing again). We’ve setup our world headquarters at all these locations linking them as if they were in the same building. So, if I had a Drobo, it would be our little BIG single, “thank you”, all in one, “oh no you di’nt”, oh crap, “please, please, please say its backed up – BOOYAH”, safety box… for my whole geographically challanged company. :) Thank you, Drobo… thank you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mikko-Marttinen/533008685 Mikko Marttinen

    I would need dropo to store my photos in one place. I have pictures in two to three external hard drives and I’m afraid that something is already lost. New pics are coming all the time and I’m constantly running out of space. My mac is crying out for new space with for pics that dropo can give!

  • http://rbmcgeeportraits.com Richard McGee

    I would love to use a Drobo to be able to simplify the growing data storage problem I’m having. Too much time wasted sorting out backup protocols that insure no images are getting “lost” or placed into locations that are nearly impossible to recover in the event of local HD problems.

  • Damien

    I would use the Drobo to free up my Laptop hd which is ready to die

  • http://www.umerme.blogspot.com Umer Anwer

    I will use it to back up my Photography Work ,My School Work ,My part time job stuff and every thing else .

  • luc gerber

    I would use my drobo as a sentinel for my pictures

  • http://www.brianmatiash.com Brian Matiash

    I would use the Drobo backup system to put my mind at ease that my photos are safe and secure.

  • http://www.theEdgePhotography.com Don Harper

    I was use it to store thousands of photographs so that my clients are assured of access to them in the future.

  • http://www.canyonproductions.com Eric Temple

    The drobo would be used for archiving video files for my documentary work.

  • http://www.emrys-online.com Emrys Horton

    I would use the DROBO to safely back up all my photos and other
    I would use the DROBO to hold my coffee while I
    I would use the DROBO as a place to store old hard drives
    I would use the DROBO to keep my ROOMBA company…

  • Brian Hubbard

    I would use a Drobo to store EVERYTHING on my Mac! And since I’ve asked Santa for a Nikon D90 or Nikon D300s, I’m gonna need me some drive space! Thanks Trey!

  • Mitch Sacks

    I would use Drobo to safely store all my HDR images!

  • Kevin

    I would use my Drobo to backup all my pictures.
    Great photos!

  • Anthony

    BACK IT UP Trey..”I’m about to” Drooooo booo will make ya wanna JUMP JUMP!!!!

  • http://www.dtmedia.ca Braedon Sziklasi

    I would use my Drobo to fight of aliens in the event of an invasion…

    But until then, it would be used to store back-ups of my clients websites :)

  • Dianne

    The Drobo would preserve the memories of my little ones!

  • Facebook User

    I just digitized my entire family’s photos, so I’d use my Drobo to keep them safe and sound.

  • http://www.janinedupree.com Janine

    I’d use my Drobo to be more like Trey.

  • ynav

    I would use drobo to mend by broken heart and save me from the crash and burn.

    Hope the cosmic universe and the random number generator grants my wish.

  • http://photos.harvestmoldova.com Andy Raatz

    I need that to get my thousands of photos backed up!

  • jonll

    Wow, what a fantastic opportunity to back up not only my 1000s of fotos of great trips around the world, but also all the slide scans from my growing up as a military brat!

  • Steve

    Brand new to photography and ready to get some decent storage backup going!

  • http://www.dutchgirlphotography.com Simone

    I would LOVE a Drobo so that I can stop harassing my husband when our computer goes down and I’m freaking out about all my pictures on there.

  • Karen Z

    The Drobo would make me feel that my memories are a little safer. Don’t we all need that?

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/panagm Michail

    I desperately need a Drobo to start shooting photos again…I’ve run out of space! LOL

  • rkpowers

    I would use it to consolidate all of the little hard drives that are now holding everything. One big “Library of Congrss”…..oh, yeah!

  • Matt

    I’d use my Drobo to store all of my RAW files! Congrats on the book!

  • http://www.monochromemediagroup.com Sean O’Bryan

    I would love to use a Drobo as a complete backup solution for my photography company!

  • Evan

    My Drobo made the Kessell Run in under 12 parsecs. She’s fast enough for you, old man.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/vickidevico/ Vicki DeVico

    I would use a new Drobo to expand my storage. You can NEVER have too much storage space!

  • http://www.jonmccormack.com Jon McCormack

    My photos need a drobo for their piece of mind

  • http://n/a Ray Mullins

    I am in the middle of a project to scan 4 generations of my wife’s family photographs. It would truly be a tragedy to lose all of that work. Having the redundancy the DROBO offerswould provide a huge degree of safety and comfort.

  • http://www.lynnwiezyckiphotography.com Lynn Wiezycki

    My 2 external drives are about full so it is time to buy more and having a Drobo would sure help!

  • http://allpopart.com poemorella

    Oh Santa, please bring me a Drobo this year!!

  • JC

    I need a second drobo to backup my first drobo.

  • http://herpaintedbunting.wordpress.com/ Samantha

    I would love to win a Drobo this year!

  • Ryan

    Already lost critical data on two occasions – Drobo would make that a thing of the past.

  • Wil

    I need a Drobo to hold all the pointless papers on books I never read for classes I never actually stayed awake for! Oh and to keep all my Avril Lavigne songs safe.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aundr-Bumgardner/1151083534 Aundré Bumgardner

    You only get one chance to take the perfect shot. To loose it, would simply suck. With a drobo however, no worries.

  • http://www.denverphotoblog.com Kristal Kraft

    Winning a Drobo would be beyond wonderful for me. I continually strive to be more organized with my photos, but keeping up with the volume is difficult. I do worry that my drives will crash, so having a Drobo would give me some piece of mind…Please help save my Digital Assets!
    I’m feeling lucky today! :)

  • http://www.thewindypixel.com Justin

    I’d wonder if the Drobo is up to the task of dealing with my horrible organizational skills – something tells me it can handle it.

  • http://gnpToday.com Greg Speasl

    Would love to keep all of my Glacier National Park pictures safely backed up.

  • Don White

    I need a drobo because other storage methods are too unreliable and loss of even the bad pictures would not be good.

