The Alien Garden I Found on that Away Mission and a Woopra Review

Workshop Update

Thanks again for all the interest in the HDR Workshop we announced a few days ago.  All sorts of people have come out of the woodwork with great ideas, bonus offerings, and the like.  It’s gonna be awesome.  The available slots go on sale on Friday morning (right after midnight CST.)  From the looks of the first responses for HDR seminar, I think we could get over 100 there!  But, I’m only opening 10-15 slots because I want there to be plenty of one-on-one time.

Woopra Review

I wrote a short Woopra Review and included a video.  What the heck is Woopra?  You should know if you have a blog or website! Cali Lewis from Geekbrief.TV told me about it – so a big thanks to her! (watch her show… she’s a member of the Stuck In Customs Community List!)

Today’s Photo

Okay, here is a great mystery. I know you guys like it when I post a photo and you have to guess where it is. Y’all are so dang smart that you figure it out in just a few hours. This one is harder. I’ll be very impressed if anyone can figure out this humid place. Look at those wonderful trees! Who can believe something so cool is here in Earth…

The Alien Garden I Found on that Away Mission

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  • John Sokol

    Whoa… loving the color of that water! Sweet! This again prove why you are the master and I am just a padawan!


  • Russ Taylor

    My… That is a pretty place. Too bad I have absolutely no idea where it is.

    Well, maybe some other time I’ll be able to help figure it out.

  • casusan

    Wow! Beautiful place – love the pool and trees – ummm…I guess ‘humid’ was some kind of hint – my guess then would be somewhere in Texas – but just looking at it – I think California!
    These games are fun!

  • sathya sayee

    somewhere in India ;) ..!!!!1

  • Eugene

    Wow, Trey – awesome review of Woopra.

    I had no idea it was out of Beta (last time I checked it was closed invite only), but I am glad it has been released to the general public.

    I installed Woopra and have implemented it for my photoblog. From what I am seeing so far, Woopra is WAY better than Google Analytics, which is what I have been using for years.

    That live chat is kind of crazy though! Wow. Could definitely freak out visitors.

    Thanks Trey! Keep the reviews and images coming, I (and thousands of visitors) appreciate them!

  • Jonathan

    I’m going to guess somewhere in Central or South FL, but that’s just a hunch

  • Talke Photography

    Trey, stop being modest..its your backyard!!! LOL

  • Dan Leitch

    My guess is that it is a botanical garden in Malaysia? The only ones I know of are Penang and Rimba Ilmu, but I don’t think its either of those. Am I close?

  • Gail Moshier

    Where ever this is Trey, it’s a beautiful spot!! Great photo! I know where it isn’t, Montana, Idaho, parts of Nevado, Wyoming, AZ, NM, and parts of Washington. Looks like a pretty botanical park in any humid area on this earth, lol. Thanks for sharing!! I’ve seen something similar in the NYC area.

  • http:[email protected]/ Dream Lane

    Dude! That’s my backyard!


  • Chitra

    Lovely pic, so surreal. The cloud patters are mystic and suggestive of some magic waiting to be discovered!

  • Marcia Cunha

    hehehehe well amazing! I’m sure it’s not in Brazil huh?

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks! Glad you like it… good guesses.. keep ‘em comin! :)

    Eugene – glad you like Woopra too!

  • Barbara Brown

    I’m going to guess somewhere in Thailand. In your blogs you keep referring to how humid it was there.

  • C. Wilson

    So do you know what kinds of trees those are? They sure look awesome.

  • http:[email protected]/collections/ James

    I was thinking India, but its too lush. Humid, Red sandstone, so I’m going to take a stab and say Cambodia, but then it could also be somewhere else in the region as well.

  • Darrin

    I love the intense green of the pool and the wild patterns of the clouds. These all work together to make for a great photo.

  • Eugene

    I forgot to guess! I will also say that it was captured in Thailand, somewhere in a beautiful resort!

  • Natt

    Thx Trey for sharing the Woopra review. I’ll definitely try that soon.
    Love the Emerald green pool! great photo as always!

  • Brooke Barber

    I’ve just downloaded Woopra – though I’ll be surprised if I get more than 20 people in a month to my site, but I can dream!! It looks pretty cool though!

  • Chuck

    Love the intense greens and tan

  • Holly Hayes

    I guess Andalusia!

  • Peter Cordes

    The trees make me think of the west coast (e.g. Vancouver island, or the mainland, but I assume there are great gardens all the way up and down that coast.)

  • Mitchell


  • LightningPaul

    Fantastic image, superb colors!

  • Keri

    I think Mitchell is close with the Lebanon guess. I’m going to say Israel.

  • Jackie Lamas

    i have no idea where this is but the photo is just stellar!

  • GBS

    What is, Not my back yard?

  • aeen

    it is somewhere around melaka…at one of the historical palace…where Putri Gunung Ledang met Hang tuah…rite??hehe…

  • Yvaine

    It is the time to announce the answer!!! hehe

  • Stuck In Customs

    Aha – hehe – I thought I did!

    This is down in Malacca, Malaysia

  • E

    Hi! Eaxctly where in Malacca is this? I’ll be there soon and want to take a look

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