The Malaysian Restaurant Steamworks

There is a very cool and swank area of Kuala Lumpur that has a collection of trendy and well-designed restaurants. The whole place is a photographer’s paradise! The only problem is that the entire place is quite dimly lit. But, as you know, I’m a nerd that takes my tripod everywhere, so that doesn’t pose too much of a problem! Well, it does pose a problem when it comes time for dinner and all my gear takes up an entire table. I don’t like to put it in the corner. Nobody puts baby in the corner.

The Malaysian Restaurant Steamworks

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  • Benjamin Pries

    Wow! great shapes! And of course, wonderful processing, as always.

  • Sai

    Erm.. What’s that tube thingy above??

  • MEI a.k.a. Ciki

    starhill! nicely done trey;)

  • Eugene

    This is kind of scary! My first impression of those pipes (or whatever they are) is that this was a giant sea octopus which has made it to the mainland!

  • Matthew

    haha I feel the same way when walking into a resteraunt. always worth it though.

  • John Cox

    Neat, but spooky…

    I will have to write a “One step behind Mr Ratcliff” photo blog. I am heading to KL next month, having just got back from Japan… go figure?

  • Alva Burroughs

    I always say ‘wow’ to your photos. They seem to have that eye-opening effect. After staring at this photo for several minutes I come to appreciate the details of this restaurant, especially the lighting – I like dim lit restaurants. But what catches your eye when taking these shots, what makes you say, ‘ah this is it, I’ll just settle right here and take this wonderful shot’? That I’d like to know.

    All the Best.

  • Facebook User

    Table for 4!! 3 for your gears!! cool shot Trey ;-)

  • Mark Miller

    “Nobody puts baby in the corner.” Very funny! Great shot, as always, too. Nice warm tones; makes me think of some pumpkin pie, which I’m now going to go get a slice of…

  • Gail Moshier

    That sure is a different picture, Trey. What are those “carpeted”? tube things, lol. Great detail and color. Looks like it is some kind of store, perhaps. Does look kind of spooky, though ;-) . Thanks for sharing, once again.

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Love the colors and those lights leading in – cool shot Trey!

  • Stephen Terlizzi

    Great shot…I really like the composition and the HDR brings out the awesome details in the restaurant. Wonderful use of HDR. I put a link to this picture on our Facebook Fan page since we are highlighting HDR this week.

    Twitter: @wearephotogs
    Check out our HDR Photography Competition.

  • John Rice

    A very impressive photo, the lighting really creates that lovely warm glow, but then mixed with the coloured lanterns in the background.

    I think I would be corrected in saying the “tubey” things are escalators, no? Or at least my guess.

  • Michele


    How do you get on travelling on aircraft with a tripod? Are you allowed on-board with it, or do you put it in your checked luggage? What sort of tripod do you use?

    Reason I ask is that I’m lately finding that airport security will not let me pass with my tripod, although the check-in staff will let me take it!


  • Stuck In Customs


    Sai & Gail – those are the undersides of escalators (I think!) Rice had it!

    MIchele – I just take the tripod on with me. I get through 95% of the time…. the 5% reject was because it was too big… that happened on the way back from Tokyo just recently.

    Alva – good question. I DO NOT KNOW! Hehe… I get this a lot – I wish I had a good answer.

  • Marcia Cunha

    Astonishing, as usual!

  • Michael Tuuk

    Amazing image (as always). Still trying to come up with something remotely as good as yours…

  • Neka Rae Shamberger-Nguyen

    This fantastic as usual Trey!!

    So I have so many HDR photos buuuuut none of them turn out good it is quite frustrating more practice is in need…..I have watched your tutorial numerous times LOL I will get it some day!

  • John Smith

    I am looking for a dslr and I was wondering if you have had any experience with the d80.Is the thumb pad annoying? Thanks in advance, John.

  • John E Adams

    Always enjoy your night shots -;0)

    My family already thinks I am crazy taking the camera everywhere, if my wife is around I hide the tripod or else it would become a weapon of my destruction in her hangs-;0)



  • Ken

    Wow cool picture!

    I’m Malaysian and I have no idea where that place is. Could you please tell me? I’d love to visit! Thanks!

  • Lisa Chu

    great photo. Love how you stated no one puts baby in the corner. Any recommendations on a light tripod that a 5’2 girl like me can take around?

  • Simon
  • The Royal Rebel

    Wow, cool image!
    It’s great to have photographers like you taking pics of our country and showing it to the world lol
    Btw, it’s Starhill Gallery, right?

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