  • http://www.yokomstudios.com Vince Yokom

    With a Drobo I could loose the spaghetti of USB and Firewire cables from various storage devices currently strangling my MAC and have one neat and tidy solution. I am sure the ambient temperature around my desk would also drop a few degrees by removing so many extra devices…who knows?

  • David Smith

    I would love a Drobo to use a a safe RAID storage array (for all my photos & media).

  • http://www.christinamccall.com Christina

    With a Drobo I would have another backup option for all of my client, travel, and personal images … just simple peace of mind!

  • Tisa

    I would love a Drobo to be able to sleep well at night knowing my photos were safe and sound! I have lost all my photos 3 separate times now…why I still haven’t gotten to backing them up on this computer yet is beyond me. Slow learner I guess…

  • scott byhre

    I’m 58 and been photographing since I was 16, when my father gave me a Pentax for my birthday. Most all photos are in slides. Oh how I wish I had a Drobo since then! Well, maybe since now?
    Happy Holidays to all.

  • Facebook User

    With a Drobo I wouldn’t need the 89482739478 different external HD’s that rotate between work and home. Mmmm, yum :)

  • Kenan

    I would use my Drobo to backup my pictures, I just started HDR and I love it, and I need my pictures to be safe.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kristie-Knight/1388620212 Kristie Knight

    I would use the Drobo to backup all my pictures, personal and professional!!

  • http://www.erellsworth.com Edward

    The Drobo would help me sleep better at night, knowing that if one of my 5 hard drives takes a dirt nap my pictures will be safe.

  • http://vtutorial.com ziad chatila

    A drobo is an incredibly convenient way to have access to hard drives for swapping and easy storage upgrade. Plus it kinda forces you to be vigilant when it comes to data backup.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Heather-Orton/1637050017 Heather Orton

    Lol… well… I’d use a new Drobo to replace the back-up drive I just lost, and hopefully (safely) begin rebuilding my entire photo and video portfolio.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nick-Bayma/1378278967 Nick Bayma

    I’d use the Drobo so I wouldn’t have to go through my 25 step process for archiving digital pictures.

  • http://www.clarityphotos.com Eugene Stevens

    Based on your review, three of my workmates and I purchased the Drobo. One word of warning. If the file allocation table gets messed up, the multiple disks will not help you. Data on the Drobo needs to be backed up. I am going to purchase a 2nd to use as a mirror to my first to avoid that situation. Also you need to set it up to a larger file size than the 2 Gig default to permit the entire drive to function as a single large drive. If I got the second via your contest, I would back up my first one into a single large drive on the new one, reformat my first one and back up the second onto the first.I also store my files on a 2nd 1.5 Tera Byte drive that I take off site (not as frequently as I should).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chuck-Pepper-Jr/1338287623 Chuck Pepper Jr.

    The Drobo would be great for me as my collection of photos is quickly outgrowing the storage I already have!

  • http://phuson.com/photography/ Phu Son

    Just got a 5D, this will come in handy to store all the large size images that I will be taking.

  • http://pbase.com/emese Emese Gaal

    I’d use a Drobo to back up my gigabytes worth of travel and vacation photos.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gerald-Morrison/537566502 Gerald Morrison

    Backup? What backup? Oh, I need one of these … :-)

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/mementosis/ anthony

    a Drobo, hmm? i could finally retire my collection of aging 250GB external HDs. i can remember about 5 years ago laughing at the thought that i’d ever fill up a 250GB drive. but then i can also remember wondering, decades earlier, how i’d ever need more than a 10-pack of floppies..

  • Jon Lauerman

    I need a new place to store my countless “Hello World” projects in different computer languages… Every class, another one…

  • Brian Wilson

    A Drobo is something I’ve lusted after. It would bolster my rather precarious back-up method and protect my photos.

  • http://www.photojesse.we.bs Jesse Listoen

    I would use my drobo to feed my hunger of materialism!

  • http://www.tedjerome.com Ted Jerome

    A Drobo would simplify my backup process for my 50,000+ RAW-format photos. Random-number generator–I’m talkin’ to YOU! Come and get me. ;-)

  • Cory Moore

    I’d love to have a Drobo to store the memories I’ve gathered of my 4 month old daughter so far, and for the many more to come that I plan on capturing.

  • Jennifer Morikawa

    I would love to have the Drobo to store all my digital photos and the slides I have scanned.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marc-S-Rovner/1209495584 Marc S Rovner

    Photographers stop time (with their cameras), change time (with their software and artistry) and store time (with their hard drives). They are time travelers. And the best way to travel forward through time is to back up…with a Drobo.
    As I start travelling through time with my new D90 camera and some phtography classes and through inspiration from your HDR book and images, I will need to back up a lot of images since I am new to photography and will take many more bad shots than good. I would use a Drobo to store what bad I take until it stores what good I make.

  • Chris

    Don’t Drobo me Bro!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Deal/1014460143 Michael Deal

    A Drobo would be so much better then my manual backups between hdds.

  • http://simonabrams.com Simon

    Are you kidding me? I need a data robot to help me in my quest to take over the world. Why else?

  • Mike

    “The Drobo is so big, I can keep all my movies and digital assets on it!”

  • Steven

    I’d use it to store backups of hard drive. My internal HDD died once, and I’m running out of room on my poor little external HDD to make any backups.

  • http://andycolwell.com Andy

    A Drobo would be ideal for my personal and professional backup, but also to show my skeptical/luck-testing friends one method of ease for backing up files (since so few back up their work).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Faulkner/1238007957 Michael Faulkner

    I desperately need to start a backup system! I have a ton of photos (98% of which are RAWs that I have yet to process) too, and I would be devastated if I lost them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Heinrich-Volschenk/753371350 Heinrich Volschenk

    Wow, the Drobo is my ultimate Christmas wish! Currently I have a puny 160 GB iOmega external hard drive that has been limping along on one leg for the last 2 years, running on 90% capacity, while my stock photography experience has taken off. Every now and again I sadly have to hit the DELETE button with an involuntary wince to wipe some unprocessed RAW files, just to free up some space – counter-productive – ye I know. Of course neurotically shooting almost every image with bracketed exposures to maybe in future process them for HDR is not alleviating my dilemma. The Drobo would be a photography life saver for me. I have just not been able to afford the luxury of having worry-free terabytes of space.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brian-Frantz/8321892 Brian Frantz

    I would use my Drobo to backup all my personal data, photos being the most important of course! Redundant storage FTW!

  • Don Lee

    I want the Drobo to store all of my vacation photos.

  • Patrick

    With a Drobo I could finally relax knowing my photos and other important files were being regularly backed up rather than relying on my memory to do it manually.

  • Joshua Williams

    I would use the Drobo purely as decoration for my workstation. If the mood strikes me, I guess I could use it to facilitate backing up my photos.

  • Ed

    To back all my photos.

  • http://thedeltafox.smugmug.com Dennis Nault

    My HDR Panos are getting so large, I need a Drobo to adequately store and protect them.

  • http:[email protected]/ Philerooski

    I would use the drobo to hide my porn from my mom.

  • http://www.julianonline.nl Julian

    Currently I’m travelling for 6 months, so I would use the Drobo to store the hundreds of photos that are gonna be shot the next few months. My PC HDD doesn’t have enough capacity!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Justin-Gerard/754052409 Justin Gerard

    I would use my drobo to store my por photos, videos, and all my school files. Plus, it could keep my nuclear reactor and my supercomputer company.

  • David Loud

    Once I get my Stuck In Customs Book and learn the finer points of HDR, I’ll be in need of reliable back-up!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/brettvonholdt Brett

    ahh, backups, where for art thou? seriously… where the hell are my backups?… oh yeah, on my new drobo! phew

  • David B.

    I would use my drobo to store my 20,000+ photos knowing they are safe.

  • http://www.northeastbay.com Robert Walters

    With over 100,000 photos and much, much more anticipated in coming years, I need an archival system that can keep up with me. DROBO is that system!

  • ellery

    because it’s there!

  • http://www.CPDigitalDarkroom.com Carlos

    I would use the Drobo to backup all the pictures on my hard drive that are just eating away at the 1TB hard drive I have.

  • http://photos.gordalder.com Gord Alder

    Photos, photos, and more photos and no where to store them….

  • http://www.seanpatrickmahoney.com/ Sean Mahoney

    A Drobo would completely revolutionize my storage and workflow practices. The more high-resolution photos I take, the more I find myself in need of better storage! :)

  • H.Cheah

    My laptop is on its last legs, and I just KNOW it’s going to die on me soon, and I’m going to be kicking myself for not having backed things up. I’d use my Drobo to save me from heartache and grief.


    I would use my Drobo to rule the world! JK I would finally be backed up properly with a Drobo.

  • Izac

    I would use my Drobo to safekeep all my digital memories.

  • http://lonestarrider.blogspot.com/ Rex

    Back up my stuff!

  • Jacksonian

    I would use my Drobo to go back to 1985 and also to insure my thousands of photos.

  • http://www.nuwomb.com Scott Webb

    I would use the DROBO to store all my HDR Photos on it! OMG an HDR DROBO

  • scian

    use it to bring back photos from the grave

  • Jesse

    I would use my four bay Drobo to keep four slices of bread nice and fresh in each bay. If I put a drive above and below an empty bay slot it might get hot enough for toast. I can’t decide.

  • http://markhullmedia.com Mark Hull

    Drobo, ohhhh Drobo how you make me feel so good. You are so good looking yet so usable. Sleep tight my Drobo.

  • http://markhullmedia.com Mark Hull

    Ooops, I did not really say how I would use it. Besides making me feel good it allows me to take a couple thousand photos a day and know I will always have plenty of safe room when I return home for all my files.

  • Paul

    I would use a Drobo to store my photos and writings so I can finally get started on the book I’ve been wanting to write!

  • John Marra

    I would use the Drobo as the centerpiece of my local backup strategy. The Drobo would be perfect as it offers fault tolerance in case of a drive failure. I would have an off site backup solution as well for disaster recovery. With large amounts of data it is always quicker to restore from a local backup assuming there wasn’t some kind of local site disaster.

    Tape is dead and unreliable, seen too many restores from tape fail.

    Avid Photographer and IT Consultant

  • Scott Rodenburg

    I need really need “Drobo”. I just installed Windows 7 on my computer and realized that my “Raid controller” did not have an updated driver because they went out of business. I have over 20,000 pictures on my 5 hard drives with no backup, I need really need “Drobo”
    PS. Awesome work Trey !!!!

  • anukexpat

    I would just sit and stare at it – it looks so cool!

  • Steve Sellers

    Don’t have my Christmas shopping done and already out of money, so I’d re-gift Drobo. Or not.

  • mybigbrownbox

    It looks cute, but does it bite?

  • Stefan

    I would use a Drobo to back up my photos and Uni work

  • http://efcubed.com Roger

    Of course I would use the Drobo to back up photos, but I’d also use it to back up all the music I’ve collected.

  • Tony

    I would love to have a drobo for a backup device!

  • Anthony

    I need a drobo for backing up my laptop !

  • http://www.tsbphotography.com Boomertim

    My landscapes need a place to stay. The Drobo would be just fine!

  • Tim

    Be my video Drobo!

  • Facebook User

    I would love a backup device.

  • Mark Weston

    A Drobo unit would allow me to update storage and organize my fine art photos without worry of loosing priceless images.

  • Matt B

    I would be boring and use it to backup my images, like everyone else. If it doesn’t work for some reason, I’d hang it on my wall with some driftwood and a florescent light and call it modern art.

  • http://www.graemedevine.com Graeme D

    I would use a Drobo to remember my digital memories.

  • http://www.danjahnphoto.com Dan Jahn

    Each image I take is a priceless and unique work of sublime inspiration and needs to be backed up for future generations (please note sarcasm)

  • http://lmphotography.homestead.com Laura

    In our household, we would use it as a digital safe. It will store documents, photos, videos, and of course, music.

  • Quentin Hill

    I would use a Drobo to keep all my media files safe and sound and easily accessible from around the house.

  • http://www.lisachuphotography.com Lisa Chu

    I would use a Drobo to store all my freelance photography work

  • Paul Felt

    I would use Drobo to back up my computers and the creative work I do and memories I capture with them well into the future.

  • Jan Ignatius

    Well, I’m running out of disk space with my current 3T setup so a Drobo would definitely be handy right now. :)

  • http://www.pranavbhasin.com Pranav Bhasin

    I currently burn my raw photos into DVDs and its all getting messy. I will use my drobo to store all my raw photos so that I never lose them.

  • http://sushiday.com/ Allison Day

    I would use the Drobo for the ridiculous amount of food (sushi, especially) photos that I’ve taken for my food blogs.

  • Jennifer Lalfeur

    I could backup my life on Drobo….from all the hard drives in all the computers I’ve ever owned. I also have a plethora of photos I don’t ever want to lose.

  • Steve Smith

    I would store all my pictures on my Drobo, I would also be able to stop buying multiple USB drives for redundancy.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/fb-photo F. Biascochea

    I would store all my images as my main back-up unit!

  • http://www.szabiart.net szabiakanich

    I’d use it for backing up all of my photos and music, which is about a few hundred GBs at this moment.

  • Kay Gaensler

    I need a Drobo because I´m lousy at doing backups by hand!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/daveshiel/ Dave Shiel

    I need a Drobo to give the 2 hard drives I currently have a well-earned break. They are both bursting at the seams, literally :D

  • http://www.veceslav.com veceslav stanuga

    I have been enthralled by the HDR technique and would use the DROBO to further my exploration with this new art form.

  • Valerie Osborne

    Hee hee, besides store gazillions pictures, I might put a smiley face on the front so she can be my robot friend in my office! :D

  • http://www.imagespike.wordpress.com Matt Halstead

    I would use my drobo so that i could get a good nights kip, instead of waking up in constant dread that my external hard disk has failed, that my online storage has been nuked, and that my backup dvds have been stolen.

    Boy am i paranoid!

  • Steve Graham

    I would use my drobo to make my pictures, movies and files accessible to all the computers in the house.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-K-Koegler/100000161987550 Keith K Koegler

    I will use the Drobo to make sure all my data and photos are securely backed up and safe.

  • George Opreff

    I would use my Drobo to save my many pictures, movies, books, tutorials safely and securely.

  • Janet Fitzpatrick

    I would use my Drobo to store pictures.

  • Karen Weiler

    I would use my Drobo to save my “world” (of movies, photos etc.)!

  • Rod

    Awesome stuff Trey. Drobo looks totally cool. With all that power I am sure it will not only keep my room warm at winter, but also free few TB out of my computer.

  • Rob Hanson

    I’d use my new Drobo for its intended purpose: To safely store the countless RAW files, intermediate, and final versions of my work/play. Thanks for everything, Trey… you da’ man.

  • http://www.flikr.com/photos/bybahny Ron Bending

    I am currently using seven external drives, filling rapidly constantly adding to them, to be able to add by way of adding internal drives to a Drobo would be an economical way of feeling safe and secure… It would be devastating to lose images and all the ideas that go into creating them!!!

  • http://www.ileencuccaro.com Ileen Cuccaro

    I have been wanting this Drobo since its release. Unfortunately it does not fit into my budget right now because of the state of the economy, so I have cut back on business spending. But certainly as things pick up..I will be picking up one of these or 2

  • boris pents

    I will use my Drobo as a piece of art. Stick it on the wall and let it be admired

  • http://kerenowens.com Glenn Owens

    I would use the Drobo to finally back up my photographs….sensibly!

  • http://www.borderwest.co.uk Sean

    So many photo’s so little space!
    Help me, Drobo; you’re my only hope.

  • Larry Bradford

    I would use Drobo to organize and backup.This is something I have never taken seriousely before I lost a drive!!

  • Don Picard

    It would let me finally get all my photos in one spot … and a safe one at that. Go Drobo.

  • bsual

    I almost loose ALL of my pictures some time ago as my external drive stopped working and it was horrible. I was sleepless for a couple of nights until support service managed to recover the data, since that day I’ve been saving cents to buy a Drobo… This contest is a great idea!

  • James Heckt

    I’ve had 4 HD fail in the last two years.
    This thing would be a life saver!


  • http://www.richardmcdonald.ca Richard McDonald

    I would store my all of my photos, as well as other digital assets, in a much safer place!

  • Jonathan Harada

    I’d use my Drobo to give me peace of mind and establish a solid backup and archive strategy for my photos and other irreplaceable data.

  • robin

    i will be retiring shortly and i need a Drobo so that i will have hdd space for all my photos that i will have from my travels.

  • http://johnols.smugmug.com John Old

    I’ll take the Drobo on a hard drive to safely round up all my photos.

  • Michael Brashier

    I’d use it to back up all my photos. I was using my wife’s computer to back them up but it’s hard drive crashed last week.

  • http://www.15giugno.com Federico

    storage is the future!

  • http://Www.mckeephotography.com Matt McKee

    A drobo with FireWire? Exactly what I need to back up and store about 697 gb of

  • Tim

    I would use my DROBO as an excuse to finally get a MAC…cause we all know the software and processing is much better on a MAC vs a windows pc…Oh and of course the main purpose of my drobo would be to backup my photos and music.

  • Facebook User

    I would like to give one to a friend who is in Holland for Christmas. She is a Great Photographer also and a true Texan. I have known her for years, and would like to give something back.
    Thanks for the chance ,
    Tom in Dallas

  • Kim Eakin

    I will use my Drobo to backup all the super cool HDR images I am sure to create after reading Trey’s new book!!!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/dholzemer david holzemer

    I would use my drobo to backup all my DNG’s photo’s of my family and professional work instead of having to rely sole on my Flickr Pro account and little passport drives and DVD’s

  • http://www.bobmcclenahan.com BobMac

    Backing up all my other hard drives

  • Tom Redd

    I just found out about Drobo and I want one for expanding my storage capacity while backing up to multiple hard drives so my work is kept secure.

  • Mike

    I would use it as a Mac Time Machine replacement for backing up my pictures, home movies, and music.

  • http://www.craftacraft.com Bruce Dillahunty

    I’ve been drooling over a Drobo for a while… just using a plain NFS machine in the house now, but would love to be able to “simplify” things and give storage to the network.

    Love your work!

  • http://www.partsleuth.com Bob Voors

    I would use it to make a second backup so I would never lose 10,000 photos again.

  • http://www.3dtech.org Don Jordan

    I would use a Drobo to hold all the images I know my students will create once I teach them about HDR. Thanks Trey for creating such great resources.

  • http://capturedrainbows.com Patti

    Add me to the list of people wanting to win a Drobo. That would be awesome

  • http://www.timrogan.com Tim R

    I would use it to back up my other drobo.

  • http://www.freshairphoto.com Randy Gentry

    I’m ok at work for backup but I need a drobo for home use. I am the family memory keeper and I’m scanning in all the family photos to archive. My high school friends on facebook better look out for photos of them posted soon. Cheers, everyone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anna-Yanev/1400226762 Anna Yanev

    I would use Drobo to back up my photography work, weddings, portraiture, as well my family pictures, documents, etc. After I find out about Drobo, researched it, I finally found a solution to my fear of loosing my data. Now I can sleep at night without worrying! :) I hope I win the contest!!!

  • Mark A. Peterson

    Drobo is great for backing up precious data from multiple computers, but what happens when you have a fire where you keep the Drobo? Seems really important stuff needs to get to multiple places.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Brookfield/755205952 Dave Brookfield

    I would use my drobo to make grilled cheese at 3am!

  • Evangeline Dean

    I dont currently own a back up and I have a 16 month old which means if my computer goes bizerk, there goes all the precious photos and videos that I have on her. I just can’t afford it. I want to afford it, I just can’t. Would love to use the Drobo to back up her photos and videos.

  • http://keri.me Keri

    I would use a Drobo as an additional backup as my current NAS drive is bursting at the seams.

  • Mr R Webb

    Why would I like to WIN simple question with two answers (1)It’s free to enter (2) I can’t afford to buy one on a pension.

  • Kathy Vitulano

    I love the name of this devise – It’s adorable and would locate it in a place of distinction with the respect it deserves as it protects priceless images & videos. Yes!

  • Caroline

    I’d like to adopt the Drobo as a family member, and then it can be responsible for all our graphics files, photos and movies, as well as help us sleep better at night knowing it’s keeping them safe. :)

  • HeathAnni

    Now that I shoot everything in RAW, And I’m playing and working on doing HDR photos, I’m running out of space to keep everthing. So I would use the Drovo to keep new and back up all of my current photos, so that I can keep shooting!!

  • robert murphree

    never heard of this Drobo. I thought it was a musical instrument. But then I am old.

    Would be a blessing to have.

  • Jessica

    I would love to have a Drobo to store all my fun photo projects!

  • LyleMills

    All I have is a 250GB hard drive! One mistake or error and all the things I love to take photos of are gone – my photos of my 4 month old, family events, even my business documents! A Drobo would really eliminate that posibility.

  • http://www.paxphotography.com Ollie Treadway

    I use my Drobo with a Droboshare to provide networked storage to my laptop and desktop. The Drobo contains my master image library and my business and accounting files.

  • http://www.chrisbattaglia.net Chris Battaglia

    I would use my Drobo just for HDR images! Why? Because, I am sickly addicted to making HDR photos and it’s all Trey’s fault! He did such an amazing job of SHARING his knowledge with a great tutorial, I have been infected with the HDR N1 virus. Watch out, it’s contagious! Drobo will enable me to keep the HDR virus contained, safe, and preserved for future generations.

  • http://jason-g.com Jason Grubb

    I would use the drobo as my home server for movies, music, backup, images… everything!

  • http://www.vertexphoto.com John Stanford

    I have been taking a hard look at Drobo recently. I had a computer crash about a year ago and it is a terrible feeling. People always say “it is not a matter if you will have a crash, but when will you have a crash”. Speaking from personal experience, that is absolutely true. To not have a backup plan is insane. Looks to me like Drobo is the plan to have.

  • Mark Verhagen

    I would use the drobo to store all my own pictures and I’ve got twoo daughters with a lot of pictures/music/movies and we would also have an additional back-up. It would be great!!

  • Mike

    There are too many mementos, but never enough storage.

  • http://www.kristinenicole.com Kristine

    I would use the Drobo to keep myself from going into cardiac arrest every time my computer crashes because it couldn’t handle the ginormous photoshop files. I’m sure it could prolong my life for a few years :D

  • http://www.jmbaird.com jeff baird

    I would like to have a Drobo to simplify my computing life by easily safeguarding my data.

  • http://www.northeastbay.com Kelly Diggins

    We really need this drobo, we have over 1TB of pictures and need to get organized.

  • http://inspirationseason.blogspot.com/ J. Cofield

    I would use the Drobo to relax and know that all my photos and videos are safely stored away. I had moved my hard drive onto an external hard drive and now that hard drive stop working. Sooooooo now my hard drive for over three years is trapped in the external hard drive that stop working. ( Go Figure! :) You gotta laugh at stuff like that sometimes)

  • http://welevelit.com Susan Cooper

    I need to use the Drobo as a safe backup for my company files.

  • Nina Fox

    I just purchased my 2nd drobo, and know that a 3rd is in sight. Having a drobo is like having a dream walk- in closet, built and organized by Martha Stewart!

  • PY

    Who doesn’t need a Drobo. Especially if it’s free. Gimme!

  • Gabriele Kraus

    I told Santa I really need Drobo, but he missunderstood and got me another 1TB hardrive, is there still hope ?

  • simon evans

    A Drobo has been on my wish list for ages ,perfect machine to back up my Photo’s ,& the bonus is it looks great too.

  • Brian

    I’d use the drobo to backup all of your photos I download from flickr.

  • http://www.fkickr.com/photos/wkentw Kent Wilson

    I’m retired and have a large number of family and nature photos, as well as some essays and books that could be stored safely. It would also serve my son and daughter for storing their valuable e-files.

  • Dave Hartman

    HELP! My wife has overloaded the iMac with photos and it hardly runs, please send help Mr. Drobo!! Are family needs you :)

  • Jeff Koterba

    A drobo would keep everything safe, and enable me to sleep soundly at night.

  • David Barnard

    Would use it to backup our 2 Macs and 1 PC so all our photos, music and files will be safe. The one external hard drive I use now is getting full. This would be perfect way to go!

  • http://katesnewerblog.blogspot.com Kate

    I’ve been taking a lot of pictures since we moved west, and would love to have a better way to store them. I’d be heartbroken if something happened to them.

  • Marc Rains

    I can’t seem to delete anything so I need the room!!!

  • http://www.martink.com Martin Kristiansen

    Imagine loosing all your precious pictures, I would cry cry cry and then cry some more. You need to back them up, not once, but twice! Drobo would definitely do the job well and I can smile all day :)

  • http://N/A Peter McQueen

    I want one– isn’t that reason enough?

  • Bret

    My smaller external hard drives are filling up quickly with photos and my wife would kill me if anything ever happened to the photos of the kids. A Drobo would be perfect.

  • http://www.foggodyssey.com/ T-roy

    I’d use it to finally have all my files on one system, instead of a bunch of externals.

  • http://bertramkeppel.com Bertram

    The drobo would eliminate the need to store all my data on three external backup drives. I’d like one!

  • http://actionagendas.com Grady Busse

    Ahh, the perfect device for preserving and protecting all those 1’s and 0’s that comprise my digital existence.

  • David Anderson

    I have thousands of photos spread haphazardly around half a dozen smaller external drives, but I’d much prefer to have them safely stored on a single, reliable multi-drive unit.

  • Steve Clarke

    I can never replace the ten thousand plus photographs I’ve taken of my family and the people we’ve met or places we’ve been. Drobo gives me expandability, ease of use and peace of mind wrapped into a single perfect package.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ian-Duffy/546110107 Ian Duffy

    Because you can never have enough storage space…

  • Bailey

    I would use a Drobo to protect all the pictures I’ve taken and the ones that I hope to take!

  • kathy spear

    Sounds like a great way to store so many photos…a collection that keeps on growing. Thanks. Love your pics.

  • Gene

    These new HDRs eat up so much space, and with the direction of technology the files only grow bigger. I’ll definitely need one of these in the near future…

  • http://www.pdxcarculture.com Dan

    I would use my Drobo to tame all the other robots on top of my my desk, and to store files, files, files.

  • Dave Zeth

    It would be nice to win one of these. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Frank Hott

    I would use my Drobo to provide a safe backup for my photographs!

  • Jon

    Drobo rocks, it really really rocks.

  • Alisa

    Wow, could have used this last month when I lost everything on my computer because of a crash! Would love to get one to prevent further mishaps!

  • Facebook User

    I would use my Drobo to back up all of my photography – none of which is currently backed up! yikes.

    Oh, and barring that I would probably use it to cook breakfast, get to school, clean the bathroom, and do hard labour.

  • Ryan Good

    As my great-great-great-grandfather told me, you can never have too much backup hard drive storage space! I would use it to replace my lame WD MyBook drive and store all of my photos.

  • Joe Steed

    Having backed 500+gb’s of photo files on an offline usb disk, plus DVD’s this year alone DROBO would be a great addition!

  • Barb

    I would use my Drobo because “My Book” is full. I would buy one myself; but I’m saving to replace my Nikon 28-70 2.8 lens which my son dropped out of my truck!

  • Chris Weeks

    As a photographer, I’m paranoid about losing my life’s work. A drobo would help to ease my paranoia! :)

  • Facebook User

    Fear of loss! That’s what the drobo would help ease in me. Back up, back up, back up!!! All of my photos and everything else is what I would back up. Thanks!

  • matt

    A drobo would help prevent the my world from crashing, blue screen of death style.

  • Matthew

    I would love a Drobo to manage my exponentially growing number of RAW files. Drobo seems to be designed specifically to deal with the way media is created and stored today. Thanks!

  • http://www.stillmotionimage.com Robin

    I need a drobo to clean up my cluster of external harddrives, keep my photos safe, and quicken my backup routine. Mmmm drobo.

  • Z

    i would use a drobo to backup/store my media (photos, music, videos)

  • Jeffrey Smith

    I would love to win a Drobo to enjoy the peace and serenity of know all of my family’s pictures and video will be safely kept in my own virtual cloud! Please Santa….if your out there….all I want for Christmas is a DROBO!!!!

  • B

    I think I’d use the Drobo to batter the guy in the Nikon Store into submission until he gives me a D300!

  • http://www.hugephotography.com Derek

    I would use my Drobo to run an automated backup my existing Drobo!!

    ps. any recommendations on windows software to run automatic backups/data sync?

  • ziadaze

    I would use my Drobo to archive all of my images because you usually only get one chance to be in the right place at the right time!!!

  • Magda

    I would use Drobo to storage all my photos, specially all my family pictures, even the bad, the worst and the no so good because just looking at them makes me smile. Of course, I would use it to save everything else that’s in my computer I couldn’t imagine to loose.

  • Scott Kaintz

    Drobo = +4 Storage, +3 Efficiency, -2 Desk Clutter

  • http://leesie.weebly.com/ Lee Sie

    I loved Pinewood Derby!! Win or Lose cherish the moment!

  • Michael Paolini

    I’d like a Drobo, because I keep out growing every other approach I’ve taken when it comes to backing up my photos and and important files.

  • http://graphici-mia.blogspot.com/ Marie Sjoberg

    Over the years in photography I have migrated into full frame equipment, such as the Canon 5D. The quality of my nature photos are substantially improved but also require more space. The reputation of the Drobo External hard-drive makes me confident that my photos are safe and secure when processed and archived outside my computer.

  • http://texasshooter.blogspot.com/ Mike Connell

    I want to be the first guy on my block with a Drobo!

  • ruth

    I would use my Drobo to support my packrat habit: never delete!

  • http://wadebakerphotography.com Wade Baker

    I would use my Drobo as my main storage area for all my images. What a great tool!

  • http:www.photographica.org.uk Peter Downer

    Images are priceless like memories, unfortunately, digital images are almost as almost as ethereal as the moments represented by their capture. I would use a Drobo to ensure those moments in time are not lost forever…

  • http://google Connie Riesterer

    I would use my Drobo to back up my new precious pictures because I don’t want to feel the loss of another crash. I hurts to loose those memories.

  • Scott Carpenter

    What a cool way to save everything, I would use it to safeguard all my media.

  • zev hoover

    I am running out of space, I am running out of money, but not running out of photos.

  • Randy Allen

    I currently have a backup drive for each Mac we have in the house. I would replace them with a Drobo and use one of the external drive to backup and store offsite in case of a disaster.

  • Dave SDC

    A Drobo for Christmas would be a great photographers christmas present! Thanks for all your work Trey!

  • Philip Bettis

    having lost many photos through a hard drive failure a couple of years ago I have been using external hard drives to back up stuff onto… but I never know which drive has the things I want on… Drobo would let me put everything in one place, but hopefully not have all my eggs in one basket

  • Cliff Plumlee

    I have an online backup, but nothing local. I have been wanting a drobo for a while so I would have a reliable local backup of all my photos and other important files.

  • http://meltorrie.blogspot.com Mel Torrie

    I would use it to store these huge files from my new Canon 7D

  • http://thebloggingmum.blogspot.com Melanie Hill Smith

    A drobo would be fantastic! It would be the ultimate backup machine. That is how I would use it.

  • http://www.flickr.com/evantravers Evan Travers

    I would use it to store my Aperture libraries. I am quickly running out of space on my macbook pro.

  • rusty

    I would use my Drobo to backup my images and my students pictures of their art work

  • http://daniil.nycfoto.com Daniil

    All the photos can go on Drobo once and for all and never have to worry about backups or failures. You do that and your concentrate on pressing that shutter button.

  • http://www.kingoftheimpossible.net Andrew

    saving pictures on a drobo is awesome.

  • http://stevehuffmanphotography.smugmug.com Steve Huffman

    I would use my Drobo to store all of my new HDR pictures right after reading Trey’s A World in HDR book.

  • Facebook User

    I want the drobo to save my kids memories for them.

  • Alex Drake

    OMG I’m so stinking prone to hard drive crashes that this would solve most of my problems. Some of my problems just have no hope of ever being solved. I would love to win this DROBO and use it daily.

  • Nick

    I would use a Drobo to store all my music, movies and pictures… Already lost too many of each.

  • Houston Brown

    Simply put I am running out of room on my current system and really cant afford to get another with all the money I have spent on family gifts. it would be nice to win this so I dont have to wait several months to replace it. Backing up to DVD is a pain.

    Thank you Tray for this great site. Very inspiring.


  • Horace

    I just wanna drool all over this this!

  • http://www.scottwyden.com Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    The DROBO is the perfect backup solution!

  • http://www.thehelpfulhacker.com Heather Butera-Howell

    Relying on a 1TB mybook isn’t suiting my needs for backing up a multiple-hard-drive-non-raid-setup server that’s over 3TB in size… i would use my Drobo to back up years of hard work done in college, years of studies, thousands of hours of computer programs, and thousands of family pictures that are both priceless and irreplaceable (including the only copy of the slide conversions from my mother’s trip to Switzerland in 1970). My Drobo would be given a loving home and a useful meaning for existence.

  • http://www.elaberge.ca Eric Laberge

    I would use my Drobo as a backup for all my music, movies and pictures. Love the site Tray!

  • http://www.michaelrcruz.com Michael Cruz

    I would use my drobo to fit all my bracketed shots. Taking one subject 3 times or more needs a lot of gigabytes!

  • Matt Gordon

    Store all my photos as I learn how to do HDR with my new D5000!

  • Bharath WOOTLA

    I wish I could get one.., too hard to do without Drobo!

  • http://www.tejasstudio.com Sanjay Nasta

    I want a Drobo to back up my photo portfolio

  • Bill Bateman

    I shoot with and store raw files from a Fujifilm s5 – nuf said!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Thomas-Holmesland/638105303 Thomas Holmesland

    I would use a drobo to have fun! And share my pictures with friends ^^ (Not for porn! I PROMISE)

  • http://www.image-in-usa.com Paul Brace

    I would use a drobo to clear my computer so I would have room to process the HDR shots!

  • Chris

    My exquisite collection of North Sumatran wooden outhouse door fetish videos needs safe storage. Like, really needs it.

    Okay. In reality, being a student, I accumulate critical data like others accumulate dirt on their keyboards – graphs, essays, sketches, notes, scans, highlighted material, everything. It needs to be safe and it needs to be accessible and it needs to be *there* when I need it years later. I’ve tried various solutions to keep it safe and accessible, but none have made me too happy. So there, Trey. My education depends on getting a Drobo.

    But no pressure.


  • http://www.flickr.com/louisabate Louis Abate

    I want a drobo to back up my 1.4TB of photos! Also, I lost the drobo video contest – so I welcome another opportunity to win one!

  • Dries Caekebeke

    I would use a Drobo because I tried to download the internet and now I’m running out of available hard drive space…

  • http://twitter.com/VoodooDahl Anders

    I really need a Drobo for all my travel photos. :)

  • Durk Pearson

    When I began to use HDR for my landscape photography, I soon realized that I was eating up my RAID 1 hard disk space about 5 times as rapidly. Ouch! Drobo has a huge unadvertised advantage over conventional RAID: The HDs do NOT have to be identical!

  • Facebook User

    I would use my Drobo to store all my photos and videos I have taken over the years and not worry about losing them. It would be amazing!

  • Mike Roeseler

    I would use a drobo so I can sleep at night knowing my files are safe.

  • http://www.emoot.com Tim

    A Drobo in my life would seriously improve my workflow!

  • Wendy Horne

    I would love to have a Drobo for storing all of my graphic designs of flyer, brochures, & pictures that I do for clients. As well as having my own pictures on there safe & sound!

  • Curtis Heidel

    I like a good accessible place to store my photos

  • Rosie De Neve

    I would use a Drobo to give it to my (student-)boyfriend who might really like such a Christmas present.

  • http://sboardman.co.uk Simon B

    I would like a Drobo as it sounds like a Star Wars name.

  • http://thephotogformula.com Nate Lawson

    Hey Trey, great contest! I would use the Drobo to back up the thousands of photos I have and the commercial videos I’ve done. I’ve had one hard drive failure already and know what it means to back everything up!!

  • Tim Heyer

    My wife would kill me if we lost all of our photos – this would be my insurance policy!

  • Frank

    Not only would this make for a great backup solution but what a great conversation piece this lovely hardware would make.
    I bet 9 out of 10 people would not guess what it is.
    Good luck to all.

  • Facebook User

    Who’s got two thumbs and wants to win a Drobo from Trey? THIS GUY!

  • http://www.mikepanic.com Mike Panic

    I would use a Drobo to store the tens of thousands of photos I have, backup all the website’s I’ve built for clients and scan / take photos of every major document I own (driver’s license, ss card, insurance form, house deed, etc.) and photograph the serial numbers of all my camera gear, plasma TV, etc. in the event of theft or damage to them. I’d also start to archive my online bill payment receipts to be totally paperless.

  • Facebook User

    I would use it to backup my NAS as opposed to the array of individual drives I use for that now.

  • Lenny

    I would use a Drobo as my home backup so I can keep my external drive as an offsite backup. As Leo Laporte says – if you don’t have an offsite backup you don’t have a backup.

  • http://www.techky.com/photos Techky

    I too would be using this to store photos. I’ve been taking more and more photos over the years and since the vast majority are RAW it is a struggle to keep everything backed up in at least two places. A Drobo would be a GIGANTIC help with this.

  • http://www.andipantz.com andipantz

    I’m running out of space to backup photos and worried about hard drive failure. Currently moving and don’t really have the money. Having a Drobo would make things so much better at this point and for the future!

  • julie.v

    i want Drobo for my huuuge movie collection! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ron-Lute/1005357329 Ron Lute

    Maybe with a Drobo I wouldn’t lost the other hard drive and a year of images.

  • virgil self

    I need a drobo to add my 3 layer of back up

  • Mila

    I would use Drobo to back up 30,000+ I have scattered across 10+ hard drives. I really need a Drobo so that I can sleep sound at night knowing that all my digital treasures are safe!

  • Facebook User

    I have my photos stored on a drive here and a drive there and discs everywhere. To be able to put everything in one place would be amazing. And who doesn’t like amazing.

  • http://CynthiaSmithPhotography.com Cynthia Smith

    This is such a great product! I would use it to backup and store all of my images as well as my important documents.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Tamra

    Just this weekend I was researching what I could get to backup all my photos and this would be perfect. I’ve had my hard drive crash in a brand new laptop and was devastated… I’m so afraid of that happening again.

  • George Bleck

    Storage is the key lifeline to a digital photographers life. No storage, no photos. Making sure you have a backup of your digital media is like making sure you wear a seatbelt in your car. Without that safety net you are just waiting for the inevitable bad to happen.

  • Dmitry

    I don’t know what exactly i’ll use my Drobo for right now, but i want it badly! ))

  • Edward Vetalice

    Oh My, more storage, yes please.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kyle-Smyth/1663260030 Kyle Smyth

    I would use a drobo to backup the entire content of Wikipedia then blast it off into space in hope that it would eventually reach another civilization.

  • http://readyphotosite.com/ Emma Holden

    What a great product! I would use it to safely backup my photos for sure.

  • John Urwin

    I ude Drobo for everything.

  • Facebook User

    A drobo would be wonderful to organize what I have stored EVERYWHERE, and a drobo, and my copy of the new book would make this the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER !!

  • http://spanningsync.com Charlie Wood

    Great idea, Trey. Nice pinewood derby car, too! I’d love a drobo so I’d never again have to re-rip a stack of DVD’s due to a hard drive failure. :-)


  • Janelle

    I would use the Drobo to store all my images. To see where I was and where I am going. To rest easy that they won’t disappear one day!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joann-Jozwiak/1649828060 Joann Jozwiak

    I would use a Drobo to back up my thousands of photos, my animation files, my everything digital. I live in fear of losing a hard drive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Arnaud-Balat/692438767 Arnaud Balat

    My Dobro would consolidate in a much safer and secure way my current backup strategy made of 4 physical HD, and a manual backup tool (myself) into 1 safe backup strategy for all my family treasures.

  • Michael Seljos

    I do a lot of HDR photography, mainly because of the inspiration I’ve received by following Trey’s beautiful HDR work. I’m determined to learn how to do HDR the way Trey does. I recently purchased a Canon 5D Mark II camera, which produces huge files in RAW. They take up an enormous amount of storage space on my computer, so a Drobo would be a great help to me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Juan-Tedin/692705966 Juan Tedin

    I would use a Drobo to store all my photos, hdr and other media!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/marindomjan/ Marin

    i would save all your photos on it, just in case if you’d loose all your backups .. :) ..than i would be happy to send it back to you!

  • Jay Weinshenker

    I’d use my drobo to store securely our ever growing collection of photos and movies – 4 terabytes and counting!

  • Tom Wood

    I’d use the Drobo to make good use of the myriad of dissimilar spare hard drives I’ve got lying around doing nothing. No other RAID solution can mix and match like Drobo!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gary-Mumaw/1024626377 Gary Mumaw

    Yo love to back up my work. Many photos.

  • http://www.bradbeauchemin.com Brad Beauchemin

    I’d use a Drobo to store all of my D300 photos!!

  • David

    I would use my Drobo to store copies of the movies I have been in, movies I am in in the future and TV commercials and movies that I am involved in on the production side in the future.